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UPS delivery driver caught on camera in New Orleans cutting across homeowner's lawn

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In the busiest time of year, a UPS driver was caught on camera in Lakeview cutting corners, driving across a man's yard. Subscribe to WDSU on YouTube now for more: http://bit.ly/1n00vnY Get more New Orleans news: http://www.wdsu.com Like us: http://www.facebook.com/wdsutv Follow us: http://twitter.com/wdsu Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wdsu6/
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Text Comments (20)
Jason Ramirez (13 days ago)
Those next day airs are no joke
anonymous one (5 months ago)
Nyce Nj (6 months ago)
He probably got fired
Jaafar Kazim (7 days ago)
Doubt it lol
Brantley (6 months ago)
You only need 3 brain cells to work for ups.
anonymous one (5 months ago)
Go away idiot !
Tony Gasperson (6 months ago)
Spike your yard
Hot line Gold (6 months ago)
You wanna see how we handle your packages in the hub.
Justin Case (6 months ago)
Looks like a lot of people have been driving through his yard.
Dakota Showalter (6 months ago)
Put a spick strip in the yard where they have been cutting thu your yard
Yaz G. (6 months ago)
Put nails on the grass
jake z (6 months ago)
The guy's name is Tuna, awesome.
Julius Kasoro (6 months ago)
Why is this news. Is it really that serious dude
chris12321222 (6 months ago)
UPS is doing anything and everything to get those Christmas packages delivered on time!
Jesse Buchanan (6 months ago)
At least there's a porta pottie
Shane Kendig (6 months ago)
That is very wrong. I love ups and they are very hard works. But that is uncall for. There is no reason for that at all. If that driver did that what else is he doing out there that he shouldn't doing.
itruck2009 (6 months ago)
Sorry, but was your comment even necessary.....captain obvious....
jimmyjames drone pilot dbl07 (7 months ago)
seriously i get it but get all the drivers and dont single out ups. Well that yard is last months block winner i get it. This is how you scab some new green neighbors wont do it but ups will. how many times did you drive over that lawn. thats more thanm one vehicle .maybe construction . hey at least its not fake news just partial truth news.
R Saldivar (6 months ago)
I literally just made the same comment. You know i bet the construction guys cut through there as well. This guy is a definite gold digger.
David King (7 months ago)
News worthy ? Cmon.