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New CGI of How Titanic Sank | Titanic 100

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Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron : James Cameron and his team pull together a new CGI of how they believe the TItanic sank and reached the ocean floor. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Titanic #Titanic100 About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta New CGI of How Titanic Sank | Titanic 100 https://youtu.be/FSGeskFzE0s National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (13934)
Carrie Recollet (13 hours ago)
It was the boiler room
mpilo ntando (14 hours ago)
Should have played Celine Dion "my heart will go on" in the background music 🤷‍♂️
Wonderstruck Guy (15 hours ago)
*_"Bada bing badaboom!! That's what we're looking for."_*
Ana Cerrano (18 hours ago)
I have the book about the titanic
Yogesh HM (20 hours ago)
107years which means approximately 39,055 days, 9,37,320 hours,5,62,39,200 minutes,3,37,43,52,000 seconds and keeps counting, it's still trying to explain that horrible night and her tragic ending silently 😢. Imagine the day she was made she would have been shine and bright standing in All its glory and then now she's fading away day by day into that darkness slowly.
UnicornPlays (21 hours ago)
Did anybody get electrocuted? Oh wait they already died...
pawsryan (23 hours ago)
Can’t believe I watched this 7 years ago...
Cupcea Gabi (1 day ago)
Global Warming revenged Titanic
Big AL (1 day ago)
So what happened to the people that went down with the Titanic?  Were they crushed by the water pressure first did they die for lack of oxygen? And last but not least did the owners fabricate the sinking to reap the insurance  coverage?
Targeted Individual (1 day ago)
What if it had never sunk?
Cool dude Hi (1 day ago)
60 Years of Gaming (1 day ago)
What would happen to people who went to the bottom of the ocean in their cabins if no water got in?
Indera Sakti (1 day ago)
I think someone still living in a room at the back and alive while tiitanic sinking
Corianna Little (2 days ago)
I am trying to get a model of the Titanic bro!
Michael McKinnon (2 days ago)
The bow of the Titanic pulled the stern vertical and down that's why the stern sank as fast as it did causing the damage that was done to the stern the double bottom broke from the twisting of the stern and the bow and stern coming together at the top (?) of the ship caused the damage to the bow and stern
Walker James (2 days ago)
Get prepared, kids. We gettin' another titanic that will possibly sink too, in 3 years.
Ajlama ama (2 days ago)
Titanic: Not even god can sink me God: Hold my holy water
Ishio Kitetsu (2 days ago)
Ajlama ama My holy water is what is pee
梓美大崎 (2 days ago)
I always liked 3DCGI I would like to learn "(- . -)"
Kshitij Kaushal (3 days ago)
It was a ship. It sunk. Get over with it
Paul Bergeron (3 days ago)
“That looks good”
riforgiate74 (3 days ago)
Titanic hits the iceberg, breaking off chunks of ice. James Cameron thinks those chunks of ice sink to the bottom of the ocean. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Erika Baker (3 days ago)
Maybe in 3019 people will be confused if somone says the word titanic
RandomGuy (5 days ago)
Ba da bing ba da boom hundreds of people killed, they should have more respect about the wreck than this, ridiculous.
Aggellos 228 (6 days ago)
Who wathe 2019
klavss76 (7 days ago)
Unsinkable* (*=Conditions may apply)
Nobitha Nobi (8 days ago)
Hit like if you want another titanic ship to be made✌🏻
Nobitha Nobi (8 days ago)
The fallin of second one is more scary..
Oz (8 days ago)
so clearly fake, they didn't have cameras back then!
Aviation Geek (9 days ago)
Kuormarekka (9 days ago)
Titanic 2 won't sink because there will be no icebergs
грегорий (9 days ago)
This is what happens when you say: "Even God himself cannot sink this ship". Do not compete with God guys for He's all-powerful
Mini Achary (9 days ago)
Captian:you are Unsinkable. Titanic:Hold my beer...........
Rafael Alonzo (9 days ago)
No CGI of Jack and Rose?
3p1ks (9 days ago)
Crew: This ship is unsinkable! Iceberg: are you sure about that
3p1ks (1 day ago)
@Blue Hunter yeah ik, my comment is about the crew saying that.
Blue Hunter (1 day ago)
It never was referred to as unsinkable. Only in the movie did they boast about it being unsinkable.
Ashiaap men (9 days ago)
*intense john cena music plays*
Death egg robot (9 days ago)
2019, this isn't accurate
FusioFr0st (10 days ago)
Me: Wow amazing video. I wish i can ride a tita- James: *BaDa BiNg BaDa BoOm*
DrJangoR9 Kazama (10 days ago)
Lord Zeno Erase technik bada bing bada boom *when tapping the fingers on a wooden plank*
Bub loves lunch in a bucket (12 days ago)
Hmm it sank differently than the movie
starfield2 (12 days ago)
If someone ever claims that something are foolproof or as in this case unsinkable. Dont believe them since they probably dont know what they are talking about or are lying. Overconfident, arrogant arseholes are the worst kind of people you ever could encounter.
v0dka p0ps1c1e (12 days ago)
Artistic fame has its privileges .
