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Brazil's Geography Problem

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San Jones (6 hours ago)
Paulo Pereira (9 hours ago)
Ele falou muito, mas se equivocou em algun dados passados. Também esqueceu que o Brasil não se tornou ainda uma país rico de renda média elevada por motivos culturais, políticos e sociais, não por causa de questões geográficas. Primeiro, que o melhor solo do país não é o do Sul, nem o Sul é hoje o centro de nossa agricultura. O centro da agricultura brasileira atualmente é o Cerrado Area (MT, GO, MS.. Oeste da Bahia, etc.). Segundo, que a economia brasileira é muito mais que somente agricultura, precisamos sim é de nos tornarmos exportadores de tecnologia e termos indústrias próprias como a indústria automobilistica. Terceiro, nenhum país se torna superpotência sendo apenas exportador de grãos. Quarto: corrupção! Corrupção política e corrupção política e corrupção política! E ladrões do dinheiro público! É o tudo o que o Brasil mais tem. Isso explica bem o nosso subdesenvolvimento social: racismo e corrupção! Simples assim!
Paulo Pereira (9 hours ago)
He said a lot, but he was wrong about some past data. He also forgot that Brazil has not yet become a rich middle-income country for cultural, political and social reasons, not because of geographical issues. First, the best soil in the country is not the South, nor is the South the center of our agriculture. The center of Brazilian agriculture today is the Cerrado Area (MT, GO, MS .. Oeste da Bahia, etc.). Second, that the Brazilian economy is much more than just agriculture, we do need to become technology exporters and own industries like the automotive industry. Third, no country becomes a superpower being only a grain exporter. Fourth: corruption! Political corruption and political corruption and political corruption! And thieves of public money! It is all that Brazil has the most. This explains our social underdevelopment well: racism and corruption! That simple!
Daniel Silva (23 hours ago)
Brazil here, the problem of Brazil began with a son of a bitch called jucelino kubichek, which discouraged the railroads in favor of the highways, which consequently discouraged the metallurgical industry, You made mistakes, mountains are never a problem, the making of tunnels goes around this problem, politicians are the problem. for you to have a notion in 1966 the military government turned off the ferrea line belo horizonte & bahia, yes 450 km of ferry lines were abandoned, the population of a city of Bahia called jequitinhonha is delayed until today in relation to the others because it is excluded from the centers populations. in the center of Belo Horizonte we got a congestion because of the lack of a possible bridge and a tunnel. the problem of my country is with the politicians, these mountains have gold, leave them there, when there is no iron, when there is no iron, there are copper, no copper has cassiterite, diamond, bauxite. etc. if you know how my country look at the politicians and you will know that everything wrong are them. we do not have earthquakes, we do not have volcanoes, we do not have hurricanes, in short, our lands are incredible, the people who run it are a disgrace.
MetaDragon (1 day ago)
All in the Southern Hemisphere...... dude like look at a map
Wellington Rafael (1 day ago)
Deveria ter mencionado algum "problema" geografico da região Nordeste tambem.
Gustav Maia (2 days ago)
The land is not good for farming? And he did not even mention the Northeast, tourism etc...
Marcus Vinícius (2 days ago)
Greetings from Brazil, amazing analyses
Rafael Oli (2 days ago)
We re the biggest food exporter in the world! Where tou found your information?
GORE illa (2 days ago)
Terrible informations! Partial and misguiding video...
Fabio Silva (3 days ago)
Brazilian here. There are lots of problems that does not help Brazil's development like other countries but one thing is the worst above it all, it's called corruption! Australia is in the south hemisphere too and it's an island! but considered a first world country so... the problem are not about geography at all 🌎
Gabriel Costa (4 days ago)
Most of Brazilians here don't have the needed cognitive level in order to fully understand the arguments of the video. Huge shame being a Brazilian now.
