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All Alone in the Night - Time-lapse footage of the Earth as seen from the ISS

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FAQ: Images: Music: 'Freedom Fighters' by Two Steps from Hell Editor: David Peterson Serving Suggestion: 1080p, lights off, volume up :) Inspired by a version of the opening sequence of this clip called 'What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?' (Inspiration:, I tracked down the original time-lapse sequence taken on the International Space Station (ISS) via NASA, found some additional ones there, including the spectacular Aurora Australis sequences, and set it to a soundtrack that almost matches the awe and wonder I feel when I see our home from above. To those brave men and women who fly alone in the night to take us to the stars, we salute you. ----------------------- Sequences: 1. (0:00) North-to-south down the western coast of North and South America. 2. (0:48) North-to-south over Florida, the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands. 3. (0:56) South-East Asia, approaching the Philippine Sea 4. (1:04) Western Europe, from France through Italy, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East. 5. (1:20) Aurora Australis, over the Indian Ocean, approaching Australia 6. (1:36) Aurora Australis, over the Indian Ocean. 7. (1:52) Aurora Australis, unknown location in the Southern Hemisphere. ----------------------- Featured on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day! Explanation from NASA: Many wonders are visible when flying over the Earth at night. A compilation of such visual spectacles was captured recently from the International Space Station (ISS) and set to rousing music. Passing below are white clouds, orange city lights, lightning flashes in thunderstorms, and dark blue seas. On the horizon is the golden haze of Earth's thin atmosphere, frequently decorated by dancing auroras as the video progresses. The green parts of auroras typically remain below the space station, but the station flies right through the red and purple auroral peaks. Solar panels of the ISS are seen around the frame edges. The ominous wave of approaching brightness at the end of each sequence is just the dawn of the sunlit half of Earth, a dawn that occurs every 90 minutes.
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Text Comments (14197)
David Peterson (2 years ago)
If you have any questions, check out the FAQ: If you disagree with any of the answers, I'm always open to a discussion, but you're going to need to bring evidence, preferably with references. If you're just going to announce the Earth is flat, or it looks fake, I'll probably just delete your comment - they just add noise. Also, keep it civil - name-calling and insults are not productive. Either way, thanks for dropping by!
Buffalo Bear (5 months ago)
@David Peterson David . . . . the clouds don't move. None of them. Not one cloud moves. In a time lapse from low earth orbit with lightning flickers blasting like paparazzi cameras . . . and the clouds never move . . . this is 100% fake. NASA is 100% fake.
Saturnus (6 months ago)
@David Peterson talking to flat earthers is like talking to 10 year olds also I love the video Btw!
Adrian (6 months ago)
This is fucking CGI, you liar
tarmonkey666 (7 months ago)
I have a question that's not answered in the FAQ. WHY DOES it LOOK SO FUCKING FAKE? Oh wait, cuz it IS FAKE. anyone who falls for NASA hasn't really studied "space" outside of grade school.
David Peterson (7 months ago)
Thanks! I only created that page because I was getting the same questions over and over again, so it seemed more efficient to write down the explanations once and refer to them in future conversations like this. You are aware that all video is a series of still images, right? This one just happens to be still images that were taken 1 second apart instead of having 30 per second. I'm still a bit confused as to what kind of point you're trying to make with vertical vs horizontal, or why you think Florida is in the wrong place.
Big Racoes (2 hours ago)
Sozinho na noite - filmagens em lapso de tempo da Terra, vistas da ISS
Hassan A. (2 hours ago)
What were those flashes that I saw in some places around the world?
Hassan A. (2 hours ago)
Storm Haunt19 so like thunderstorms?
Storm Haunt19 (2 hours ago)
Hassan A. Lightning
Maja Høstrup Eriksen 8C Kløvermarkskolen (3 days ago)
i did not enjoy (:
Jorge Chiu (5 days ago)
Come one. Be more mature. These is clearly not real video imagine. It's like showing a starwars cruiser and not realized is computer generated. These is clearly that. It looks very nice, but it's not real video.
David Peterson (4 days ago)
Jorge Chiu Then I guess your point doesn't make sense? At least you're consistent.
