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New CGI of How Titanic Sank | Titanic 100

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Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron : James Cameron and his team pull together a new CGI of how they believe the TItanic sank and reached the ocean floor. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Titanic #Titanic100 About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta New CGI of How Titanic Sank | Titanic 100 https://youtu.be/FSGeskFzE0s National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (14713)
dick castle (5 hours ago)
Cgi of challenger blowing up next
SAIF ALI (1 day ago)
SAIF ALI (1 day ago)
Yori Yasuhiro (1 day ago)
Titanic creator: "Not even God can make it sink this strong ship, if he wanted to." Allah: •_• (Poker face) "OKAY"
Stephanie Petrosky (1 day ago)
Idk if I buy this... people said they saw the ship snap in half... the breaking in this recreation was almost underwater
Venom symbiot (2 days ago)
If peeps say a ship is unsinkable it's sinkable
Winter Sky (2 days ago)
Bada bing Bada boom Yup, wondered if all the victims had that phrase in their heads and they drowned
DarthAverage (2 days ago)
The bow never reached the "nearly vertical" angle it is shown breaking away at (starting at 1:21); we know this because the boilers in the bow section are still in their cradles. If the bow had exceeded a downward angle of 35°, the boilers would have broken free from their mounts and crashed forward. But 107 years later, the boilers are still in place; the bow *never* attained a steep angle during the sinking.
Jon Stefanik (2 days ago)
What did I hear? It sank 200 miles off the coast of Massachusetts?
Eddie MacKenzie (2 days ago)
Why’d you just record it and not help them!
Erica Altabano (1 day ago)
it is just CGI
Triston Ong (3 days ago)
2019...? Guess I’m last one here... 😂
Elizabeth Santiago (3 days ago)
Stuff like this makes me wish superhero’s were real:/
Valient Torpedo2017 (4 days ago)
People: All hail the unsinkable ship!!!! Titanic! Not even God can sink it!! God: Hold my water..... (EDIT: SO THAT I DON'T BEGIN A CONTROVERSY.....*BEER* IS REPLACED BY WATER!) BaDa BeEm BaDa BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! (THATS HOW YA GET 'ER DONE son!!!!!
Jasmine Vega (4 days ago)
wow, this is heart breaking the story is tragic.
Лидия Мартин (4 days ago)
The people are gone.. and their belongings are still here.. It should be the other way..! 💔🌹
BIG NATE 22 (5 days ago)
Today marks 107 yrs since the sinking at 2:20am
Felix Bluey (5 days ago)
Guys it’s April 15th 2019. 107 years ago guys, she sank!❤️🌹🥺
Theodore A. (5 days ago)
Click clak Bada Bink Bada Boom
Hartley Hare (6 days ago)
14/15 April 2019 God Bless All Who Lost Their Lives♥️🌹💐
Indrid Cold (6 days ago)
The USS Indianapolis CA-35 was probably just as bad a maritime disaster.
Jon Doe (7 days ago)
J.P Morgan was one the owners of titanic he definitely got a big check when it sanked and some of his competition was also on board when it went down they never made it but God bless those souls all 1500
Titanic The musical titan (7 days ago)
Bada big bada boom Titanic 2 is coming too
Quentin Davis (8 days ago)
Why did the stern implode? I don’t understand that explosion; was it an air pocket?
MagmaRblx YT (6 days ago)
There was still a mass amount of air inside the stern. And you still have to remember the stern at that time underwater was under immense pressure from the freezing salt water. It was either a bit of the metal buckled and gave way or a porthole shattered. It let the air burst out of the stern in a great amount. Don't forget, the said pressure was increasing in intensity as the stern was falling an estimated 27 knots downward. If you went swimming underwater with a water bottle full of air and a pin, simply swim deep down and poke the bottle with the pin. But of course, in this scenario, we're talking about the freaking North-Atlantic and pressure great enough to crush ones' lungs in the fraction of a second.
That70s Girl (8 days ago)
goerge bosh (8 days ago)
Where is the fireworks?
bobby cowper (9 days ago)
oh yeah that's it, that;s looks good, oh yeah , that's right.
Sunny Meadows (9 days ago)
Brendon (9 days ago)
What's the music?
Tae's Kookie (9 days ago)
iceburg: *le epically dabs*
Blue Fire (11 days ago)
What's the song ?
ItsKarate Master (10 days ago)
Blue Fire ikr it’s kinda fire
Golden MiraclesxX (11 days ago)
7 years later..this is in my recommendation
Ella S. (11 days ago)
2012: nah 2013: nah 2014: mmm... nahhh 2015: nah 2016: nahhh 2017:Mmmmmmmmmmm... nahh 2018: nah 2019: *YES lets recommend this video now!*
Similar Obvious (11 days ago)
There was a fire when the people was building the titanic so when it hit the iceberg it hit part where the fire was so since that part hit the iceberg it got more weakened and so that’s how it made it sink
Similar Obvious (7 days ago)
How. Then watch the whole video of bright sides true story revealed
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
Alana Reardon (11 days ago)
People are trying to find the propellers.....dude they are in the sand.....O_O do people even know that?
