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Brazil's Geography Problem

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Text Comments (8187)
mike02601 (5 hours ago)
it has money, but corruption too
David Belcher (12 hours ago)
Such a beautiful and epic country. I hate that it has such problems when it could be a top tier nation. Definitely has hella potential
Marco Purovesi (15 hours ago)
0:45 But it’s not entirely in the southern hemisphere...
Zé Gotinha (19 hours ago)
I'm from Brazil and the vídeos about Brazil's geography are usually trash. But this was a good point of view. Congratz
Gakki Rez (20 hours ago)
Brazilians blame its politicians to be corrupt, but forget that politicians are part of population as well. ie, the population are in general corrupt as well. But wait a minute, major 1st world countries are made by corrupt politicians as well, so the question is why some countries managed to find its way to the top while others will never get anywhere. Simple, it's like this "by design".
Rodolfo Antonici (21 hours ago)
As a Brazilian here, we have money, our GDP is about 1.8 trillion dollars on 2016. We collected 618 billions of dollars in taxes in 2017, we're the 9th on the list, only after US, China and European countries. So please investigate further and find the truth: our problem is bad administration and corruption.
Nayef Soufie (21 hours ago)
Brazilian Here. Sry but u are wrong. Biggest problem of Brazil is Socialism and we are getting rid of it right now.
Oscar Mendez (22 hours ago)
It's a good thing that most of Brazil's population live near the coast. Brazil contains most of the worlds last remaining rain forest and, if developed, it would surely disappear forever. In fact, it would be better if no one lived in Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, or for that matter, all of South America. Brazil's population is enormously too large
luxon4 (1 day ago)
im brazilian and this video completely misses the point. sure it has geography problems but those are crumbs compared to its political problems and corruption. it has a MASSIVE corruption problem and misallocation of funds. they took potential health care funding on world cup and olympic stadiums to this day remain empty. most of its political leaders are imprisoned for graft. lets not pretend its cause of a tiny mountain
Steven Mullavey (1 day ago)
Wendover productions, São Paulo is spelled with a U in Paulo and NOT an O aka "Paolo" as in Italian (clearly, Brazil speaks portuguese, also, São Paulo is the 2nd largest city in the americas, ahead of New Yurk, which I think warrants knowing how to spell it). No big, just needed to point it out going forward.
Kp Kp (1 day ago)
1:15 mark is Miami/Miami Beach, Brazil?
Alexandru Vasile (1 day ago)
You can make a video about"Romania's Geography Problem".Because I m really curious!
Maria Emília Altavila (1 day ago)
Please, go visit Brazil first! So many wrong things... 1) Coast cities: yes, there are many but Sao Paulo isn’t one, and by the way, do you really know the size of it?! 2) Sao Paulo size: try to google big Sao Paulo and ABCD cities (every single letter is an initial of the connected city name) 3) Agriculture only at South: Maaann this is soooooooo wrong 😂... Let me help you: Center and south: major agriculture and cattle farming (most for exportation) Northwest: There is the forest but still in some parts there are: grain farming, timber industry and mining industry Northeast: agriculture and cattle too (fewer for exportation), also has sort of a desert area (with the help of God those people will finally got a solution)
Rafael Calheiros Vasconcelos (2 days ago)
Still waiting for earthquakes, deadly blizzards, and hurricanes here in Brasil... Like in United States.. lol
chupacabra 1 (2 days ago)
a lot of wrong info ... with some correct info .......... ... according to the video the solution is opening the country to agriculture ........ lolo .... the thing is ... we are already an agruicultural giant .... the worlds top food producer along with the US and China
Arthur Donna (2 days ago)
Brazil has today 65% of his vegetation preserved. Brazil is pioneer in biofuel, last year’s we reach 80% (more than 40 million) of automobile by ethanol. Brazil uses only clean energy. The main source of electricity hydroelectric power plant. Brazil ISNOT "lungs of the world", the oceans are. There is much rain in the Amazon forest due to the globe geographic location; the forest IS NOT responsible by the rain.
Bruno Barbosa (3 days ago)
The most inaccurate video I saw in my life Lol most everything in this video is wrong
Mars Bellator (3 days ago)
Brazil's topography isn't that great. Compare topographic maps between Brazil and the United States. The areas you want are the low elevation areas that are usually colored green on the map. The U.S. has way more farmland, it's not even close.
Brian Sprague (3 days ago)
Fuck the Chris Collins ad they gave me before the video. I hope he is raped in prison.
Rodrígo Pêreira (3 days ago)
Quanta babaquice
Tom Ewall (3 days ago)
According to Wikipedia, the extended metropolitan area of São Paulo has over 33 million people. Just how large does a city have to be to be a megapolis?