Jorge Chiu (4 days ago)
@David Peterson thats my point. Cheers
David Peterson (5 days ago)
Jorge Chiu Also, clear as snow? I live in Australia, so we don't get a lot of snow here, but I've visited New Zealand, and all the snow there seemed pretty opaque. Is it transparent where you come from?
David Peterson (5 days ago)
It's literally thousands of photos taken by a human orbiting the planet. Here's a bunch of analysis I did on the images to see if it matches what would be expected from that situation: Do you have any more specific points of evidence to make other than unfounded conjecture?
D (5 days ago)
@David Peterson its clearly cgi with a live overlay of some spacey looking satellite.
Mister Human (7 days ago)
damn i always wanted to see lightnings from clouds from this perspective, thanks dude
David Peterson (7 days ago)
Yeah, blew my mind the first time I saw it. That's why I made the video in the first place.
Log Home Mart . com (7 days ago)
All of us in the office here at *Log Home Mart* of Wisconsin Rapids, WI absolutely love this video. Very well done.
Aren't I Adorable (8 days ago)
Please....Stop showing the next videos in your loop...they ruin the video we're watching, or are you just a idiot who doesn't GAS!
Alloneword (4 days ago)
@David Peterson I'm loving your replies to comments. I pop back now and then to see if you've replied to anyone else LOL
David Peterson (5 days ago)
Also, do you generally finds that insulting people who make stuff you seem to like produces positive results?
David Peterson (5 days ago)
Aren't I Adorable Well, that's partially a YouTube thing, depending on where you watch it. I have a couple of punters to other videos at the end, but I didn't think they were too obtrusive. Sorry if it broke the magic for you...
DarthRechid (8 days ago)
First Sequence: Flying North to South, almost directly over Phoenix. LA/San Diego visible on the right ending at the Baja Peninsula. Flight continues directly over Mexico City and Yucatan Peninsula visible on left. Continuing over cloud cover the Panama Canal area is visible on the left. ISS continues fight and passes over the East Coast of South America.   Second Sequence: Flying North to South, directly over the SE part of the United States the State of Florida is clearly visible as it passes over Miami. Thunderstorms are visible as the ISS passes over Cuba.   Third Sequence: Flying South to North as the ISS passes over Japan   Fourth Sequence: Flying North to South begins over Great Britain and passes over the English Channel and crosses over France and Central Europe. Italy can be seen on the right as the flight passes above the Adriatic Sea. Continuing across Europe above Greece onto the Mediterranean Sea, ISS passes above the Island of Cypress, Israel is visible straight ahead and Cairo Egypt is visible to the right. The sequence fades over Saudi Arabia with the Red Sea visible on the right.   The remaining sequences are of magnetic storms/northern lights.
Jorge Chiu (5 days ago)
You really think these is video from ISS? Really. Seriously, you think these is real video? Come one.
David Peterson (8 days ago)
Technically they are the southern lights, recorded near the South Pole, but yes, it's the same effect. 🙂
ᴍᴏɴᴛᴀɴᴀᴄʜɪᴇғ ᴛ ʜ ᴇ s ᴇ ᴄ ᴏ ɴ ᴅ (8 days ago)
Isn’t it amazing? We often take everyday life for granted, but when you see how incredible the planet looks from outer space, it just makes you want to love being able to live on it. The northern lights, the lightning in the clouds, the city lights, it’s all so pretty.
Jorge Chiu (5 days ago)
You should see it from the twighlight zone. It's amazing, everyone glowing and you can see the ghosts. You should see it.
Bøgh (9 days ago)
hvis du læser dette er du bøs
John Morrill (10 days ago)
I love how consistent this guy is at replying to comments lol
David Peterson (8 days ago)
John Morrill I do my best.
John Morrill (8 days ago)
@David Peterson See!?
David Peterson (10 days ago)
Thanks 😁
Gerrie herwijnen (13 days ago)
U can see where the northern light is almost no citys that's cool
Mert Qarasu (14 days ago)
This is madness 🤫😜🐣
Mert Qarasu (4 days ago)
@David Peterson god blees you DAVID ⛪🌍🌎🌏⛪
David Peterson (5 days ago)
Mert Qarasu No, this is Sparta!