Ryo Inspiritus (12 days ago)
"His name is James Cameron, the greatest Pioneer! No budget too steep, no sea too deep! Who's That?! It's Him! James Cameron!" "James Cameron, Explorer of the Sea! With a Dying Thirst to be the First! Can it be? Yes, it's He! James Cameron!" "James Cameron doesn't do what James Cameron does for James Cameron..." "James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is..." "James Cameron!"
Martin Britton (12 days ago)
It's a shame you sped this up - real time speed would have made it very interesting.
MiKel (11 days ago)
Martin Britton you. An find that on youtube and also it takes over 1:30:00 just to get the ship underwater
Tucker Cook (13 days ago)
Everyone:this ships unsinkable Ginormous iceberg:hold my beer
Concepcion30 (13 days ago)
I watched the 1957 interview that basically showed a representation of what they 'thought' happened. And it's funny, cause the guy narrating said there was this loud noise as the boilers fell down right when the power went out. There had been conflicting reports that the Titanic had broken in two, but no one believed these survivors because they wanted to believe the ship sank intact for some reason? Yes the survivors were cold and traumatized, but still they saw what they saw. But didn't this myth remain right up until they found the titanic in two pieces on the ocean floor in the mid 1980s? Unbelievable.
Aditya Narayan (14 days ago)
When a new CGI comes in your recommendation after 7 years
Nintendo fanboy (14 days ago)
Created in either Unity or Unreal Engine
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
well, hem, no.
David Jackson (15 days ago)
What caused the implosion of the stern?
NerdHerddd (15 days ago)
I watched one video about this, now it’s half my recommended 😑
Krista Burrows (15 days ago)
God cant sink her.... really REAlly REALLY HE CAUSED TITANIC TO SPLIT
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
actually, gravity made titanic split. Not "god".
History Nerd (16 days ago)
Can anyone answer my question: if the titanic listed about 9 degrees to port, then wouldn’t all of the lifeboats on the port side have to be launched before it lists?
Buddy Fox (15 days ago)
I believe that's why they were having trouble releasing the lifeboats by the way I'm also a history nerd
SEANYMONEY -_- (17 days ago)
Why is this..... on my recommended?
Damian Rice (18 days ago)
Lol, the Titanic
Kayla Empson (18 days ago)
Can’t. Stop. Watching. Ships. Sink. What’s wrong with me?
Buddy Fox (18 days ago)
Your a ship enthusiast that's why lol
sniperdude 2343 (18 days ago)
Pordocks port sounds like goggies
serhat yigit (19 days ago)
Owner of Titanic: this ship is unsinkable.. Poseidon: Is that a fact?
MCU Vulture (20 days ago)
“Not even God can sink this ship” *Later* God: ez
kyle And kris (21 days ago)
No that’s not how it the sinking part happens the the haul goes straight up the sinks and the ship is not suppose to be slanted
Maureen Ylagan (21 days ago)
Cool music what is it?
Plugaru Stefan (22 days ago)
name of song?
100 subs without videos? (22 days ago)
They finally got it right the bow didn’t go up that high!
DxStyla (23 days ago)
I'm getting anxieties just from watching this video
ONEAssault (23 days ago)
I love James Cameron. He doesn't just rush into a make movies. He does research and waits 10 years for technology to catch up to him, or if it's not there, makes it himself! Amazing! I'd rather wait 10 years for an epic sequel (Avatar 2) than have a mediocre rushed sequel...
FBI (24 days ago)
Crew: "This boat is unsinkable!!" God: *"Well yes but actually no"*
FBI (24 days ago)
*To ShOw yOu tHe PoWeR oF fLex TaPe I sAwEd ThIs BoAt iN hAlF*
Multiple Gamer2862 (24 days ago)
1:43 hold your breath rose
Sydnie Loves_Disney_Titanic (25 days ago)
So did they do the same thing with cgi to figure out how the titanic would sink in the movie
Sydnie Loves_Disney_Titanic (25 days ago)
I still like the 1997 movie version better of how it sank
Sydnie Loves_Disney_Titanic (25 days ago)
So this is the 2012 theory
Angelo Uribe (27 days ago)
But what ever happened to the missing middle
Jevil Kid (27 days ago)
R.I.P Titanic ;( i miss Titanic. Titanic is now in Boat Heaven ;(
치크Chike c: (26 days ago)
Jevil Kid yeah ;c
Waldo Apex (27 days ago)
A ice Burg did not sink the Titanic imagine a thick wall of steel crashing into a thick wall of ice at 30knotts it won't leave a hole on the steel it was a explosion a planned one that did it somebody very powerful wanted some elites on that ship dead
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
well, you are right with the 'thick wall". But the problem is here. Titanic wasnt a thick wall of steel, and the iceberg was way more than a thick wall.
Edward 06 (24 days ago)
Waldo Apex ok kid🤦🏻‍♂️
Roger Smith (27 days ago)
Cant imagine the last few seconds of life for the people actually still in the ship. Would of they died from pressure before drowning ?
