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Brazil's Geography Problem

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Text Comments (9607)
fazendo coisas (4 hours ago)
Só brasileiros podem falar mal do Brasil
Leo Castro (6 hours ago)
Principal investimento para um país se tornar potencia é a infraestrutura e educação. A corrupção é o maior mal do país, o que estagna o crescimento. O resto é "balela" desse gringo.
César Ruiz Díaz Domínguez (10 hours ago)
TheCausation (13 hours ago)
Brazil has a demography problem.
Bert Berw (14 hours ago)
Lol, there's literally not one single correct piece of information in this video
Kristiina Palts (18 hours ago)
You are a highly intelligent content maker, you have earned a subscriber. I beg for Chile to be next In the geography series
maria yazbek (21 hours ago)
Have you actually done any research at all for this video? How can you say Brazil doesn't have a lot of farmland? Did you know that Brazil is actually one of the largest food producers in the world? the largest producer of cattle, oranges and and grains? Just one more information, the area where you classified as cerrado is actually home of the largest and most technological farms in the world? Also maybe you didn't make complete research but Brazil exports technology for farming. The country has also a numerous of multinational companies, one of the worlds largest oil reserves, and 98% YES THATS RIGHT 98% OF ALL known reserves of niobium in the world, AND its responsible for 90% of its production? And maybe you haven't heard about MERCOSUR, but it's south americas customs union so if a company packages in Argentina (also a false claim) it's not a real problem. Let's see, the third largest airplane producer is Embraer, who is know producing the most advanced military planes on earth. Study more before you say lies about countries you probably haven't even visited. Just two last FACTS: A UNITED NATIONS REPORT APPOINTED THAT BRAZIL ALONE COULD SOLVE ALL THE FOOD PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD. BEING THE ONLY COUNTRY ON EARTH THAT ITS CAPABLE OF PRODUCING 3 CROPS A YEAR. and WOW they also have the most advanced Nuclear technology (for peaceful purposes only) in the world. Go back to school
ComeSweetDeath (22 hours ago)
I need to impregnate a hot brazilian woman.
Feitozaval Feitoza (1 day ago)
Oh my God! Fake News about Brazil,!
Pacero (1 day ago)
You didn't even mention, Brazil, is still, a colony, of the CIA, USA. So..., with sugar on top. Fuck OFF!
Luciana Drehmer (1 day ago)
Lots of fake news....sorry but you need to be better informed. Brazil is #3 world's leading food producing countries, only behind of China and USA.
Bianca Durante (1 day ago)
I had to stop watching at 1:37 minutes because in just this little time you said so much bullshit that I just can't watch. People who really know Brazil say that we are actually blessed by geography, what causes our country to never grow is the culture of the people living here, that came with the kind of Portuguese that first invaded this land to take advantage of it without thinking about the future. That's it.
Matheus Souza (1 day ago)
Espero que politicos tirem notas deste video! Haha Aprendam com o gringo que nem e brasileiro a tirar o Brasil do problema!
Rafael Schaefer (1 day ago)
No no no men a lot of land in Brasil is ready to plantacion tou fonte no about Brasil You have to be more deep to about agrobusiness
Robert Beck (2 days ago)
Sustainable forestry practice would be a much better economic plan rather than slash and burn, then plant crops in poor soil that depletes itself in a few years. Once that rain forest is burned, it will never come back. The saying goes ,you don't know what you've got 'till its gone.
Márcio Leandro Aquino de Andrade (2 days ago)
I am Brazilian and never ever heard so many misleading information about my country.
Felipekwr (2 days ago)
1:40 ahhahhaha Sao PaOlo
Mateus Figueiredo (2 days ago)
caralho que vídeo ruim. se tivesse 01 brasileiro pra revisar esse texto antes de publicar ficaria mil vezes melhor.
Mateus Figueiredo (2 days ago)
0:32 - Shows Brazil being clearly in both South and North hemispheres. 0:44 - "Brazil is ... the most populous [country] entirely within the southern hemisphere." It makes it extremely difficult to watch the rest of the 11 minute video given that such an obvious mistake is in the first minute of it.
