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Mother Polar Bear, Desperate for Food, Tests Walrus | National Geographic

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A thin mother polar bear roaming with her critically hungry cub inspects a resting walrus, on the chance that it's sick or dead, but it's quite capable of defending itself. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #PolarBears #Walrus About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Travis Wilkinson and his family were on a sailing trip in Norway's Svalbard archipelago, far north of the Arctic Circle. In late July, 2015, they were traveling through Hinlopen Strait, west of the largest island, Spitsbergen—an impossible route some summers, when pack ice blocks passage. But that summer, ice was especially sparse, making hunting harder for polar bears. These apex predators favor waiting at the sea ice’s edge, striking seals as they approach. A few days earlier, the Wilkinson family had been farther north, near the ice. There, bears looked healthy. But the scene just after midnight on July 23 was desperate. Mother and cub were struggling, skin hanging loose. According to Jon Aars, of the Norwegian Polar Institute, the cub, seven or eight months old, was likely to die if its mother didn’t eat soon. She probably wasn’t lactating. Wilkinson saw the bear sniff the air, picking up something of interest. This thin female couldn’t attack a healthy, full-grown walrus. A carcass would solve their problem. If the walrus were weak or sick, predation might be an option. But that walrus was alive and well. The situation was unworkable. The search for food went on. Read more about the polar bear and walrus, "Desperate for Food, Polar Bear Tests Walrus" http://bit.ly/2E8kOCl Mother Polar Bear, Desperate for Food, Tests Walrus | National Geographic https://youtu.be/FAHA6M7xT5M National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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National Geographic (1 year ago)
This mother polar bear is on the hunt for food for her young, but can't attack a large live walrus on her own. How do you think this mother bear can feed her young given the current circumstances? To learn more about this interaction between the polar bear and walrus, please check out this article: http://bit.ly/2E8kOCl
Malter Dwight (1 month ago)
Just because everyone's not hyperventilating over this polar bear eating doesn't mean they're Russian bots you deranged lunatic.
Malter Dwight (1 month ago)
Figure it out or die. I got my own problems. Can't be worrying about how a polar bear is going to eat
Hello I am Charlie (4 months ago)
@Dis my Wafflez you're a nincompoop
David Mathews II (4 days ago)
Wonder if it had anything to do with hippies slapping a frequency emitting collar around her neck. 🤦‍♂️
Isaac Liscano (8 days ago)
This video makes me want to feed them 😢
Natural Person (9 days ago)
People have to feed them.
Gk Ap (12 days ago)
PokemonFan81 (13 days ago)
this is so sad the mother hasent ate and thats her only choice but she cant.
Lizy Rojo (14 days ago)
Dios mío perdona por el mal que hemos hecho a tu creacion me duele ver estas imágenes
Andy's Tv (16 days ago)
Walruses has a great population. Compare to polar bear which is endangered. I hope they survive.
sprfitter1 (25 days ago)
This has happened thousands of times in one form or another. It's call life for theis species. Off to find dinner somewhere else
J.C. Tavares (29 days ago)
The stupid text don't stop to appears!
Michael Noonan (30 days ago)
The fact she has that collar could also be a huge part of why hunting is so hard for her. Why don't people just use microchips imagine if you had a heavy clunky collar put around your neck, just because it's an animal does not mean it can just adapt and deal with it acting as if it had no collar.
Whippetha creem (1 month ago)
Protecc smol child and get food for smol child
Chad Thompson (1 month ago)
If I was there I would sacrifice my brother to keep the polar bears alive :)
Coco Poco (1 month ago)
So sad and feel bad for these polar bears....
Anupam rajput Rajput (1 month ago)
Koi .indian hai jo svalward me rehta hai ?
Graphik Dezigns (1 month ago)
Walrus was like: "What's up? You want the smoke, fam? I keep these tusks on me!".
Malter Dwight (1 month ago)
OMG animals die in nature? Wow
Witchfinder Nielsen (1 month ago)
Doctor Plaga (1 month ago)
Poor polar bear😢😢😢😢
Play GT (1 month ago)
Circle of life
Kastenne Ashley Dizon (1 month ago)
Give food to polar bears 😭
terry driggers (11 days ago)
aldrian Novriyadi (1 month ago)
Polar Bear :"hey are u still alive?" 1:46 Whalrus:" wha.. what happent? What time is it now?"
김현정 (1 month ago)
자고있는 아를 말라 건드려
They feel Hungry , too much sad
Kaydra (1 month ago)
Polar bear: mmm this smells like one tasty meal Walrus: bro did you just try to eat me? Hey Edward this guy wants to eat us! Edward:get out of here polar bear
Witchfinder Nielsen (1 month ago)
Hungover Russian mafia fatties, lol... "Wod eez broblyem?"