Ruy Joy (3 days ago)
Brazil is dead!!!
FER M (3 days ago)
I'm Brazilian, it's fun how all foreigners show from Brazil is GRASS and BUSH. 😄 There some buildings here too you know?
Shawn Elliott (4 days ago)
It sounds like Brazil needs to take a lesson from Japan -- if the mountains are in the way, cut them down.
thegroovee (4 days ago)
Wowww, so much disinformation. Its all wrong
Illuminati's_Hacker (4 days ago)
Can you please do a geography problems for Australia?
Kayke Eduardo (5 days ago)
We are an incredible country! Here we have a fertile land, Wonderful people, We love our flag and our country! We are rich in minerals and land, Our climate is very pleasant, We are proud of our army and our history! BRAZIL WE ARE CHAMPIONS!
Kayke Eduardo (5 days ago)
And São Paulo, and they are not são paolo.
Kayke Eduardo (5 days ago)
How can you say that our soil is not fertile? We are the barn of the world!
John Triplett (6 days ago)
Come to brasil
Matt Marriott (6 days ago)
Why video mentions that Cerrado farms are owned by corporations but doesn't point out those are foreign ones: Video diverts from Brazil«s real problem: staged politics, all actors, transferring Brazil's assets to illuminazi central safes.
tech wral 00 (6 days ago)
Cat Mcleod (6 days ago)
Cláudio R. (6 days ago)
Lol, I'm surprised this is from 2018. We don't have food shortages. Malnutrition has been eradicated, except for small pockets in the Northeast. The video is kinda skewed. I liked the rest of the video though.
Anatolia Eagle (7 days ago)
I love Brazil grettings from Turkey
Subi_fan (7 days ago)
Gee, what would the millenial nu males do without Brazil's soy...
Lil Cheesy (7 days ago)
Uziel Almeida Oliveira (7 days ago)
All data about soil fertility in this video are wrong, hahahaha. So terrible video.
Rabbacake (8 days ago)
Do Mexico or Bangladesh next
vhcas (8 days ago)
What about Australia and New Zealand about the wealthiest nations on Earth at least per capita?
broadcastmadnesss (8 days ago)
São PAULO, not PAOLO, for Christ sake....
Pedro Ledoux (8 days ago)
Another great geographical problem for Brazil are the borders. The borders are huge, it is very hard to control.
Daniel Petruccelli Israel (9 days ago)
5:13 cof cof Ponte Rio Negro cof cof
Marco Barroso (9 days ago)
00jay 2 (10 days ago)
Now Brazil has a corruption problem
Mark Sanchez (10 days ago)
Brazil 🇧🇷 drinking and dreaming
Fred Montier (10 days ago)
Este vídeo (e os pontos abordados) prova que a maioria dos brasileiros ( segundo a amostragem comentando aqui) possui, de fato, um sério problema de interpretação de conceitos , deficiência em organizar informações em sua coerência e consistência lógica, entender comparações, proporções e dominar termos medianos do léxico universal. E olha que foi um vídeo didaticamente bem organizado e com um fluxo lento de exposição das ideias principais. Este é maior problema do Brasil: educação. E não a quantidade de cal virgem/hidratada que se joga no cerrado para corrigir acidez do solo (que é totalmente verdade) ou a infra. de distribuição de bens e serviços (que é verdade novamente).
Tobias Neufeldt (10 days ago)
this is retarded
Ch Bharath (10 days ago)
It's São Paulo, not São Paolo.
Rick R (11 days ago)
Ok some of the information is correct and some is kinda vague. For instance, the military gov was focused on infrastructure and spent almost everything we had in order to make us thrive. To have a clue we still use what the militarty has built, 30 years later and little to none developed. After the so called dictatorship, we went 30 years under clear socialist government that still focuses on corruption and social justice programs, all of this in a broken country. They simply killed everything the military did, now it's all rotten, obsolete and completly useless to match our demand. Basicaly we stopped in time and got stuck in debt and worst of all with no resources to increase the businesses over here. That's all that's happened. We now have a chance to breathe again since the left is dying fast here, but it's a damn long way to go. Feels like everything has to restart and honestly that happy laughing brazilian stereotypical spirit is just gone. The majority of us just feel hopeless just waiting to become the next Venezuela or some shit. Thank God our version of Trump is leading by far and on october 7th we hopefully will have a decent president.
Owen Bunny (11 days ago)
i looked up the city manaus, looks like they have an underground thunnel that connect the city to the south east part of the country.
