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Watch the UPS First Delivery Drone Test | Inverse

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Subscribe to Inverse! UPS is getting ready to use the HorseFly drones to assist drivers in making deliveries in remote areas, and held the first live test flight in Tampa on February 20. Read more at Inverse: ——— Inverse sparks curiosity about the future. We explore the science of anything, innovations that shape tomorrow, and ideas that stretch our minds. Our goal is to motivate the next generation to build a better world.
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Text Comments (9)
Stevie Nines (2 years ago)
Yaaaay now we can get rid of even more jobs
Random Stuffs (2 years ago)
This is ten times better than Amazon. Direct from the truck. Not from the warehouse.
Little Birdie (2 years ago)
goodbye overtime pay haha
Frank (2 years ago)
JustWasted3HoursHere (2 years ago)
Very cool, but has a high chance of abuse I think. I wish UPS all the best of luck, though. JW3HH
NEF (2 years ago)
I can't wait to shoot one of these out of the sky
MrWolfSnack (9 months ago)
Enjoy your lifetime PO box.
hines862009 (2 years ago)
Corey W until the feds take your guns
Jason Aguilar (2 years ago)
Drones: delivering packages one day, delivering world-ending nukes the next.