WorldLockii (12 days ago)
so deep
H. styles (12 days ago)
And I oop...
animasi bocah kampret (13 days ago)
Crew said the titanic is unsinkable This engared the iceberd who punished titanic severely
Wicked Smart (11 days ago)
still doesn't explain why jake didn't fit on that wooden log
coconut man (11 days ago)
Mimi _____ (13 days ago)
What’s scary is that there were people still trapped in the titanic as it sank
irfan faiz (13 days ago)
Titanic movie in less than 3 mins minus the romance.
pastell sugar (13 days ago)
is it morbid that i kinda wanna play a simulation computer game that takes place on the sinking titanic...
Death egg robot (9 days ago)
Well it wouldn't look like that, I was on the Titanic in my past life, I know exactly how it sank. Want to know?
Shotgunner42 (13 days ago)
That looks good “ 💀
Lost Serendipity (13 days ago)
Yeah thats good!
Mike E (14 days ago)
Amazing and sad scary at the same time if this was the actual fact.
MrX (14 days ago)
What program did they use to create this animation?
Bethany Roberts (14 days ago)
I can swim but I would be soooo scared being in the cold ocean all by myself so I would commit
Death egg robot (9 days ago)
I was on the Titanic in my past life and know how it sank. I'm VERY afraid of water and can't swim.
Jarrod Yuki (15 days ago)
every accident makes shipping safer, but please dont fuss about the loss of 1800 lives.
salim attas (15 days ago)
Just wondering when d another part of shhip was sinking people in it would hv been deid in one spin itself ...how terrible death😨
Anthony Williams (15 days ago)
Titanic reproduction sinking so let’s play jaunty music
Wadimou 84 (16 days ago)
"The titanic is unsinkable!" Iceberg: "Hold my beer."
april ornelas (14 days ago)
Wadimou 84 there was some conspiracies that that was actually the Olympic and they switch the names are forgot what for I think they needed more money or something
King Jackal (16 days ago)
*1500 people die* bada bing bada boom thats what were looking for
Epic Music Productions VEVO (16 days ago)
Me: saws the boat the in half Everyone else on the titanic: *concerned tom face*
The rubber duck (17 days ago)
Jesus, there were people inside
Jaris Jaris (17 days ago)
Somehow i find this video satisfying
Death egg robot (9 days ago)
Satisfying, but inaccurate
Tony Cole (17 days ago)
Would’ve been better to hit the iceberg head on and not along the side.
herpson derps (17 days ago)
How would they know how EXACTLY what happened. I call BS
Death egg robot (9 days ago)
They don't, this is completely wrong, I was on the Titanic in my past life and know exactly how it sank. Want to know?
Zhou Zay (17 days ago)
herpson derps I Call the people comment this ####, how can you conform this is fake? The wreckage have 0 funnel, 2/3 part of the ship,
Mr. Hyde (18 days ago)
That sounds like he's commenting on a soccer game xD
Bilal Dharejo (18 days ago)
This is fake the titanic was on fire
Death egg robot (9 days ago)
But that was inside the ship, and this is from 2012
Layla Cudmore (18 days ago)
is that really how the titanic sank?
Death egg robot (9 days ago)
No... I was on the Titanic in my past life and know exactly how it sank. Want to know?
The JRM (15 days ago)
@PhaneroN7 hahaha
PhaneroN7 (16 days ago)
No, it actually flew into space and is now interstellar and on it's way to the Andromeda galaxy. All the people on board are in hypersleep.
Priscilla Grace (18 days ago)
I love how a lot of people won’t joke about the Holocaust because so many people died and it was a tragedy, and people won’t joke about 9/11 for the same reasons, but for some reason it’s okay to joke about the Titanic even though 1500 people horrifically died. You can’t have it both ways, it’s just kinda hypocritical is all I’m saying.
Priscilla Grace (17 days ago)
lex catarin I get your point. I guess the way you explained it, it was easier to understand why.
lex catarin (18 days ago)
Time and Scale. 9/11 is only around 17-18 years ago with 2000+ deaths. People who experienced it are still alive and only around the middle of their life. The Holocaust killed 17 million 70 years ago. What survivors are left is old but the sheer scale and horror means that it may take decades more to recover. Titanic only killed 1,500 people 107 years ago. All of it's survivors are dead and it is a natural tragedy which tends to enter the "able to be joked zone if not uncomfortably" faster than tragedies orchestrated by humans.
Henhunfer (19 days ago)
The ship hit the iceberg on it's Starboard side but listed to the Port side.
Ikr weird
moonchild (19 days ago)
wow some people in the comments are way too sensetive, grow up. people die everyday, in many ways, this is life, we're all gonna die. if your time has come you're done, no escaping from death. those people on the ship died, it was their time to go, if they weren't on the ship somehow, they would've died soon anyways.
TriggerHappy Jay (19 days ago)
That stupid because people that survived the Titanic said they saw the back end vertically up .
The people in the movie wanted it to be vertical idiot
No your not smart they are they know more than you idiot
MFJ World (20 days ago)
*Titanic sinking down* Narrator: yeah, that's good.
