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Why the UPS 2018 contract sucks!

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Christina Segundo (18 days ago)
Where are you that a package handler makes that much? I was making 10.20 2 years ago and going back this week and it’s 14 an hour now
Rick J (1 month ago)
$86k to push packages, seriously good money, but you earn it. Be careful with the pension. I got three letters in two years stating that unless Congress bailed out the Teamsters in 10 years, the pension fund would go bankrupt. Be very careful...I was with UPS for 16 years. As far as raises go, be happy you even get a raise. Most people have to prove themselves to get one and on contract they are guaranteed.
sr166 (3 months ago)
UPS is a dead end
Daniel Pachon (4 months ago)
Well it's better than being a package handler
Lex Damon (5 months ago)
This coming from someone that assumingly hasn't worked anywhere else in the continental US. Its not perfect, but it's better than a lot of jobs. The physical labor isn't bad unless you're a pussy. I've waited tables that's harder work than this. So take this man's breakdown with a grain of salt.
Josh Brenner (5 months ago)
All we want is $14/hr and to finally get our back pay checks for the people who are owed them I just hit my two year anniversary one week ago today I feel like UPS is low balling us or hourlies the main reason we as pt employees are mad is because the pt supervisors damn near got a $5 raise while we're the ones doing the work I say we could all agree on $14-14.50/hr and our back pay checks most of the people I've talked to ate not really even mad at the contract they're more mad that it's taken so long to get our back pay and raise
Chad Bellbowa (6 months ago)
Quit quit quit quit quit
Jessica Butler (7 months ago)
My husband and I work out of the Palatine IL. Hub. I'm a P/T package handler and he's a swing driver. This contract blows. I wish more people would have gave a shit and voted no.
jdl 68 (8 months ago)
Why would people stick around for that trash job besides benefits that you could get somewhere else that doesnt have no shit ass union due and will give you way more hours and money? Fuck ups i worked there for a few months and getting 20 something hours a week with no raise no backpay 30 min drive and backbreaking work is ridiculous and if you stay you are a moron. Now a five min drive 8 hour nights 40+ hours a week with easy work better pay and benefits ha ups can burn to the ground for all i care
Potatoes O'Brien (9 months ago)
That's why I voted NO.
Denis Berduo (9 months ago)
Is this gonna happen?
Bob Ravenscraft (9 months ago)
I worked as a custodian ups. Quit 2weeks in the first time they attempted to right me up I said F you F ups F all you represent I race you to the gate advice work 3 to5hours do not go steady find something else FAST peace
Joe Rhea (9 months ago)
If it sucked so bad...WHY O WHY.. did so few of you guys NOT Vote ??? If you are a ups employee and did not vote then the union had to ratify the contract dont complain.. just keep cashing those big checks...IMHO...
Steven r (9 months ago)
I worked in upper management at one time(no not all of us are evil, and in fact was once a driver), and for those asking why corporate keeps pissing on you, let me explain. Ot really is simple. When ever they hire a new regional director or above, these new corporate hires ALWAYS talk about how much money they can save the company, and investors. These savings, most of the time never come from supply chain growth or upgrades, but rather changes to labor, and wages, as this is the easiest place to " make up any shortfalls". Yes, those supposed representatives of the Teamsters, do receive special " individual perks", for Any good faith negotiation. As the perks have increased in value, I have noticed that Teamsters leaders will settle more quickly, within regard for those they represent.
rudy torres (10 months ago)
i hate how i wasted my time to vote NO and it was lost in bullshit! 18 fucken years and we only have two shop stewards because the union always sides wit6h ups thats fucked up
Tony Belleo (10 months ago)
Great breakdown... I am a teamster since 1990... Warehouse vwr in new jersey
moneymike77p (10 months ago)
Ive been a handler for 2yrs in atl. Im sort tested also.Thats bs i busted my butt for yrs to have some rookie who is untrained and sucks and will continue to suck make the same as me
Patrick Woods (10 months ago)
Do you have any videos on the driver helper and will ups let you be a driver helper if you don't own a vehicle?
