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Candy-O - The Cars live 1984 - 1985

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the Cars perform Candy-O on their Heartbeat City tour
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jstetzer01 (3 days ago)
I never get tired of hearing this.
RustyAngel (1 month ago)
Fav cars tune. He'll of a nice guy Ben was.
Robyn Giroir (15 days ago)
Oh wow you got to meet him?
Skip63 (1 month ago)
by this time does ben care?  it seems he is tired of it.
I Need your Help Frank (2 months ago)
Holyshit Elliot Easton in the car is Kick-Ass f****** rock stars
P L (2 months ago)
How did I miss the band.... why was I at that Bon Jovi concert? ....smh
HarryWebb46 (2 months ago)
One of the greatest American Rock 'n' Roll bands ever!
Daniel Allwein (3 months ago)
A movie about these guys is inevitable, but who the Hell would they cast.
Jean-Paul Moreau (3 months ago)
Geez what a band... I'm here after Ocasek's death to hear my songs. And they are tight!
SlappyFrankenstein (3 months ago)
Why is this man (Ben Orr) so damned interesting to watch? He hardly moves, his face doesn't really have an expression. But he's fascinating - can't take eyes off the guy. And I'm a straight dude! LOVE LIVE THE CARS RIP RIC
VSword (2 months ago)
An excellent observations. I have similar ones...
Margaret Berrios (3 months ago)
I would not mind at all being 59 today if that meant that I would have had the chance to see this wonderfull guys playing live....Oh gosh, how I love Benjamín!!...♥️♥️💔
Wreck-It Ralph The Series And Vanellope The Series (3 months ago)
Tempo !!!!!
dakotaescher1 (3 months ago)
Too darn fast, loses the groove. Great tune.
Michael Marks (3 months ago)
Ben seems completely unfazed by the frenetic tempo & dispenses the lyrics at his own damn pace. Coolness personified.
C McHatton (3 months ago)
I miss you and Ric Ben!
MrGenXer (4 months ago)
RIP Benjamin and Ric! You guys made rock interesting and fun! Not to mention damn good!
Patrick Bateman (4 months ago)
and all to prove you're on the move and vanishing
Hablas J (4 months ago)
Rest in peace Ric
Barbara Fleenor (4 months ago)
Oh God, Ben was gorgeous 🥰
B-Thrash (5 months ago)
Wild song, music will never be the same : (
Marty C (6 months ago)
Their song catalog is just overflowing with tasty tunes.
Bruce Lloyd (9 months ago)
Can anyone identify the filter Easton is using?
tubularbill (9 months ago)
Elliot Easton was a heck of guitar player
Tom Gearhart (2 months ago)
Under rated
dan thefan (3 months ago)
IS! Not Was, Best, dtf
Nick Jaramillo (9 months ago)
Their best song by far
fixpacifica (9 months ago)
Saw them in Oakland around 1980-1981. All they did was stand up there and play, no theatrics, but it was still the best concert I've been to.
Elway (8 months ago)
I saw them in Toronto 1980 on their Panorama tour. They were one of my favorite bands at the time. Gotta say, the concert wasn't very memorable. What I do remember is they just stood there and they seemed to take a long time between songs. Still like their music though.
DesertRose122 (10 months ago)
Benjamin Orr was the hottest singer who ever lived. Ideal looks ...wow...😍😍 eye candy-o!
VSword (2 months ago)
Benjamin is like a genuine lover for you. You're truly a fan of him. I see your posts almost everywhere under The Cars and Orr's movies, here at YT 😉
ghostt girl ghostt spook (11 months ago)
there playing fast, love it better! hi baby!
Mark O'Cain (1 year ago)
A Tele sounds awesome here ...it'll slice your head off
Ricky Burton (1 year ago)
Always will and will be the the ultimate!
Motoroil (1 year ago)
Take me back please. 1970s and 1980s were the best time to be alive.
Magic Rooster (1 year ago)
Wtf. That didn't even sound like the same song.