Marco antonio Umanzor zavala (14 days ago)
Cuan innumerables son tus obras oh Jehová hiciste el planeta tierra con sabiduría GRACIAS
Хиената (14 days ago)
Teleport me there for 5 minutes to finish my weed 👽
IKA chan (15 days ago)
Wow... Japan!!
Tole Asdia (16 days ago)
mystik (11 days ago)
@Gerrie herwijnen you shouldn't have existed
Gerrie herwijnen (13 days ago)
Dont think so lol
David Peterson (15 days ago)
Real 👍🏻
Kryky reaguje (16 days ago)
Fake CGI 🙃
David Peterson (16 days ago)
Triznathanile Wilson (17 days ago)
Awakin from your dream world!!!
lidor777 (5 days ago)
David Peterson (17 days ago)
Sunandar bos (18 days ago)
you're all tricked. All the trees ... it's all camera settings
lidor777 (5 days ago)
Bruh it's called nature and trust me, it's hard to fake
David Peterson (16 days ago)
Trees? What?
Webmommy (18 days ago)
David Peterson, I am SO SORRY you have to put up with these uneducated loons. Your video has brought me great joy over the years and I wish there was a way to make these people go away. I will always return to see your creation here and I hope it stays because, well, it's a beautiful and accurate video of the view of the aurora from space.
David Peterson (5 days ago)
Jorge Chiu Hyperbolic much? I don't think anytime mentioned mass murder.
Jorge Chiu (5 days ago)
I think we should kill those people, they will go away for shure. Anyone that thinks different from you should be eliminated and then the world would be perfect. But wait, why dont you also kill the people you dont like or look good, just eliminate, that for shure will make them go away. And make rules, anyone that doesn't comply will be eliminated too. Just then we will have the perfect planet. Wow. Your thinking is amazing!!!!! Let's delete all those fuckers, worthless, stinky, unworthy people.
David Peterson (16 days ago)
Thanks! It's all good though - they provide occasional entertainment ;)
손유정 (18 days ago)
오로라 개이뻥
yael dianzon (21 days ago)
Obviously fake . Only kiddos will say yes its real
kookie Oppa (17 days ago)
Watch NASA live video from space and comment there that its fake
David Peterson (18 days ago)
Ah, the drive-by, toss unsubstantiated claim, insult people who disagree, and drive off approach. Very mature.
Ballodiono (20 days ago)
yael dianzon why is it fake?
Alloneword (21 days ago)
Fantastic footage. I'm a broadcast engineer that works with satellites. Things that according to the uneducated Flat Earthers, don't exist LOL How come I'm earning so much money from working on something that doesn't exist?? LMFAO The company I work for are paying me to pretend to do things are they?? HAHAHAHA All I have to do is walk through the front of work each morning and I instantly rip apart anything a FE'er could use as an argument. Globe winning, Flat Earth losing LOL
Carlos Rosario (21 days ago)
Sorry, but the music doesn't make it any more real, cause it's all CGI fake!
David Peterson (4 days ago)
lidor777 I wasn't aware they had provided any points to argue against. 🤷🏻‍♂️
lidor777 (5 days ago)
@David Peterson you have a point but you can't win an argument with those idiots
David Peterson (16 days ago)
It's cool music though.
Alloneword (18 days ago)
@Matfey he doesn't. Not one of these fools actually think it's fake. They're lying to try and wind people up.
Matfey (18 days ago)
And why is this a fake?
Carlos Rosario (21 days ago)
Lol fake!
David Peterson (18 days ago)
referring to yourself?
Hakim Renane (23 days ago)
How Are we destroying this planet???, its alive bringing us everhthing we need but we as a race are facing our own ignorance. Humanety dont deserve to live here we Will go down in history with our ego. Shame on us. Can you find a better place than here?
I have fallen and i can't reach my keg (21 days ago)
It seems, to me, Humanity wanted to prove "Evolution" is a Fact, so, we did. We ("We", as in, "Those of us, living, in the Industrial/Modern, World', at least), have Evolved, into Parasites. Now; if only Humanity could prove a "god" exists. Maybe, next year.................................