Guilherme (4 days ago)
Ok so brazil is a tough place, I had quite a rough childhood looking back when I used to live in the slums of RIo. the problem with Brazil it is its own people,really its a spider`s web of a problem. Corruption from the government diverting taxes and inflation causes the public to lose trust on government bodies, thus causing retaliation in the form of riots. People`s nativity impedes growth of the country, being quite a christian based country, they assume everything can and or was fixed to be a "work of god" which most likely it wasn't to be realistic. Sadly, most see drug trafficking as a way to make money to live and others work 8 to 10 hour days sustain their family and some just about manage to get though. I`m so glad and lucky to have the opportunity to fly over to the northem hemisphere. i`m in way better odds on carving myself a good future.
jackpiloty (5 days ago)
You don't know Brazil.... Brazil produce grains for the whole world..👍👍
ismael rocha (5 days ago)
Tanta informação errada
AGRETZOR (5 days ago)
Not touching the low IQ non european demographics issue?
Pepe Chip (5 days ago)
The creator of the video is so stupid. Go eat your shit please
Joao Gabriel (6 days ago)
São P A O L O?
Danillo Lopes (6 days ago)
Pretty good point of view!
David Lindes (6 days ago)
Your disregard for environmental impacts of growth and development disgusts me. You don't even talk about it as a challenge to be dealt with along the way, instead just holding up growth as a goal, implicitly blessing it as virtuous. Growth is never ever sustainable - it's simply mathematically impossible to sustain growth indefinitely. So when talking about growth (which can be desirable, in certain contexts, just not sustainable), one ought to talk about its limits and costs. You talk about limiting factors, but limits, and not costs. It's irresponsible and disgusting.
Mark (7 days ago)
São paolo top
Antonio Oscar Silva (7 days ago)
'E só propaganda americana a inferiorizar o Brasil só que o futuro da America Não é longo e por isso gostam de inferiorizar os outros. Calhou ser o Brasil agora depois poderá ser outro país a DESTRIÇÃO dos EUA é tremenda em relação ao meio ambiental estando a acontecer desastres como buracos engolindo carros e casas ribanceiras que se jubta aos rios e levam tudo o que aparece à frente milhares de pessoas são mortas pela Natureza e o oceanos arrebentam com as suas margens levando casas tambem
Komic Espley (7 days ago)
Fuck this guy
Pedro Cortez (7 days ago)
Ironically has a lot of brazilians haff about incorrected things in this video, writing much more incorrected things
A random INTP (8 days ago)
All the best to Brasil from Argentina 🇧🇷 🇦🇷
A random INTP (8 days ago)
8:05 or by Lula..
pcg mapper (9 days ago)
Mano 2019 tá chegando e vcs vão beijar nosso pes e quero ver vc fazer um vídeo de novo tá canalha
pcg mapper (9 days ago)
Amigo que q aquele o e são Paulo analfabeto. Brazil like ok
Francisco Salas (9 days ago)
Allen Avalos (10 days ago)
can you do one on mexico?
Erick Volgo (10 days ago)
everything about this video is fucked up, from the made-up inaccurate information to the cheap solutions it proposes who considers economic growth above equality, sustainability, education, health care, other revolutionary ideas that we have learned from the native Americans and Africans to reshape the world to that people can actually be happy, and this has nothing to do with communism, but a responsibility for others, for the environment, that demands affection and commitment. The problem of Brazil is not, corruption, the problem of Brazil is greed and the idea of a society based on the accumulation of wealth, imposed by post-colonial imperialist western society and their meddling with Brazilian politics so that we can't be a sovereign country that influences powerful mind changes on how to build a better world.
Emanuela Hartman (10 days ago)
Soooo when the U.S was making all these roads and bridges they had to destroy some trees, forests, and more. And look Brasil is doing it now in the Amazon, that's why there's global warming. Why would we make all of these Bridges to just destroy the Amazon (It's also know as "the lung of Earth") im a Brazilian btw (Paraná Reserva 🇧🇷😁)
Reta Pora (10 days ago)
The introduction is a serious mistake. Northern Brazil is on the northern hemisphere.
Felipe M. Cavalcanti (11 days ago)
I'm sorry but you got some of the information very wrong on your video.
