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David Ogilvy The View From Touffou

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Movie David Ogilvy made, as mentioned in the book, "The Unpublished David Ogilvy." For more on Ogilvy, check out my blog at http://www.kingofcopy.com
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Petr Novak (4 years ago)
Craig this is awesome. I worked for Ogilvy & Mather in Chicago for 13 years and treasured this video in their archives. Who did the Czech subtitles? Love these. I was born in Czechoslovakia. 
S.J. Paila (4 months ago)
really now they play puzzly words on facebook. I pictured it.
Craig Garber (4 years ago)
Thanks Petr, glad you liked it. I have NO clue who put the Czech subtitles on there, and until you told me, I wasn't really sure what language that was, so thanks.  Ogilvy rocks, for sure. I would have enjoyed working with him.
Lee Nourse (3 months ago)
Valuable insight here. Thanks so much Craig!!
Craig Garber (3 months ago)
You are quite welcome, Lee!
The curious Adman (1 year ago)
True genius one of my idols. Hope to start my own oligvy and Mather.
MiyamotoMusashi.org (1 year ago)
John K Lindgren (2 years ago)
Dakota Shane Nunley (2 years ago)
What a humble and brilliant man. Never scared to say where he made mistakes. If Ogilvy were running an agency today, I personally think that he would be even more successful than he was in his day. His ability to constantly reiterate, experiment, and to adapt to constantly changing trends would be absolutely ideal in the Age of Innovation that we live in
Yonis Ali (2 years ago)
what a interesting dude and a great story teller !
Brian Edmunds (3 years ago)
This Man is a Genius!
Alex Jenkins (3 years ago)
Thanks for much for sharing this +Craig Garber Great Video! 
Baha Eldien Abdallah (2 months ago)
Alex Jenkins Pl
David Lelong (3 years ago)
Amazing video.  Heard his name a million times, but never knew about the man. Quite funny too!
Chiara Fattore (3 years ago)
The Original Most Interesting Man in the World.
Emc2 (4 years ago)
..díky za české titulky 
Colin Cartwright (4 years ago)
Thanks for sharing this. Mr Ogilvy was a true marketing genius and I appreciate every opportunity to read or hear some of his wisdom.
Stewart Alexander (4 years ago)
What a beautiful, lovely character, really touched the core of my soul. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've heard David's name being mentioned so many times over the years, but I was not ready... My time has come to study anything I can get my hands on that this amazing person did. Thank again.
Craig Garber (4 years ago)
Thanks Stewart, and yes, Ogilvy is great. Kind of guy you'd want as a marketing mentor, for sure.
lowrycreative (4 years ago)
Craig this is great. Thank you for posting. Where did you find this?
Craig Garber (4 years ago)
Secret bag of tricks ;-)  Glad you liked it, he's one of my business heroes.
Sophie Bennett (4 years ago)
Truly amazing man. A masterclass.
Benjamin Edwards (4 years ago)
This is awesome Craig!