Mauro Oliveira (11 days ago)
Despite some inaccuracies about the cerrado (most of our production comes from there nowadays and is the new agricultural frontier) and the import of food (not quite), the crux of the matter is this. High cost to produce and cultivate the land, create an infrastructure that is a logistical challenge and occupy areas that are closed today. There is no easy remedy in our case. And we can add to this a gigantic bureaucracy, abusive taxes and the absurd inefficiency of the state in its areas of responsibility Ignore the Brazilians grumbling below. Brazilians are excessively sensitive to criticism and the opinion of other countries about us due to a large inferiority complex that affects us
Sam Alizade (12 days ago)
8:14 , there's a country called CAR?
Andres Guzman (12 days ago)
Brazil sucks
Pietro Novais (12 days ago)
Sem noção alguma no que diz, skksksksk Do lado de casa tem um córrego, tudo de semente que joga la cresce . skskks Agora dizer que as terras do Brasil não são boas, é Fod@..
Louis Vanden Broucke (13 days ago)
cherry picking, what about tokyo, tokyo is a city surounded by mountainous terain, it is also one of the richest cities on earth, though it is no longer so much richer than other chinese cities together, so they lost their edge
Paul McDonagh (13 days ago)
Just reading a handful of comments I think you need to rescript this video and do it again. You wont though because its making you money who cares if the information is wrong
Gabriel Bolner (14 days ago)
Brazil's problem is not geographical but political and specially demographic- the country's population is highly concentrated in urban areas due to agenda-21-like public policy, that results in a cheap labour that doesn't produce as much as it should as the large concentrated urban areas are a logistical nightmare and also under-invested by both private and public initiative - the economy of the country has an overinflated services sector which makes for an underproduction of wealth and a huge waste of manpower for industry. The large urban areas also have a bottleneck effect on both imports and exports which is highly inneficient. The solution to Brasil is still a more aggressive settlement of the central hinterland, though, with investment in procuctive activity specially on heavy industry which is at the present time a joke.
Debbie STehr (14 days ago)
Sao Paulo is the 11th biggest city in the world in 2018, now surpassing Mexico City. It's just huge. I'm going to stop watching your videos because you make too many factual errors. I read the comments on these videos and realize half of what you say is wrong. So it's not worth watching. You need a better research staff or a huge disclaimer that this is entertainment with many "alternative facts." don't pass this off as real information. Maybe cite your sources at the end of the videos? Back to real documentaries for me.
Mariano Fernandez (14 days ago)
Argentinas geography problem
Stanislav (14 days ago)
I reckon economic growth will also be the downfall of humanity one day. I mean, it's a finite environment, growing and growing will inevitably take its toll one day. The whole idea of constantly expanding is flawed in its nature I think.
andrew chappell (14 days ago)
To be honest I would not consider India a world power. They have a lot of people but that’s pretty much it
Fabricio Zuccherato (14 days ago)
The comments made by my fellow brazilians are always shaming ourselves. I apologize for them. They even tried to teach germans about the holocaust... please, forgive them as they don't know what they say. That's a good example of how much education is necessary in one's country.
Gabriel Bueno (14 days ago)
Na verdade o Brasil tem terras muito férteis, o problema do Brasil é a política corrupta existente aqui , nossos impostos chegam aos políticos mas não voltam com totalidade para onde deveria ir, ou seja, corrupção em cima de nós. Além disso os políticos ao invés de investir na economia do país estão quebrando as empresas, assim como quase aconteceu com a Petrobras, agora nossos combustíveis são muito caros.
Elias da Silva Benedito (15 days ago)
You can notice: this channel speaks only well, its country of origin, because the others have a problem, geographical ... how much nonsense and disinformation, my friend. (Podem reparar: esse canal só fala bem do seu país de origem, porque os outros todos tem um ''problema'' geográfico...quanta bobagem e desinformação, amigo.)
Triathlon Gaming (15 days ago)
He keeps saying Brazil's entirely in the Southern hemisphere when it isn't
Lucas Dell (16 days ago)
Wendover: Few countries have a higher level of concentration on the coast as Brazil Australia: Hold my beer
chukwuemeka alfred (16 days ago)
Do 4 Nigeria
Alex Caverly (16 days ago)
Do Irelands one! (Hint: A Hard brexit (ROI and NI Border))
begeng kw (17 days ago)
Please explain about Indonesia
Chris Freely (17 days ago)
@1:20 That's Miami Beach and Miami n the background. Source: I live in Miami and know my city well.
