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Angry UPS driver making delivery to my building !

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My neighbor filmed this UPS driver making a "gentle" delivery today. Good thing my packages didn't show up today!!
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Charles Martel (6 days ago)
That will get you fired instantly at FedEx😩
Hitlery Rotten Crackhead (1 month ago)
Richard Pawlowski (1 month ago)
So you're real tough taking video when he's not looking but then as soon as he hits the ground you walk away like a coward. And post this video like a coward. Nobody is perfect. I'd love to see video of you during your least finest moment.
Mindscramble82 (2 months ago)
That's not to say that every UPS driver is a saint, most of them are not like what this video shows. Most people wouldn't last a day doing their job, there's more to it than what you see in a brief instance like this. It pays well but it's a really tough job, you definitely work for it. If you feel you're just above it or too smart to do this job, then good for you or whatever. Keep being judgmental over your keyboard, tablet or phone with your soft hands.
Frank Conway (6 months ago)
we don't give a shit about your package. ok sweetie. see we are overworked. blame the greedy ceo.
BPS JoΨ (1 month ago)
Frank Conway This is a serious problem with large companies. They prioritize lining their pockets at the expense of the workers. They use a skeleton crew, hire mostly part time to avoid the obligation of paying health benefits and work them to the point of straight agony. My roommate is a manager at Walmart. He's been there 13 years and just got promoted. Still, they cut his hours then make him work late, leaving him as the only person in his department. Their AC went out months ago and corporate is too cheap to fix it so he comes home stinking like I did, back when I worked at the steel plant, which was hot with the furnaces but I was treated really well, there. Go back to the late 90's and early 2000's and every job I worked had plenty of people, full time positions galore. Employees of these larger companies are treated like pure garbage. That said, I know that level of anger demonstrated in the video. When you get there, it's time to leave and find something else before you end up doing something stupid. I completely sympathize, 100%. It's very frustrating but that behavior has gotten me locked up. Investing in a good punching bag works wonders.
Eddie (7 months ago)
Leon Sandoval (8 months ago)
Two ups drivers backed up into my two month old cbr600rr and dragged it down the parking lot, they picked it up and and put the kick stand and bounced can't wait to get the camera footage
Manhattan Environs (8 months ago)
Check out my channel after 8 in the morning tomorrow, the video will be up.
Leon Sandoval (8 months ago)
Manhattan Environs I haven't got it yet there's loops I have to jump. I spoke to a manager in the fleet department and now days later he's not answering me ....crazy
Manhattan Environs (8 months ago)
Did you get it?? I am uploading a video as we speak where a ups driver lied blatantly to my face, unbelievable.
Derrick Clark (8 months ago)
every delivery guy has wanted to do this at some point.
_ Valles (11 months ago)
And I believe they get paid like 20 something
BPS JoΨ (1 month ago)
_ Valles Shipping, logistics, packaging and the like are awful. Like Keebler snacks? You wouldn't if I told you what the workers do to the food while sorting it. Disgusting. Pissed me off because they wouldn't hire legal citizens. Legal citizens know the laws and their rights. Illegals settle for less than minimum wage and don't complain. They were caught and fired one day and the next week, the temp agency shut down and reopened under a different name and hired them all back. This is what company greed has done to the workforce.
Ryan Dortch (6 months ago)
oh hai Tomahawk it's actually 37.58 in cali
Ohai Mark (8 months ago)
and in CA it's closer to 30
dkrink3 (11 months ago)
38 Dislikes? I guess that's how many UPS drivers watched the video!
Dakota Sirt (1 year ago)
probably had a shitty loader!!
Chris from Long Island (1 year ago)
worked as a package handler for 6 months loading tractor trailers. Ups would always make us work short handed. if we had enough staffing they would always cut someone that night. To save a whole $25. If you only saw what happened to the packages just so we could get the truck out on time. What a shit show. They would always say don't throw packages . The funny part is that that package just fell off the jammed conveyor belt ten feet the the concrete floor because we were short staffed
R Saldivar (1 year ago)
+Imran Haque i also didnt mean that you shouldn't sweat in this job. Thats gonna happen but you shouldn't kill yourself. Thats just not safe at all.
R Saldivar (1 year ago)
+Imran Haque as for the preload i dont think there should be any reason why you shouldn't get some help when trying to rap up or when getting hit with a bulk all while telling you not to stop the conveyor
Imran Haque (1 year ago)
Tell that to a supervisor and let me know what the say and what kind of "help" you get.