Your name here (1 year ago)
The one guy became a famous airplane teacher guy. The other guy taught people to write legal stuff and the other 4 guys became sustainable teachers.
fennis26 (1 year ago)
Chick at the beginning biting her lip...yeah, she definitely wanted what Ben Orr was selling....
Monia Orr (1 year ago)
Buon anniversario a questa brano fantastico dei the cars ... era il 13 giugno 1979 ~
THE CLARENCES (1 year ago)
LOVE this song! Long live the memory of Benjamin Orr. xoxo The Clarences
Osvaldo Catenacci (1 year ago)
Michael Merritt (1 year ago)
Congrats on HOF Induction. Ovrerdue. This song transitioned from Shoo Be Doo which demonstrated a great song mix by the producer.
john kennedy (1 year ago)
holy fuck. only 697 likes . people are fucking weird !!!!
LONE WOLF (1 year ago)
The pioneers of new wave.The cars were uniquely quirky.
Greg Winston (1 year ago)
This was in Houston, at The Summit - and I was there !!!! FANTASTIC concert! Strange that Ben doesn't put his usual vocal effort into this one song - because he did on all the others that night. They were so TIGHT! Trivia - today The Summit concert stadium, which was the Houston Rockets basketball arena and Houston Aeros hockey arena...is Lakewood Church!!
wharf rat (1 year ago)
No cooler song....
SnowDogRedSectorEh (1 year ago)
they knocked about a minute off the song length at this tempo, but it's cool 🆗👍😎⚡🔥
ghostt girl ghostt spook (1 year ago)
hottest band ever!
Anselmo Echeverria (2 years ago)
La música de The Cars tiene todavía, en estos tiempos, absoluta vigencia. La banda va a reeditar algunos de sus álbumes este año, entre ellos este "Candy-O" aparecido en 1979. El disco es una pieza maestra de power pop, que aún resulta refrescante. El álbum incluía clásicos como “Let´s go" y alcanzó un éxito instantáneo, colocándose en el numero 3 de la lista de Billboard. Por entonces cargaban su sonido de sintetizadores, luego llegaría la estimable labor de su líder Ric Ocasek como productor de decenas de bandas actuales. La reedición de "Candy-O" viene acompañada de siete canciones extra, una de ellas además inédita “They Won’t See You (The Northern Studios Version)” y un libreto que incluye una entrevista con el guitarrista de la banda, Elliot Easton. El propio Ric Ocasek, se ha involucrado personalmente en la producción de esta reedición. Se publica en CD sencillo y vinilo doble con tres caras de música y una con una imagen grabada. Música independiente novedades.
Linda Kloss (2 years ago)
Like the metal touch
gerald 413 (2 years ago)
one of greatest tunes. RoCK ON
gerald 413 (2 years ago)
this would be a great opening song.
New Waver (2 years ago)
Easton, the most versatile and stylish and polished new wave/pop rock player to ever live. What a monster talent.
Marty C (6 months ago)
i could not agree more. Elliot was the Car's secret weapon.
Khalid Al Qaraghuli (2 years ago)
Candy-O, I need you Sunday dress, ruby ring Candy-O, I need you so Could you help me in? Purple hum, assorted cards Razor lights you'll bring And all to prove you're on the move And vanishing Candy-O, I need you so Candy-O, I need you so Edge of night, distract yourself Obstacles don't work Homogenize Decentralize It's just a quirk Different ways to see you through All the same in the end Peculiar star, a-that's who you are Do you have to win? Candy-O, I need you so
Tripper Harrison (2 years ago)
Amazing. Unfortunately,this was their Last real deal tour. The rest of their stuff became very corporate. It was a depressing time for me right around 84 - 85. No more Police. No more VH and the Cars skid into that last horrible album.
Brian M (2 years ago)
howard stern on rhythm guitar, cool !
J S (2 years ago)
Ben Orr was clearly stoned, but the videos suggest this was a great show.