MICHAEL WESTON (10 months ago)
Bahahahahaha!!! The teamsters SUCK COCK!! I worked at ups for 6 years. The teamsters NEVER gave a inch during the contracts and now they finally got what they deserve! Unions are for LAZY, UNEDUCATED, BITCHY LOSERS!!
Iras k200 (11 months ago)
My old man did 30 years. Has a couple nice watches and a Teamsters Clock lmao
vincent guzman (11 months ago)
So in 4 years I’ll be at 15 and some change while other jobs are already paying 15 hr tf ???is going on ??
Tommy Lai (11 months ago)
So is every new UPS Driver hired from this point on going to be a 22.4 ? If so, in 4 years I’ll be making 41/hr? Reason being is a just got hired for a full time driver position and my 5 day training is next week. I’m curious if this new contract is bad for everyone including new hires?
Jon W (11 months ago)
I work at USPS as a sub carrier and it sucks bad.. terrible environment. I was hoping UPS would be a better option but i guess not.
yubtypin (11 months ago)
I dont understand. Wouldnt it be better to pay $20 an hour for folks only working 3 hours a day and pay the drivers a more reasonable rate of $25 an hour? The fact is the top guys at UPS crap on the little guys. If Unions were really good at all they would see to it part timers got paid a fair pay. Why would anyone show up for less than $60? Part timers need a voice. The Unions are not giving them that voice. They are telling them to put in their years of labor and maybe you'll get your chance. Maybe take my advice and learn a skillled trade start your own business and give these clowns a laugh when your driving your new super duty to a real job.
Joe 370z (11 months ago)
Raynebowbrite666 (11 months ago)
Pa Jeet (9 months ago)
Raynebowbrite666 Amazon’s entire blue collar workforce is PT 24 hour weeks @15/ hr. Half of their PT’s work 3 8 hour shifts and they have the other half working 4 6-hour shifts. If needed they can force you to start an hour early and stay an hour late, they do this to the 6 hours shifters as to never have to pay overtime. the amazon model is one that promotes wage slavery over a structure that promotes an employees ability to create a life and a family
Paul Phoenix (11 months ago)
are you bro's aware that alot of local CDL drivers start at 17 an hour. FUCKING SAD. The fucking he is talking about sounds like lube to me after what I have endured.
SpartanMike (11 months ago)
Tyler! Did you read Article 22 section 4.1 in the new proposed contract? It states that RPCD's shall have guaranteed work, "as long as work is available". So if a 22.4 runs your route on Saturday then Monday they can lay you off.
Tyler Binder (11 months ago)
SpartanMike Yes. It's rediculous
Jared Wischmann (11 months ago)
Vote noooooo
Gregg Mau (1 year ago)
Counter points, from someone who actually understands finances...https://youtu.be/WxvtHfiHsKE
Raynebow Brite (1 year ago)
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (1 year ago)
So I’m a package handler and I drive air for 13.50 and when I drive ground it’s 30.64 an hour .. what’s gonna change for me?
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (1 year ago)
Thank you , much info needed ! I do plan on being full time .. all this contract stuff is so confusing to the part time air/ package drivers at which I’m both lol
J Amin (1 year ago)
Since you're not RPCD Regular Package Car Driver, you'll fall into new contract. If you want to be a driver in future as RPCD like everyone else VOTE NO otherwise you'll start your driving career as second-tier 22.4 driver. That article 2nd tier driver MUST be taken out of the contract.. VOTE HELL NOOOO...
Doin Fed TIme (1 year ago)
Raynebow Brite (1 year ago)
Please share the crap out of this. We have ups running scared. Everyone needs to know what they are voting for.
