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Primitive Technology: Easy Deep Hole Underground Python Snake Trap Using Blue Basket Work 100%

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Primitive Technology: Easy Deep Hole Underground Python Snake Trap Using Blue Basket Work 100% Note: This Video Is Only For Entertainment Purpose. if you are not happy or upset with our contents please kindly don’t review it. killing animals are not allowed in our country Thank you so much for watching my video. Please comment, like, share and subscribe to see more videos update. Thank You !!
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Luisa Perez (2 hours ago)
Zaheera Hossen (1 day ago)
Bom sa
Alba Granados Ramírez (3 days ago)
dios mio
Alba Granados Ramírez (3 days ago)
o dios
Alba Granados Ramírez (3 days ago)
Agostinho Pascal (4 days ago)
Flamengo epeanrol
p2c p2c (4 days ago)
Luiz Berimbau (5 days ago)
Luiz berimbau na festa popular com nerivan silva
Luiz Berimbau (5 days ago)
Ap ao vivo na ouadra boemios de iraja
Alcione Pereira (6 days ago)
Virginija Mis (6 days ago)
Labai jau didele ir baisi idomu kur deda juo pagave
Mini Cine (7 days ago)
This is the English comment you are looking for
celiane Santos (7 days ago)
A vida animal e muito incrível
꧁alan do graveツ꧂ (3 days ago)
LET'S DO SOME THINGS. (7 days ago)
Mussa Mwanyila (7 days ago)
Ongezeeni bidiii ya matukio jamani
Marland Travel (8 days ago)
Thank you for sharing this nice video to us hi, new friend here
IVan Wamala (8 days ago)
Foffa Tube (9 days ago)
لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله Niceeeeee 👍👍
Javier Santoyo Chávez (8 days ago)
Foffa Tube para que se 🐒 que lo mejor para que me mutor 🐆🦄 el día viernes para que se ha mostrado el minumedos. 7221122858. Oh y. El. Tuyo🐻😀🇧🇬🎈🏆🤤😘😍🐈🍝
Alfredo Oliveira (9 days ago)
Deus me livre
thanuseesa haruna (9 days ago)
welcome development
Daniel Matias (9 days ago)
thank God for being with us
Lincan Nicolae (9 days ago)
Sam Sam (10 days ago)
سامي الكردي (10 days ago)
جيد جدا
mjid aziki (11 days ago)
محمد نوح نوح (11 days ago)
ahmet Kaya (11 days ago)
Dip Gurung (13 days ago)
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Paul Desfosses (13 days ago)
Udin Jenefer (13 days ago)
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Sadhna Nigam (14 days ago)
Slava Šimović (15 days ago)
Chris Cabalan (15 days ago)
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artist KUNDAN ROSHAN Basti (16 days ago)
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Mackinson Louis (16 days ago)
Mackinson Louis (16 days ago)
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foridul islam (16 days ago)
Chin Nguyen (16 days ago)
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kristaller& doğada yaşam (17 days ago)
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Princess Yt 90023 (18 days ago)
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Dream world (19 days ago)
Truly realy Very brave
Poonam Kamal (20 days ago)
Frog Ko Kha Gya Kya
اجمل یاور (20 days ago)
چرا من ویدو های شما را دیده نمی توانم
Moe Khaim (20 days ago)
Bxzzbx Xbzzz (20 days ago)
Maria Olivera (19 days ago)
@Yoyo B7bur puede ferro farot
Yoyo B7bur (20 days ago)
nasourou bouti (20 days ago)
Baby Ninja (21 days ago)
Юля Ковалерова (21 days ago)
Я просто в шоке!!!! Как люди там живут, где столько змей. Более того, что они их сами ловят и играются наверное они больные на всю свою голову!!!!
john harris (22 days ago)
This is all made-up dishonest fake shit...they must think that were really stupid!
ChOu chOu (22 days ago)
اغنيت ملرحتي يا ما
Rosane Guimarães (22 days ago)
Pega essa cobra
wu hyeok (22 days ago)
Click bait???