R Saldivar (1 year ago)
+William Skillman dosnt have to be tough. its not suppposed to be tough. if they want things to move faster get more help
William Skillman (1 year ago)
+Alex Jhon It can be a tough job, but the benefits are pretty good and after, a year loads of vacation time plus sick days.
Ug Um (1 year ago)
Seriously, if you hate your job that much, go find another job that "suits" you.
Haunted In PA (1 year ago)
so glad to see your package got there safely :-)
ghayath2011 (1 year ago)
Jaime Uh (1 year ago)
Fuck....and I'm always misloading at work
William Skillman (1 year ago)
+Memo Between my 4 trucks, They avg at 1150 pieces a day. My avg misloads 5 a week. They don't get on my case about because I usually get help.
Memo (1 year ago)
+William Skillman do you know your frequency of misloads
William Skillman (1 year ago)
Me too. Usually because of bad pal labels
Memo (1 year ago)
get it together
skinnymule2 (1 year ago)
ray Haynes is on the money.
Hidden Woodsman (1 year ago)
Wow this is ...wow so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ray Haynes (1 year ago)
This guy recording the ups driver is the one in the mall that attaches his camera to his shoes & peeks up skirts.
Manhattan Environs (8 months ago)
I like it Ryan, I like it!
ryan r (11 months ago)
going by your looks, i'd say it was you
Romeofud (2 years ago)
That guy' an asshole and deserves discipline for that shit.
KoVuu Smith (2 years ago)
but what you people forget to realize is your package is being thrown, tossed & tumbling down conveyor belts and slides when its actually in the UPS facility, and they usually go through more than one facility so for you to whine & cry over the DRIVER Tossing your package ONE TIME is just ridiculous. I'm telling you everyone would be surprised at how much banging around goes on on those belts, & don't let there be a jam! because then ALL packages are getting squished by other packages with no mercy, so think again before you get mad at the driver for roughly handling your package.. kus really that driver rough handling your package for the last time until given to you is probably the best its been handled during the whole shipping process.. just saying.
Rod Aerostatik (1 year ago)
+Rod Aerostatik just this*
Rod Aerostatik (1 year ago)
+MrSurferlonely shes right though...shit that happens at the UPS hub is worse than just. constant opens, irregs destroying packages..water and other hazardous material damage..its not a game and most of it is out of the hands of most the workers
KoVuu Smith (1 year ago)
MrSurferlonely (1 year ago)
ok well hopefully you order somthing and it gets so fucked up you will then see how others feel
will nemms (2 years ago)
I hate when my package come ups. I live in evansville when they transfer to the post office sometimes it can take 5 days it seems to get my package longer than the whole rest of the shipment it seems.
BigBoysClimbOnBigRing (2 years ago)
Oh jeez. Inside secret people. Your packages are slammed and thrown inside ups hubs all day long. Not the workers fault, but the company pressures them to work fast so shortcuts must be taken. It is only when "the face of the company", ups drivers, show up to your door that they pretend to treat your packages nicely. But they've been to hell and back till that point. Getting upset over this is like getting upset that your hooker girlfriend is cheating on you. Get over it. Ups, FedEx, USPS, Dhl, ontrack, and Amazon ARE ALL THE SAME!
Serenity177 Pls (1 year ago)
+Poofybal FedEx and UPS are couriers. Amazon is a vendor, you send your product to them and they list it. They are attempting to break into the courier service market with Amazon Flex.
Poofybal (1 year ago)
+Memo no they don't, every single person that delivers even same day deliveries are contracted through a vendor, just like ups and FedEx.
Memo (1 year ago)
+Yillbs Amazon delivers some of their products
Larry Martin (1 year ago)
+Yillbs they package your box in the same manner
Yillbs (1 year ago)
+AutodromoF1 Amazon isn't a shipping company bro.
Rick James (2 years ago)
These young guys are just spoiled brats , the old guys can work circles around them.
imranh101 (1 year ago)
+AutodromoF1 Nah, has to do with the work loads. New guy is young and peppy so they give him a 200-stop route. Old guy has been going slow for years and so they give him 140 stops. New guy has to do 40% more work in the same amount of time.
Noah Wrzesinski (2 years ago)
+AutodromoF1 1000% true. They also know the drop points as well, while us ungsters will show up in the front door with 5 packages and they will say, ooo sorry packages go around back.
BigBoysClimbOnBigRing (2 years ago)
Yeah cause they know every fucking route under the sun. Area knowledge is everything in this job.