virgo wolf lupina (17 days ago)
non for progress non nono non non non all for....simplicity and organics!! live simply and organic!! that brazil..may be saved..from ..the damages and destruction of progress that is for androids NON TO PROGRESS ALL FOR NATURE!! in other hands....videos like those ones are .good for brazil..because keep..these foreigners" way from it. as for "farming" my grandpa was a farmer..did he needed "corporation"? absolutely..NOT..so..your findings aren't accurate.about that country
Plague Doctor (17 days ago)
virgo wolf lupina (17 days ago)
tiete? river? hahahahhaahhahaha my goodness.what an undestanding..i m aghast.at your knowledge of geography.even i who does not have a higher education..have this kind of understanding i never saw that .."canal" tiete as a river.. river in brazil amazon sao francisco capibaribe.. beberibe..and.several others! real rivers and not canals go on search about sao francisco river that runs about within 4 states in brazil
virgo wolf lupina (17 days ago)
CHINA? INDIA? WORLD "SUPER POWER? HAHAHAHA DO NOT MAKE ME LAUGH!! SUPER POWER=NON POOR PEOPLE LIVING IN SQUALID CONDITION IN RAIL WAYS AND..NEAR SEWAGES WASHING DISH IN SEWAGE BRAZIL..does not have ENOUGH food,because they importttttttttt if they were not to import their food.they have more than enough to feed..even outsiders fruits veggies eggs diary .they should stay way from :"junk" we need not commercialized junks!! roots..veggies..fruits..enough! more than enough ! and milk..there are lots of milk..!organic ones..
virgo wolf lupina (17 days ago)
Fadhil Adi Nugraha (18 days ago)
Please make Indonesia's Geographic Problem since it is projected to be a powerhouse economy in 2050 beside China and Indonesia :)) thanks!
Sempre Que Você Ler Os Comentários Eu Estarei Lá (18 days ago)
Cara a geografia do Brasil é a melhor do mundo tem cerrado floresta tropical caatinga parais muto belas lugares ainda inexploraves na Amazônia infinidades de cachoeira sol pa queimar a pele frio no sul vei tem país melhor não maioria dos países ou faz calor pa krl ou vc vai no verão e pega 20 graus kkk problema do Brasil e brasilia estado de são Paulo onde eu moro tem muito desenvolvimento só para ser sugado pa Brasília esses políticos gasta o dinheiro em Dubai ou guarda em bancos na suíça fodaa
the space_ (18 days ago)
😡😡😡 malditos gringos
Antonius vd Klis (18 days ago)
As long Brazil is not stopping the destroying from the rain forests and his animals its a shit country for me.
Bryan Lim (18 days ago)
"Only France, Germany, the Netherlands and the US export more agricultural products per year." France + Germany + the Netherlands = maybe not half the size of Brazil
AthenaSaints (19 days ago)
All the problem cause by natures will never be as severe as problems cause by human.
Oliver Zhang (19 days ago)
Ur comment is so long
Não Entendi (19 days ago)
Como fazer seu vídeo bombar: 1-Escreva BRAZIL no titulo 2-aguarde
Joe Denver (19 days ago)
Deven Hull (20 days ago)
Brazil isn't entirely in the southern hemisphere...
Thalles Santana (20 days ago)
I'm Brazilian and I must say: guys don't trust on this video, a lot of inaccuracies.
Jake Mccallum (21 days ago)
1:12 that’s basically Australia as well -an Aussie
Deathsyth22000 (21 days ago)
who came here from death addict? FUCK brazil and the crazy ass cartels..........NEVER NEVER NEEEEEEEEVER, would I EVER, fucking go to brazil
Leues_Fünif ' (21 days ago)
Vai brasilian
adelia pereira (21 days ago)
Valentina Mattos Frusciante (22 days ago)
3:50 Lies...
Valentina Mattos Frusciante (22 days ago)
Actually, São Paulo and region are a megalopolis
Francesco Ciociola (23 days ago)
LoL! You realy don't know nothing about Brasil bro
Moshe Shimon (23 days ago)
Congratulations, Brazil is just a back area of the US and Europe. It was placed in the unconscious of the Brazilian that the correct thing is to preserve everything except human beings. This thinking is financed by companies competing with Brazil's economic potential. These companies use NGOs, foundations and universities to implant the thought that economic development means going back in time to live in the caves.
Leandro Mahalem de Lima (23 days ago)
Should put the Indians on the map. Amazonia and Cerrado were never empty places, or at least since some 12.000 years.
MjklSimpson (23 days ago)
são paolo? tem algo errado aí
Daniel Santos (23 days ago)
I've learned a lot about my own country with this amazing videos, thanks a lot for this content
Humming Bird (24 days ago)
California grows 1/2 the world's plant food. We are so blessed!
kranthi askani (24 days ago)
Do one on Australia