Vinicius Campelo (12 days ago)
i think that brasil's hindrance is productivity that simply didn't rise in 30 odd years, and i assume that it is due to brasil being one of the worst countryes to do business, as bureaucracy and tax are in a level that you would prefer doing business in a communist country like vietnam tax is theft and the state is a mafia, here in brasil this is more clear, not so much like venezuela though
Willian Monari (12 days ago)
Sabem nada sobre o Brasil
Fernando Perez (12 days ago)
Please do Argentina
Nothing\ (13 days ago)
First world nations are considered to be those who were involved in the Cold War with the Americans, second world countries were involved with the Soviet Union and 3rd world countries were not involved with either side. It's erroneous to say something like building up the infrastructure will turn Brazil into a first world country. It would be more accurate to use a term like developed nation.
SerFaggot (13 days ago)
Man i love your geography videos a lot, reason i subbed, they are so informative and just mind blowing tbh. Do you think could do Poland at some point?
Barba DasCaverna (14 days ago)
Brazil is the 153 in economic freedom. Thats why we are poor.
egg tarts (14 days ago)
Not to be insulting, but Singapore is actually one degree to the south.
alex hatfield (14 days ago)
Beautiful country, beautiful people. I hope they're new government allows the people the necessary structure and resources to flourish the way they can and should. Good luck Brazil! I hope you find yourself among the economic world leaders were you belong. Rio would be the top tourist destination in the world if it weren't so dangerous and corrupt. Absolutely amazing city though
Sev Sev (17 days ago)
Everyone is Brazil is gay
Gustavo Constantini (19 days ago)
Só falou besteira a região centro Oeste do brasil é a que mais produz na agricultura ai fala que não tem terras terras ferties
Natal Feliz (19 days ago)
Mentira do caralho não sabe de porra nenhuma e vem falar merda ne poupe se poupe nos poupe.
Mariii Potterhead (20 days ago)
Ele está simplesmente comparando a terra do Brasil com de cidades fora dele. Mano isso é ridículo as terras do lugar não vão impedir dele de crescer, já parei de assistir.
Dani de Janeiro (21 days ago)
Really interesting video. Don't mind the Brazilian haters. I've lived here for years and I can tell you that critical thinking is not their thing. Their whole life they've been repeatedly told _"Brasil abençoado por Deus"_ so facts based in logic upset them. I realise the focus was Brazil's _geography_ problem, but I felt there was a lack of focus on corruption. Like when you say it is cheaper and easier to send shit down a river to Argentina than a few miles to the Brazilian coast - you acknowledge that this is because of "poor road infrastructure" but neglect to mention the cause of *that* problem. The reason the roads are shit is because the budgets are always inflated so all the greasy pigs can take their cut, then money usually runs out before the work can be completely properly. Rio is presently full of such half-finished works.
Charlie Westfort (22 days ago)
I just watched a video on how they provide a lot of oranges to the world
Fernando Wolf Bona (22 days ago)
You lost me at 8:11 when you show an unequally ranking. This is the most inefficient index of all. Who follows that ranking as a matter of success, can bring the whole population to the misery and at the same time be the most equally country of all.
Leo Reis (23 days ago)
Resumindo em poucas palavras O problema do Brasil é o socialismo
andy. ec (23 days ago)
come on man, brazil does lie entirely in the southern hemisphere.... i like your vids for the most part, but that is an easy one to not get wrong and having it so early in your video makes one automatically discount much of what comes after unfortunately.....
naveen can (23 days ago)
Amazonian city?? Themyscira!!!???
Gaston Phalange (24 days ago)
Do Bangladesh!
Huriel Morales (24 days ago)
You should do a video on El Salvador and on Dominican Republic
br zoeiro (25 days ago)
Parei de assistir quando chamou Petrópolis de subúrbio.
Sunny Island (25 days ago)
Brazil does not have a geology problem. Brazil will become the World's most important Nation. For two reasons. Wonder if you can answer this question.
LucasGames Bijalba (25 days ago)
... Greetings from Porto Alegre
LucasGames Bijalba (25 days ago)
altough every countries have problems, is like the no one is perfect thing but with countries.
kesh T bros (26 days ago)
every moon in the milky way galaxy
Rafael La (27 days ago)
On the contrary. The Brazilian geography is so blessed that it has made Brazil for years a target of European predatory occupation, based on slavery, lack of planning, smuggling and corruption.
