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Not sure if it was the wait, or the anticipation that killed me. Music by David Cutter
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JasonOcelots Gaming & More! (2 days ago)
2 days till it says it’s expected which I ordered it from Hot Topic hope my UPS man delivers it on the expected date.
Rimmzy (5 days ago)
Who else is watching this while waiting for a package
regina and heaven (11 days ago)
Ugh so i ordered a iphone and it said "2 to 5 days" its been long but i have on Thursday when it comes
Kelvxnn (11 days ago)
I haven’t gotten my tracking number but they said it shipped to fedex and it’s been 5 days and still don’t have the tracking number
Kelvxnn (11 days ago)
Any advice
BlueWolfPlays (12 days ago)
I waited 2 weeks of nonstop notes when I was looking at him saying give me my package
ClickBait (15 days ago)
I ordered hockey tape a week ago and it's arriving in 3 days thanks Amazon!
babykakies (18 days ago)
i have a package with literally 3 books where i live from ups but because of “scheduled delivery” i have to wait 2 extra days for 3 books and i am currently kinda angry
Ebay (19 days ago)
Welcome to delay land
NEWSLOOSH (21 days ago)
I’ve been waiting for 13 days for my gaming pc
Flantauiza (26 days ago)
legend says that he is still waiting for his package
Michael Ramos (26 days ago)
I'm waiting for my movie Whoopee! Get it here https://www.amazon.com/Whoopee-Eddie-Cantor/dp/B00CA4S308 but today its taking forever -_-
Gon zo (27 days ago)
Dude call fedex have it delivered to your nearest fedex office.
boss hog (27 days ago)
Watching this waiting for my mavic..... with is almost a week late. It’s been “in transit” for 48 hours. But the place it left is a 2.5 hour drive away........ 🥵
Derek Camp (30 days ago)
I have notes all the way down my driveway, on the mailbox, and the door. But they usually just don't even bother to show up and leave a note @ my house. I need to remember to ask who is going to ship stuff before I order it. SMH
Blake Bailey (1 month ago)
With ups My shocks have been out for delivery for 1 week 1 ups truck came and just sat there for like 2 minutes didn’t drop anything off and then just left I’ve heard that some of them are just too lazy to carry a 34lbs package
Phimason Vongdala (1 month ago)
It’s been over a week since my package came reeeeeee
ramy ヅ (1 month ago)
wow you complaining while i have to wait 10 days for one pair of shoes
Surge Kisilitsa (1 month ago)
Lol, I ordered a pair of shoes and 4 days later it's still just in the "waiting to be shipped" stage... 😒 Edit: it's now day 8 and it's still in the same stage... 😶
Surge Kisilitsa (6 days ago)
@Thniy I called Adidas customer support once, nothing really happened (on the 10th day). So I called them again on the 12 or maybe 13 day. The shoes came after 15 (possibly 16, I don't remember the exact dates) days of being ordered... But they came.
Thniy (6 days ago)
What ever happened? I’m curious
Ghost Craze (1 month ago)
Is it me or time goes slower when waiting for a package
Christopher Charles (1 month ago)
I'm about to die I've been waiting 4 days for my Xbox one s and it says it's going to take another 10 to 8 days smh Help me someone
Avadakedavra6 (30 days ago)
Got it yet?
Christopher Charles (1 month ago)
Still waiting 6 days sigh
Norman Eldreth (1 month ago)
FedEx, Ground, Home or what ever they call themselves, are jackoffs. We call them "At least a Day Late". Calling management, lol, you are really fucked. I'm getting we're not ordering from sellers using "At least a Day Late" FedEx
Kazuya M. (1 month ago)
I didn't even get the slip no knock or doorbell pure bs I have to wait .
ThomasLynn S. (1 month ago)
2:45 Driver isn’t wearing a seatbelt. 3:26 Daughter isn’t wearing one either. Don’t worry about your package, worry about your life and your daughters life.
Joanna Dillon (1 month ago)
My package was lost, so at least you got it
HydreN (1 month ago)
just fucking expericense the same thing legit just left a note no doorbell ringing or anything... even tho i was just waiting inside,,
Raven Baxter (2 months ago)
Watching this while waiting for my phone 😭
Lennon Tedesco (2 months ago)
gosh I just ordered some shit 3 days ago from china I better have it by Sunday or else im gonna be pissed
Mark Sjsj (2 months ago)
I had to give mine to my grandchildren since I was dead when they gave it
Lego Guy 0 (13 days ago)
Adex Smith (26 days ago)
boss hog (27 days ago)
I’m so confused
Mark Sjsj (2 months ago)
I don’t want anyone to pin this please Thanks
Jet Screamer (2 months ago)
Assholes have had the package three days, and couldn't get it 200 miles on time. I get lies, and excuses.