Chaos Neon (24 days ago)
i was watching a hurikan on earth
Chaos Neon (24 days ago)
anyone watching this video in 2020?
Spider Riszer (22 days ago)
dicemarta OK we quickly we must go to this man’s house we need to get the ability of time travel
dicemarta (24 days ago)
David Peterson (24 days ago)
Ronald Fields (24 days ago)
David Peterson (19 days ago)
I have fallen and i can't reach my keg I was going for “PhotoGraphic Imagery”
I have fallen and i can't reach my keg (21 days ago)
@David Peterson "PGI"="Pink Gloyd: Interstellar" (Overdrive)?
David Peterson (24 days ago)
Petty Gawd (26 days ago)
1:41 spirits dancing in the sky 🌌
lidor777 (5 days ago)
@Jhon Wick Jesus should eat his beans real fast because he is gonna get sick
Random Stuff (20 days ago)
Its a fucking aurora
Jhon Wick (21 days ago)
@I have fallen and i can't reach my keg WAIT and we will see who say the right .....
I have fallen and i can't reach my keg (21 days ago)
@Jhon Wick "THE GREAT HORN" Allah Jesus AND "god" all had their Finger pulled simultaneously they should have informed Guinness Book as it might have been a new World Record and they should eat more Beans n' Pickled Collared Greens and try again next year remember Records are made to be broken............wind.
Jhon Wick (25 days ago)
If you were a good slave believe that there is no God but Allah and jesus is prophet of Allah if you're not then taste some of the great punishment of hell and keep praying to not hear THE GREAT HORN that kill who in the skys and who in earth and again BLOW IN IT to make y'all stand up for the day that you've always laughed at it
Gamer_Sick (1 month ago)
2:00 what is that color atmospheric type there?
David Peterson (19 days ago)
I have fallen and i can't reach my keg Is that an alcoholic beverage?
I have fallen and i can't reach my keg (21 days ago)
@David Peterson It is akin, to "Hair of the Sundog"
David Peterson (24 days ago)
Jhon Wick I’m not familiar with the “air of the sun”. Can you elaborate please?
Jhon Wick (25 days ago)
@David Peterson don't tell me earth got some source of defense that keep the air of sun away it's order from God OK
Cynthia Powers (1 month ago)
ya never show the true north and south polls,and we know why its because there is a huge hole there showing earth is hallow and life is in it
Alloneword (21 days ago)
The ISS doesn't go over the poles, but you knew this right? LMFAO
I have fallen and i can't reach my keg (21 days ago)
There's a Poll @ the North Pole, David Peterson, David Peterson. There's a Poll @ the North Pole, David Peterson, a Poll. Go Poll, then, Dear Cynthia, Dear Cynthia, Dear Cynthia Go Poll, then, Dear Cynthia, Dear Cynthia, go Poll. etc. Sorry.
David Peterson (24 days ago)
Stainless Steel Rocket ship is the only option currently.
Stainless Steel (1 month ago)
@David Peterson How to go on international space station?
John Ges (1 month ago)
How anyone could look at this obvious cgi and believe its real is beyond me. fake as fuck..spinning ball earth..yea riiiiight :)
CanaryLogic Studios (22 days ago)
@John Ges Sure, troll. You ain't fooling anyone. Let me guess, you think Earth is only 5,000 years old and ''demons'' cause disease.
John Ges (23 days ago)
@CanaryLogic Studios i just told you im no religious person.. my tools are logic, common sense, own observations and fact based research. thats the fundament i build upon. not some book written by the priest class. this footage is obviously fake. how you can deny such obvious fakery just shows that youre just the same as the religious types you call morons. Just that your Church is NASA (A Organisation caught lying again and again) and your mysterious force is not Jesus its called Gravity. You are just as much operating on beLIEve as them.
CanaryLogic Studios (23 days ago)
@John Ges You're not even good at pretending you're not trolling. Flat Earth is an evangelical Christian belief, it's like me saying I believe the Earth is only 5,000 years old and then saying I've never read the Bible.
