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Pilot funding, your HELP is needed!

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To sign up for the funding news-letter 👉https://bit.ly/32bxqzR The pilot training industry is severely flawed. I am planning. together with some seriously big names in the industry, to change this fact. Today we need your help. We need to get as many people as possible to sigh up to our news letter! The more people we get, the more leverage we will have with the banks. If you are interested in this, or you know someone who is, please share this video or just the link above, on every social media platform you know where there might be potential pilots. You will not be competing for them, we will try and help everybody providing you have what it takes to become a pilot! To sign up for the FREE mentour Aviation app, and ask me questions directly, use this link: 👇🏻 📲 IOS: https://appstore.com/mentouravaition 📲Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamta.mentouraviation&hl=en_US To Support Mentour and his channel, Join the Patreon crew! 👇🏻 📲 https://www.patreon.com/mentourpilot
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Daniel Madumere (16 days ago)
Please my name is Daniel im 14 and becoming a pilot has been a dream of mine since i was 4 so when i entered secondary school i download some flight simulators(xplane and infinite flight) so know i can startup a 737 and a cessna 172 so when i entered grade 10 my dad told me that he doesnt want me to be a pilot and this is my childhood dream so i got bad vibes about becoming a pilot so i told myself that i would study mechatronic engineering in university then get enough money to pay for my flight school then when i retire as a pilot continue my job as a mechatronic engineer so recently ive been watching air crash investigation to improve my pilot knowledge and when i newly found mentor pilot you istantley became my role model because your so cool because naturally i thought pilots were boring people one day i hope to fly with you thats if your still a pilot by then 🤷‍♂️
C 1 (1 month ago)
Just signed up mentour, it literally took >20 seconds
Benni Thomas (1 month ago)
When I fill the application it is saying unauthorized, why it is so ?
ian folan (2 months ago)
WOW !!! . I always wanted to be an airline pilot especially on the 737 but only got as far as my P.P.L and only flew a couple of times after that then the cost of things mainly fuel and landing fees got out of hand , haven't flown for 7 years now and I certainly don't have any property to base a loan on or do I have 100,000 Euro's in the bank . I cant wait to find out more about this . Keep up the good work Blue skies and happy landings .
jafasnakes (2 months ago)
Studying a degree I don't plan on using whilst working about 30hrs a week to try save up for pilot training signed up to the newsletter thanks for informing people like my self Safe flying Will 😊
Shaun Hale (2 months ago)
I have utmost respect for you and your message(s)! I’m flying to Phoenix in 5 weeks for ADAPT testing to get into southwest destination 225 cadet program, also very interested and getting info from ATP. I plan to take out loans to cover these costs... I hope I can secure funding, thanks again
Ashesh Choudhury (2 months ago)
Please help me. I am from India. Please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Maurice H (2 months ago)
Wel, good thoughts but its not that simple. I followed flight training, funded by the bank based on the expectation that I would become a pilot and would be able to pay the loan back to the bank. Unfortunately 2010 came arrount and no pilot were needed. Funding dried up and ofcourse the means to stay current. Now 9 years later I stil have own the bank a lot of money. All the pilots in that same period I studied with who had hopes and goals are now struggeling to make a living. We all joint in a law suit against the bank based on the fact that the bank funded us without any financial backing or future security, breaking their obligation to protect customers agains overcrediting. How this will turn out I dont know but sometimes I wish i failed the test making me become a pilot.
Marko Jerinic (2 months ago)
That's a great idea that i like from you mentor! Maybe for the people who should not forget something as well here: when the students get those bank loans, what will happen after that? Because everyone is out for themselves in this world and banks can charge you in interests or something else that will hurt the student pilot in a significant financial way. Just something to be aware of. But with any sort of movement like this at the beginning, those kinds of details can be later firmly and structurally established for sure. Thank you mentor for being a role model and a door for the aviation industry!