J corona (2 years ago)
Well they did ship ups ground so you get what you pay for
808pathfinder (2 years ago)
UPS dicks
Matt D (2 years ago)
All packages are not fragile so get a grip.
platinum9898 (2 years ago)
Yea no one knows how hard ups drivers work...toughest job almost any one has done. I understand slamming a door...cussing...maybe throwing the hand cart...but he really shouldn't be throwing customer's packages no matter how much they seem like shyt at times lol. 100k a year yea but every single penny is earned...the company makes sure of it lol
Randy Fields (2 years ago)
Feel his pain.
Immaculate387 (2 years ago)
UPS drivers make 100k a year, why is he handling packages like that?
robertintexas (2 years ago)
+vikings844 Your numbers are pretty close A little high on the package driver gross. Very few package drivers work 12 hours/day due to time constraints. 90-100k about norm. Mileage feeder next, then top pay is sleeper teams. A friend of mine on sleepers made 140k by Sept, and had taken a month off w/o pay. I retired from UPS after 38 years.
GT6SuzukaTimeTrials (2 years ago)
You start at $18.75/hr so 8 hours is $150 and a week is $750 and a month is $3000 and a year is $36,000 before taxes. After 3 or 4 years you make $34/hr so 8 hours is $272 and a week is $1,088 and a month is $4,352 and a year is $52,224 before taxes.  I'm obviously not counting overtime which is 1.5x hourly pay for anything over 8 hours a day. I'm not seeing how anyone is making $100,000 without working 3 or 4 hours of overtime every day. If you're delivering til 9 or 10pm and it's not the holiday season, then you're slacking and should be fired for stealing time.
vikings844 (2 years ago)
Sucks at first but worth it.I went through all that too.Where else do you get 9 weeks paid vacation and free health care! The longer you are there the better the routes get.The center I work at the bottom 10 driver's were part time for less then a year before the got full time driver job.
GT6SuzukaTimeTrials (2 years ago)
I'd love to be a driver if and only if I didn't have to start off being a package handler in the middle of the night working 15-20 hours a week for less than $10/hr.
vikings844 (2 years ago)
Actually, If you worked 12 hours like you stated a driver would make $117,600 with the overtime.That is some nice bank jack! Milage feeder drivers make around 140k
We Are Legion (2 years ago)
Funny video, but I gotta be real though... after working at UPS for a few years and lifting a few million of them, those boxes really seem like complete shit to just about everyone who does it. You won't have any sympathy for them or the people receiving them. And spare me the whole "Durrrrr if you don't like boxes, don't work at UPS!!1!" bullshit because there's something about EVERY job that people don't like. It's easy to stand there in your high heels recording the man and pretend to have the faintest clue what he goes through every day, but try carrying around 70lb boxes all day, sore as fuck and sweating your ass off, and delivering them to ungrateful assholes. It won't take long before you're throwing that shit on the floor too. 
Romeofud (2 years ago)
+We Are Legion I do agree with you about ungrateful customers. I drive for the post office and over 70% of the people I encounter are rude so it does make me feel like slamming their package the next time I see them, but it's wrong to just slam these random boxes out of frustration unless it's pointed directly at the ungrateful customer in question.
LordDecrepido (3 years ago)
United Pot Smoker didn't wake and bake. It's lame how people comment on skinny view it just happens when u film drama holding phone normal not to attract attention
h8ncars (3 years ago)
I would be angry too if I was being recorded by an idiot who don't know how to hold their phone correctly!
Gutitfool (3 years ago)
I just ordered Firefox I be mad if it broke in shipping cose of this imbecil
jtoatoktoe (3 years ago)
This is exactly  why I try to buy all electronics and fragile stuff in a store.
TehLulz4u (3 years ago)
Proper punishment for filming vertically.
James Dickins (3 years ago)
What's the problem here? You paid for the service, they can do what they want with your delivery. If you want a better quality delivery sevice, send me some reddit gold and i'll dispatch the Reddit delivery service ASAP! Sex is optional upon arrival. EDIT 1: Thanks for the gold sir, reddit delivery service will ship your goods next time!
ch3xmix (3 years ago)
Maybe the person recording the video did something to anger the driver prior to filming. 
dkapbboy (3 years ago)
vertical videos are a sin
MrEunderhill (1 year ago)
+dkapbboy Oh I'm sorry. Would you prefer it on a 45 degree angle?
Nurgle Canuck (3 years ago)
how much do these guys make on average?
GT6SuzukaTimeTrials (2 years ago)
$18.75 starting pay. You'll earn every penny, too. You'll be at work ready to go by 8:30am and you'll be LUCKY to be home by 8pm
NDHvideos (2 years ago)
like $35 an hour
Sepharite (3 years ago)
No license no questioning, what a boring pussy,
Valcua (3 years ago)
Yeah, blame the immigrants when you lost your job
trancemastertech (3 years ago)
What are you gonna do, ban me? (3 years ago)
+Gabe Watson Okay 4chan give it a rest already, we get it; you hate reddit and all you do is bitch about it non-stop with "ironic" shitposts. Get a life.