John Ges (23 days ago)
well youre way off with your assumptions about me. never even read the bible, let alone believe in it or take it literally. You on the other hand are just as blind to truth as the christians you call "morons" seeing as you BELIEVE obvious fake footage to be real. fool ;)
John Ges (23 days ago)
​@self healing so it looks too fake to be fake therefor its real? its the exact same thing Elon said when they faked there tesla in space launch. its too fake to be fake means its real..lulz
koriri barsosio (1 month ago)
The work of The Heavy Father. Isn't He magnificent! Praise God. Only He could think of all this!
Darrow Au Andromedus (6 days ago)
@self healing You either believe in god or you don't. But we can all agree that the universe is a place of change. This process, always advancing is called the Tendency towards Complexity and in many ways, that tendency can be called god. Regardless, people have many faiths, you shouldn't be so quick to judge others. Let them believe what they want.
Audrey Lisa (15 days ago)
@self healing keep on laughing, God is coming back soon whether you believe in him or not, whether you believe in his creation or not. He won't be able to save everyone, because of sin and wickedness. Open your eyes , this world is starting to crumble. Jesus gave us Free- will, he didnt make us like robots, he gave us a human body that has a soul and conscious. I'm not judging just telling you how it is. Before it's too late. Hope you repent and ask forgiveness.
self healing (17 days ago)
@HungryBit To us 1 day is a step forward...for God is a step backward
self healing (17 days ago)
@Muffin "I hate ppl like you" *Fortunately we have not to many ppl like you*
Alloneword (21 days ago)
Troll. You've gone slient since your replies proving you have nothing to come back with. Move along troll. You're not needed.
SilentZay (1 month ago)
Can I borrow this footage as i need to use it in a project.
David Peterson (1 month ago)
Hi there. Send me an email at with the details of the project.
Está na hora de mandarmos os teimosos terraplanistas olharem bem estás imagens.
Free Vpn & Proxy (1 month ago)
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Techno AllRound 6 (1 month ago)
Jhon Wick (25 days ago)
M Sji (27 days ago)
Gaveyard (29 days ago)
No it was made from NASA's pictures
Teresa Santos (1 month ago)
Redonda como os outros planetas e não plana
Rossoni Soluções (1 month ago)
Kkk...Computação gráfica...estou aguardando a nasa postar uma time lapse com a passagem do dia para a noite, completa!
алексей вишняков (1 month ago)
GoldenFinderr22 (1 month ago)
For all you people who think this is fake This is the video sped up x15 This is not a livestream its a time lapse
self healing (1 month ago)
@Amun Ra "No point going into detail about that" *Said from a perfect imbecille*
Amun Ra (1 month ago)
For all you people who think this is real. There's at least half a dozen stars that don't move at 0:56 to 1:03. Then at 1:04 to 1:19 there are 2 stars that don't move. Besides this looking like late 90s level CGI, there are some other issues with the way the panels move in line with the stars, but if you can't see the CGI, no point in me going into detail about that.
John (1 month ago)
It's always good to know that Earth has its big green shield online.
Jhon Wick (25 days ago)
You mean angels from God that protects our planet from extinction
reckit ralph (1 month ago)
This planet is protected by Green Lantern 😀 . Looks pretty amazing
Shamic Entertainment (1 month ago)
No wonder climate change is getting worse if this is how much of the earth is urbanized
khairul Farhan (1 month ago)
SubahanAllah♥️ Allah huakbar💚☝️
Jhon Wick (25 days ago)
@vagabund what about jesus
vagabund (1 month ago)
alah eats shit
Jim Yost (1 month ago)
The flat earthers aren't going to like this. :O)
David Peterson (1 month ago)
Haha... yeah...
ايمن ناصر (1 month ago)
Subhan allah ❤
Keith (1 month ago)
I love how flat it looks.
