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Nascar Fan Controller Daytona 2008 Toyota commercial

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Great Nascar/Toyota Commercial played during 2008 Daytona 500. Officials let some kids drive the cars via remote control. Funny -Funny
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yonatan schlussel (8 days ago)
This is why we should be afraid of self driving cars
Jeffrey Cook (8 months ago)
Tony Stewart says what the and Kyle Busch and Danny Hamlin Screaming PRICELESS
ASCA League (1 year ago)
this beats any toyota commercial now a days.
Ryan Tuttle (1 year ago)
MyNoble06 (1 year ago)
just like the real Toyota accelerating by them selves
Rusty Ralston (1 year ago)
LWGamer54 (1 year ago)
if that happen in real life ima die of laughter
Frowny13 (2 years ago)
This is hilarious! I didn't even know this was a thing until now..
Noah (2 years ago)
Tony throwin helmets perfect even back then
Rocketmann13 (2 years ago)
nascar dude 12&16 (3 years ago)
this the best and funny ad I wish they made a new NASCAR toyota ad with 2015 drives it would be cool
BeastOfMetal1989 (3 years ago)
No wonder Tony went back to Chevy...
BeastOfMetal1989 (2 years ago)
+automan224 That's ok, it was only three years. Although I think the last one was the year the Rusty-Roger combo got closest to the title.
automan224 (2 years ago)
+BeastOfMetal1989 I totally forgot Penske ran Pontiacs LOL
BeastOfMetal1989 (2 years ago)
+automan224 Yes, I am aware of this. That's why I was theorizing that PENSKE is reticent to run Chevys in NASCAR because of something that happened around the time he dumped Pontiac for Ford.
automan224 (2 years ago)
BeastOfMetal1989 GM owns Pontiac and Joe Gibbs ran GM vehicles up to 2008
BeastOfMetal1989 (2 years ago)
+automan224 I wonder if his refusal to run Chevys has anything to do w/ when he ran Pontiacs right at the birth of his current NASCAR team.
Snow Flake (3 years ago)
hahah i remember when this first aired my mother and i lost it.
Sabbath bassdude (3 years ago)
Imagine they did that during a real race?
48fanfromky (4 years ago)
If this was real just for the Toyotas than everybody would beg for Kyle Busch's
Swager Brony (4 years ago)
Mikaal Godfrey (4 years ago)
that was dumb
Sean Vierra (4 years ago)
Run zippy run for your life lol
Minnesotan 114 (4 years ago)
The only good commercials now are the Napa know how ones
Tyler Richard (5 years ago)
Not only does he throw helmets at the 17 he throws them at his own Legit
Reckless4800 (5 years ago)
It said: Professional Drivers on a closed course - DISCLAIMER
Dancingyeti Gamer2003 (5 years ago)
Tony Stewart was about to win by the way Denny Hamlin and kyle bush scream
Courtney (5 years ago)
hanafuda (5 years ago)
It works!
Michael Kelley (5 years ago)
Mary Repko (5 years ago)
austin blayney (6 years ago)
how? the kids have controllers that controll the car their kids they dont know how to drive
AllRacing14 (6 years ago)
dstefanek1988 (6 years ago)
Vincent Giacalone (6 years ago)
Does that scene at 5:48 look familiar now? Hmm?
Ultimate23Dragon (6 years ago)
Why is Kyle screaming? Doesn't he race like that all the time!?... XD
Solid240 (6 years ago)
Run, Zippy, run for your life!
Courtnee Faythe (6 years ago)
It's so weird looking at all these past NASCAR commercials and how it seems like they were just aired last season.
SmallTownES (6 years ago)
When did Tony have his hair that long?
MichiganFan39 (6 years ago)
when i first saw this, i almost choked on my food
Solid240 (6 years ago)
The part with Denny and Kyle is the best
The Duffy Street Incident Podcast (7 years ago)
0:47 The enteral question answered: How to make a fat guy run. HEY O!!!!!! Smoke is awesome.
Tiffany Diane (7 years ago)
Run Zippy, Run for your life! :)
Slichkit (7 years ago)
Goodyear Cup Series (7 years ago)
@ratedrsuperstar302 I used to hate kyle but I always loved his acting in the commercials. He really seems to be maturing this year though. While recently he's done a few questionable things, he's really earned my respect this year
Alex Malizia (7 years ago)
lol im outta here hahaha
Jason HIggins (7 years ago)
Lol an rcxd
Matt Phillips (7 years ago)
thumbs up if u miss these commercials
thebrandonp88 (7 years ago)
Brandon sires (8 years ago)
KidAlto yeah I know
Solid240 (8 years ago)
The way Kyle and Denny look at each other when Kyle is going backwards....epic.
Elijah Burke (8 years ago)
i always dreamed of this
hilarious182 (8 years ago)
Hahah grat, I love this commercial! There scream are so funny.
sesselfurzer2000 (8 years ago)
Thought Stewart only throws his helmets at Kenny Irwin... xD
trekkiepro (8 years ago)
Why couldn't the accelerator/brake issues arise in the NASCAR Tundras and Camry's? That would certainly be a funny sight to see. In all seriousness, Toyota's suck.