Mark Sjsj (2 months ago)
Mine only came after 10 centuries...
Mark Sjsj (2 months ago)
I had to give mine too my grandchildren since I was dead when they gave it
HZ MD (2 months ago)
Never fadex
Travis Gulley (3 months ago)
I hope they get shutdown one day and hope that ups takes over because ups is better and FedEx screws up all the time and FedEx are such fuckups who hire people from bars if you order something online tell them you want it shipped ups and not FedEx
Captain Brexit (3 months ago)
I’ve been waiting for a package since August 23
Alagathevictor (3 months ago)
Don´t they have a depot where you can pick it up? They should put it there after first attempt - much easier then you can stop by on the way home from work etc.
don't look at my name (3 months ago)
I have to wait 19 to 29 days for mine
KeepersWay (3 months ago)
FedEx is Garbage. Lost packages, says they came and Never actually tried.
Jesus mc Beardsworth (3 months ago)
I despise FedEx! I have a package coming out of California. Want to know how long it stayed in California? It's fucking still in California, its been 3 fucking days and it still hasn't left the state it shipped from! What the hell is going on with these bastard's! Unbelievable!
Red Six00 (4 months ago)
Ups is better!
Ed 4da3 (4 months ago)
Wait, that's not the longest delivery My delivery will come to my house a week only but it's still long nevermind
Lemon the Tart :3 (5 months ago)
Altleast u don’t have to wait 9 days...
Lemon the Tart :3 (3 months ago)
j williams my dude go to the store :v
don't look at my name (3 months ago)
Well I have to wait 19 to 29 days get food
Mike L Booblay (5 months ago)
Waited in all day today with 2 bored kids for a delivery that didn't show. Piss poor. Their "unparallelled tracking system" shows that it left the despatch depot nearly 24 hours ago. No updates since then. Zero. Zip. Nada.
Maya Garcia (5 months ago)
This is why UPS is better
hellzey (5 months ago)
4 days still in transit
don't look at my name (3 months ago)
5 days still shipping
Mr.Edvil (5 months ago)
Or try ups
Mr.Edvil (5 months ago)
Your just slow as shit
notlucash (5 months ago)
I literally ordered my package a month ago got delivered today, but still have to wait a day so I can actually have the package
BLENDID FOUR (5 months ago)
I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for my delivery
Eric Ibe (5 months ago)
I swear to god if Fedex doesn’t come right now to give me my muscle supplements I’m going to shoo- 😶🙃
Mike Crabtree (5 months ago)
FedEx is the most pathetic excuse for delivery. Almost every time I buy something from amazon that is shipped through fedex, it either gets lost or is delivered a week late. Less than 1/3 of the time is it ever delivered on time. Bought from Sams.com a few times and they ship exclusively through FedEx. Almost every delivery was late or delivered to the wrong address. I had one delivery that was brought to me by the resident of the condo it was delivered to. The dude showed up at 8:00ish PM with my package. I thanked him profusely for being honest and not keeping it like so many people would. He said FedEx loses his stuff all the time so he always delivers things to people when strange stuff shows up at his door.
Toasty Boy (5 months ago)
I ordered a otmatone from amazon with free shipping from japan and canada post office is delayed an extra 30-15 days rip me
BRIAN RAMIREZ (5 months ago)
Mine just says scheduled delivery pending been almost 3 days now
Avadakedavra6 (5 months ago)
Just saw an ad for fedex that said fast and reliable
Yeetgamer 101 (6 months ago)
I am watching this video and waiting for my ups package lol
average avery (6 months ago)
Not fedex, but I ordered a hamster cage 2 days ago. Came from the uk so not that bad right? Well I’ve been waiting all day. Time of arrival never changes, but keeps getting “delayed”. Every time I check package tracking it says the same things, and gives NO information on what to do or how to see where the package is.
Pinkadotzz (6 months ago)
Best service is DHL for me! I've ordered from Germany and the UK and I get packages the next day! And it's free shipping so that's a big plus! DHL always keeps me happy! Lol .. Edit: and.. I live in the U.S .. 👌
Homanzi (6 months ago)
I know how many packages they have to deliver but for me *MORE THAN 1 WEEK!* c'mon step it up
SmG-Zane (6 months ago)
Fuckin hell delayed in transit you lazy fed ex fucks
Chill Milk Studios (6 months ago)
I ordered a magical girl toy like 3 weeks ago hope it comes today its sooooo slow
tikamaholic (6 months ago)
Wish takes the most longest. So I know its one of those sites that are cheap as hell, and usually scam you, but I was curious so bought an item. Anyway, the item i bought, took 3 months to get to my house. Literally, 3 months. I'm not sure why things like that take that long.