Fethi Lakhdari (2 months ago)
This is a great deed by all means and standard, please keep them comming. Fethi Lakhdari
Maureen Maureen (2 months ago)
You Just Give a Hope that my dream will come true some day soon All the respect for what you are doing :)
Sokeresa (2 months ago)
I want to be a pilot! Sign me up!
Skyler Taunt (2 months ago)
I feel u!! I need help becoming a ems pilot. who knows, it might save ur life someday!!!!
francis mcgarry (2 months ago)
Perhaps we have reached the end of a modern “peace dividend”. if so, it would not be the first time. I was a student pilot in the 70’s. There was NO room for me. There were (1) old veterans (2) Vietnam veterans or (3) emery riddle students who paid a high tuition. In the 70’s nobody even wanted to talk to a boot-strap student pilot from anywhere - in my case Midway Airport in Chicago. We were lucky just to get to transport some rich guys junk from one corn field to another. We were not treated with any respect alike MP asks for now. Shame on Boeing.
sherwin salvatori (2 months ago)
George Washington
Fs777 (2 months ago)
What would also be good is to create an association where pilots would be able to put their money and create pilot funding for people who are not pilots yet. Pilots won't give their money. They will loan it. I think banks are not interested in it, and won't be even if they see there's interest.
Ibrahim Ahmed (2 months ago)
What flying school would you recommend based in the Uk
Ibrahim Ahmed (2 months ago)
Yes I have as I have been searching for flying school by when will u get back to me thanks
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
Have you signed up to me news-letter? There will be guidance soon.
Ronak Nikam (2 months ago)
You need genuine people For this mentour
Kruger Fuchs (2 months ago)
Signed up for it but don't know if it worked it said email already exists what do I do
lxdimension (2 months ago)
Can you do a video about doing a flare Peter? I think you might have glossed over it before, but I haven't seen a specific video on it. For example, is there a technique for handling the yolk to ensure you don't lift up too much and start to climb again or to make sure you don't bounce?!
Tracy Reed (2 months ago)
Banks....effectively student loans? Will these people also require a 4 year degree?
anil naik (2 months ago)
Void. Moon (2 months ago)
Which Airlines are you working for?
Gino Giannone (2 months ago)
been following you for a while now and you have been helping me a great deal throughout my flight training..very informative and real.. not often you see pilots like yourself who are already established really going out of their way to help.. so thank you and of course i will sign up to this idea! too many people like me with the skills and desire to become a pilot.. but lack of wealth.. meanwhile the pilots that are "established" (many of whom did have rich parents) are striking over poor pay!!! give me that job anyday! id do it for free if it meant achieving my dream ! plenty of people here waiting to take there seat so yes please make this work 😁
GaaraFC 115 (2 months ago)
Genius 👍🏼
Scooters Videos (2 months ago)
Fantastic, Mentour. What a great thing to do for people.
Hanyu Li (2 months ago)
Ironic, how this was on my 13th birthday. Perfect inspiration.
Person Person (2 months ago)
Have you ever been is a situation where there was a crack on the wings
Chris A (2 months ago)
Unfortunately the market for this financing is likely too small for banks to programatically invest in such careers. I don't think it is anywhere near what it is for say student loans. However, if such a market really does exist, then the flight schools need to provide the financing which would then be backed by government support (like student loans) and then the "paper" would be purchased or financed by the banks. So like colleges, the flight schools need to provide this financing directly, also not unlike getting an auto loan. I just don't see the market for a new pilot being anywhere near the market for a new car. Maybe I'm wrong. If a viable market exists, some entity would support the financing. How different is this really from a trade school providing financing?
Chris A (2 months ago)
You know, just like GMAC (General Motors acceptance corp) and GE and Ford provide financing for their products, maybe Boeing and Airbus should be providing the financing for pilot training? Doesn't that seem logical? Or maybe even Udvar-Hazy (ILFC) should get into this business, since they finance the jets. Honestly, a meeting with those types of firms would give you a quick tutorial on where the challenges will be with your strategy. God knows Boeing could sure use the boost to public image with such a program.