Philip J. Hill (1 year ago)
"Basically...ever bodies getting fucked" Wiser words have never been spoken lol
HARVARD SMART !!! (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/OKu9sSVPyE8 Ups ceo compensation
Brian Shaw (1 year ago)
GREAT video Tyler! Put nearly 31 years in at UPS. Drove for 5 years and worked the graveyard shift loading trucks for nearly 26 years. Banged heads with management numerous times because of production as a driver and injury, due to 2 herniated discs from loading trucks. UPS could care less about their employees. It's all about the green, NOT the Brown. Teamsters are in bed with management and so many workers are CLUELESS to this FACT. They (Teamsters) fu@ked me and my retired brothers and sisters, on our pensions, by allowing 20,000 eligible Teamsters members, WHO DID NOT VOTE, to count as a “yes” and because of an asinine federal law, passed the cuts through. My pension dropped @$1850/month, even though more than 9,700 workers voted AGAINST the cuts, with only 4,081 voting in favor. GET SMART people, UPS is betting on you to vote yes and are using INTIMIDATION tactics to force this contract through. Tyler has done an EXCELLENT job showing the reasons to VOTE NO. DON'T BE SPINELESS AND IGNORANT TO THE TRUTH. You need to watch your back, because the TEAMSTERS UNION DOESN'T have yours!
Wesley Nunez (1 year ago)
When will UPS raise minimum wage for the workers starting a job there to 13.00?
J Amin (1 year ago)
Dude, Jamie Fleming after 24 hours disabled her comments vid channel. She's playing harassment and sexist card... that's pathetic, she doesn't know how accept the constructive criticism. She created the monster, now she has to eat it.! TYPICAL SNOWFLAKE.! VOTE HELL NOOOO...!!!!
Jeffrey Galle (1 year ago)
Watched all your videos and finally found it. You remind me of that brother from 50 first dates
Jeffrey Galle (1 year ago)
Lol I’m just playing. Love your vids sir
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
Jig Bob Doug. Cmonnnn The lisp isn't that bad 😂😂😂
Andy Hansen (1 year ago)
Ta’Quan McDew (1 year ago)
At my center we don’t deliver ground on the weekends so does that eliminate the 22.4 at my center?
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
Ta’Quan McDew We we're told that UPS plans to go full delivery 7 days a week sometime in the future. We can speculate how that's going to happen or when but it would all be guessing at this point
Ta’Quan McDew (1 year ago)
Tyler Binder so will all centers deliver air on Sundays as well?
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
Ta’Quan McDew For now.
iiPayload (1 year ago)
All for one and one for all. Between PT and FT we all should join together and vote no. This contract will fuck us all later in the long run, not just the now. Im 100% voting no. Thank you Tyler for very informative video.
TheGoodChap (1 year ago)
I've been wondering about this for years now can someone explain to me how it was possible for UPS to pay workers the highest starting wage without required college graduation in the *1980s* BEFORE internet shopping? I've heard word of mouth that the starting wage back then adjusted for inflation is something almost $20.00/hr in today's dollars just for part time package handlers! How exactly was UPS able to pay people that much back in the late 80s when they were shipping a fraction of the volume compared to today? Just a couple years ago I remember our volume in the summer used to drop quite low, then about 2 or 3 years ago peak season basically never stops and some of those summers were the hardest days I'd ever worked just because of how much volume we're getting today. So I'm assuming they're making BETTER money now than they were back then and they finally decide to try to put the finishing blows on the union and cut wages, benefits, etc? I understand the stockholders only want to ever see the numbers going up every day more then the last, but I don't think anyone should be too concerned with the stockholders, they'll certainly survive, none of them will be struggling any time soon.
Steve Sperry (1 year ago)
It's because of the cost of health insurance. That's part of the wages now and it's really expensive to insure an employee now.
Ra Thesungod (1 year ago)
Mr CoCo (1 year ago)
If no skill pay anymore, does this mean they're TAKING $1 from new and senior preloaders?
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
CoCoTower Senior employees will keep it from my understanding. However, new hires will no longer receive a bump of $1 when taking a skilled position
Xavier Nunez (1 year ago)
P/Timers at $13/hr. !. Yea, fukkin right !!!.. I'm still at $10.50/hr. They guarantee you 4-5 hrs a day, this passed Friday 8-24-2018 we were released after working the unload 3hrs non-stop w/o a break. So yeeah.... no we don't sit in a truck unloading with our headphones chewing gum chillin'. 🖕
N Joseph (1 year ago)
All UPS drivers are greedy. I wish I was making $34 -$41an hour working for UPS.
