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Fedex package handler - One month review | Reaction

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Fedex package handler - One month review | Reaction Original video - https://youtu.be/knhJgy1jb5I Here is a different type of video that ill be doing, reaction! Here is a guy thats been working for Fedex as a package handler giving his one month review as a fedex package handler. If you enjoy this video smash that LIKE and SUBSCRIBE button! CTHOMPSON CLAN! INSTAGRAM -https://www.instagram.com/cthompson1135/ TWITTER -https://twitter.com/CThompson1135 SNAPCHAT - CTHOMPSON1135
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Jacob Clevidence (1 month ago)
Lol I like when he said the managers care so much lmao they just want that shit scanned to the route and keep it moving 😂
handheldnintendofan (2 months ago)
I was a package handler for ups only lasted 2 weeks worst job ever 😂
Chris Flores (1 month ago)
Similar to me working at Macy's warehouse
Luis Tabares (2 months ago)
Please man turn ur music off sounds better let me ask u what do you know about work for Fedex your retired plan like 401k as a truck driver or what benefits you can get thank u
Jae Keys (2 months ago)
Like you said CT I have a problem with the Loaders, not the unloaders...I was injured in 2015 because of a bad load that fell from the top shelf on my truck. I was driving a box truck so the top shelf was pretty high. I messed up my back and have had a couple of surgeries and looking at a 3rd. Prior to this incident, I had complained to all the managers of the problems with my truckload and even had the vision fixed and nothing changed. I really loved being a driver so its unfortunate I can not return to the job. Safety first!
G-NETICS (3 months ago)
Steven Menke (3 months ago)
Unloading is a joke. Try loading, now that's some real work..
Jacob Clevidence (1 month ago)
Loading isnt that bad
Simple_City (4 months ago)
I was a package Handler for 2 years and loved it! The trick is getting away from unloading trailers and working on the van lines. My job was to stand at the front of the belt, push the HD stuff down the chute, and load 2 or 3 trucks. I always loaded for the same 2 drivers no matter where they moved trucks in the building, because no one else understood how to load those trucks. One day I loaded a truck I didn't normally load and the driver found me the next day and told me he would pay me daily if I kept loading his truck lol.
Jerimiah Reeves (5 months ago)
Some people can't handle #fedexlife gotta be tough
Andrik Vasquez (2 months ago)
I worked for Amazon thru agency for peak season. I was a picker. The pay 15.85 in Az. I was let go last week. Good pay easy job
Kixx (3 months ago)
mbiraq getting 17$ rn in MN , fedex ground
mbiraq (3 months ago)
+CamryV6SE I hope you like the job and yes $17 is very good pay, I wonder how much they pay in Amazon fulfillment centers in your state, Any idea?
CamryV6SE (3 months ago)
+mbiraq it is higher but dude still thats a 7$ difference and I'm starting by an agency first. 3rd month I'll get hired and even get payed more . I think it's good pay for fedex
mbiraq (3 months ago)
+CamryV6SE cost of living is higher in CA that's why, they pay $10 in MI.
Ricardo Delacruz (5 months ago)
They pay way too cheap as fuck they better start paying more cause people will not show up more often then usual ... slave work period.
Matt Cola (5 months ago)
This guy is acting liking a bitch the one in car 🤦‍♂️.
Avery (5 months ago)
I quit UPS and it was the best feeling ever
larhonda brandon (6 months ago)
I'm really strong messing with FedEx..you sure stay in shape lol
larhonda brandon (6 months ago)
It's not really hard if you just stay consistent and move at a steady pace you will unload over 1000. The closer the boxes are the higher your rate will be.I have mastered it lol
oweyougrams (5 months ago)
larhonda brandon basically it’s all in how many hours you get a night
larhonda brandon (6 months ago)
I have been working at FedEx Ground for five years..I under the struggle👀👀👀👀😳😳😳😂😂😂
larhonda brandon (6 months ago)
BallHog (6 months ago)
Fed ex is a shitty job I been unloading trucks for a couple months I'm getting mad they always want me to speed up but I don't get paid per truck I get paid per hour
Denis G. (6 months ago)
How about the independent cargo van carrier delivery is it the same?
Denis G. (6 months ago)
+CThompsonTv Thank you for responding to me😀. Not the van you drive those Class C none air brakes cargo vans I think that's what's called .
CThompsonTv (6 months ago)
Not sure if I understand your question, Denis
Eric Te (6 months ago)
Do you work out of Burleson road station? I am looking at working for a contractor for fedex home delivery. I am sure your moving fast to deliver.