Rhianna Barr-Beaumont (2 years ago)
Ric Ocasek is an amazing songwriter and Ben was an amazing singer
Lisa Surlie (1 month ago)
Rhianna Barr-Beaumont why did Ric always wear sunglasses
Chris Manning (3 months ago)
Dan Braun (2 years ago)
They kicked up the tempo at their live shows around 84. Listen to their shows on youtube from 84-87. Elliott Easton rockin it hard.
stereopolice (3 years ago)
These guys were absolute unique in their time; ahead of their time; pioneers. This is said tritely of many bands, but for the Cars, it's more than true.
dan thefan (3 months ago)
F~in A Bubba!
HanBaby82 (3 years ago)
travesty they are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame!
Álvaro Vega (1 year ago)
they're now!
requinremembers (3 years ago)
Benjamin never looked better than he did at this concert. mmmmmm!!
GypsyFairy85 (3 months ago)
His face was unreal.
DesertRose122 (10 months ago)
Blond hottie!
Melissa Smejkal (1 year ago)
Wish I was there
2112sgb (3 years ago)
Is that Maggy Ggylenhall front row?
lextual (3 years ago)
A couple of (cocaine) bumps before the show? Played blisteringly fast here and I love it!
Motoroil (1 year ago)
and why not? what a good time the era was for music. from James brown, to Cars, to Slayer, to whatever
Lee Bryant (4 years ago)
I like the speed of this version. And I like the click David Robinson puts in there, that sound sticks in my mind. so, isn't that Ally Sheedy at .04?
Timothy Hondorp (11 months ago)
Was same age...wonder how she looks now? Great time in my life, Great band!
Lori (3 years ago)
+Lee Bryant No. But it looks like her.
Rick Kometscher (4 years ago)
I'm 42 and I've played The Cars right along side of AC/DC, Metallica and other metal bands. I love there music!!!
Len De Silva (3 years ago)
I'm 52. Yep, same story here. AC/DC with Bon Scott though. Bon was the real deal!
Daniel Parra (3 years ago)
These Guys Can play & Sing, Wow!! They're kind of a mix between the New York Dolls & U2, IMO! Really, Coool!! ;)
Lori (4 years ago)
Super tight. Super SEXY.
diane mar (4 years ago)
WOWOWOWOW!  What energy!  One of my top 10 greatest live performances.  Great ending, too!
Lori (4 years ago)
+diane mar I agree, Diane. I freakin' love this! It's so tight and Ben is so sexy.
Emmitill (4 years ago)
That New Wave Funk.
StillAtMyMoms (4 years ago)
God, they raised the tempo too much on this rendition.
Lori (4 years ago)
+Gerald Dixon Cummings LOL! EPIC!
Gerald Dixon Cummings (4 years ago)
+StillAtMyMoms CANDY-O on meth
Margaret Looman (4 years ago)
there best by far,rock n roll at its best.
Lilly Love (5 years ago)
Best band ever.
Leevh1958 (5 years ago)
My favorite Cars tune...thanks for posting.
Kyle Mc (5 years ago)
So glad I saw them live in '84. Benjamin Orr had a Great solo album in 87 called The Lace. Great all the way through
john kennedy (5 years ago)
best tune ..EVER........HELLOOOOOO
marc cresta (6 years ago)
Thanks for the post. Only one Ben ,,They were great!
nessfill (6 years ago)
Sooo Excellent. Only the Cars.
OKINAWA78 (6 years ago)
Wow they changed the hell out of that song. Listen to the original version, total diff song...for the better.
mark marsh (6 years ago)
And I just ordered the Cars unlocked cd dvd. can't wait to get it. So much crap today this is refreshing
mark marsh (6 years ago)
good lord it's about drugs and way before its time....
el sie (6 years ago)
elliot kicks ass in this vid!
XPHALCON (6 years ago)
I wish I knew WTF you were talking about? Seems you were too embarrassed to leave your dumb comment also. Maybe I need to paraphrase MegaHegira, apparently he/she has dealt with your insanity as well.