Ananth Venkitaraman (2 days ago)
it is a blessing in disguise for the whole world that the vast majority of the Amazon Green forests are kindly preserved....
Blackdress71 (2 days ago)
Please, guys! Before talking about Brazil, try to learn about Brazil... What a shame...This video is a mistakes collection.
Marco Naufal (2 days ago)
The only peoble who believe in this FAKE video ithe the ones who think that the capital of Brazil is Buenos Ayres and also think that will see lions walking in the strees of São Paulo.
Marco Naufal (2 days ago)
Brazil is the major exporter of food in the world and can´t supply the internal demand? YOU HAVE BEEN FOOLED By Wendover Productions! Brazil´s exportations of food are NOT being transoprted by hidroways to Argentina in anyway, but in highways to the coast to Santos port for EXPORTATION! DON´t BE FOOLED BY THIS CHANNEL! Reaserch the true facts! São Paulo have plenty of room to grou specailly inlando to othe big cities like Campinas and it has good highways for it like Bandeirantes highway! PURE FAKE NEWS! Come to Brazil and see for yourself!
Leandro Gois (2 days ago)
The biggest problem is not geographic, but corruption, unfortunately here in Brazil industries, politicians, president and even so the population only think to take advantage one another.the greedy by money here overcomes humanity.
Crimson Kng (2 days ago)
If it makes you feel any better, that's the same with all governments.
Shurumela rc (2 days ago)
yoooo....lack of info Mate !!!!
Ricky Bradbury Junior (2 days ago)
I’ve never heard so many mistakes at once like in this video. Before making a video, please study very well what you’re presenting. Try to find real sources.
mh22mm ____ (3 days ago)
I wonder how does one gets 59k likes with a video that haves so much wrong information?
Gustavo Dias (3 days ago)
Quick correction: Porto Alegre. It's written and pronounced "o". Like the city of Porto in Portugal.
Gustjs18 (3 days ago)
Leonardo M. (3 days ago)
Brazilian land is the best in the world. The only problem with brazil is with its people.
Casa espírita on-line (3 days ago)
One must be very naive, misinformed or malicious to reduce (nowadays, with so much technology) a country's problems to its geography. Main problems in Brazil related to its economic growth: First place: Political corruption Second place: Bad Education Third place: infrastructure, which is a consequence of the first two. Our geographic "barriers" (in comparison with other countries are nothing) could have been easily overcome if we had had a decent and serious governments. Serious administration, correct employment of public money and effective education can solve all of these problems and more.
Vanessa Heeger (3 days ago)
so many mistakes... this video should be taken down... no wonder the rest of the world think USA is uneducated
Rafael Nobre (3 days ago)
I had to stop watching it after hearing that Brazil’s production has to be transported through the Tietê river all the way to Argentina and there packed and dispatched... like... seriously?! 😂😂😂 guys, PLEASE do your research. You definitely have the means of producing great content, but just by this video it’s IMPOSSIBLE to believe in your pseudo-facts. Sorry, but no 🤦🏽‍♂️
Rodrigo I (4 days ago)
Oscar Potter (4 days ago)
Love your videos man, and a few innacuracies normally don't matter much. But this one does not appear to have been fact checked by someone familiar with Brazil.
Mauro Motta (4 days ago)
Awesome video but the name is PORTO Alegre , not portE alegre . I live here since I was born and you are all welcome here . Communism is over here after more than a decade of socialism. Now with bolsonaro we are going to success ✌️😘
qolspony (4 days ago)
Very good report. I just learned something. Than you.
malesloot (5 days ago)
is this a motherfucking brazil reference
Pedro Chinait (5 days ago)
São Paulo, not São Paolo
Pedro Chinait (5 days ago)
São Paulo, not São Paolo
D M (6 days ago)
Brazil also has 56 million black people. That also explains a lot. ......
Speedy Steve (3 days ago)
Ssshhhh! It's racist to notice things like crime and bad education.
