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Conductor Davenport changes a knuckle on 37Q

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Conductor Alan Davenport changes a broken knuckle on 37Q. MP 5.5.
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James Adams (13 days ago)
Hold the cut lever up with a hammer ;)
David Barnett (6 months ago)
For my contemporaries who railroaded back in the stone age, try that when the knuckle breaks or the air hose bursts in the middle of nowhere at night and it's always in the middle of the train. NO communication like today. You lug that stuff back to the problem, repair it, and then use your lantern. Sometimes you had to get on top of a box car so the engineer could see you, especially on a curve, or, you relayed your signals to the conductor who had a radio, and he in turn relayed to the engineer. Broken knuckles or a burst air hose are still part of railroading, but at least the guy on the ground has communication with the engineer.
Travis Cyprien (9 months ago)
Trying to figure out did he ever call Red Zone before stepping in to attach the Glad Hands??? I notice after he didn’t open the angle cock for the brake line.
Ashley Richmond (1 year ago)
He asked for 3step protection alittle late.
ElfNet Designs (1 year ago)
Maybe he came back to do this but he did leave the airline valve close after joining the hoses..
C. E. Cagle (1 year ago)
ElfNet Gaming no, he got it. The battery was about to die on my camera so I turned it off so I wouldn’t loose my video. This was only the beginning of his problems for the night.
Steve Craig (1 year ago)
... and I can imagine that Conductor Davenport provided a VERY colorful narrative as well...
parteibonza (1 year ago)
Union Labor bitch!
Sigman Floyd (1 year ago)
He forgot his light on the car.
Canis Lupus (1 year ago)
Are there replacement knuckles on every wagon?
C. E. Cagle (1 year ago)
Canis Lupus usually just a couple on each engine. It’s not a common as you’d think
Canis Lupus (1 year ago)
etwncengineer How many knuckles and so on are on the locomotive, as I remember American trains are long, so there are a lot of knuckles which can break.
C. E. Cagle (1 year ago)
Canis Lupus spares are kept on the locomotives
Bo Golson (1 year ago)
This Conductor should have made the joint on the engineer side as you can see the angle cock is closed where his lantern is. I broke into once and had to replace two knuckles at the joint! Seat box failure at it's best! "SP" Retired Brakeman - Conductor.
Rose White (1 year ago)
Health and Safety would fine the company a vast amount for making a man lift a weight like that!
C. E. Cagle (1 year ago)
Rose White that’s part of the job requirement.
Robert Kerr (2 years ago)
I hope the idiot engineer who broke it buys that ole-timer a case of bush, PBR or some other shitty beer to represent his shitty driving skills
Endy D (2 years ago)
Robert Kerr Good ol' PBR, up in Canada we have 5.9%. Party beer my friend!
Adrian b (2 years ago)
they suck to fix alone I do the pin last. I get the kuckle where I want it pull up on cut lever hoping the guts don't jump out and push the knuckle into place
Jorge Gomez (3 years ago)
Carl Napp (3 years ago)
Is there no split pin or something to retain the bolt?
25mfd (2 years ago)
Yes but mostly only on rotary coal gons. And the reason for that is the during the dumping process, obviously the pins fall out. But those cotter pins are a pain to remove. Best to not put them where they aren't needed.
Tommy Truth (2 years ago)
Only when they want to get on YouTube.
Carl Napp (2 years ago)
@jim smith Thanks! Does these knuckles break a lot?
Jorge Gomez (3 years ago)
Carl Napp 100
2TECHSS (3 years ago)
Air Presure ?????? in the end???? bad work
StupidFoamer (3 years ago)
MrMark85044 (3 years ago)
Do you have to go to Knuckle school to know how to change them? And once you graduate, are you officially a Knuckle head.
Steve Craig (1 year ago)
Dang! I didn't go to Knuckle School but I've been called a Knucklehead(among other things) all my life...! I wanna go to Knuckle School...!
BossSpringsteen69 (3 years ago)
He looks a little rusty to me.
cipmars (3 years ago)
@BossSpringsteen69 True!
BossSpringsteen69 (3 years ago)
Doing this is a lot easier than working with remote controlled locomotives. The rcl box doesn't weight much but, when you have to lug it around for long periods of time day after day, it truly hurts your back. I'm just waiting to see some lawsuits in the future.
cipmars (3 years ago)
That job isn't easy on your lower back.
Harold Reardon (4 years ago)
Eileen has trouble with the English language by JUST A LITTLE BIT !!!!
EILEEN WYSOCKI (4 years ago)
Post on you tube and Norfolk southern and twitter : Eileen maria wysocki never play with knuckle or any part on train : unless conducted tells you to ' reason it could start up and kill you ! They got a hella a job ' respect them Jesus Norfolk southern and me would like you to ! Respect gets you a long way through life ; Eileen maria wysocki 152384123989399
VAN LE PHO (4 years ago)
Sou Heritage (4 years ago)
Left Lantern on car .
Tom Lahaye (3 years ago)
+jasfromoz Most important is that the engineer/conductor gives you the signal that the train is safe, ie he has the brakes on and is not going to move (reverser in neutral), in this case you could hear him giving clearance over the radio. When the train line pressure was dropped enough by the conductor (brake handle in emergency) nothing should move when opening the cocks, so opening the cock from underneath in the same way as he had to reach for the hose should not impair a danger, or is there some risk I overlook? I ask because on British passenger stock the same couplers (buckeye) are used and we normaly reach under the drawbars to open the cocks in case of air brake stock, in the case of vacuum brakes there are no cocks, the unused hoses are shut of by putting them on dummies (and there is even less space because of the buffers and gangway conections, so we have to squat down underneath)
jasfromoz (3 years ago)
+Jamie Sterling You're not allowed to reach across the drawbars or cross through cars without brake platforms or hand holds/stirrups.
Jamie Sterling (4 years ago)
He left the angle cock closed too.
b3j8 (5 years ago)
Easy or not, that'd be a miserable job on some cold, snowy night out in the middle of nowhere!
SuperTowlie420 (4 years ago)
+b3j8 I would still do it
DASCO2136 (5 years ago)
True but they earn a good amount of money
Steven Michael (5 years ago)
That looked easier than I suspected... Great Video.
Eric Krupa (5 years ago)
...hopefully he remembered to open that closed angle cock there at the end
Kaleb Steele (6 years ago)
C. E. Cagle (6 years ago)
Mr. Davenport is a great guy. Always glad to see him
Kaleb Steele (6 years ago)
I hate when i Meet Conductors that are mean and jerks...Great Video!
Bob & Revona Yeager (8 years ago)
Conductor Davenport did a excellent job!! Working Safely!! Good Job!!