Chris A (2 months ago)
@Mentour Pilot Mentour, clearly knowing the market for this is crucial, which it appears you understand well. I don't know how accurate this is, but googling it, it appears there are 44.7 million student loans borrowers borrowing $105.5BB each year. That is a staggering figure, which explains why the market for student debt is thriving, in addition to the obvious fact the social system is encouraged to sponsor education. I didn't google Auto debt, but that figure is likely even more staggering. At numbers you propose, that equates to $800MM of debt (sorry can't find the euro symbol) which is not insignificant but less than 1/100th of annual student loans, assuming 10,000 new pilots need financing annually. It does seem more plausible that so long as there is good certainty of employment that the likelihood of repayment could be greater than the current issue plaguing borrowers of student loans (default rate is increasing). But we could get into a long financial and social discussion here that would take more space than this page has. But the basic premise being that one "must" work at some point in life, at any job potentially, thus there is always an opportunity to repay a student loan. If someone fails to succeed as a pilot or simply is not employed ever as a pilot, does that loan go into default or is it repaid in a similar fashion? I don't know much about trade schools, but somehow i feel this kind of financing should be made available, but it should fall under the guise of financing available for people who are seeking technical college training (welders, nurses, xray technicians, etc). Somebody somewhere knows more about this type of financing availability and the pros and cons associated with it, and thus may be able to give you more detail about the pitfalls. I am involved in finance but am not an expert in this specific area. I commend you for your passion and support your cause.
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
Hi! The difference lies in the structure of the ENTIRE program. Similar things exist but only aimed at specific airlines, not at the industry as a whole. It might not look like much of a business for the banks at the onset but given that there is a need for several tens of thousands of pilots globally during the coming 10 years, and each of them need financing to the tune of 80 000€ each, it becomes big numbers.
Ivo Pires (2 months ago)
Have you thought about crowdlending? The concept exists to companies..
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
Not interesting in this case since the amount needed is huge.
Jeff Dunn (2 months ago)
How do you switch to ground power after turning off APU in 737?
Jeff Dunn (2 months ago)
Mentour pilot, I figured it out. I selected the ground power switch to on “ before” I turned off the batt. Thanks for your advice!
Jeff Dunn (2 months ago)
Mentour Pilot when i shut off APU, ground power was previously on and when i shut APU down the main cabin lights go out. I still have the blue light on indicating ground power is available, but no joy on the main cabin lights. Do i have to do any kind of reset where plane is plugged in? Also, im a ramper at airline. Could u do video on this? I love your videos and am a subscriber!
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
You just manually select the Ground power, that will deselect the APU
Roy C Horton (2 months ago)
Captain Mentour Pilot be warned as I knew a trainee Airline Pilot (I was his House Prefect at Boarding School) who ran up debts of £76000 back in the 1990's and later he committed suicide due to his debts in the attic room he was renting. He was totally dedicated to obtaining his CPL/IR when I did my Group B Multi Licence at Hurn Airport and Old Sarum which I did simply for recreation. Only borrow what you can pay back !
David Jele (2 months ago)
Deon Ogorman (2 months ago)
How much is it to be a airline pilot
Matt Ryan (2 months ago)
This is so refreshing. I have been working every hour under the sun to make as much money as I can to get some hours in. I'm struggling to make any real progress despite being laser focused on where I need to end up. I have the will, the determination, the passion, and as much study knowledge as I have been able to get my hands on. I'm so ready, but finance holds me back. This is why this idea is so amazing, someone finally recognising that the best pilots are the ones who have had to work the hardest to get there and they just need a little leg up. Can't wait to hear more As an idea: you should crowd source resources for the company. Aspiring pilots are often talented in their own field. Business development, marketing, project management skills all could be donated to the cause for perhaps flight time in return. I would be happy to donate my time to assist with the plan in return for flight time, and when I qualify and gain a role within the industry, there will always be someone to step in and donate time and skills
Catalin Biga (2 months ago)
Great idea mentour! Already signed up. We should do this in Romania too
Jhalak Ghimire (2 months ago)
I don’t have formal education of science and physics but Since I was kid I’m interested in aviation but there is lack of money I can’t study science also for me pilot course like a one of star up in the sky one day I will definitely touch it and ready for it
dannydaw59 (2 months ago)
It's a risk investing in someone who might look like they have great potential but then might not pass flight school. Then regional airlines don't pay much in the US so the return on investment will be a while. What needs to happen is take the regional airline's leverage away by unionizing and make them pay what the new pilots are actually worth.