A lot wrong information... unbelievable.
Pedro Meyer (6 days ago)
São Paolo? where is it?
Johannes (6 days ago)
1:33 ''são paolo" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Jerison's Art's (6 days ago)
Actually Brasília can't expand because it is a planned city, in the form of a plane, and all the rest around it are other citys.
Jerison's Art's (6 days ago)
Brazil not just has a agriculture based economy, but a Livestock economy too! Brazil is a big international exporter of beef!
Jerison's Art's (6 days ago)
The video laces in research and is far from flawless, the serrado is one of the most prosperous parts of Brazil, and the port of Santos, São Paulo (or São Paolo) is one of the biggest in South America
mrparts (6 days ago)
FYI: There are plenty of literature explaining why South American countries have followed a different path of development and geography is not the key factor...
Brent Flora (7 days ago)
I see that you are a Google/ internet info teacher! Brasil has more to develop than ol USofA has in production! They lead in the markets of beef, sugar, coffee & iron ore! I lived there over 30 years & watched the soybean production go from under 40 bushels / acre to 80 now! In those 30 years the Cerrado was opened up & it being the head of the continental water shed logically it's 100s of miles to rivers large enough to be shipping lanes. Oh & 1 more problem is that you metro- yuppies who know nothing about how YOU have any food to eat anyway are the first to send communist Greenpeace to block any kind of water transportation where it's possible! But despite all YOUR obstacles Brasil built a highway across the Andean mountains though Peru to have a port to Asia on the west coast of S. A.!
Clístenes (7 days ago)
No Brasil é difícil, mas mais difícil é enganar a gente. Tá loko, sai pra lá
Vasil Simeonov (7 days ago)
Bullshit video! With current technology and globalization every country could become a highly developed and economical power. the problem is country's residents, culture and lack of motivation. People tend to use the easy way which in time could lead to corruption and destroy whole country. This Video looks to me like copied and not analyzed.
Ramona Pierce Salvatore (7 days ago)
Creo (8 days ago)
Saudi Arabia's GDP/cap is only 20 000 USD which is much lower than Iceland's which is 70 000. Also, the US has a little less than 60k so the GDP/cap list is wrong
Brendan Smith (8 days ago)
These arguments seem to be fairly nonsensical. Having been to Brazil myself, I can say that it is a land of tremendous natural beauty, and NO NATURAL DISASTERS... sounds great, right? The problem though is the pervasive and engrained CORRUPTION and extreme poverty (the poverty is definitely exacerbated by the fact many employers exploit people to the greatest of their capacity, uninforcement of laws, bribery, not providing infrastructure to favelas) I have also been to Mexico, and from what I've seen the poverty and corruption are MUCH WORSE in Brazil... this leads to pervasive problems that cause attrition to the economy. Their infrastructure would be much better without the corruption that eats away at the country. An Airbnb host tried to REVERSE SCAM me also there, just because she observed that I'm an American. My first only disastrous experience with Airbnb. So nice in person, but then NOT.... farming in the amazon could be a problem, but there are many other countries where things work without a huge farming industry. The wealth disparity is caused mostly by the CORRUPTION which isnt discussed as much in this video ! And it doesn't have the tax money because the wealthy can bribe people to avoid paying it...and their enormous tariffs on imported electronics only encourage more bribery situations and a black market. I know people there who could attest for this myself.
Ricardo Penalva (9 days ago)
Wow, now i've seen some deep bullshit
ma11p (9 days ago)
Apesar do vídeo ter sim vários erros ele não é totalmente inútil. Ao contrario do imaginário popular que a geografia do Brasil é "solos super férteis, abundancia de minerais e outras riquezas naturais" esse video mostra que nao é bem assim, mas alguns que acham que o problema do Brasil é só a corrupção (sim é um grande problema, mas no o único) ficam ofendidos ao ver o vídeo. Sim brasileiros, nos temos geograficamente mais sorte que paises como Japão e Suiça, mas nossa geografia nao é perfeita. Concerteza nao é a unica razao para o nosso subdesenvolvimento, mas é uma delas.