J Amin (1 year ago)
We're hiring, why don't you put your big boy skinny pants on and come on board...!!! Let's see if the money you earn and the hard work you do matches.
Gerald Iwan (1 year ago)
I just quit after 7 years like a week ago. Place is a fucking joke.
Joe Timbers (1 year ago)
Going into management now, teamster doesn't care about part timers and this contract shows it. Get your eduction and work as a supervisor to boost your resume or spent your life being a pre-loader
Sellout Chronicles (1 year ago)
This is literally a fuck over Jesus christ
Jon Kihm (1 year ago)
Ridiculously frustrating contract. I've only been working part time on preload for 3 years now and just got to $13 an hour. Was proud to have made it to that hourly wage but after hearing what's happening with this contract, I'm very frustrated and disappointed to hear some new guy/gal who doesn't have the skill and experience that I do, will be making the exact hourly wage😠
Demoniiiic (1 year ago)
@Jon Kihm good job I do it as well. I've talked to around 5-8 people I didn't really know
Jon Kihm (1 year ago)
@Demoniiiic I have been
Demoniiiic (1 year ago)
Jon Kihm spread the word to other workers some are clueless
Jon Kihm (1 year ago)
@Tyler Binder oh, I certainly will. Can absolutely guarantee it.
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
Jon Kihm Vote No.
Ta’Quan McDew (1 year ago)
Thanks for the breakdown, I will be voting no
Andy Hansen (1 year ago)
A NO vote will get you any 85 in 7, rpcds will be working weekends, the $50/mo retirement healthcare will be gone. The 22.4 takes care of weekend delivery, protects 22.3 from weekend work. A NO vote is not responsible. UPS will give a best and final offer and it won't be good. Please research for yourself.
Andy Hansen (1 year ago)
@thekillermike22 UPS is ready to go with a best and final offer if this contract doesn't get enough votes. They weren't coming off "any 5 in 7" in the negotiations. The 22.4 was the best answer to keep us out of any 5 in 7.
thekillermike22 (1 year ago)
Wrong. They will renegotiate a better contract.
RL Driver (1 year ago)
I wouldn't drive for that company to save my life. All it is is organized slavery especially those package handlers, too many damn stops. IN ONE DAY.
Dana Costello (1 year ago)
not true on $5 last contract. the last two years were split. Regardless, its a vote no for me.
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
Dana Costello It was $3.90 correct.
Jonny Marion (1 year ago)
Easiest job i've ever had. Its scanning and loading boxes I mean come on lol. Try busting concrete after your shift
Jonny Marion (1 year ago)
I'm a part time loader in sacramento. I work 2 jobs over 80 hours a week. .i'll gladly take more jobs and weekend work. Been working weekends for 20 years. Lol
Jason DAG (1 year ago)
If UPS doesn't step up they probably won't be around for the 200th year anniversary.... They have the money to do things right. This is just a smoke screen in my opinion so they can negotiate for something they want. You don't try to make a deal with someone by offering them all the money you can afford. They will bend grudgingly and pretend like it's painful. It's like a magic show, keep focused on center stage that way you don't see the elephant that's been in the room the whole time.
backrack01 (1 year ago)
Two things that I have to vent on. The amount of part-time supervisors that I've over heard saying they can't wait till the starting pay is $13... because they feel that will give them the green light to intimate and harass the new guys to go "faster". Ive also learned about how we are talked about. It starts at hub school...where part time sups go. Managment at the "school"can refer to teamster's as prisoner's. They are told don't let the prisoner's run the assylum. Your first thought is that it's a joke...sometimes we all can think if our job as a prison. But it's not a joke. Prisoner's don't have a name, no rights and are generally looked down upon as the shit by society. Especially by the prison guards... They also teach them wrong interpretations of the contract. Purposely telling them things like seniority only matters for picking vacas. Nothing else. This idea that we are nothing more than a number...is drilled in their heads. Fun Fact.... they just raised the pay of every part time supervisor to $19+.