Dodge Viper (6 months ago)
Y'all are inpatient. As a person who has been working at fed ex i can tell you that it is very hard to get your package on time.
Fullinvis (5 months ago)
Dodge Viper ppl at amazon get it done fast and reliable?
Jason Riding (6 months ago)
I have a package coming and three nights in a row it said it would be at my house by 8:00 and still nothing
xCarter (6 months ago)
This is why USPS is better
Invalidts2Official (27 days ago)
Having this problem with USPS rn smfh
Nikkolas Ruff (6 months ago)
Oh boy.... I hope they deliver my reptile on time 😬😂 it should arrive tomorrow
Jayhawkboy fan15764 (6 months ago)
I don’t blame you. I don’t like it when deliveries take FOREVER.
John Frank (6 months ago)
I ordered a $5 drink coaster and fed ex wouldn't drop the package off, they wanted a signature. RETURN TO SENDER.
John Frank (5 months ago)
Beastmaster No.
The Three Pieces (5 months ago)
John Frank that’s your fault, just sign it....
Heyツ (6 months ago)
Ordered a phone's almost a month straight
TheBald1 (6 months ago)
Lmao.. You look just like me waiting
Isaac Garcia (7 months ago)
My package is going to take for ever shipping from japan
MlgSoundEffects (7 months ago)
He’s waiting for his maverick merch
Mr. Creepz (3 months ago)
No, he’s waiting for his drone from DGI.
gif or gif (7 months ago)
Ordered a package 2 days ago... I want to die
Christopher Charles (1 month ago)
Same bro
Bobby Carolina aka B1 (7 months ago)
Screw FedEx
Ryan Scherbluk (7 months ago)
I swear delivery company’s have GPS tracking on you. Every time I leave my house is when they come by and I always miss them. One time I waited 3 hours it was from 11am to 2pm the prime time delivery companies come by the most it was approaching 4pm and I had to be somewhere at 4pm so 3:30pm I left my house thinking well I don’t think the guys coming today cause tracking info still didn’t change still said it was in the city but not out for delivery yet. So I left come back at 5pm with a slip on my door he literally came 15 minutes after I left like really.
A Person (7 months ago)
FedEx shipped my package too Walgreens
A n g e l S u b s (3 months ago)
Matthew Larscheidt (6 months ago)
A Person I’m actually commenting with what I ordered in the package! 😂
Matthew Larscheidt (6 months ago)
A Person IKR the first time the did that to me I was like those fucking dumbass dropped my package at Walgreens!? 😂
Ivie M (8 months ago)
i did 2 day shipping for 25 dollars and i ordered it 2 days ago and it’s coming in a week.......... wtf
손Son (20 days ago)
It's called RIP off. RIP package because you will never be owned lol
Christopher Charles (1 month ago)
I feel you my Xbox is coming in 10 to 8 days
Andrea x (8 months ago)
I ordered scrunchies and it’s been like 8 days since I ordered and the package hasn’t came😂😂😭❤️
Fozzyozzy 539 (6 months ago)
Bruh Im waiting a month now.
Andrea x (7 months ago)
PlaneS101 lol my package came like 4 weeks😂
PlaneS101 (7 months ago)
Andrea x Anna Vlogs bruh! I have to wait like 3 weeks for delivery’s
B T (8 months ago)
Worst company in the history of companies ! I literally wait out front of my house. Wait for the truck to drive by (because they won’t stop) and then chase them down the road in my car. Then approach the driver and ask them for my package. The driver will automatically say “I don’t have anything for you”. I’ll say “will you kindly check the back?”. They reply “oh, there it is, I must’ve missed it?!”. It’s a FUCKING guitar! Not exactly a small box. This company gargles balls! ALWAYS!!! Amazon or some big company needs to step in and start their own worldwide shipping company and put these clowns out of business. FedEx and UPS used to be ok. Not great, but ok. Now they are just fucking worthless. USPS has gotten better thankfully. They used to be horrible. Now they’ve moved up to “ok”. But better than the others. Who runs these companies? Piss poor management.
MangiTengri (8 months ago)
DHL >>> FedEx, UPS. Took 3 days for DHL to deliver from EU. FedEx from EU is supposed to take a week, but no they don't even have an estimate. Terrible service
Jadi20 (8 months ago)
I am waiting for my package and it been 5 weeks and still did not camed
lraccoon i (8 months ago)
Mine they said "the 3rd" its the 3rd then it says pending :) fucking great for a 9k pc i hope its not fucking broken by fedduckedup
Allison Hepburn (8 months ago)
mine was supposed to be delivered 1 week ago, and they keep changing the days and time, and also pending. it says it was supposed to be here today by 18.00, however it says its still in another city...and it has been in that city a week, exact same local facility . they really are terrible. never ever going to order.