Patricia Hawksley (26 days ago)
Roger Smith who knows. It’s something we will never know but I guess it’s a possibility for there to be air pockets at some point. But who knows if there were people within them. Most of the bodies jumped ship and were lost at sea. But with it a doubt there will haven been several on board
Roger Smith (26 days ago)
+Patricia Hawksley I'm just thinking about the rooms in the middle of the ship. I know this is sped up but do you think some air pockets remained in the ship for a while where people were able to breath even though the whole ship was under water or do you think all the rooms in the second half of the ship filled up rather quickly after the break.?
Patricia Hawksley (26 days ago)
Roger Smith erm, considering the pressure doesn’t get high until way way way down, then drowning would have killed everyone still on. Remember this is sped up. It took Quite a long time for it to reach the bottom
Lupa Lupo (28 days ago)
"And then the North Tower starts to collapse... notice the slight list to the South. Facade material is being ejected outward by that building air pressure. Concrete floor decking being pulvarized. Yep, then the central core superstructure collapses a few seconds later. That looks right, bada bing, bada boom!" - People in 100 years, ha
Virales Gladio (28 days ago)
Imagine wasting years of your life for lousy pay, possibly loosing it, for this huge ship to be sunken on its first voyage.
Wilfried007 (28 days ago)
Final word by James Cameron....
KM-16 Bison (28 days ago)
What is Titanic 100? Is it like *DESTRUCTION 100?* xD
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
Titanic's 100 years.
Mamo Ma (29 days ago)
Wow amazing 🎆🎉🎻🎺🎻🎻
troy cave (29 days ago)
You should make a video of 9/11 called: World Trade Center Disaster | National Geographic.
troy cave (29 days ago)
0:28 - Lifeboats start being LAUNCHED.
Ori Friday (29 days ago)
In the animation, the ship could have turned right and survived. I kept the ship straight in my mind and the ship wasn't going straight to the iceberg.
_earl803. blaCk (29 days ago)
All they need was spongebob so he can soak all the water inside the ship then jump back out and spray it out of him
James Shek (30 days ago)
Unsinkable, absoutely unsinkable
Diego Sanchez (30 days ago)
It crazy to know that if the titanic just hit the iceberg straight in the middle, Thousands of lives will be saved!
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
*cough* well, actually no.
the one who likes the comments. pizzaeater (30 days ago)
1:42 "rose, hold your breath".
Precious Pecans (1 month ago)
wow, dang amazing
ImaNerdANDaGeek (1 month ago)
How far did the stern and bow land from each other?
ImaNerdANDaGeek (1 month ago)
+Vex_Mistaken 0649 Wow
Vex_Mistaken 0649 (1 month ago)
About 2.41 kilometers
Anthony Bailey (1 month ago)
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏at the same time 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
Alex Wood (1 month ago)
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Alex Wood (1 month ago)
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Joshua Lease (1 month ago)
if anyone is reading my comment i am going to raise the titanic
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
raise her then.
Kiran KP (1 month ago)
Nah.. Pretty old
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
it was new when it was posted... -_-
Martha Cortes (1 month ago)
Thats not how the titanic sank
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
then how did she sink?
Landon Pratt (1 month ago)
i thought the stern only had one funnel when it split and the bow had three
ROBLOX Дима (1 month ago)
Stern had 1 funnel and bow had 2 funnel
RJ Lamprea (1 month ago)
how long did the titanic sank?
AnimaSuper (1 month ago)
2h 40m
Anonymous Goat (1 month ago)
I bet all the sea life in the area was like wtf just happened...
Brandi Pitts (1 month ago)
rip stern😖
Dark Side (1 month ago)
Propaganda on ship was a bomb
Josh Whitaker (1 month ago)
I wonder if anyone who was trapped inside who had air pockets survived on the way down?
Lizz VanScoy (16 days ago)
+100 subs without videos? but like imagine how horrible that would be. like you're asleep and then you wake up and look out of your windows and you're plummeting/floating/whatever to the bottom of the ocean and then you're panicking and your eardrums explode and then the water pressure is too much and you die a very painful death
100 subs without videos? (1 month ago)
Nah mate the water pressure would kill you
John Lauderdale (1 month ago)
wheres all the people?
BRODstarPlays ROBLOX (1 month ago)
I want to change my name (1 month ago)
10 days after this video was uploaded the titanic incident became 100 years old
Angelo Pacia (1 month ago)
109367 (1 month ago)
Must have been terrifying for the people trapped below, I couldn't imagine being trapped and drowning in freezing cold water
Escadre FLU (10 days ago)
then, thats great no one was trapped.
Ilustrado (1 month ago)
Ultragaming Liam (1 month ago)
People:Titanic is unsinkable Thanos snaps his fingers Thanos:bad a bem ba da boom
Ultragaming Liam (1 month ago)
That looks like it needs loads of ductape
Kumar Rahul (1 month ago)
Where is Jack?