Ravi Chowdhary (2 months ago)
please explain RNAV. i really want to know it
Jim McKnight (2 months ago)
Unfortunately Peter, the banks know people want money. The problem is insuring the debt gets paid back. Hence why the banks want collateral. If you proposed what you said in the video with the added bonus of a contract with the airline, the bank will see that they will get their money back. No bank will offer money to someone based on the fact they are capable of doing something.
Jim McKnight (2 months ago)
Mentour Pilot I do hope im wrong. Would you offer someone €80k without a guarantee of them paying it back?
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
Just wait and see my friend 😉
Vishnuteja Sreedhar (2 months ago)
How would you handle a situation in which a transponder fails? Which was believed to have happened with the Malaysian airlines flight 370....... Pls do reply
DOGE (2 months ago)
Signed up! That's what the industry really needs. I've been looking for funding for 2 years, still not enough, trying to study myself as I'm sure most of beginners/cadets do. Thanks!
JD GAMING (2 months ago)
Got all my friends family members close family friend and my sister friend too sign the petition to help me achieve my dream
JD GAMING (2 months ago)
Imagine a mentor pilot flight school 😍😍
Aviation Joe (2 months ago)
YOU ARE AWESOME, thank you so much!
burt2481 (2 months ago)
What is Mentour Pilot's percentage?
sherry hodges (2 months ago)
Take a few of those bankers into the cockpits. Then show them the Flight Channel recreation of what pilots face.
sierra_ kilo (2 months ago)
That is something I need! I am a student pilot from India! I have cleared all exams in Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Air Regulations, Technical General and Indian RTR(A) licence and FRTOL licence in first attempt. I need only my 200 hours to get completed to get my CPL. But I am already out of money :( The flying school I was in, in India made me pay entire amount and now they don't give me flying! At all! That school turned out to be fraud. My money is stuck there. I am looking for an education loan but its not really easy to get it as the banks are not really good here as in the employees...not helpful at all. But trying my best to do whatever I can. I will become a Pilot. NOT GOING TO GIVE UP SO EASY! I subscribed! Thank you so much for this!
Héctor Vidal (2 months ago)
Hello I’m 13 is there any problem of participating beeing less than 18 years old? Sorry if my English is not perfect I’m Spanish
Adil Pradeep (2 months ago)
good evening mentour, I am from India. How can I be able to access this pilot funding?
B F (2 months ago)
You won't
alessio272 (2 months ago)
I live in the USA and there were loans that were government subsidized such as Sallie Mae, now these loan companies have become privatized. It makes it nearly impossible to get into the aviation industry without either starting capital or creditworthiness. I’m not sure how the loan process works in Sverige but here in the USA the prospective CADET is at the mercy of these private loan institutions. I do know for a fact that flight training is charged at market rates and we have many aspiring aviators therefore flight training is quite expensive. I do realize that flying a GA is expensive and over regulated which causes many Europeans to come here on holiday to complete their currency requirements. In conclusion I hope this movement you are starting WILL address the impending pilot shortage.
alessio272 (2 months ago)
Mentour Pilot I rented a Beechcraft Baron for $400/ hour. Just to get multi time and it was the cheapest in my area. Most aviation companies want you to pull out of your pocket to pay for what they require. That’s how it is in wonderful America!!
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
Yes, that’s what we are trying to address. The rates will probably still be high but at least we should get you guys access to the loans.