Arpit Agarwal (1 month ago)
1:48 Polar Bear: Hey bro, whatsup. Walrus: GTFO!!!
momthegreatest (1 month ago)
Baby Bear: Mom,are you kidding that you want to hunt those Creatures which are 3 times bigger than you?
Reginaldo Reis (1 month ago)
Disappointed Steve (2 months ago)
There was no way to give some of your provisions to the bear. Surely you had some meat onboard? ... instead of just filming this desperate scene? 😥
Vinayak Joshi (2 months ago)
Nature is nature. Do not interfere; we have interfered enough already.
Alex Crawford (2 months ago)
Wow, that walrus is like a living wall!
Witchfinder Nielsen (1 month ago)
"MORE HOT POCKETS!" [vodka fuelled deathmetal bellowing]
MUSIC LOVER (2 months ago)
Today walrus found a new fan.
Петр Леонов (2 months ago)
Сотруднику который мишке повесил на шею эту гирю, которая очень ему мешает жить, надо яйца оторвать, мудила.
Raul Andrade iturriaga (2 months ago)
Gaming Girl (2 months ago)
The walrus can just hit her with the fricken chicken tooth and then bam dead goes the bear
Haneefah Moore (2 months ago)
Awww. How adorable the cub is 💋
ihatecrackhead (2 months ago)
sorry but I have to eat you now
Ashish Kumar Sen (2 months ago)
Video is pure documentry, knowledgeable... But How NetGeo is performing in INDIA, quality of their documentaries in INDIAN.
James Masters (2 months ago)
Whats with the tracking coller,got to use the grant money.
Ernie H. (2 months ago)
Let me just hang this small refrigerator off your neck.. THX! Proceed. 🤦‍♂️
Elijhah Hicks (2 months ago)
That necklace was awful to watch you violated mother nature that day
Leeanne Rinnovasi (2 months ago)
One minute and 34 seconds look at the female fully grown polar bear and it’s neck what is that on its neck is it like a bear trap or something
tina kapoor (2 months ago)
Plz feed them fish
tina kapoor (2 months ago)
Plz leave fish off Ur plates humans .leave fish for polar bears
Frank Ly (2 months ago)
Scientists who put that collar around her neck should shoot a walrus for her and her baby.
JD Gaff (2 months ago)
So many people seem sad over the state of these polar bears, yet for the polar bears to survive and live long (by the standards for polar bears), hundreds if not thousands of other lives must be taken. Circle of life. This polar bear killed many, many, many, many times. Soon enough, she will be just another dead animal.
sumeahs king (3 months ago)
Pointless video..
Akram El-Masry (3 months ago)
where's the ice
Akram El-Masry (11 days ago)
@terry driggers they give birth in holes in the ice they fish by making holes in the ice what are u talking abt it's a polar bear
terry driggers (11 days ago)
It is summer time there. Polar bears don't all live on ice floats!!!!😃
jonsmyth91 (3 months ago)
The "polar bears are dying because of climate change" myth has been around for decades. Al Gore popularized it in his fraudulent movie. However study after study has shown that polar bears are doing well and their numbers have increased steadily for decades. Still vested CC interests keep resurrecting this story time and again.
super gamer boy (3 months ago)
dude wake up wake up can i eat you plz walrus bull: no im not gonna let you eat me know get out before i kill you polar bear: i have a cub plz walrus bull: take some fish in the water idiot polar bear: genius walrus bull in mind: DUDE THAT POLAR BEAR PROBABLY HAS A IQ OF 0
bustdetector (3 months ago)
Someone start a gofundme for this hungry bear.
CM (3 months ago)
Walrus: Do you see these tusks? Do you not see I weigh two tons? Get out of here.
fredbrackely (3 months ago)
I think If I was there I would have shot the Walrus with my .338 Lapua Magnum rather than my Nikkor 400mm, and let the two bears chow down on its carcass. Next time I take a trip to the Arctic I'll be packing 300 grain Nosler Ballistic tips for just such an occasion.
AnnThe Yandere (3 months ago)
Poor polar bear, I also feel bad for the seals getting eaten
zahir murji (3 months ago)
If it smells dead it must be dead, polar bear prods the carcass, the walrus awakens the bear thinks it must be a miracle.
Katie Midgley (3 months ago)
The little polar bear is too cute
Lon Sayson (3 months ago)
Why not just give them food instead of just filming them?
Selena Yvette (3 months ago)
Is no one gonna talk about how skinny those bears are
Witchfinder Nielsen (1 month ago)
Probably AIDS from eating a California hippy.
Prime Plays (3 months ago)
Bruh i luv watching this atuff
Chinese Chicken (3 months ago)
They’re like giant slugs.
Louise France (3 months ago)
Why doesn't the photographer shoot a seal and feed the polar bears. There are thousands of them and only a few polar bears left!
someguy604 (3 months ago)
Let's tie a fat collar around these scientists neck and leave it on them 24/7, let's see how they feel.