Lillian Adamson (6 years ago)
actually these guys fuckin rock..
el sie (6 years ago)
elliots one cool mf!
Kayla Schulz (6 years ago)
me to
Don Uggiano (6 years ago)
still amazing
1906Yogi (6 years ago)
This is the Jam!!!!
musiclover7870 (6 years ago)
Classic rock and roll.. Ben rocks & Elliott rolls with his guitar. Awesome!
atsejam (6 years ago)
You'd be crazy not to ;}
AnjelFyre (6 years ago)
You're not crazy cuz I think about him a lot too. It's just sad becuz he was taken too soon. :( RIP Benjamin.....
Nikisma (6 years ago)
Am I crazy that I listen to this song and think about Ben almost every day?
Cammie Artusa (8 months ago)
Nikisma you are not alone believe me! RIP beautiful Ben.
MJP474 (6 years ago)
Thank you - Cars Rule ^^^^^ Eat Candy Responsibly:).^^^^^ Metaphor
gaylon simmons (6 years ago)
GREAT! What a great vid/concert!!
weaseldragon (7 years ago)
Ben channeling Bowie.
William Baumgartner (2 years ago)
weaseldragon v
MegaHegira (7 years ago)
Thanks :D
XPHALCON (7 years ago)
OMG! Too fuckn funny of a reply.
Hashmountain (7 years ago)
Rutger Haur played bass for the cars??!!
MegaHegira (7 years ago)
PS you send a reply to a comment from a year ago. A whole year ago and you send me this shit? What did you do search all comments for words that you didn't like and send replies? Get a life loser!!!!! Good bye now
MegaHegira (7 years ago)
If it is offenses then don't reply and move on. I am entitled to my own comment. It is freedom of speech last time I checked. I am not going to change my comment because it is offense to you. Guess what. I was an alter boy in my day. I am sure I have served God in more ways than you have, Besides. Christ almighty is just that. He is the almighty. So piss off. Thanks
Nikisma (7 years ago)
Probably my favorite version of this song. Fast, frenzied and fuct up, a delivery that perfectly mirrors the lyrics about obsession, abandonment and despair. It's not boredom, listen to the words.
craig lewis (7 years ago)
these guy used to hang out in Columbus Ohio...my kind of town bebe..Im from there :>
Kroder (7 years ago)
All anyone has to do is watch the live version from '78 when they were young and hungry to see a great performance of this song. You can even tell by the way he's singing it he's just so bored of the song. Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love The Cars and Ben is one of my favorite all time singers, but this is a lack luster performance at best on all their parts.
Kroder (7 years ago)
Screw them. The downvoters obviously don't have a clue. Most people don't have a good ear for music, they just "like the beat". I'm a musician who has toured, I know how it feels to play the same songs over and over and over, and you just want to get them over with sometimes. Unfortunately, that can lead to unenthusiastic performances and sucking live like this. I can tell none of them were into it and just wanted it over with.
1Montyite (7 years ago)
Usually all songs played live are not the same as the studio versions. While I agree this song is played at a faster pace, I do not believe it's rushed. If it was, would Elliot's guitar playing be affected as well? I believe Easton 'let's loose' as this faster pace. Just my opinion. Nevertheless, I enjoy this version very much.
ogrebattle22763 (7 years ago)
Yes absolutely... I'm not the only one who thinks this.... It does in fact sound rushed... He's not even singing the lyrics.... Maybe they were tired but it's not a good version at all.... But to make a point I received negative votes & why because I wasn't saying something that wasn't true - it's because I was & people either didn't want to admit it or they are just plain stupid... But it's obvious to hear that the version they did here of Candy-O is way off... People never cease to amaze me.
Kroder (7 years ago)
Kinda have to agree. They sound like they are rushing through it just to get it over with. Sad really, cuz it's such a great song. But I'm sure by the time they did this concert they were quite sick of their old material.