Devine 4k (2 months ago)
the only flaw to this is that. only those in europe will actually benefit from this
Devine 4k (2 months ago)
@Mentour Pilot i know you have good intentions,but i dont see europian banks giving out loans to lets say an african kid who wont get employed in the eu ,and who cant get a guaranteed employment in africa also so you see
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
What do you base this on? Our aim is to go globally.
Claudio Goncalves (2 months ago)
Nice title Peter!!! I know very well what this means... The mutual warranty with a carency period is the best bank solution, and already exists in many Countries to pay for studies for example... and governments can play a decisive role here ... because Banks don't care about skills, techniques, good business, none of that ... they look at bank balances, IRS, guarantors, guarantees, etc and nothing more ...I would love to help !! I enjoyed yesterday's live, although I have little time! Amazing work Mentour Peter
Tony Wony (2 months ago)
does this include bush pilot? I love to join the RFDs or areo firefighting or STOL pilot
F Gouveia (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for taking the initiative to solve this huge problem! You have given me even more hope to fufill my goal of becoming an airline pilot. In a world where motivation, passion and hard work is sometimes not enough, I am thankfull there are people like you to shine light on our dreams! Im definitly keeping an extreme close eye on this! Greetings from Madeira, Francisco Gouveia
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
F Gouveia that’s what I thought
F Gouveia (2 months ago)
@Mentour Pilot Hey! Not that I know ahah, it is a small island though, chances were high! :P
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
Thank you! I hope I will be able to help. You don’t have a relative called Sara by any chance?
ODONGO JR (2 months ago)
I have signed up for the umpteenth time. Does it allow you to sign up many times?
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
I hope not, we only need you to sign up once
Niel Malan (2 months ago)
This could change so many lives
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
That’s what we will be trying to do
lojze kiki (2 months ago)
You should make an eye-catching post/story on instagram so people could share it :)
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
I did!
Alex Emma (2 months ago)
Thank you for this opportunity...
Faruk Ozturk (2 months ago)
Daniel Ballantyne (2 months ago)
I signed up last time you mentioned this in one of your videos. I don't know if it worked - is there a confirmation email you get after signing up?
Dillon Gavin Chef (2 months ago)
Thank you for opening this opportunity and possibility. So many people especially in lesser developed countries have a dream of being a pilot and would probably be great pilots but just lack the funding or infrastructure to make them successful in those dreams
JM2019 (2 months ago)
What I don’t understand: what is the benefits for the funders with this model?
Thomas Leitner (2 months ago)
@Mark S Yay, this sounds like as long as people are able to find more and more of such destructive ways to gather required resources, it will be less and less destroyed and resources regenerate :-) Yep there is really a long, pathetic history of crazy people, who couldn't imagine how far humans are willing to go :-) Besides that, I would be so happy to find one experienced person, who is competent enough to support your opinion, to prove everyone wrong. It might not change the situation, but it makes live easier for some struggling people :-)
Mark S (2 months ago)
@haqvor lol. YOu really believe the market for air travel might diminish because of some crazy proto communists ranting about man made global warming? Air travel is going to continue to increase by huge margins. Nothing can stop that. You can't take a few crazy people seriously. People like that have been around forever. I remember the 70s, when those people said that by the 1990s, there would be no food, no oil, and the world was going to be thrown back to the dark ages. This marxism posing as "concern of the environment" has a long, pathetic history.
haqvor (2 months ago)
Funders get a new market for lending money with minimized risk. As the people are first screened to be a good fit as future pilots they will also be capable to repay the loans with interest. The students also has a minimized risk of being stuck with loans to a career that is closed for them. Last the airlines get better qualified applicants that they can more or less guarantee a job before the education is started. As I see it this have the potential to make everyone happy in the end. The main risk with this is if the market for new pilots diminish radically. Which with the current climate crisis is a very real possibility. Flying has been painted as a large contributor to green house gas emissions, mainly because it is very visible. In reality there are much bigger contributors such as energy production, manufacturing of products like steel, cement, oil based products and clothes.
