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Shell V-Power: Just another day at a Shell station with Sebastian Vettel

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Watch what happened when four-time Formula 1® World Champion and Scuderia Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel surprised people at a Shell filling station, lightheartedly demonstrating the upgrade in performance that can be expected from a car filled up with Shell V-Power road fuel. Accessibility Transcript: This is the official YouTube channel of Shell, a worldwide leader in the oil and gas industry. Our aim is to meet the energy needs of society in ways that are economically, socially and environmentally viable, now and in the future. We believe that oil and gas will remain a vital part of the global energy mix for many decades to come. Our role is to ensure that we extract and deliver these energy resources profitably and in environmentally and socially responsible ways. Watch our technological and educational videos to gain a better understanding of how we do this. Our videos cover topics such as innovation, jobs and careers, investor relations information, motorsports, the Shell Eco-marathon, engineering and our top products such as Shell V-Power. Visit our Website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Look us up on Flickr: Linkedin:
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Text Comments (70)
WN INTRO (14 days ago)
bobl78 (19 days ago)
what a bullshit .. in Germany, Ultimate 102 by Aral / BP is much better than Shell Vpower.. Car runs smoother with Ultimate..sorry Sell but keep on working on the Vpower
MagicNESS OfLight (2 months ago)
If my mum was there shed have a heart attack
F1RacingGame (4 months ago)
Parking brake? Anyone?!
Iceyboxy 360 (4 months ago)
Ray Gamerz (4 months ago)
Geoff Petrk (4 months ago)
0:44 magyar benzinkút!
Menton Schekulin (4 months ago)
magyar benzinkút XD
Joshua Minke (5 months ago)
wow, next time I fill up, I'm using shell v-power, iv always wanted an F1 car
ApolloHD (6 months ago)
what if they drive in with mercedes? xd
malloy a gamer (6 months ago)
Awesome how this video maded in Hungary because the M3 highway and nyitva(open) 0-24 and more
joseph pallan (6 months ago)
Imagine a merc showed up xD
Vicky Tandela (8 months ago)
2:00 dominic toretto 😂😂
Main Nasser (8 months ago)
shah perfect isd (8 months ago)
Blitzer112 (9 months ago)
wow this was fake.
billt460 (1 year ago)
I wonder if he is paid extra for these ads. Or if he is required to do them as part of his contract with Ferrari and Shell?
Roy de Weij (6 months ago)
pretty sure they need to do it because shell is a sponsor.
ÇAĞLA BERBERKAYAR (7 months ago)
Shahzaib Paracha ddddrfyttttf7fififfk k ife8eie
Shahzaib Paracha (8 months ago)
kimi rai (1 year ago)
f1 best pilot kimi raikkonen "the ice man"
komo butt (1 year ago)
Noel Koczka (1 year ago)
na jó én ezt nem hiszem már kis korom óta ő a kedvenc f1 es pilótám és még hozzá ez magyarországon volt valakinmeg tudná mondani hogy ez melyik városban volt
Szabiking (5 months ago)
én is nézem magyar rendszám aztán meg hogy forint/liter
zsolt tarcsa (7 months ago)
csak annyit látni a kútnál h M3 kelet
VJR (1 year ago)
The boo gas station!!!!!
Zach Galifianakis (1 year ago)
So they didn't pull up their handbrake?
adipa sankong (1 year ago)
i'm the best service.
Bob Havertz (1 year ago)
And when I'm filling up my car At shell I still drive away in my fiat seiciento :(
michael Sali (1 year ago)
Don't Believe Shell Shell Destroy Children's lego
Bruningable (1 year ago)
And they all drive Fiats/Chryslers. What a coincidence!
Nathan Dominguez (5 months ago)
asia sharoon jjjjjjk
asia sharoon (8 months ago)
Bruningable Bjuiklkikjkjuuiolppp
Mtajulmuluk CEPAT (1 year ago)
Hai sebastian. Datang ke Indonesia ya
Murad sultanoğlu (1 year ago)
SOCAR baskasi yalan
Murad sultanoğlu (1 year ago)
en iyisi SOCAR
Durmuş Kaya (1 year ago)
michael Sali (1 year ago)
Shell what have you sinking with oil spill in actartic and destroy LEGO?
adi suryana (1 year ago)
saya selalu pakai V-Power
Тоха (1 year ago)
Отличный бензин и моторное масло. Молодцы ребята!
stan Mathers (1 year ago)
I always imagine that moment when i meet sebastian Vettel for the first time ohhhhhhh it'll be the best moment in my life
Elias Bettin (1 year ago)
no power no future
Jose Rodrigo (1 year ago)
This only happen with Shell Nitro V Power, awesome
Mickxal (2 years ago)
V power all the way
Martin Lescot (2 years ago)
Aca en chile se lo roban xd
Sid Mclaughlin (10 months ago)
Martin Lescot ghi tỲ grew
spyrox (1 year ago)
+Martin Lescot acá en Chile te espera Eliseo Salazar.. jajajaja
Mirek h (2 years ago)
It is a fake. The petrol station was completely closed for any foreigners. Only people invited by Shell or Ferrari could come to Seb and the rest of audience has been sent out by bodyguards in black suit. They were using only German language and everything what they were able to say in English was "No parking"!!! There was no possibility to discuss with them or come closer to parked F1 car or Seb. It was even impossible to buy a bottle of water inside the shop. The surprise was only completely closed last petrol station in front of Hungaroring:-)
Valaki Valahonnan (2 years ago)
I always use the handbreak, they wouldn't move my car anywhere. Also I wouldn't even recognize the guy, I don't watch Formula 1 :D
afikah. co_ (2 years ago)
Rukhsar Ahmad (1 year ago)
afikah. co_ .
Matt Romanes (2 years ago)
Background song name, please?
flashask182 (2 years ago)
+YTNG MTT Darude - sandstorm
TaS FN (2 years ago)
2:01 That's my friend Gyuri!! Seb even looked at him! :)
Chandra Sekhar (2 years ago)
This is fake..See how the cars are all made by Fiat-Chrysler group?
akhter abbas qamberi (8 months ago)
Chandra Sekhar nc
Final00Exit (10 months ago)
Of course it's fake. It's an advertising...
เดชา ประมูลพงษ (1 year ago)
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เดชา ประมูลพงษ (1 year ago)
สต0 03=04333%=3÷
Iva Farska (1 year ago)
red vggxxrdrsueeudiejs
mikosoft (2 years ago)
Damnit, next time let me know :D Bratislava is no more than 2 hours from Budapest and I'd like to meet Seb!
Mehmet Biçer (1 year ago)
Róbert Orosz (2 years ago)
ezt MO-n csinálták meg? :D :D
aishah senin (2 years ago)
Yung Á.D. (2 years ago)
Ja barátom jól láttad
aishah senin (2 years ago)
Subie (2 years ago)
Kicsit sem megrendezett! :D
Valaki Valahonnan (2 years ago)
+Seres József en legalabbis mindig behuzom a kezifeket es sose engedem hogy helyettem tankoljanak