Diarsya Satria Pertama (15 days ago)
The narrator was James Cameron btw
TheSacredGaming ` (20 days ago)
The stern is so messy!
LynxInsite (20 days ago)
and after all of it, the survivors never asked for ice in their drinks.
HypeSkillz (21 days ago)
2012: No 2013: No 2014: No 2015: No 2016: No 2017: No 2018: No 2019: Youtube: LETS RECOMMEND HOW THE TITANIC SANK!!!
AJ Martinez (19 days ago)
It's so sad and pathetic when copied comments fail so miserably at getting likes. But also kinda funny.
Daood Zafar (22 days ago)
1912, titanic sinks 2012, costa Concordia sinks I am not going to go on a ship in 2112 (if I survive or live to be that old)
kingcasanova (23 days ago)
I used to have dreams frequently about being on this ship before and after the crisis. Def had something to do with all the flashbacks ROSE had in the movie.
kingcasanova (17 days ago)
@Malachy Gallagher It is. It was. The power of Dreams ~
Malachy Gallagher (17 days ago)
Thanks for the reply. Gosh that sounds intense.
kingcasanova (18 days ago)
@Malachy Gallagher I Had a titanic model that I built and painted and I stared at it and drew it daily. This in turn caused me to dream about it almost every other night as if The dream had a pause button. Usually Id be on the inside dining halls near the stairs dressed up. I can see all the people socializing as they ate. Then at other times it would be a nightmare where Im scrambling past people to find my way to the upper decks as waters at my ankles.
Malachy Gallagher (18 days ago)
Can you explain a little please?
GodMade TheGlobe (23 days ago)
Wrong. The end part went straight up like movie
Kevin Hudgin (23 days ago)
😏 😰 🗻 🚢
Lee Connor (23 days ago)
Pretty pictures are still speculation!
滑继续 (23 days ago)
Titanic: **literally torn apart** This guy: “bA dA BiNg bA Da bOoM”
滑继续 (23 days ago)
I just came here from watching the titanic sink in real time
khirul aminur (24 days ago)
Background music is not at all ominous. I don't get the "impending doom" vibe
CHINA AIRLINES (24 days ago)
It’s wrong how it sank!! STUPID
Ray Brown (24 days ago)
yeah that looks good
marquan reed (25 days ago)
Do they thank the Miss inf body's are in the boat
xxCordellMxx (25 days ago)
The back part is supposed to be straight but who cares
Melanny Saldana (25 days ago)
Crew person: It’s unsinkable! Iceberg: *hold my beer*
John C (25 days ago)
Not to disrespect the captain or anything, but the ship would not have sunk if instead he had gone full reverse, and gone straight into the iceberg, because activating full reverse would have drastically reduced the speed when colliding, and it would have reduced the impact damage. They would have lost 1 or 2 compartments instead of 5. But, it was the heat of the moment, just like miracle on the Hudson, Sullenberger had to make that decision in a heartbeat after following standard procedure.
John C (25 days ago)
The captain applied too much power, instead of applying more steering power, he widened the turning degree, and it caused the ship to graze the berg just enough to loose 5 compartments.
John C (25 days ago)
@lilaolf right, but my cousin is a ship operator for the navy, currently stationed on the famous John Paul Jones, famous because of the movie battleship. If I'm not mistaken, ship engines are powerful enough to stop a ship before it hits anything as close as the titanic was to the iceberg. Yes your right, he hit it by about 2 meters, but that was when applying harder port side than the rudder would normally take. He also put on full forward, if he had let it at half, or slower forward, he would have been able to turn better, and completely miss the iceberg.
lilaolf (25 days ago)
Of course he tried to avoid hitting the iceberg at all. If I’m not mistaken they only hit the iceberg by about 2 meters. Going anymore to the left would have completely missed it.
John C (25 days ago)
Hold on, the latest information from witnesses state that there was no splitting up at the surface.
Good Putin (25 days ago)
The narrator shouldn't keep saying that's good that's good. People died in that ship
Down South POV (26 days ago)
How could the cameraman just stand there and watch all those people drown?
The Five Makers (26 days ago)
I don’t get it... it hit on the starboard side but it was listing to the port? (Also do a sinking Britannic CGI
Quad8track (26 days ago)
What's with the sophomoric narration?
Bentley Early (26 days ago)
Alex Marshall (27 days ago)
I like this video because I can personally relate to it. ni
Nemesis Dylan (27 days ago)
Imagine if you were stuck inside a room of the titanic while it was underwater. It would be terrifying!
post39 (27 days ago)
The reason the titanic is an interesting even is because you are trapped alone at sea and you are faced with a morbid reality of dying in the middle of no where.
I love play my bass guitar (27 days ago)
Badabing badabom : the movie
E-Leazy (27 days ago)
This cgi film is inaccurate, it sank too fast
freddybeer (26 days ago)
You didn't hear him say 'accelerated time?' Or should we watch this over the course of two and a half hours? Of course it's sped up.
Davis andy (28 days ago)
Can't believe Endgame outsold this masterpiece
Rodrigo Haytzmann (28 days ago)
Bada boom bata been that's 1.5 thousand casualties