alexandre monteiro de castro arouca (9 days ago)
NamesNot Joe (9 days ago)
Tf is this comment chain
alexandre monteiro de castro arouca (9 days ago)
alexandre monteiro de castro arouca (9 days ago)
alexandre monteiro de castro arouca (9 days ago)
Tim Fronimos (9 days ago)
Would Brazil be a good nation to teach English? Pay, housing etc
Java The chip (9 days ago)
Mexico ? 🤔🤔🤔
jfjunior- ca (10 days ago)
The correct name is Sao Paulo, not Sao Paolo. :)
Sidnei (10 days ago)
This video has a tendentious tone, its main objective is to plant the doubt and mistrust about our agricultural products. We regret to inform, but Brazil is a country that exploits only 20% of its agricultural potential exporting food to the whole world. The "bad news" is that from 2019, agribusiness will be expanded as well as our increased infrastructures to gain efficiency and we will be even more competitive in the world market. The good news is that we preserve our forests, we have credit with the world in CO2 emissions. In 10 years, we will be among the 5 largest economies in the world.
Watercreper123 Gaming and marble racing (10 days ago)
I am Brazilian and Tiago is right
Guilherme M. Hoffmann (10 days ago)
A lot of true facts connected with many misleading conclusions. This is a result of poor research and lack of understanding about global geography and economy.
Antonio Marcos Machyavelly (10 days ago)
Of course we have food for feed ourselves and most part of the world. I don’t where you from but sure there are many kind of food that Brazil exports to your country.
ROVE city (10 days ago)
Brazil should learn from Guizhou, a very mountainous province in China, and has built 20,000 bridges in the province alone connecting most of its mountains out to other cities. For the Chinese, the only disadvantage of mountainous cities is the government's will.
eder santos (10 days ago)
Todo Brasileiro sabe porque o Brasil não é potência.,Deixa a geografia fora disso.
eder santos (10 days ago)
O maior problema do Brasil não é geografico,é político.Com as riquezas que o Brasil tem na mão de gente decente já seria numero um do mundo faz tempo.
Rodrigo Bendoraytes (11 days ago)
Completely fake!
SWEAT! (11 days ago)
2:25 hey theres my city! salt lake yo
Matheus Almeida (11 days ago)
I'd like to make an observation at 2:49. 'There's no major cities between' São Paulo and Rio'. Actually It does. 'Vale do Paraíba' is recognized as one of the most important technological poles in Brazil, like São José dos Campos witch it's growing fast as an alternative for industries and e-commerce. If you read about Vale do Paraíba, You'll discover a great place for investments, healthy personal life and promising society. (Considering that I'm a citizen from São José and I love my city, all I've said is true)
brokk (11 days ago)
Milena Omiya (12 days ago)
Vai investigar primeiro antes de falar merda gringo burro!
Gaucho (12 days ago)
100% garbage from 0s to 11:22min
Karma 212th (12 days ago)
The amazon river is sick at the moment because there are a lot of oil spills so the fish dies plus overfishing is killing it but we can save it if we can help fix the oil pipes also the dams in the rivers are stopping migrating fish so if the Amazon rivers dies we die we need to save it now
Gordo (12 days ago)
*São Paolo* 😂😂😂😂😂😂
George Perez (12 days ago)
Love your videos !!!! 👏👏👏
Marcel Bork (12 days ago)
1:01 "Europe" is not a country, and it never will be. By th way: in a few days, the Island apes will be out of "Europe", so you should rectify the map.
Luke W (13 days ago)
They got piranhas!
Madson Bruno (13 days ago)
Eu vim só ler os comentários. Tá massa demais. Especialmente os seguidores de Bolsonaro. Ô luta ingrata! kkkkkkkkkk
César Rodrigues Batista (13 days ago)
Como o Brasil não tem condições de alimentar sua população?, o Brasil alimenta?mais de 1 bilhão de pessoas em todo o globo.