George Shalomon (2 months ago)
Already signed up! but I just pessimistic about it will work in Southeast Asia or not. Because in my region only very rich kids can go to Flight School! it's very expensive for the majority of people here
Alpha Delta (2 months ago)
Mentour Pilot, surely a large cost of training is due to fuel costs, right? Should aircraft engine manufacturers look and rethink how they're making their engines? I've read about a car engine that was modified for an aeroplane, and that engine had a 4-6 fuel consumption rate. Not only will I become a pilot, but I'll also become an engineer in aerospace and design some more fuel-efficient engines for training aircraft. Maybe have them run on something cheaper or use renewable energy too! Edit: I've shared this w/ friends and family, but I dunno how many will sign up. Would it be possible to take this to airlines and flight schools and see if they'll have people sign up? (I've signed.)
Ashir Umar (2 months ago)
well done mentour doing well
Ronny Andresen (2 months ago)
Da har jeg tatt kontakt med banken min, og sendt med denne videoen..
Rafael (2 months ago)
Is this for the globe or only EU?
Jay St. Clair (2 months ago)
Lets do this everyone!! Peter is doing a great thing here and he needs our help. Share, like, leave a comment and one more thing...SHARE AGAIN.
zhi hao quek (2 months ago)
There's a small typo on the website (global, not gloabl). Small problem though. Thanks for being committed to making the industry better for everyone.
Christopher Johnson (2 months ago)
Super Cool Super Yacht Captain Video being pulled down a canal to Pisa. He made it! & I told him about your Great channel & you might here him say “Absolutely Fantastic” Please Continue with the very Inspirational Content! Thnx, CJ
Christopher Johnson (2 months ago)
I Love Your Uncle Sam! Happy Halloween, Commander! CJ
appelscha23 (2 months ago)
A slightly off question but nonetheless, why is it that (at least in the Netherlands) every form of higher professional education is subsidised by the government. But the aviation industry? To become a truck driver or a train driver is almost fully funded somehow, but a pilot? Has it to do with European countries competing? Also Brexit perhaps?
William Dukane (2 months ago)
I don't want to be personally responsible for hundreds of lives, but this seems like a cool idea for pilots with skill and ability. Definitely sharing this with anyone who is interested!
Jeff Lovejoy (2 months ago)
Sorry dude, there will be no pilots in 20-years. The size of an air power will be measured by the size and number of their drones. There are just too many wedding parties that need to be annihilated in cold blood; too many rights of privacy to be violated; too many personal liberties to be taken away. Those that want to be pilots will be viewed like legal gun owners, a threat, only one emotional moment away from being a "mass" crasher. No government, no corporate oligarch is going to trust another "hu-man" to get them from point "A" to point "B" much less bomb a target. Pilots have priced themselves out of the business. It just costs too damn much to train you.
Jim Baker (2 months ago)
Why not crowdsource? If you get a thousand investors willing to invest a thousand euro each, that could get this started, and also get the attention of the banks and governments.
fft2020 (2 months ago)
I have 10 diopter farsightedness... I could never be a pilot
Jimmy c (2 months ago)
Mentor, just happy being a Cessna 172 driver. Miss going cross country?
D. Brandtair (2 months ago)
I thought it was relatively common in aviation that airlines offer a loan that you do not have to pay back if you fail. And offer a guaranteed job if you succeed. The loan is 125000 euro's and the airline stands accountable for it towards the bank. I know KLM and transavia do this often.
Ilya Kandakov (2 months ago)
Mentour, it`s a really great job! This situation looks so sad, that a lot of people dreaming of aviation can`t afford it. I`m from Russia, and for instance our government provides budget education funding, if you pass exams (personally, i`m studying this way right now); really hope to see something similar in european education system in future!
Luke G (2 months ago)
Ya know Mentour Pilot that is super nice! You just earned a like and a subscriber!