ALI AL NAJJAR (3 months ago)
ما هذا المربوط في عنق الدب ؟ انتظر الرد شكرًا لكم
Sanad Dawoud (2 months ago)
ALI AL NAJJAR مرحبا يا اخي هذا gbs جهاز إرسال لتعقب الدب
Jwen7836 (3 months ago)
"H-hey, are you sick? Or dead maybe? I wanna eat you." [pokes walrus] [walrus wakes up] "Wh... what? I just woke up. What's going on?" "Oh nevermind, I was just checking if my cub and I could eat you lol" "Oh haha nah I'm good here. Bye."
len710 (3 months ago)
Just feed it.
Joselin9 (3 months ago)
These r the animals they should be taking into captivity where they can feed them and take care of them instead of just watching them struggle.
Bidyut Bhuyan (3 months ago)
People are so selfish, they put a 50 kilogram radio collar to track the poor creature.
Bodhi (3 months ago)
Should've brought a knife
Aninga32 (4 months ago)
People who put the collar on animals are the ones killing the animals. They born without collar, kindly remove every bit of collar and study them.
Aarav Parmar (4 months ago)
Polar bear is hungry......
Purple Strike (4 months ago)
Lucas Oliveira (4 months ago)
Golazo Highlights (4 months ago)
Jeez is it so hard to throw the bear some food, you just record it dying because “it’s nature”
Ice (4 months ago)
Its easy to stand on the moral high ground instead of facts
Trigger Troll (4 months ago)
Polar bear- I’m going to bite Walrus- fang you
Awais Pasha (4 months ago)
Her cub is so beautiful but hungry 😢😢
Rider RC (4 months ago)
Y don't killer whales take on walrus
Clark Gable (4 months ago)
Why do any humans live this far north
fatma outlook (4 months ago)
GaylordSteambag _ (4 months ago)
I lowkey feel bad for the polar bear and her cub. That walrus waking up made it look like a boss fight scene
Mars Kriegsgott (4 months ago)
I always knew Americans are big but not like that
Robson Martins (4 months ago)
Completely different story if it was a hungry woodpecker instead.
mike sanchez (4 months ago)
Aren't we lucky to be humans.
Michael Ross Pearson (4 months ago)
Cub looks scared of the mother
Bilal Tuğrul Uğurlu (4 months ago)
Polar Bear is a magnificent predator Walrus is a huge animal
Hkk Hgffh (4 months ago)
I hate all walrus eating animals! Shame on them!
Aye Carumba (4 months ago)
I eat with spoons🥄 Knife 🔪 And folk 🍴 But walrus Eat with chopsticks.🥢 The baby bear is thinking Dumbest mom ever
e e (4 months ago)
1:59 why is the background behind the walrus movin??
vin russo (4 months ago)
This convinces me that young people and liberals are just ignorant of everything.Walrus is a staple of Polar bears in the Arctic. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that shows this. Any Inuit native will tell you this. The numbers are growing yearly. There are more now than 50 years ago.
Boyd Clark (4 months ago)
Nature is brutal and so it should be, the strongest survive. In the human world the strongest have one or two kids yet the weak breed like rats. sad but true
DemonicKiller63 (5 months ago)
So sad to think that we, almost directly, caused this.
terry driggers (11 days ago)
Not even close. Animals starve in nature all the time. Not humans fault at all.
Иван СВР (5 months ago)
National Geographic, а еды им дать не догадались? Или, опять будете лепить свою нелепую отмазку, про то, что человеку, видите ли, нельзя вмешиваться в естественные процессы дикой природы? Запомните, раз и навсегда - человек уже вмешался своей деятельностью в эти процессы, нарушив их. Это и загрязнение окружающей среды, которое способствует катастрофическому таянию льдов, что в свою очередь сужает ареал белых медведей и не только их.
El tempest (5 months ago)
Clickbait? Really
Invictus (5 months ago)
I wish nature wasn't brutal!
Pank Rawat (5 months ago)
What you guys were doing there?? If you see some starving poor animals, can't you help them by any possible means?? U just makes videos for famous and viral on net.... Try to help if possible
pointerdogman fred (5 months ago)
Why don't you liberals take a camera and see how close you can get to the Polar bear. Then you can throw her a veggie sandwich. She will thank you.
Auto Credit And Finance Finance (5 months ago)
Walrus have flippers meaning they are made for swimming HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO SWIM WHEN THEY ARE SUPER FAT
Official Android Leader (5 months ago)
They ended up dying 😭😭
Tiberius Budai (5 months ago)
The result of human hands over the nature...we was build to destroy the vibe of the nature, but the sad thing is that soon we all trapped in our actions over the nature.Sad
Unit 12352 (5 months ago)
So sad
khu fra (5 months ago)
When you thought blob animals were weak
Edgar Cardenas (5 months ago)
$#$##$#$ ERV FEDS USA
Alex Harris (5 months ago)
2:29 shaking its head as if to say “no chance matey”