Alloneword (21 days ago)
Top Kiến Thức (1 month ago)
I enjoyed the beautiful scenery
Sim Sim (1 month ago)
1:07 italy and milano county of light
Violetta Shalnev (1 month ago)
❤❤❤❤ 0.58 Look At those stars Thankyou Jesus that is so beautiful
Jhon Wick (15 days ago)
@Audrey Lisa the heaven and hell are the destiny of who dies after he rest in peace The dead man get 3 questions your religion and your prophet and your God I want you to say for them jesus is my prophet and Christianity is my religion and who send jesus is my God I don't worship who's doing miracles I worship who created him as a blessed man
Audrey Lisa (15 days ago)
@Jhon Wick I'm not judging you or your beliefs. I just believe in JESUS and that he changed my life for the better! He can also do it in yours. if you humble yourself and ask for forgiveness he will forgive and change you in and out. I believe that this is 100% true. He is also coming back real soon on this Earth. He will take his people back to his Kingdom (heaven). When you least expect it. I love you and hope you seek him (:
Audrey Lisa (15 days ago)
@Jhon Wick I know also that in your religion, islam. You call god your master, and he calls you "Slave". My god, Jesus Christ calls us who believes in him "His Children" and we call him "Father". Please explain the difference of "love" "hope" and grace. I can't see anything else better what jesus did , said or proclaimed.
Audrey Lisa (15 days ago)
@Jhon Wick I know that the Quran says that jesus is a "Prophet", so was Muhammad. Muhammad died, people with flesh and bones buried him. He himself didnt know where he was going. Jesus the son of god, the king of kings in the bible declares he is going to his father. Which means he is going to enternal life, he died that so we can spend it with him and be with a union with god, jesus and the spirit.
Jhon Wick (15 days ago)
@Audrey Lisa That is Jesus, the son of Mary - the word of truth about which they are in dispute.
Марк Аристархов (1 month ago)
А я думал земля плоская
Mr.Headcrab (30 days ago)
Угу. А еще она фейковая... Это просто комп. Графика. Если не веришь то: В 0:56 до 1:03 Не движутся почти пол звезд. А в 1:04 до 1:19 Не движутся 2 звезд :/
алексей вишняков (1 month ago)
赵子龙 (1 month ago)
luis filipe (1 month ago)
GoldenFinderr22 (20 days ago)
Dwarfedgiant wdym
Alloneword (21 days ago)
@GoldenFinderr22 Luis, and I've seen your replies in this thread. They prove there is no further interaction required between us. Have a good day.
GoldenFinderr22 (21 days ago)
Dwarfedgiant who?
Alloneword (21 days ago)
Troll. You've gone silent proving you're trolling. Move along child. You're not needed.
GoldenFinderr22 (23 days ago)
Soo fake by like the camera panning around and the lights and stuff or fake by the earth is “flat”
Amabile Maria Raldi Raldi (1 month ago)
Planeta Júpiter nasa annabelle
Chris Stablefield (1 month ago)
this is so fucking fake. watch the ISS streams and compare it to this horseshit.
Chris Stablefield (23 days ago)
@CanaryLogic Studios I don't give a flying fuck about that shitbook called Bible. But as it happens I am a 3d artist and motion designer with 30 years experience in the industry. And I know a fake when I see one.
CanaryLogic Studios (23 days ago)
You need it to be fake so that certain Biblical passages that you took literally need to make sense to you. Guarentee you're one of those ''dinosaurs never existed because my Bible never mentioned them'' morons.
Shea McManus (1 month ago)
Chris Stablefield probably because this is a time lapse and not a livestream shitbrains
Christoffer Pio (1 month ago)
Its sped up more than x10
David Peterson (1 month ago)
About 15x actually
Erik Plessner (1 month ago)
Looks absolutely amazing
Free Vpn & Proxy (1 month ago)
ahmad22099 (1 month ago)
For god sake...
Marion S. O. (1 month ago)
Wow, thank you very much
Z A (1 month ago)
سبحان الله Subhan Allah Amazing this is real photography .. You see the lightning in the clouds and see the Northern Lights
スガモ智之 (2 months ago)
Christine GERARD (2 months ago)
Sumptuous !
Ian Hindley (2 months ago)
What is the music being played in this clip?