Rahul583GT (2 months ago)
when you say a bit of "skin" from us, how much do you reckon?
LionToon1000 (2 months ago)
Is everyone who signs up for the newsletter going to eventually be invited for a screening? If not: what criteria have to be met in order to get invited?
Ernst Naumann (2 months ago)
Do I also have to do anything if I follow airliner stuff only as a hobby-like interest and deem myself unfit to become a pilot?
Road Home (2 months ago)
Unfortunately no one is giving the money for just like that. Especially banks. Bankers are the most greedy creatures on earth. They will take your last. That is how they work. You need to talk to airlines which are in desperate to take the new pilots. Unfortunately there are no any airline in that position right now.
Army (2 months ago)
Hello @Mentour Pilot could you make a video talking about commercial aircraft crew/passenger life vests thanks
Overlord (2 months ago)
I always felt that I lost any chance to become a pilot and now I'm 30 years old already - is that a problem? I mean. I graduated from law university and I have some career progress in front of me but number 1 job was and will be a pilot. But I have few important questions. You need some your money to be able get into that flight school but can yo do it while you are working from Monday to Friday? Can you attend that school (fly) during weekends or after the work? I have read you need at least 1500 flight hours to be able become a airline pilot and that it takes usually 2 years to get these hours. Being 2 years without a job will be big problem for me. Thats why I'm asking. Thanks.
Phil Lee (2 months ago)
Too late for me now (I'm 57 and sufficiently disabled that I can't even get a basic medical), but I will certainly pass the word - I'd have nearly killed for access to suitable loans when I was young and fit enough to benefit!
C2K (2 months ago)
Sorry to be the one to say this but either you have massively over simplified your aims in this video or you are missing some MAJOR points. 1. REALITY - Banks lend according to risk, which is gauged via a credit scoring system which shows potential / ability for repayment. They are not credit unions( who would never have access to the sums needed and would never lend for such things anyway). "Talent" isn't something any financial institution can leverage against or, more importantly for them, recover/ take possession of if payments aren't made. 2. The LAW - In most countries where lending is approved via the above method it is done so because it is deemed a fair and equitable system. It would break several laws of those countries, namely equality laws for starters for them to lend outside of that method as they would be showing bias to X group/ category/ organisation. 3. Signing up for a newsletter doesn't show the banks anything apart from make a business case for yourself( and those you're in business with) to demonstrate there is a market for your idea. Showing a bank that 100k people signed up for a newsletter about the idea wouldn't make them suddenly throw money at you. That part was, imho, slightly disingenuous which i'm also afraid to say risks issues under GDPR as "you must be clear with customers what the data is for, it's purpose and usage". I have zero doubt about you having good and pure motives here, I didn't think otherwise for a second and I appreciate that a long rambling, business/ financial terms laden video wouldn't be a good watch but I came away from this feeling disappointed and slightly annoyed that someone who is obviously an intelligent man would publish something with such glaring holes in it. Finally to those who are going to read this and think i'm being hater let me be clear that I AM NOT! I've subscribed to Mentour for several years, comment a reasonable amount and have a love of the aviation industry. I both like and respect him as a content creator and often happily share his content to alert others about him BUT when I see something that I feel is put out wrong / has some issues I will bring it up.
C2K (2 months ago)
@Mentour Pilot I'm VERY glad & reassured to hear it. It just didn't come across in the video( imho) but brilliant to hear that is the case. Once again my post wasn't having a go or being mean it was genuinely how I felt after watching the video so I felt it was important to make those points and it shows your integrity to have responded so quickly.
Mentour Pilot (2 months ago)
Hi! Do you think I would go public with this if points 1,2 and 3 were not already close to being solved. When I say that I need to prove market, I mean it.
Benni K. (2 months ago)
Thanx. That is exactly what I ne6and want
Carl Runsten (2 months ago)
Done and subscribed ! keep up the good work brother
“The more you share this video the more money goes to you” very sneaky
"Brain Explosion" (2 months ago)
What you’re doing deserves a lot of respect! Thank you Mentour!