Bernardus Freitas (27 days ago)
that video is one of the most inacurate videos I ever saw
Joao Gabriel Fernandes Ferronato (27 days ago)
Frickin love this video,but.....são paolo WITH AN 'O'
Slicor01 (28 days ago)
I have one point to make about the Cerrado - the Cerrado is an extremely environmentally diverse area with many endangered species, including some species of macaws, Jaguars, and giant anteaters. Therefore an issue with farming over it stems immediately from conservation of these wonderful animals. This was an issue you didn’t touch on.
Stephen Ramos (29 days ago)
But but...world Cup! Olympics!
mlungisi manzini (29 days ago)
South Africa being the leader in inequality, so sad!😐
pedro passini (29 days ago)
completely wrong - what a shame
pedro passini (29 days ago)
Pedro passini
pedro passini (29 days ago)
Pedro Passini
虞海 (29 days ago)
1:40 You called that "mountainous? I thought it were just a hilly plateau.
Winter Solstice (1 month ago)
Brazil has poor location?? That is a joke, right? Brazil is one of richest countries in the world , with natural resources that are the envy of everyone.
thucydides Neo (1 month ago)
It's the European's fault. They shouldn't have settled on such a place.
Iconic Ash 営 (1 month ago)
Marcelo Adam (1 month ago)
hehe, I still prefer Brazil thou, no hurricanes, tornadoes, cold and snow, better weather than in your country. The geography in Brazil is nice, the woman are the way hotter than American woman too., oh almost forgot, not much ugly obese people like in your country..... you guys must tackle obesity, also apparently only 10% of American people owns a passport, that's pretty lame. Here in Europe you ask anyone, what u think about Americans, 99 per cent of people will say... hummm, they are blond dumb bimbos hehehe. Amricans are famous for being dumb, like if I ask what's the capital of Finland they say Oslo, or if I ask, where is Ghandi from, Americans would say Mexico..... so ur video is just as an expected, dumb, why? duhhh u American, so its obvious and everyone knows! now go eat hamburger and bacon hahahahahahahahahahahna
I Love nonblack women (1 month ago)
Marcelo Adam brazil is a dangerous shithole. I meet so many Brazilians in USA who doesn't want to go back.
Maluzius Network (1 month ago)
Anglo fucks knows nothing. No shit they got dominated by jews. Jews are 3% of America's population and they run the show. Gotta be incredibly dumb to lose its country to 3%. FROM THE INSIDE.
Julia S (1 month ago)
Hey. It's awesome that you want to talk about Brazil and stuff, but please check your sources. This video has A LOT of incorrect information People already mentioned most of them. The thing is that all of the "solutions" fall flat and make no sense. So fod Brazil to become a first world country we need more farm land? What? And Brazil doesn't use Argentina as its main port, it's Santos. And Brazil has never needed to import food like you said. The worst part is about Amazonas. First of all, it's not empty. Manaus is a great city and it doesn't have many big cities because differently from the "rich countries" we have indigenous tribes living their own lives that don't want to build cities. Also, no cities are close to the Amazon river, that's ilegal. Cities have floods in all of the country because of pollution and poor infrastructure. It's just hurtful when people think everyone should do what the US did, like chop down all the forest in name of progress. I don't know your ethnicity but you can't opinion and give "advice" on issues and situations you don't understand so that we can "be great like the north hemisphere" Thank you but NO
Julia S (1 month ago)
Ok I just finished watching the video and let me tell you something: Brasilia was not build to bring people to the country side. President JK build Brasilia as a way to distract people from the corruption and as a way to get people away from politics. In Rio anyone could walk and participate, in Brasilia the only people that can are the ones that live there, politicians themselves. Oh and the people that physically build Brasilia (poor northeasterns) suffer prejudice and aggressions when they go there or any other rich city And soy beans increasing in Brazil is NOT A GOOD THING! These products are bad for health (transgenic) and they are all owned by milionaire people. They steal land from the poor and burn indigenous lands. I was trying to be polite but honestly fuck you
Chris Lee (1 month ago)
What beautiful city is that at 1:16??
Raphael S.A (1 month ago)
Parabéns pelo vídeo! Um abraço do Brasil!
Ivan Dinis (1 month ago)
The correct spelling is São Paulo, btw. It's annoying seeing that mistake all the time.