backrack01 (1 year ago)
Tyler Binder they've created such a horrible work culture. I try to explain to the new guys that none of these sups are your friend. I wish more full timers would hold them accountable. It's always the same few people who stick up for themselves and others. Those few wind up getting harassed and intimidated and then we have to deal with that. We do... Grievence but it's a constant battle. I put it in my fellow 22.3 people to all speak up... They can't fuck with all of us. But... Nobody speaks up. Wait till u have a messed up rotator cuff or hernated disc...and see how much these clowns care about u. I've know a few sups who flat out quit because they couldn't take just how bad the managers wanted to treat us hourlys. They would shake their head and tell me u have no idea just how bad they talk about u guys. I'm good at Knowing my rights and sticking up for myself but for a place I go into 5 days a week for 8-13 hrs/day... It's depressing to know that we are being talked about in this fashion. Fuck em
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
backrack01 You don't want to believe this stuff deep down, you probably wouldn't believe it if you didn't work here. It's sad... So so sad.
J Amin (1 year ago)
VOTE HELL NOOOO...!!! https://youtu.be/MqGT-0o7yO8
tl2003 sev (1 year ago)
You keep talkin also about part-time work... Remember it's part time not full time... When I started at UPS I was part time and got another job so I can survive because I knew it was... Part time... and how many part-time employees have full benefits with other companies... Not too many so take that in consideration to
tl2003 sev (1 year ago)
Tyler Binder I'm just glad I'm working and not striking!! I will take my 110,000.00 a year with benefits ....I waited my turn to go full time. And it paid off.... when ups goes non union in the next couple contracts key me know what you're making
tl2003 sev (1 year ago)
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
Tom Severson Tom Starting pay for part timers was $8 in 1978.... Today it's $10. It's been 40 years. C'mon
tl2003 sev (1 year ago)
I've been to UPS 30 years. And I know this I'm going to retire before this contract is up. And trust me people when I say UPS will be non-union before I die. It might be this next contract for the contract after so be careful what you wish for... Then what are you
Aaron Springborn (1 year ago)
I am a package handler currently. What does 22 4 mean? Do they want to work Sundays because they don't care about people that are Christians and devoted to families? Also does this mean that drivers and including handlers have to work all 7 days of the week? What you said around 2:10 in the video sounds like a contradiction that the company is trying to to. What is this two tier system of skill pay? I never heard of that before. How can you work 70 hours a week? Sorry for all these questions. Great video and thank you for explaining things.
Kenneth Nicely (1 year ago)
UPS is not that great for customers neither. They tried denying me my claim for a computer I sent off to a friend for his birthday. They would come up with excuse after excuse but I had taken pictures of everything before and after it was sent. First they said the box was like that when it was shipped. Too bad for them I had pictures showing that wasn't the case. Then they said the box wasn't rated for the weight. Walmart backed me up on that excuse, telling them it was rated for that weight. Then they tried saying it wasn't packed right. Sorry I had a picture of that showing it fully packed with two bags of shipping peanuts and a roll of bubble wrap. After 2 and a half months of the excuses I got my claim. UPS? Never again.
matt mungrin (1 year ago)
Complaining about $41.45 an hour? Lol
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
matt mungrin We're hiring. Our turnover rate is 80%.
Texas Patriot (1 year ago)
Look I just want to get off by 5 or 6 on most my days and like 3 on weekends. I dont have time to get life things done. I have been getting off at 8 pm + since driving.
Texas Patriot (1 year ago)
I am only working until get my goal amount of money in the bank and my debt paid off than im gone. I dont want to spend most my life working. I dont mind working if its not taking 90% of my life. People be like oh you only have to do that for 20 years than you can retire....im like no I want a family and to spend time with them. Right now i am work sleep work
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
Texas Patriot That's why we need better overtime language. Vote no brother. The workload is sickening
Tyreke Jenkins (1 year ago)
This job fucking sucks
Luis Saavedra (1 year ago)
This really bad for ups employees
Andrew Bittle (1 year ago)
You gotta look at the glass half full sometimes kid. Think about this..you will make from 75k to 110k as a delivery man.