P.B. Theriver (8 months ago)
Most Fedex packages are lost at sea. Trust me I've seen the movie
sena sees (8 months ago)
I hate them and I will never use them again . I ordered from Dubai it took over a week ,DHL took just 3 days . F..kers
JahMillz TV (8 months ago)
I had to wait a month or two for a game.
Slooplr0 (9 months ago)
Does anyone know hoe long footlocker takes?
xLegacy (9 months ago)
U have the worrst luck lol
Zilch71 (9 months ago)
Why don’t you have them leave it
Bink Li (9 months ago)
to ups :"Sorry we missed you, will try again tomorrow." Great! Guess what? I've been sitting home waiting for it all day. wtf
Nikolai1245 (9 months ago)
Man. Y’all Americans are so ungrateful. I ordered a iPhone adapter on Amazon 2 FRIGGIN MONTHS AGO. THAT’S HOW LONG YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR SOMETHING. It still didn’t arrive yet. I wanted to order an Ethernet adapter too but I don’t feel like waiting 3 months for it.
Deny the Zeitgeist (9 months ago)
Yup. That’s FedEx. I have no problems with USPS out here but FedEx not only doesn’t know where I live (UPS has no problem with that) but they also like sending my packages on wild adventures. It’ll take a week or more to get to me and it’ll have seen more of Colorado that I have.
Ethan Vue (9 months ago)
5:15 anyone notice that nice Mustang back there
RG (8 months ago)
Haha I notice it. She's a beauty!
Kokozo (9 months ago)
The only thing I can say is that I second EVERY WORD Ron is saying. I'm going through that experience myself as I write these lines and know, from first experience, how frustrating and exasperating it is. When I call FedEx the dude that "helped" me AND his supervisor hardly spoke English! They didn't know where the package was, when it would arrive, why it didn't get here when they had texted me it would...they didn't know shit! and I told them exactly that. If you are reading these lines you are lucky because if you listen and heed Ron's advice you can avoid what he and I went / are going through. Thanks Ron, this is truly a public service...thank you for speaking the truth and telling it EXACTLY like it is!!!! FEDEX SUCKS!!!
One Shot (9 months ago)
I ordered sum juul pods something so small and they say my package has encounter an exception like wtf it's juul pods what did u do drop it and scratch the box????¿¿?¿¿?¿¿¿
Lego Guy 0 (13 days ago)
They are trying you to stop vaping i think
B 3 R R Y (9 months ago)
I feel u
Jaybhoopin410 (9 months ago)
I love working for Fedex and I love this video
The177Hunter (10 months ago)
I ordered a case pocket knife on the 7th from ebay, its now the 18th and still have to wait 6 more days before its getting delivered. Sad thing is it was shipping from texas to colorado. And atm, its in denver needs to get to pueblo. 6 days for a package to get 100 miles? Wtf
Adrian Ortiz (10 months ago)
Brah Fedex is trash always and I mean always have problems with delays and the times it gets to my home around 7-8pm. Even worse when you buy something and they ship it with restrictions so you can’t even pick it up yourself they have to deliver it and you have to be home to sign for it. Horrible company.
X (10 months ago)
Fed Ex is worthless
Vicky Geagan (10 months ago)
FedEx sucks I was supposed to receive a part I need for an emergency repair and the driver did not even attempted to make a delivery to me he claimed it was because of local weather conditions I have been home all day and it was cold and sunny last summer the driver left a package for me at my newspaper box 1/4 a mile from my house and stated he left it at the backdoor I may have to cancel my plans tomorrow evening and drive to my FedEx distribution 1 1/2 hours away from me
clockguy2 (10 months ago)
Fed Ex tracking always does a little dance around Charlotte back and forth for several days before heading South to Charleston. Big packages I've ordered always come after my wife gets home and I get the "what did you order now" look.
Ryan Scherer (3 months ago)
clockguy2 omg that is happening to me right now I’ve bern wating 2 weeks
Swanky Pants (10 months ago)
On behalf of Fed ex I do sincerely apologize that you had to go through all of that just to get your package. I work for FedEx customer service department (phone agent) and here I got to see it first hand happened to you. I don’t know what the drivers deal is most of the times. The ground drivers are their own company so to speak. So you have fed ex express which is Tom definite which is first priority, and then you have those ground drivers that think they are their own bosses and can do no wrong. They really need to step it up because all of the customer service reps have to take the heat for them being lazy not wanting to do their job.
Swanky Pants (10 months ago)
Really all the customer service agents can do is send a message to the station, then the station has to contact the driver and update the case. Usually they don’t update the cases And when the customer calls us in they are livid by that point and the customer service agent all we can do is notate the case and that’s it