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38 EXAMPLES OF BIKERS DRIVERS WITH LOW IQ Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a message and we'll get it resolved .
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Text Comments (725)
sebi kmetec (59 minutes ago)
At 1:30 . This guy thinks he is a bull !
Christoph Swierczek (3 hours ago)
I don't know, how it is in other countries, but in Germany, when a pedestrian is on a zebra crossing, then the cars have to wait.
Clans of clans tutorial for beginners J (3 hours ago)
4:45 Jebote 😄😄😄
Zygison (4 hours ago)
4:55 > Kid gets hit by a car > Kid gets packed
Edwin TNT (4 hours ago)
wow the simple look right left and double check any speeding vehicle before crossing....but still no one follow......is like need study professor certificate education get to learn this LOL....seriously ......really people having d9ath wish
FBI_ NAVAJO (5 hours ago)
1:30 lmao wtf!!!
El Magnanimo (7 hours ago)
Q temerarios e inconscientes somos al caminar y manejar. En el video se ven faltas de ambos lados por igual.
theothertroll (14 hours ago)
proves pedestrians are as stupid as drivers in foreign countries ~
nic jones (17 hours ago)
So at 5:15 they hit a little girl and the kidnap her lol
Kristopher Parnell (20 hours ago)
The smart ones wait for the lights
Big T. Larrity (21 hours ago)
Seems like this loser has a grudge against women with all his videos, typical MRA virgin.
William Black (1 day ago)
Is it so hard to look left and right before you cross?
Speed Fit (1 day ago)
3:37 that douchebag just HAD TO BLOCK THE BEST VIEW. SMH
Byron Cabrera (7 days ago)
3:27. Is why you are here.
Bruce Hood (8 days ago)
A lot of these drivers see the pedestrians from about 20 meters away AND STILL MAINTAIN THEIR SPEED?? Yes, these pedestrians shouldn't be jay walking but that's no reason to also prove drivers have low IQ too
Marc L. (8 days ago)
Only in Russia.
MWF GamingForfeits (8 days ago)
These people are they type of npc's in gta 5 I would rip to shreds with the mini gun.
guess who (8 days ago)
E jale cu rusii astia :))
syft3land (9 days ago)
Pedestrian IQ set aside, there are two lessons to take away from this compilation: 1) Expect the unexpected. If there are object blocking your view of the sidewalk, like a bunch of cars, be more alert, especially in residential areas where kids might run into the street. 2) In Russia, lessons on safety and traffic rules are apparently optional before taking your driving license, if they even require those.
Catgamer 33517 (9 days ago)
The most advanced civilization on earth cant look both ways. Because its so nice how stupid we are sometimes
Relco12 (9 days ago)
2:22 this really pissed me off..
Pokepix (9 days ago)
0:49 Drover with low iq
Tom Johnson (9 days ago)
Should be called "38 Examples of Dumb Russian Pedestrians"
Katherine Grimes (9 days ago)
Can't stop watching 1:30 😂😂😂 and the one where the guy pretended the cop hit him and he laid down on the ground but when the cop got out he's like bye and takes off 😂😂 And I was always taught to look both ways and when you see people walking to simply slow tf down! These drivers are going full speed and slamming on breaks and going to town on that horn like the accident couldn't have been prevented.
Done (10 days ago)
6:11 *facepalm*
wiseman 1965 (10 days ago)
Most were the driver's fault.. Too bloody fast
X-E-Qt-R (10 days ago)
Thank god this will never happen here in Germany ^^
Yomama Bin Fartin (10 days ago)
1:29 I fucking lost it 😂😂😂
ReabowRotors (10 days ago)
wow, regardless if you have right of way or not, DO NOT STEP IN FRONT OF A moving vehicle! There is so many reasons it may not have stopped or be slowing down!
da mc (11 days ago)
Some were on pedestrian crossing so were driver issues.
StephenJP (11 days ago)
I saw at least as many idiot drivers as pedestrians. Maybe things are different in Russia but in the USA the pedestrians has the right of way in most cases. Also, Some people go out of there way to make a problem rather than just being patient for 6/10ths of a seconds. I see the same thing in traffic a lot.
Cunkuai Zheng (11 days ago)
if these ppl were in china they already got knock down
That Australian hobo (11 days ago)
smh man people holdin the back of my car to twerk im finna pop the boot ya feel me
That Australian hobo (11 days ago)
or trunk as others call it
Jared Iverson (12 days ago)
"I need somebody to lean on" LOOOOOLLLL
fastasfox (12 days ago)
It wasn't click bate yeeeeaaahaaa ...... nice bottom.
xItzLovelyInVegasx (13 days ago)
0:51 I'm a superhero lol
Jewdo Master (13 days ago)
1 reason this video has over a million views. 3:29.
Nacimin (14 days ago)
The impression i get from this videos is that in Russia people has too much testosterone in thei veins while in china people live by scamming insurance companies
Manny G (14 days ago)
most of these people (disregarding the failed insurance frauds) run towards the moving car to avoid an accident
donepearce (14 days ago)
When some people get behind the wheel they become convinced that the rest of the world has ceased to exist.
rjh00 (15 days ago)
2:02 wtf crazy lady had enough of life.