Jesus Christ (8 years ago)
i would be doing burnouts too
Kyle Young (8 years ago)
One of my favorite NASCAR commercials.
Moose Co (8 years ago)
Zippy! Run for your life! ahaha
NascarRacing2003Fan (8 years ago)
I love 0:28!!! The best part. The funny thing is michael never wins so hes not used to the smoke. Haha! LOL!
14purplesmoke (8 years ago)
hahahahaha run zippy god this makes me miss stewart long hair
Garfield McIntyre (8 years ago)
that was completely inaprropriate
Billy McKinney (8 years ago)
He is good at throwing helments at cars lol. As for Mikey doing a burnout wow thats rare lol, jk jk, Mikey is a cool guy lol.
ipwned35 (8 years ago)
lol i never seen tony run fast like that
brfowlie (8 years ago)
Toyota; Moving Forward; EVEN WHEN YOU DON'T WANT TO!!! AHHHHH!!!!
lilltigger7 (8 years ago)
i miss Tony having his long hair Stewart fan for life
lilltigger7 (8 years ago)
i really miss tony having his long hair lol
Andrew Lenahan (8 years ago)
"Tony, what are ya doin'?"
redbull8382 (8 years ago)
Tony at :48 lol
Billy Baltoro (8 years ago)
Tony needs to grow his hair out again.
AMP88 (8 years ago)
LMAO!!!!!! XD
Trey Earnhardt (8 years ago)
this commerical is really ironic
12alltel12 (8 years ago)
hahahaha CLASSIC!
skittlecar1 (8 years ago)
The fan controller was just an excuse for bad programming and stuck throttles. LoL
ThreeSevenSpeedway (9 years ago)
0:30 is something special here for Kyle Busch haters.
rudylexi8 (9 years ago)
20s Mine! I CALL IT
Eric (9 years ago)
wouldn't done this to r. gordon, and then destroyed it! muhahahaha! but isnt that the guy from Zack and Cody, the suite life, and Brian O'Brian
Robby G (9 years ago)
The car must have had two steering wheels. (second driver) I've seen this done in stunts before.
Billy Baltoro (9 years ago)
Yeah, because Reutimann and Blaney won so many races last year.
robrulz23 (9 years ago)
kyle busch doesnt deserve to be in this commercial. they should have used david reutimann or dave blaney
WorldCarTuningFans258 and AZN Music (9 years ago)
=.= well.. thought it is racing.. never mind
WorldCarTuningFans258 and AZN Music (9 years ago)
this is just commerical.. but this is real fact if they make look like RC model.. if they can make be real controller for this in real car..
WorldCarTuningFans258 and AZN Music (9 years ago)
Go Toyota~! Beat all USA Cars on Daytona.. yeah~!
UltimateEEnEFan (10 years ago)
Denny: Dude yer goin' backwards Kyle: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
robrulz23 (10 years ago)
Ha, run Tony! Kyle Busch should plow into the wall, when the kid makes him suddenly go foward
monaco74 (10 years ago)
Do you think when Tony bailed out of the car they had to tone down the "thud"?
hansonator69 (10 years ago)
if only Sprint Cup cars each had one of these controllers. "Dibs the #9!"
hansonator69 (10 years ago)
same here lol
Eric (10 years ago)
IAmAStegosaurus (10 years ago)
I love the way tony throw his helmat at his car lol
Warmachine38 (10 years ago)
Im not a toyota fan but that was a good commercial
weeds502 (10 years ago)
i love kyle's face!
Alejandro Echeverry (10 years ago)
that was completly innapropriate!
Andrew Lenahan (10 years ago)
Skullcrusher416 (10 years ago)
Skullcrusher416 (10 years ago)
love to control one of the cars... SO I CAN CRASH KYLE BUSCH
Wedge Antilles (10 years ago)
The FedEx car's Denny Hamlin
Wesley Miley (10 years ago)
kyle was going backward and keeping up with.. that fedex guy.. idk who it is.. i think truex? i love how tony threw his helmet and was like "run for your life!"
Michael Marshburn (10 years ago)
Hey, he still screamed like a girl!
Michael Marshburn (10 years ago)
This long one was only shown at Daytona.
Andrew Lenahan (10 years ago)
Tony, what are you doing? It's possessed
pilotolalo (10 years ago)
Lynn Griswold (10 years ago)
Hate Joe Gibbs racing, but this is funny as hell! Too bad they didn't put Kyle Busch into the wall...he certainly deserves to be knocked around! Kyle "little baby" Busch ROFLMAO! He is, too.....LOL!
gojazziloveyou (10 years ago)
freaking awesome!
Erin Crockett (10 years ago)
i love it wen denny hamlin screams like a girl. i find it very funny bc he sounds so gay! and he looks like a beaver wit his front teeth. jeff gordon is way cuter and a better driver then denny hamlin will ever b!!!!!<3<3
Erin Crockett (10 years ago)
tony stewaryt is like so cute but i love jeff gordon!