Ian Hindley (2 months ago)
David Peterson (2 months ago)
Freedom Fighters, by Two Steps from Hell
Luan (2 months ago)
Tem que ser muito incauto para acreditar que isso é uma filmagem real da terra basta analisar a escala da iluminação noturna das cidades para ter certeza que isso não passa de computação gráfica.
Luan (1 month ago)
@Mateus Coninck Essa iluminação é totalmente artificial jamais se veria as cidades iluminando tanto e áreas tão grandes.
Mateus Coninck (1 month ago)
Falou o cara que nunca foi pro espaço kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Movie Clik19 (2 months ago) Awesome watch and subscribe he might got more movie to show !
Officer Ico (2 months ago)
What are those bright yellow lights? like for real, what are those?
Keyon Hackle (1 month ago)
No it’s the lights shining from the cities at night
David Peterson (2 months ago)
Human populations, basically.
Incredible Bangkok (2 months ago)
we are only viewers and creator is GOD
self healing (1 month ago)
Yep he created also ignorance like you!
koriri barsosio (1 month ago)
Amen. Praise His Name
Damnson (1 month ago)
he wouldnt create stupid beings like you
This is amazing
dmpsodapop (2 months ago)
So no satellites eh?!
David Peterson (2 months ago)
Sure there are:
Luan (2 months ago)
Beautiful cgi.
CanaryLogic Studios (23 days ago)
You need it to be fake so that certain Biblical passages that you took literally need to make sense to you. Guarentee you're one of those ''dinosaurs never existed because my Bible never mentioned them'' morons.
Simon F (27 days ago)
@self healing I'm sure if we had 50 million $ a day we could come up with something similar.
self healing (1 month ago)
Can you replicate this cgi for us and show how you make it? Thank you in advance
Landkaiser (2 months ago)
Fuck off scum. :)
I colori di Ro (2 months ago)
Vaughn Felix (2 months ago)
CGI is looking good these days!
Advanced Magazine (2 months ago)
Fantastic CGI animation! It looks so believaball! 🤓
XMV Ziron (1 month ago)
How so?
Trenton Fawcett (2 months ago)
A CGI Masterpiece!!
Enzo Yuzuki (1 month ago)
You're a CGI boy.
David Peterson (2 months ago)
Trenton Fawcett All good. I just like to find out if people who post here actually believe what they're saying.
Trenton Fawcett (2 months ago)
@David Peterson Hmm you seem quite defensive over a little space video. But please don't get upset. I'm only trolling..😁
David Peterson (2 months ago)
Advanced Magazine Falling for assertations that it's fake? Apparently, some do. Which is weird, since most are like Trenton and don't bother actually bothering to base that opinion on evidence they're willing to share with others.
Advanced Magazine (2 months ago)
Absolutely! People are actually falling for it 😂
W.D Gaster (2 months ago)
Flat earthers are triggered by this.
Kwerdas Tutorial (2 months ago)
0:57 now i see the stars
Lily Furley (2 months ago)
solar panel at 1:27 "ight imma head out"
AMJAD HUSSAIN (2 months ago)
The world is so beautiful but now I can't estimate that how much ALLAH TAALA will be beautiful...Subhan-Allah...
self healing (1 month ago)
Allah tahhalla mahhla rsffhla mashslla rathalla fuhhlaa cahlla Did I say anything?
Sahib Media (2 months ago)
now I understand why tons of people wanna be an astronaut
Sperenity (2 months ago)
Was watching the atmosphere and was in awe of the magnitude of God's creation. It just seems unreal to see a certain area change color due to light.
jzizzles (2 months ago)
Fake. Objects further away should be moving SLOWER than objects in the foreground. Crappy CGI animation.
Richárd Primusz (2 months ago)
You're an absolute idiot....I swear you need a new brain...I said new? Sorry I meant, you need a brain 😂😂
threegon (2 months ago)
They are tho you see surgave features “speeding up” towards the ISS
David Peterson (2 months ago)
What objects are you referring to exactly?
A riii (2 months ago)
We live on cgi ball painting..