Aky To (23 days ago)
Ranjit Sutradhar (23 days ago)
nilson Rosa da Silva (24 days ago)
Hellen Limo (24 days ago)
Lionel Johnson (13 days ago)
Hi are you
Lionel Johnson (13 days ago)
Hellen Limo service
Aneel modi (25 days ago)
Minh Trieu (25 days ago)
,phim ma
Trish’s kitchen (26 days ago)
Moondiver (26 days ago)
nice video
Rana Gupta (26 days ago)
aragon kingsword2 (26 days ago)
I only watched to see if someone got eaten
Antii Sxcial (12 days ago)
Same lm sick tho🤒
Md Shamim Reza (20 days ago)
S M (26 days ago)
Same 😂
Ghias Ahmed (27 days ago)
Arun Chauhan (27 days ago)
Valentino CTM PE (27 days ago)
Ate Christy (27 days ago)
Congrats po sa Wedding
Khairul Anwar (28 days ago)
Imran Shaikh (28 days ago)
Sabse bada fake
Imran Shaikh (28 days ago)
सब fake है फोटो में बताया था कि आदमी का सर snake में निकल लिया
불만있어요?ᄒᄒ (28 days ago)
Enjoy https://youtu.be/ZzKqAakiD0A
Veermati Kumari (28 days ago)
Very smart beta
elias soletro (29 days ago)
Dama ija
Canal do Fracassado (29 days ago)
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Mohammad Mohammad (22 hours ago)
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Pastor Vicente Silva (29 days ago)
Watching here in Brazil my friend!
Maria Das Graças (29 days ago)
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Yoxe Navarro (30 days ago)
excelente trampa
Kaushal mishra (30 days ago)
Hmoob ntsuag ntuj (1 month ago)
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Durgesj Rajak (1 month ago)
Kahan par ho kaise ho Magar Kyon Nahin Aaye Hamare Paas Aisi Chand kar deti deewana bana deti Humko Dekhte hi Tumko Pyar Karne Lage Hum Ko Magar Kya Karen Hua Aashiq deewana bana diya Tumhare Kabil Durgesh I love you
_Ости_ _ostu_ (1 month ago)
На превю фотошоп мастера )))
Apip gamers97 (1 month ago)
Good of kntut now bacot
Thanh Tiết TV (1 month ago)
Con rắn gì to vậy bạn
Ronjit Da (1 month ago)
মানব অবতার সিরি কিস্ন
Julieta Espíndola (1 month ago)
Es muy triste lo que le pasó 😖☹️🙁😦🙁☹️😖
Erick Noel Suazo Siles (1 month ago)
quiero saber,adonde,exiteesto
Emmanuel M'belou (1 month ago)
C ,est intéressent.j'ai a pressier
ال ات (1 month ago)
Emmanuel M'belou قبل
Benjamin Ben (1 month ago)
Now I know where my freaking rods went from from my Christmas ornaments someone stole
Benjamin Ben (1 month ago)
Oh no it's a miniature theme of Jurassic Park something's going to eat the frog
Randy Barnett (1 month ago)
5:10 wash ur hands
rajesh kumar (28 days ago)
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유좋구와 해피 (1 month ago)
헐 개구리가 있다..
نور الزين (1 month ago)
الفنان الملحن محمد الزين
Dila Dila (1 month ago)
عاشق محمد الزين fddovc
Arif Official Misteri (1 month ago)
Nikmat ya
asra flores (1 month ago)
Y qué pasó después
3rd.Koast PC (1 month ago)
How many times are y'all going to catch the same fucking snake? Damn thing is gonna die before too long. Need to do something about that mouth-rot also. Retards.
Sanogo Drissa (1 month ago)
siriki. diabate
Israt’s Was was Chowdhury (1 month ago)
spring garden1 (1 month ago)
SO LY DA Amazing veideo I did enjoy it.
vicenta martinez (1 month ago)
Canto relijiosos
Capitain Flinte (1 month ago)
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Rosa Tavares (1 month ago)
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ALL FACT (1 month ago)
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Chanel New (1 month ago)
very goods. back to me. thank.
Saul luvs balls (1 month ago)
what is that thumbnail
Fu Sensei (6 days ago)
Abdulahi Agboade (1 month ago)
the snake is too long
Chandra Prakash (24 days ago)
Abdulahi Agboade n. Vबनाम