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Sling Blade Scene 1996 - Frank defends his Mother

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Really Good Movie. The Late John Ritter is also in this scene as you can see. RIP John
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Text Comments (54)
300IQ Wizard (16 days ago)
Carl sittin on the couch chucklin and shit.
UNCLE JED (1 month ago)
Doyle was wrong, Franky wasn't a pussy. He grew up to be a NCIS agent in New Orleans.
John Sepulvedo (1 month ago)
Slingin beer bottles at someone is savage af. White trash at its finest.
Cyrus Hyram (2 months ago)
"I killed Doyle Hargrave with a lawnmower blade. I gave him two good wacks wit it, that second one plumb near cut his head in two."
Leahh823 (2 months ago)
Go a head, Frank! You better defend your Momma! This scene is the best
joseph guillebeau (3 months ago)
You can see franks underwear😀
seven to one (4 months ago)
Dont tell me what to do linda.. i have said that thousands of times.
D James Morgan (4 months ago)
Cliff Diving Monkeys (4 months ago)
It's a sad reality how many women still stick with men that behave that way in real life, just how she did in this movie.... :-/
Aubrey Dana (4 months ago)
Love that the little kid knocks Doyle on his ass. Then pulls Doyle right down to his level as Doyle tries to apologize.
Big Boi Chance (4 months ago)
Goddamn started with a beer can and ended with books and a toaster lmfao
- -Unit Theory- - (5 months ago)
The actors chosen where perfect.This acting so good you would think its real
Austin Butcher (6 months ago)
That scene is funny
Kimberly J. Sullivan (7 months ago)
"You shouldn't do that, Linda!"
Kimberly J. Sullivan (7 months ago)
That sweet boy loves his Momma
Hunter Carter (7 months ago)
I love this kid. He is one tough little guy. He has a bright future a being a real man.
Joe Pedroza (7 months ago)
Somewhere out in this world you just know something like this is going on. Drunk guy with an attitude and cheating on his old lady talking shit about everyone else but him.
MrAitraining (7 months ago)
Carl tuning out the trailer park trash
Kyle Thornberry (8 months ago)
He drilled doyleklouse with that first can
h adb (8 months ago)
I'm glad Carl killed him SOB had it coming He's just a parasite possibly has no job and just think he has the entitled right to everything
Birdman (8 months ago)
"Awright din."
Joe Blow (9 months ago)
"I'm hurting linda"
James Longstreet (9 months ago)
Why did Karl,just sit there?I was yelling for him to get up,and kick some ass.
The C.T.K. 1000 (10 months ago)
If you have conflict anxiety, this scene will mess you up more than any horror movie could.
Chickasaw 963 (10 months ago)
Useless until,.....he arranged time for Doyle to meet a lawnmower blade, with no women n child to hostage.
MegaSammy70 (11 months ago)
Go to bed,and take little snot nose here with you.
BeyondPostal (11 months ago)
Doyle "Alright, okay im goin to leave now...Fuck me"
Dontae Scisson (1 year ago)
If someone puts their hands on my Mother or Grandmother I will kill them and I don't care if I go to jail.
JayDogTitan 1464 (1 year ago)
Can you imagine the ass kicking Frank would have given Doyle a few years later once he had grown a little?!
Krystal Woody (1 year ago)
that boy kicked his ass lmfao hes says "ok I'ma leave now, fuck me" rofl😂😂😂😂😂😂😅🤣
Creepsome1 (1 year ago)
You have to applaud the kid for standing up to Doyle
keyman keys (4 months ago)
A piece of trash slapped my mom when I was 14 , I grabbed my shotgun ( loaded ) told him if you do it again I'll kill you , never seen him again .
Abraham Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Creepsome1 hell yeah! Fuck that drunk piece of shit up!
Marty Keaton (1 year ago)
2:19 - :26 Rot in Hell you worthless coward.
Jon MacDonald (1 year ago)
Yet Alcohol remains Legal and People are Caged with murderers and Rapist for using natural plants!!!
dying101666 (10 months ago)
so true
DigitalPraise7 (1 year ago)
Frankie went ape nuggets on Captain Narcissist. Ten times. With his own beer bottles.
Alablksnakelong Halfpintowhitecream (1 year ago)
I think this where carl intstituted the death penalty
Wyatt Host of Sonic Alert (1 year ago)
Larhonda Baker (1 year ago)
lol..I love that part of the movie. .John 😂😂😂😂
Dio (1 year ago)
Lol he just sits there on the sofa.
Justin Pigg (4 months ago)
Could you sit there with a straight face
Gideon (2 years ago)
John Ritter was useless wasn't he. Lol
ExplorerDS6789 (9 months ago)
He's a lover, not a fighter.
Benjamin Lucas (10 months ago)
EON so was Carl, he acted like he never saw or heard the whole thing.
Woke MoFo (11 months ago)
He has limp wrists.
John O'Brien (1 year ago)
Sage Hawk fuck you, that's Jack Tripper you're slamming there.
MARILYN LYNETTRA (2 years ago)
Lol Frank went all out on his ass in his drawz. Lmao
Christrulesall2 (1 year ago)
If he put his hands on my mom like that, he probably wouldn't have made it out alive.
unknown commenter (1 year ago)
Wouldn't you lol
Curtis Allred (2 years ago)
Dwight Yoakam did such an amazing job playing Doyle Hargraves! He was excellent for this movie! I can't believe that they wanted him to be an abusive alcoholic, though!
Chris R (1 year ago)
Curtis Allred I love his music but I hated him n this movie. Therefore he play his part! Underrated actor beside a great country singer
John Juhasz (2 years ago)
Great lesson here if you ever find yourself on a plane with an attempted hijacker. Throw shit at them. Books, shoes, drinks, bottles, laptops, phones, wallets, pens, whatever. 30-40 people can inundate someone, even if they have a gun.
greenqat (3 years ago)
Hahaha Frank fucks him up