Gabe Watson (3 years ago)
If anything, the guy in this video is probably a member of 4chan...probably made some stupid childish bet with his "b-tard" ilk which led to the actions we see recorded here.  Don't worry though, the collective power of reddit is more than enough to see this brute brought to justice and fired like he deserves.
Nick Beard (3 years ago)
Le reddit army has arrived! PREPARE TO GET DOWNVOTED IRL UPS DRIVER!!! We do not forgive we do not foget we r leejun
Tech Reviews (3 years ago)
Our Oculus Rift DK2!!!
mr johnson (3 years ago)
Come on reddit, let's use our collective intelligence to track him down to bring justice to him, like we did with the Boston bombers!
afrikoka (3 years ago)
+Gabe Watson wow, you're dumb.
What are you gonna do, ban me? (3 years ago)
So much autism.
herby (3 years ago)
+Gabe Watson i don't give a shit about any of that.  you're just another puppet retard with a keyboard -- denying facts by changing the topic.  you should take solace in the fact that your life is very original, gabe.  bravo.  now go gargle some windex or something.      
Gabe Watson (3 years ago)
There's not really any difference...they're all the same crowd:  everyone who's mad that reddit has stolen most of their favorite site's users.
GLaDOSv3gaming (3 years ago)
+Gabe Watson He switched from 9gag to 4chan after your first comment?
Spazmo (3 years ago)
I like how your neighbor handled this situation like a boss! Jesus, how much of a puss can you be...
Anurania (3 years ago)
Presented in tallscreen
TheEschwank02 (3 years ago)
looks legit
Erik Knudsen (3 years ago)
I'm more upset about the vertical video
Erik Knudsen (3 years ago)
You actually did, but I see now it has been undone. No biggie, I just thought it was funny. I didn't try to knock you until you decided this was some huge part of your life. How can you say I didn't try to discuss things, when you had a comment that consisted of merely "Dude calm down." You don't conversation well. Three straight comments of yours were just to tell me to calm down. But I was the one that wasn't trying to move the conversation forward? Ok guy. How can you not see the irony of you losing your mind over something that you claim people lose their mind over? And to think...I just made a snide little remark. But maybe I should calm down... Right? 😀
gregory06 (3 years ago)
+Erik Knudsen I actually didn't. I like how you try to knock me instead of actually discuss why you should have your jimmies so rustled over which way someone oriented their phone to show quickly what was going on... not making an imax james cameron movie.
Erik Knudsen (3 years ago)
Ok guy. You win. I'm clearly wound up about...something I guess. Hard to have a conversation when only one person stays on topic anyway. Enjoy your night 😀. You gave your own comment a +1...that's adorable.
gregory06 (3 years ago)
How many words was your last comment? Just calm down.
Erik Knudsen (3 years ago)
I made a 7 word sarcastic comment. You, on the other hand, have went off the rails. Who says I'm not calm? All I've done is respond to your complaints about complaints. That makes me not calm? Weird logic you have there No Point Man. Or is it a guilty conscience? I said opinions are fun and even gave a little happy emoji, that makes me not calm? You're not really skilled at reading people or conversations huh? Internetting is complicated with you people.
richard faber (3 years ago)
While I realize the drivers have harsh schedules and tough working conditions, at times, they also get a damn good paycheck and better then average benefits. If you hate your job that much, give it to someone who will appreciate a good living!
TrapsAreSuperior (3 years ago)
shouldve gotten his license plate and called the company  imagine having a fragile 1000 dollar GPU being thrown around like that
Nash Doyle (5 months ago)
TrapsAreSuperior I'd be more pissed than him.
DNA Tech (3 years ago)
Or a $30 dollar dildo!
unseenorheard (3 years ago)
+L33TBEANS real fire walls. that's some good home security.
dkapbboy (3 years ago)
This was my biggest fear when getting my 780 Ti delivered.
princessptfo (3 years ago)
+L33TBEANS  I test lots of networking hardware and I got like 10K of networking hardware at my testing lab right now! XD
ethanr432 (3 years ago)
UPS sucks.. I would never ever use them
Ray Haynes (2 years ago)
When you order from Amazon you can't tell them who to use they use whoever they want.
Zennethe (3 years ago)
Never had an issue with them myself. It isn't UPS at fault, it's a dumbass who can't do their job right. 
DMTryp (3 years ago)
LOL go get em tiger!