Beto do Eu Futuro (1 month ago)
I`m not brazilian, but I live in Brazil, and your video is full of little inaccuracies. About territory & cities, about agricultural areas, about road infrastructure... nice video but its misinformed.
CPN27 porfirio (1 month ago)
Singapore is tropical
Dark O-man (1 month ago)
Well their current incoming asshole president wants to wipe the amazon off the planet
Russ G (1 month ago)
They just discovered that you could grow stuff on poor land adding "phosphorus and lime..."? Excuse me, but it's been known for centuries that you could "sweeten" acidic soil by putting lime, or calcium hydroxide, a base, on it. And yes, you can enrich nutrient-poor soil with artificial fertilizer - but it's expensive and not sustainable.
Artyom Artyomavich (1 month ago)
Step 1: Cut down rainforest Step 2: Sell wood Step 3: Begin terraforming new cleared land with wood money
ScotsmaninUtah (1 month ago)
This is a great video ,I especially liked the comparison of the North and South and the effects of relief on a country's productivity. Brazil is in a desperate state financially because many of the Politicians (Workers Party) are corrupt and much of the financial gains have been squandered (see Venezuela ). Luckily they have elected a "hard man" as the next president , but it we will have to wait and see if he turns the country "around" or succumbs to militarism to achieve this.
Giovanni Tovar (1 month ago)
The one who created this video, has not wondered if maybe we are not interested in destroying the Amazon with roads...
虞海 (28 days ago)
Amazon has been shrinking dramatically every years. So what destroys Amazon is not the road but the poachers.
luislarrea (1 month ago)
Horrible ethnocentric, paternalistic, typical ignorant "Amerrrrucan" video, with hundreds of errors. "it's south of the equator, so it's 3rd world horrible, not like the US" aghhh. "no magacities":Sao Paolo has over 40 million inhabitants. "bad land for agriculture" Really?...
Isaac Bakan (1 month ago)
Its honestly not that poor of a nation though. It's improving. It's honestly just very poor for a rich nation if that makes sense
Isaac Bakan (1 month ago)
And while mostly midfle class, it does have some significant pockets of real third world poverty
Brian (1 month ago)
Interesting fact about the Amazon - It has all the plant life it has thanks to the Western coast of Africa. The phosphorus you mentioned was needed is transported from West Africa by ocean currents, ends up in the Amazon rivers, and is then deposited everywhere in the Amazon.
Harish Chouhan (1 month ago)
you should make a video on Vietnam
Rangers (1 month ago)
Mexico next!
MrWither 246 (1 month ago)
O cara deve ter lido isso Em Algum ligar porque Ninguem vai saber Tudo Isso De Um Pais que voce nao foi
MC MIKEY (1 month ago)
Port Aleg
Lee Francis (1 month ago)
Barzil is a Shit hole.
Pedro (28 days ago)
Lee Francis Ich lieben Fortaleza, Brazil.
Lee Francis (28 days ago)
Pedro ich lieben Augsburg, Bavaria.
Pedro (28 days ago)
Lee Francis I wouldn't expect a German calling us like that.
Lee Francis (28 days ago)
Pedro German
Pedro (28 days ago)
Lee Francis Are you from France or Europe?
Henry Valtsart (1 month ago)
A a (28 days ago)
SFseis (1 month ago)
So many question marks. Why do you need mega cities to be a relevant country? What about Japan? They have more space restrictions and sit on 0 natural ressources.
Michael Trinta (1 month ago)
This video is so innacurate about so many things it's insane
somebody (1 month ago)
A geography problem less country: coming never on wendover productions
Ana Marina Coimbra (1 month ago)
Jura que o centro-oeste não possui solo produtivo? kkk. O Brasil é um país agrícola. Poupe-me.
Ian Marinho (1 month ago)
What?? World super power like India ? Since when Brazil is less developed compared to India ?!
gatão locão (1 month ago)
"Cara se eu fumasse eu taria com 5 cigarros na minha boca esperando com quem câncer acabasse com minha vida" by GEMAPLIS 2018
mikatu (1 month ago)
The problem of Brazil is above all the corruption. In Sao Paulo VW forced the Govern not to invest in public transportation in order to build a plant in the country so that people would buy cars instead of taking a mass transport