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FS2004 - Boeing 747 "The Queen of The Skies"

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Text Comments (98)
Black Burn (1 day ago)
The queen of accidents
Peter Vicovan (5 days ago)
you should've used the song from your first air disasters trailer
Peter Vicovan (5 days ago)
good video but the song should've been different
Uriel briones (9 days ago)
I mostly prefer airbus but this video made me sad
planes 456 (10 days ago)
What game?
fayyaz orinsky (10 days ago)
Where is garuda indonesia
ZackGamer 003 (17 days ago)
I like the KLM one
Sam tyler (19 days ago)
Zayden Orange (19 days ago)
China air?
Jojo Maquiling (22 days ago)
its so sad that the 747 is retiring now
Eduardo Maciel (22 days ago)
Boeing 747 is a king?
Fruit Bat (22 days ago)
Is this like some kind of video for people who have crushes on this plane and want to fuck it
Jen S (22 days ago)
Ah beautiful...KLM, yes ♥
Royce Guan (23 days ago)
Air France has already retired their 747-400s
Sai battu (24 days ago)
Look at the bright side guys you will still see these guys moving cargo around, and because there is no a380 cargo edition, the 747 freighter has no competition apart from the 777 freighter.
AA 2004 (22 days ago)
Sai battu a380-800f is a cargo plane....
SarahWidodo :D (24 days ago)
What so many aircrafts are retiring Singapore Airlines retired their 747 in 2012 Air New Zealand retired their 747 in 2014 Philippines Airlines retired their 747 in 2014 Cathay Pacific retired their 747 in 2016 United Airlines retired their 747 in 2017 Garuda Indonesia retired their 747 in 2017
777 Lover (23 days ago)
Sarah Widodo :D Delta retired their 747 in 2017
NOOB’S ANIMATION (24 days ago)
Personaly never flied on the 747 but i would like to fly on the queen Before she dies......
planes spotter and railfanner (23 days ago)
NOOB’S ANIMATION ive flown on it like 15 times and im 12. still not hard to find them, fly on one while you can! ;)
NOOB’S ANIMATION (24 days ago)
The queen is about to die But i want it to live
Thal Vadumee (24 days ago)
I'm going to miss the 747-400
Neil Newhall (24 days ago)
Beautiful work, Allec.
Seize Theday (24 days ago)
As always, a great video.  However, having flown the B-747 all over the Pacific for years with Northwest Orient Airlines, I'm disappointed you omitted displaying it's iconic paint scheme but chose, instead, to include many lesser known airlines.  After all, we were the premier US carrier flying the B-747 out of Seattle, Minneapolis and Detroit to numerous Asian and European destinations for decades.
VRotate (24 days ago)
Awwww!!! I'm an Airbus guy but this was sad :( As happy as I am to start seeing Delta A350s at Detroit Int'l as a frequent traveler, I'm sad about how soon their 747's had to go.
Geneva Mapping (24 days ago)
Reply « 747 » to pay tribute to the Queen of the Skies.
Geneva Mapping (23 days ago)
777 Lover That irony
777 Lover (23 days ago)
planes spotter and railfanner (23 days ago)
Geneva Mapping 747
Josh Barr (25 days ago)
Alex's bikes and motors, Concorde is coming back in 2019 so that's good news. The bad news is the 747 is gonna disappear soon. RIP 747.
AeronauticalAce HD (25 days ago)
Beautiful, thank you
gomphrena (25 days ago)
What a beautiful tribute to The Queen! From sky or ground, long may she reign.
itsmegp46 (25 days ago)
Her Majesty, long may she rein! The incomparable Boeing 747!
Breaking news !! (25 days ago)
Well they will be miss after flying for almost 50 years
Pratik chheda (25 days ago)
Beauty of sky i haven't travelled yet in this but hope that 1 day soon i will travel with this beauty before it disappare frm sky
Sande Oborski (26 days ago)
Not bad
Alex's Bikes and Motors (26 days ago)
It'll be sad when the 747 is retired but the real shame was when Concorde stopped flying
Coolbrobro12 (26 days ago)
Allec I Am Sorry For What I Did Maybe 2 years ago. Please I Am sorry.
AA 2004 (22 days ago)
Coolbrobro12 what did you do?
Allec Joshua Ibay (25 days ago)
Don't apologize to me, apologize to those you've disrespected.
THE ELITE 747-400 (25 days ago)
Coolbrobro12 what did you do to Allec?
Thomas Mortimore (26 days ago)
Whose going to be the last operator of the 747?
reymark isaguirre (26 days ago)
Do we have to say goodbye to 747-400?
planes spotter and railfanner (23 days ago)
#WWEThemes pretty much, in a few more years you can still fly on it but its getting time for retirement. luckily the 747 8 will keep its legacy. but only 3 airlines operate the 8 as passenger. still, all in all not that hard to fly with one yet ;)
#WWEThemes (25 days ago)
not now many airlines are still operating it as a passenger airliner or a cargo one
Dante Tilley (26 days ago)
my favourite plane <3 so nostalgic, flying on a Thai Airways 747-400 from New Zealand to Bankok to the UK and back, when I was a kid around 2005. At the time it was the biggest plane at the airports and I was always in awe of the four jet engines and it's double deck. I hope to fly on a 747 at least once more before they are retired
mamakris04 (10 days ago)
Dante Tilley Well your in luck..... ......Untill 2020 #almostallairlinesisretiringtheir747in2020
Mikethecabbie (26 days ago)
Not sure what you were trying to achieve with this, but you certainly managed to get a whole lot of variants featured doing it!