BakedBeyondBelief (7 months ago)
I've been with fedex now for 5 weeks. Surprisingly enough I'm an outside hire ops manager. I feel for the package handlers. You I'm a lead by example kind of guy so I've done unloading, scanning and loading, but I didnt started at fedex as a PH. All stations are different, hubs are different. I love it so far, but it is hard for PHs to do hard work as mostly part time. My only quark right now is that I find it strange how fedex drivers dont work for FedEx but a contractor. So I can't go and tell a driver anything and they can't really tell my PHs anything, but it's a great partnership.
mnoell35 (8 months ago)
Package handling at UPS/Fedex/XPO/DHL is a GRINDER!!!!! It chews niggas up,and shit them out. It’s go!go!go! All the time,even with call outs/quitters. -This is America
Schae Everyday (8 months ago)
So did you start as a package handler or did you go straight to delivery driver? @CThompsonTV
Noe Zamora (8 months ago)
How do I become a delivery driver for fedex
Rahstyles Dotcom (1 month ago)
fastpace101 (2 months ago)
+Johnny Moncivais sell*
Johnny Moncivais (4 months ago)
CThompsonTv (4 months ago)
Johnny Moncivais (4 months ago)
You sale your sole
hippiecheezburger (9 months ago)
Fedex and UPS literally wipes their ass with whoever applies for this job , they can always replace you, fuck corporate America, evil af, production is valued way more than the worker, could care less about confidentiality. Fuck those places because if you're short a couple people you have to do their work too for the same amount of money in the same amount of time.
Caleb Brown (10 months ago)
Did you start as a package handler
CThompsonTv (10 months ago)
She Hate Me (11 months ago)
worked as a package handlers for 3 years. unloaded 4 trucks a night on average. It's a hard job not for the weak. They need to pay by the day and not the hour. They press you to work faster but the faster you work, the less money you make. A manager told my coworker to speed it up, he told them he gets paid by the hour, not truck.
John Dillinger (8 months ago)
what do you do as a package and handler?
Juan C. Aguilar (9 months ago)
She Hate Me savage. Your co worker still there?
x90Xavi09x X7X7X (11 months ago)
The managers do act like they care at first, you're picked up and dropped off those first several weeks same with UPS, until you get your badge... Then it's a decline from there lol. I've worked for UPS, Walmart and FedEx in a 5 year span, all the same. You move up at the same rate, nothing is hard, all demanding. You and Joe both have accurate outlooks of the company and I agree, I don't know how in the **** you load a truck bad, it's slightly easier than loading a can/container.
Jaydon Sanders (6 months ago)
+John Dillinger load or unload trucks also management depends on the person you get, could be a dick or could be a cool ass person
John Dillinger (8 months ago)
x90Xavi09x X7X7X what do you do as a package handler??
Kevin Briner (1 year ago)
He didn’t report it but said it publicly that he was injured. Smh One thing I learned from Fed-Ex when I helped in bulk is controlled falls to get stuff out of the back of the truck when handlers load the truck incorrectly, which happens sometimes.
hippiecheezburger (9 months ago)
They don't do shit anyway, unless it's some serious injury, they ignore everybody
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Yeah, not sure why he didn't report it
Darkknight (1 year ago)
Some people just want easy work
fastpace101 (2 months ago)
+hippiecheezburger they tell you what you signed up for..
hippiecheezburger (9 months ago)
Darkknight it's just that the work is not worth the time, the money, the strain on the body, they just pump the work out in a careless, relentless fashion. People think they can start something with the company and just gets lied to and shit on. That's what's disappointing.
wippat (1 year ago)
Yeah thankgod I got off package handler and I am in administration now doing am check-in
JustRobi💯 (1 year ago)
Are you using shure inears?
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Diaz (1 year ago)
FedEx needs to increase their wages and become more selective in their hiring process. Dispatch times are just going to get later as good workers seek opportunities elsewhere. It's not like the money they make is irreplaceable.
Jacob Clevidence (1 month ago)
The fedex I work at the package handlers have a 80% turnover rate😂😂
fastpace101 (2 months ago)
Turnover rate is too high them to be selective.. liked your comment cause made sense
JJ JJ (1 year ago)
I've seen so many people come through Express and wonder wth were they thinking when they hired that person. You can always tell who is gonna last and who isn't lol. I guess everyone gets treated fairly and given a chance. It is what it is.
Scott D (1 year ago)
Diaz A good sorter just makes my day the lazy ones just make me wanna stick a foot up their ass 😂 no not really. I get how their pressured for having to move x-number of boxes in x-amount of time. One good sorter I know is a new mother and despite she probably gets little to no sleep (I’ve got two kids I know how it is) she’s here every day kicking ass and giving no f$&@s. Wish we had more like her. The package handlers who stick around the most are older and want the health ins it seems. A lot of young people who stick around seem to e students wanting to have tuition reimbursement and leave as soon as they graduate. I feel as though it’s the ones who are there and can’t figure out what they’re really three for just get tired and quit and can’t find a purpose. Overall I like everybody in my station except for the station manager - total D-bag.
Greatwhite Z71 (1 year ago)
Think that guy actually quit Fedex, and works with the railroad now
Stingsz123 (6 months ago)
I think the railroad went back to Fedex, and left the guy.
Taga Way (1 year ago)
larsonage I've noticed that with young veterans. They move around a lot, in short periods of time.. trying to figure out life is kinda different for them it seems.
larsonage (1 year ago)
He actually left the railroad. I think he went back to college.
Scott D (1 year ago)
Probably badly depends where your working. I delivered to a guy who was leaving the railroad and asked me if they were hiring at FedEx. 😁
CThompsonTv (1 year ago)
Might be true. Haven't looked at his videos. That's a good job though
Devontae Joiner (1 year ago)
Notification squad!