Mark Romo (2 months ago)
Hello Mentour just send you a mail via your contact messages regarding some contacts within Airbus Pilot Programme, and HSBC Bank in France. Thanks in advance!
KrisFlix (2 months ago)
I would love to be a pilot. I have had some training as a private pilot, and down in Los Angeles, I flew a 737 sim. But the big stopper? Has always been finances.
Ramboedah (2 months ago)
I hope to become a pilot once my masters degree is over in 2022. Hopefully, there will be more opportunities by then thanks to people like you!
Antti (2 months ago)
Yeah, that's my problem, the cost. I work in IT and I hope to save enough money before it's too late to become a pilot.
P Hightower (2 months ago)
It'sJohny (2 months ago)
i am 15 years old do you think i am too old to be given any help or something? and second question does this progam affect Greece too?
haqvor (2 months ago)
@It'sJohny You're asking someone with a masters degree in engineering so I might be a bit biased ;) When studying engineering you get familiar with mathematics and science. You also get a fundamental understanding of technical systems and what they can and cannot do. That is really important skills as a pilot. Here in Sweden we have first 9 years of elementary school that you start when you're 7 years old. After that you can choose different programs of 3-4 years, one which is engineering. At this stage I totally agree with your dad, if you want to become a pilot engineering is the obvious choice and the program that will benefit you the most. Even if you decide to not become a pilot it will in my opinion be the best choice if you are interested in science, mathematics and engineering. When you are done with this secondary level of education at about 20-21 years old it is time for university. This is where you train to become a commercial pilot or if you want to get a bachelors or masters degree in some other topic. If you want to become a pilot it doesn't really make sense to study engineering at the university level. One benefit with studying engineering that is often overlooked is that you more than in other programs learn how to learn. The tempo is often quite high and the subjects are demanding. You have to learn to cooperate with other students and keep the motivation up. That will benefit you in later in life whatever you decide to do.
haqvor (2 months ago)
@It'sJohny I only know about the Swedish glider training but I would guess that it's similar in the EU. You learn the basic theory such as weather, aerodynamics, instrumentation, navigation, how to speak on the radio, human factors and so on. All of which will be covered even more thoroughly when you study to become an airline pilot. This will give you a good head start in those courses. You also learn to fly for real, with an aircraft that is really sensitive and tells you exactly how the air moves around you. You fly by feel and by reading the weather around you without any automatic systems at all. There is no better stick and rudder training you can get and that is something that will benefit any pilot regardless of if they fly a fighter jet or an airliner later. I can also add that Captain Sully, famous for his textbook glider landing on the Hudson River in an Airbus A320, is a glider instructor.
It'sJohny (2 months ago)
@haqvor and btw my dad says to me to have a 4 year degree in engineering... do u think is worth taking?
It'sJohny (2 months ago)
@haqvor thank you very muxh dude appreciate it and btw does it count in my pilot career? i mean will it be recorded as an achievement or smthing that not a lot of people can do?
haqvor (2 months ago)
I would say absolutely not, you still have a few years left in school before you can start pilot school. You are the perfect age to start flying gliders. Look up a gliding (soaring) club in your area. Learning to fly a glider is the perfect start to any pilot career, not to mention it is great fun and seriously addictive...
Grishanya (2 months ago)
That sad thing when i have both asthma and no money to become a pilot fml xD
Mickey Mouse (2 months ago)
Grishanya - I don’t know which AME or licensing authority you dealt with but where I am I hold a full class one medical, my asthma is mild/well controlled.
Grishanya (2 months ago)
@Mickey Mouse wait what? I mean i checked the requirements of aviation medical exam and there was a line literally saying any form of asthma is banned from completing that medical exam. But i have like a light form of asthma and i would say i manage its status pretty well so nothing uncomfortable
Mickey Mouse (2 months ago)
Grishanya - I have asthma and I’m a qualified pilot...