Pootis Bird (26 days ago)
Mikethecabbie he is trying to make a point that even though the queen of the skies is going to rest on her bed soon she will always be remmembered as one of the most legendary plane in history along with others up there.
Cooker Cook (26 days ago)
Hey do you play vatsim?
Danyael Darlucio (26 days ago)
So sad that some airlines are retiring their 747s. If all 747-400s retire, bye bye ‘The Queen of the Skies’... 😭
THE ELITE 747-400 (6 days ago)
What is happening to the 747-400: KLM is retiring their 747-400s in 2020 Thai Airways is retiring their 747-400s in 2020 Lufthansa is retiring their 747-400s in 2024 British Airways is retiring their 747-400s in 2024 Virgin Atlantic is retiring their 747-400s in 2020 Korean Air is retiring their 747-400s in March 2018 Qantas is retiring their 747-400s (non ER ones) in 2020 El Al is retiring their 747-400s in 2022 EDIT: (3/4/18) Air India isn't retiring their 747-400s, Sorry everyone
THE ELITE 747-400 (6 days ago)
manakris04 your welcome :)
mamakris04 (11 days ago)
Aww so sad thanks for the thai airways part btw
THE ELITE 747-400 (16 days ago)
they cant make a new model right now, only the 747-8 is still in production as a freighter.
Mercian Mapper (17 days ago)
Oh god, not British airways, JUST MAKE A NEW MODEL
THE ELITE 747-400 (17 days ago)
Hello, Air India isn't retiring their 747-400s, sorry about that...
Rato aviador (26 days ago)
So cool man but sad that in some years this queen is going to rest
Zat_Mann Gamer8334 (26 days ago)
how about an A380
777 Lover (23 days ago)
Gus Krough A380 is not that long far off
November 172 Sierra Papa (26 days ago)
Zat_Mann Gamer8334 SCREW OFF
Gus Krough (26 days ago)
HELL NO. You do not get the point of this video. It is about a historic aircraft that was a legend of the skies for many years, quite possibly seeing the last of its days. It's like a tribute video, so the A380 is a LONG way from this type of video
Zat_Mann Gamer8334 (26 days ago)
A KLM 747-8i?!
THE ELITE 747-400 (26 days ago)
Zat_Mann Gamer8334 look closely to the wings, they have winglets! A 747-400 has winglets but a 747-8i has raked wing tips!
KING FLY (26 days ago)
0:23 MD-11 Varig 😢💔
KING FLY (24 days ago)
kkkk eai tokki , eu tbm assisto no almoço kkkk
T0kki D3ix13 (24 days ago)
opa eae te encontrei aq kkkk eu assisto esse canal qse todo dia pra eu ve os video antigo
Pop tart Man (26 days ago)
I wish to the 747 one day and great video thanks
C-W-F25 (26 days ago)
Song name is fall into my sunlight
Jayvee Santos (26 days ago)
Aloha Airlines flight 243
CJ S (26 days ago)
Sexiest plane ever. I know the a380 is awesome.. Like internal beauty. It's an INSANE plane as well, but something about the design is hideous. Looks like it swallowed a 747. Sadly I don't think they will be making these planes soon, they don't have to anymore.. Obviously for economic reasons. The different company paint jobs are what grab my attention also.
jack li (26 days ago)
Song name?
Fruit Bat (22 days ago)
Tip: search for a snippet of the lyrics in quotes on google. You'll almost always be able to pull up the the song name and artist. I skipped to a random part, searched 'I've lost who I am and I can't understand' and found it easy peasy. Just for future reference!
jack li (24 days ago)
Allec Joshua Ibay (25 days ago)
Shattered - Trading Yesterday
C-W-F25 (26 days ago)
jack li fall into your sunlight
Forza Gamer (26 days ago)
Can you do Southwest Airlines flight 345?
Intellectual Hazard*/_\* (26 days ago)
Great video but i wished to see an Air India 747 too❤❤
Air India Flyer (18 days ago)
Intellectual Hazard*/_\* (25 days ago)
JetAirways007 oh my father works in Air India in the International engineering department
JetAirways007 (25 days ago)
Intellectual Hazard*/_\* No but it's my favourite airline
Intellectual Hazard*/_\* (25 days ago)
JetAirways007 oh yah didnt see. So do you work in Jet Airways??
JetAirways007 (25 days ago)
2:33 Old Air India 747 Livery
N & N productions (26 days ago)
seriously make an air disaster
Allec Joshua Ibay (26 days ago)
N & N productions when did I stop?
Wendy Kurnia Widjaya (26 days ago)
I miss the 747 of Garuda :) But I still can see it because it was in hangar (Probably)
Aviation Unlimited (26 days ago)
i wonder if it was the -400 variant? i think that the queen of the skies is a -400 variant except for air force one planes, E-2s or -200 variants i may be wrong to
Wendy Kurnia Widjaya (26 days ago)
btw why you didn't add it?
Coffee Mug (26 days ago)