Barry Sell (1 year ago)
Try on the shoes,it's not a job it's a lifestyle. Live eat breath and have it haunt you at night and off the clock on the weekends.
James Lesnefsky (1 year ago)
Thanks for your time to put this info out for us. Big help.
Malik Johnson (1 year ago)
6yrs make 14.90 smh!! New hires will come in and make almost the same... smh.. this contract is horrible and the company is going down hill
Diego Camero (1 year ago)
Can someone tell me where to vote
ken bennett (1 year ago)
How about the freight side
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
ken bennett Freight drivers said it's NOT good at all.
S. M. H. (1 year ago)
Supervisors don't count for this either. Only drivers and new hires.
Bitcoin (1 year ago)
Sharks Fan (1 year ago)
Upser for 14 years and originally thought contract was decent but I was so wrong thank you for breaking it all down so I can understand it 👍👍
eye2thebeholder - (1 year ago)
Hey nice video what is the difference between 22.4 driver and full time driver cause I was asked to be a driver for Christmas I'm a part time preloaded and this will be all new to me...tbh the 20 pay is great for me cause I'm pushing myself to be to have a bet tree r career and 13.00 it enough working 22 hrs a week but I have another job working 40 hrs but at 11 hr...so I'm pulling in 550 to 600 a week after taxes what will it look like if I become a driver...thanks
eye2thebeholder - (1 year ago)
JEFFREY will there be an option? Who exactly becomes a 22.4 driver? how can you become a full timer?
JEFFREY (1 year ago)
eye2thebeholder - You will be screwed and taken advantage of. You get no 9.5 protection and can be overworked until you hit the dot limit. You will be forced to work weekends. You’re doing the same job as a full timer but will never get paid like them because top out pay for a 22.4 is about $6 less. 22.4 should have every right a full timer has and should make the same for doing the same work but they won’t.
FadeMe1 (1 year ago)
Shifter from Dallas Building Checking in. Making a whopping 12.75 being there 4 years. Maybe when the new contract kicks in I'll be able to take care of my family. Oh wait a minute, I'll be a whole 45 cents over new hires who start at 13.00. Thanks UPS
Brett (1 year ago)
So what would happen to me if I’m a part time package handler almost at my 1 year anniversary and my local is not apart of the national vote
Anomic Anomic (1 year ago)
Tyler you have almost 95,000 views out of about 240,000 ups teamsters. That’s amazing!!!!!!!!! Future business agent 🐶
Edgar1 Edgar (1 year ago)
I am disappointed with the union they avoid us to strike
Edgar1 Edgar (1 year ago)
I am thinking of leaving if they don't give us a 15 $ and catch up raise , this job is too heavy I am always on back pain..
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
Amen man. People try to say this part time job is just like other part time jobs. That's just not the case. The work is back breaking.
jacob linn (1 year ago)
So I’ve been wondering something as a part time cover driver. Is there no raise for us? I’m not going full time right now by choice so am I just screwed also?
Ray Miranda (1 year ago)
Cmon people...I need some feedback on this: Hey all.....I'm a little biased because I'm at the tail end of my career at UPS as a full time inside person. Honestly, I'm more interested in pension and health care stuff.....and the longevity of the company. And btw Tyler.....I do like your passion and whiteboard stuff. Here's my question for the long timers and people like me who are about to retire. It's concerning the 22.4 jobs. Why would you be freaked out about that? I believe that most of those people would be new off the streets. I would think that you would want new employees in there to help pay for your pensions and healthcare in the long run. It might be a little less for them...but ....how does that affect you? Also....here is one more thing for you all to think about. In the big major hubs, there are part time and combo employees delivering air and ground. Some of them making 60, 70, 80 grand plus a year. And some of them are working inside making that kind of money. PART TIME EMPLOYEES. They're not going thru the blood sweat and tears that you are every day in the heat and the long hours. Even if they do long hours....................it doesn't matter. They are not RPCDs. An RPCD deserves every penny they can get from UPS. This is where the 22.4s come in. Why would you become an RPCD if you can work in the hub and drive ground and make what you make? The pension? Seems to me like it doesn't matter. More full time employees...no matter what they make will keep the company strong and keep your pensions and healthcare coverage more secure. Ok....I might be talking out my ass here..but I would like to hear feedback on this. Go ahead and tear me up. I honestly want to hear opinions on both sides of this. I went thru the last strike, and I don't think it's a good idea to go thru another one. For either side. It's nasty. Let me know. Also.....as far as part times go.....that's what they are....part timers. Everyone makes a choice when they decide to work for UPS. You know going in......hey I can make a few bucks and get some decent insurance....or I can wait forever and get a combo job or go driving and make some decent money. It's the nature of the game. Alright everyone...let me know what you think
Ray Miranda (1 year ago)
C'mon....Is that all you got? Of course I care. Read my whole comment. Don't do like a politcal election and just do what everyone tells you to do. Do some RESEARCH and THINK LONG TERM ....think man, think!