SIR Lord Henry mortimer (13 days ago)
Everyone seems to have geographic problem except USA?🤔now, why be that so.
Raposa Vegana (14 days ago)
Some fake news in this video.
Decio Dinis (14 days ago)
*Porto Alegre *São Paulo
Demer (14 days ago)
Only problem in Brazil are the Brazilians
Jose Roberto Ribeiro Junior (14 days ago)
Fake news
Leonardo Longo (14 days ago)
Don Antonio (14 days ago)
BLOOPER: 5:02 Manau 2.6 million people as big as Baltimore... WHAT??? SMH??? Baltimore has a population of 600,000
Nelson Simas (15 days ago)
Lots of nonsense here!
MrVrochaleao (15 days ago)
In the center we have a lots of cities... and some of then overcome 1,5 milion people.
Gabriel Cintra (15 days ago)
Quanta merda pqp... um desserviço um vídeo desses.
3rdman (16 days ago)
The problem is just people. You can keep shifting blames, and not talk about the huge elephant in the room, but.. The average IQ of Brazilian people is 87, on par with most of other 3rd world countries. Ergo, the 3rd world standard. Actually the bigger problem is the huge gap in the IQs between different segments of the society (hence the social instability and the extreme violence, akin to South Africa).
Roberto Eick (16 days ago)
Bem interessante a perspectiva da análise, nunca pensei nei nunca estudei na escola alguns pontos que me parece bem válidos.
Andriel Cassiano (16 days ago)
DB Pooper (16 days ago)
Next do Easter Island's Geography Problem.
Gustavo Pires (17 days ago)
Well the video has a point of truth since the lack of railroads in Brazil does consist in a great barrier to development Even though, in the agriculture area I d say the reality is a little bit different, we have a huge production of soy, sugar and coffee, while using modern technology and also still having 60% of our territory not occupied yet.The USA for instance, has a saturated agriculture, with no more space to spread(the west half of the country is a arid region and can t support mass production).It will be no surprise if in the next 20 years Brazil overcomes China and USA in the commodities market.
Alle Pansan (17 days ago)
Our geography is so awfully bad, that we don't have earthquakes, tsunamis, or anything that make our country suffer with natural disasters, we have a great mining area, huge fishing places, lots if farming lands and all.. yeah.. we are cool not sharing it with outsiders (just kidding) as Tiago Gobbi said, rails and trains would make it easier
Éder Pereira dos Santos (17 days ago)
My God! this video has lots of wrong information! Watch out! What is the intent of this documentary full of errors?
Rocha Leandro (17 days ago)
It's important to notice that the Portuguese colonial cities were built as the image of Lisbon, whenever possible. Therefore, the oldest Brazilian urban settlements, by the sea, with a natural pier nearby, are extremely mountainous, as much for tradition as for defense, mirroring Luanda, Salvador, Rio and countless other Lisbonet cities. Recife, which was once home of the semi-established Dutch government of all Brazilian conquered country was built in a huge marsh, filled with canals for easy transportation of the sugar crops straight to the harbor, just like Dutch cities. Olinda was the original settlement and it is almost vertical.
Wagner Moura (17 days ago)
There are strong inaccuracies. Sorry but, the video makers forgot the potential of cities in the North of Brazil specially by ignoring the most ancient and populated metropolitan area in Amazonia, in Belem, which has roads since the 1970's to the south and the possibility of rail roads to be built, not mentioning the ports of a Para State which are at the same time the gate to the Amazon basin, with plenty of rivers navigated, and the nearest to Europe and USA as well as to the Panama Canal. Last but not least, integration of navigable rivers and other logistics means are only dependent of political will, just what pure economic liberal values that the conservative new government elected in 2018 and already in power defends. Revise the video immediately, unless bias can be objected. Actually Brazil and specially Amazonia is strategic to the world, as dozens of NGO's and International non declared intentions are to prove. We already feed a huge part of the planet. The people of Brazil is awakening to this and began by massively putting aside all leftist socialist visions that blur this strategic vision.