Mr President (2 months ago)
It’s nice how one day to all those people in space human and non human will see the mark of our early civilisation (in the future) the lights always seen from space
😱 😬
Uma Ninguém (2 months ago)
The Lucky 21 (3 months ago)
why always when they come to the shiny part of the earth they cut the scene ?? 0:42
Bnslamb (2 months ago)
Because it a night time time lapse. ;)
David Peterson (3 months ago)
It's the Sun. It's too bright for the cameras when they are on night time settings. It just becomes a big white frame at that point
youGooglin (3 months ago)
Dylan Fagle (14 days ago)
@youGooglin the moonlanding couldn't have been faked, watch Adam Ruins Everything about it
David Peterson (2 months ago)
leigh lewis You're referring to airglow on the horizon? It's just a refraction of the sun on the atmosphere. According to Wikipedia, it was first identified in 1868, but logic would dictate that it has existed for as long as Earth has had an atmosphere.
Bnslamb (2 months ago)
30000 Satellites? He lied to you.
xYUGURTx (3 months ago)
so amazing
Halezy M (3 months ago)
Any chance of a download without compression?
Halezy M (3 months ago)
@David Peterson Thanks buddy. Still really good even if Youtube scales it down a bit.
David Peterson (3 months ago)
Not at the moment. I'm considering doing some kind of 4K version though. We'll see what happens.
Pardeep Garg (3 months ago)
What was tht green area came for some seconds?? ☹️
Areesh 25 (1 month ago)
self healing lololol
self healing (1 month ago)
Weed crops from California
Areesh 25 (3 months ago)
Aurora that form over south pole
David Peterson (3 months ago)
Anabel Bravo (3 months ago)
Sounds like Hans zimmer !!!!
Liam Wilson (3 months ago)
Only flat Earth believers dislike this video
Liam Wilson (1 month ago)
R. M. MacFru lol no matter what they can’t accept the truth that the earth is round
R. M. MacFru (1 month ago)
Ah, flat earthers. The most common form of conspiracy theorist. All accusations, no proof. Same old, same old. *yawns*
Buffalo Bear (3 months ago)
@Liam Wilson Listen to yourself. The people who are accused of lying (for good reason) say they aren't lying and it's just a rock. Yep, that checks out. Please be on the jury for any crime I commit. Despite the evidence you'll declare me innocent.... "he said he didn't do it so obviously he didn't, duuuurp"
Liam Wilson (3 months ago)
Aaron Mattison I don’t even know what alien life has anything to do with flat earth nonsense but you’re clearly insane.
Liam Wilson (3 months ago)
Aaron Mattison
raj patel (3 months ago)
Hello everyone, this is your daily dose of Internet.
Mel Hardee (3 months ago)
This video should be shown at all movie theaters before the movie starts to show how lucky we humans are to live in a universe like this.
MrEbadur (3 months ago)
We loosing night and darkness
shubham preet (3 months ago)
Those white flashes in between, are they lightening?
Dylan Fagle (14 days ago)
@Buffalo Bear The satellite camera goes around the earth in a 360 ring kinda, and then it moves a bit and does it again until it captured the whole earth. But those rings have little spaces so that's why continent sizes vary.
Buffalo Bear (2 months ago)
@Japneet Pathania What you're describing is the logical fallacy of "appeal to authority." If you think a PhD is required to ask a question then I have a bridge to sell you.
Japneet Pathania (2 months ago)
@Buffalo Bear do you mind telling me your qualifications of any type in any kind of sciences..before u ask such such dumb questions
tejesh rana (3 months ago)
What is green colour
BRENT Adams (3 months ago)
tejesh rana in Canada it’s called the aurora borealas it’s from the sun reflecting off of the magnetic field in the atmosphere
David Peterson (3 months ago)
Maurice Schaeffer If you're referring to the thin green line on the horizon on all the sequences, that's the atmosphere, and the effect is called airglow:
Maurice Schaeffer (3 months ago)
@Hritik Vaishnav lol, sorry I had no idea.
Hritik Vaishnav (3 months ago)
@Maurice Schaeffer yes thats what he answered. Its called Aurora.
Maurice Schaeffer (3 months ago)
@David Peterson No, like the green coating over the globe. Like the Green Force field?
Ivan Juan (3 months ago)