Cha Boiiiii (1 year ago)
Your at the tail end of your career. Of course you dont care!
Tyler Damaske (1 year ago)
I was already going to vote no but this confirmed the deal
Stephen Brown (1 year ago)
Just posted this video on ups vote no page on Facebook
mattgon gon (1 year ago)
Quick question. What skills do you bring to the work force for that 36 dollars an hour? Are you even worth the 34 an hour? Writing is on the wall. Orion and turn by turn navigation . 100 percent of the drivers would do the job for 34 an hour. They were doing it for that much 2 years ago. We strike we get replaced. Ask twinkies. Any asshole dropping off boxes shouldn't make anywhere near 100k a year.
Tyler Binder (1 year ago)
Maybe things are different in your building. We cant keep drivers, period. Not even full time RPCD drivers.
BuildingwithTrees (1 year ago)
Question: are the full time package car drivers jobs available now career position, or are they 22.4? I'm career USPS, get treated like crap, but making 45k/yr vs 85k/yr and still treated like crap is an acceptable tradeoff for me.
European shepherd named Washington (1 year ago)
You guys are acting as if it's the new hires faults that they start with 15$
John Clark (1 year ago)
Buchanan - State of Emergency----utube------i say this is the truth watch it ----the truth hurts u midget
John Clark (1 year ago)
god damn mental migets 4 upsucks
John Clark (1 year ago)
i got bad news 4 u and that bag of potato chips 4 12,000 dollars a year----due to nafta jobs leaving u people r way over paid today. no brains 2 do ur yob-----right hand middle finger up ass look in space and be a pivot man.
John Clark (1 year ago)
barstow, ca 620pm 08082018---upsucks driver needs sign 4 package--as the jackass turns away leaving this baby raper says--the police will be here this evening cause of ssi--no way u could get ssdi---these fruits just cant drop off the package several times they have open the asshole below the nose and poo-poo pours out---bad bad 4 this jackass its ssdi-----whats he even doing here in this country---
Marcus Marine (1 year ago)
F uck UPS I worked there and they sold me a whole bunch of dreams they were going to send me to school to fix there trucks become a mechanic fixing trucks😒 then nothing ✊👊💥🌟✨💫
Leroy Williams (1 year ago)
Is this for feeder drivers as well?
Sun Rays (1 year ago)
Got an update video?
Mr killem All (1 year ago)
11 yrs seniority start at 8.50$ now after -11years 18 when new hires walk in the door with 15.00$ here in Utah makes me very angry no guarantee of a cost of living increase and yet our union says “this is the best contract in us history” WTF 😑
JEFFREY (1 year ago)
Mr killem All Current part timers are being screwed bad by both the union and the company.
Mr killem All (1 year ago)
Vote no .
Kye White (1 year ago)
I wanna work for UPS as a driver but seeing this is making me question whether I should or not. I wanna know the benefits and the cons. I also want to know if the money is good compared to someone who busts their ass daily in the heat and sun for $12/hr. Right now I feel underpaid asf where I work.
JEFFREY (1 year ago)
Kye White You’re not going to be able to drive for a while. Not until everyone ahead of you passes on the position. You’d likely start at $13 in the warehouse first. The hours vary. Minimum is 3 1/2 to whenever.