Spam Mail (15 days ago)
Yeah… I don’t feel bad for any of these people
JB Felix (15 days ago)
This is why j walking is illegal in America.
airplanemaster1 (15 days ago)
Last time I j-walked... I got across safely because I *made sure* there was no passing traffic.
dqwers (16 days ago)
4:50 what the hell's going on here, I hope that's just an insurance scam and not some kidnapping sex trafficking shit.
ray ray miles (16 days ago)
dose anyone in russia ever pay attention to anything?
Michael D (17 days ago)
Stupidity is all over the world And gets it's way.
Ade BiH (17 days ago)
1:36 that's more like driver with low iq
camelpissflavour (17 days ago)
4:58 XR3I
wolfpackwarriors (17 days ago)
Was that a child abduction at 5:20??
WalletCatFizz (12 days ago)
Hehehe no. They were getting her to hospital.
NASTZI JEWMUNY (18 days ago)
The lady on the thumb-nail must have low iQ, she has blond hair ('sarcasm')
Matthew Obrien (18 days ago)
Too stupid to walk in public. Wow.people are amazing
The Unseen Abnormal God Of Transcendence (19 days ago)
1:39 that is 100% Belgium or Germany.
Delbert Tee (19 days ago)
Just likes dogs running around n waiting to get hit. Stupid people.
YungDro Productions (19 days ago)
Wtf at 1:29 lol
Aj Meipalu (19 days ago)
6:11 Wipeout! XD
sleuth 2077 (19 days ago)
1:30 is hilarious and 4:45 is my worst nightmare as a driver.
Bob Craen (19 days ago)
1.40 The car burns the red light... It is not a stupid pedestrian...
Chase Pepple (19 days ago)
lol 1:03 the music is perfect
Gordon Taylor (20 days ago)
I don't know about anyone else but my heart is in my mouth just watching this. Is the Green Cross Code unheard of abroad?
AceMcCoy (20 days ago)
pedestrians..... shit-stains with feet... that's what we call them where i come from. Trump 2020 YEAH
Janos Oliver (20 days ago)
8:04 da best XD
McLoughlin (21 days ago)
6:09 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Mind your step, bitches.
McLoughlin (21 days ago)
1:40 The car is the one with low IQ here. Fucking tool. Stop the fucking car, asshole.
themonkeyhand (21 days ago)
People making fun of Russia but I just walked to the store and back and twice people making LEFT turns didn't yield to me as I crossed the street in a crosswalk.
Samet Şahin (21 days ago)
Video: Stupid russian..
Ramon609 (21 days ago)
This video is already misleading i saw PLENTY of drivers with low IQ...
Glorval MacGlorvas (21 days ago)
If someone were to do quite a few of the things in the video in front of me I would kinda let it happen, you walk in front of me then stick your leg out like 'you gona hit me?' I gona hit you.
1970DRT (21 days ago)
not with low iq,there are Russian so they dont give a shit.
_ NateDogg1026126 _ (21 days ago)
6:09 They’re just plain fucking stupid
covfefe (21 days ago)
Should be titled "Just more Russian dash cam footage"
Xavier Ocasio (21 days ago)
I bet you all of these dumbasses acted like they were the victim in the end and they ended up losing anyway the case
Quick Look n Teardown (21 days ago)
1:38 it was a red light, it's the driver's fault
PapaQ (1 day ago)
You're right, it was undoubtedly the driver's fault. That doesn't mean much though, after you've been run over. The pedestrian definitely had every right to cross, but checking for cars is STILL a good idea because of all the idiots, who somehow managed to get a driver's license.
Mark Dudley (1 day ago)
I'll simply refer you back to my last reply.
allasar (3 days ago)
+Mark Dudley The video is titled "pedestrians with low IQ". I do not think someone crossing when and where they are supposed to cross fit in that category.
Mark Dudley (9 days ago)
Rise Life There is no invisible barrier that pops up when the light changes. Take some responsibility for your own safety and LOOK BOTH WAYS before crossing the street. That 4000 lb vehicle doesn't give two clucks about your right a way. You can be right and still be dead.
Rise Life (9 days ago)
Mark Dudley it's a red light he shouldn't be driving thats the point you have the right away so there is no point.
ElectronicPleasure (21 days ago)
06:47 what's with the white cars? 5 in one video frame. EDIT: 6, then the 7th drives past wtf
Mindkiller96 (21 days ago)
6:11 Street meat
John (21 days ago)
Russia must have alot of single women.
Rob K (21 days ago)
At 5:00, what the fuck was happening... the guy who hit the kid got in some other car and drove off with the child, while some random pedestrian took the car away? I was so fucking confused.
Facundo Benito (21 days ago)
1:40 im just trying to understand how the pedestrian was wrong, red light means GO in some countries or what?
Capt Larry - (21 days ago)
This is really a compilation of Russian drivers who do not use their fucking brains, and do not believe in yielding to pedestrians, plus some Russian clowns trying to fake accidents for payoffs, plus an assortment of idiot speeders and jaywalkers.
sf dsf (22 days ago)
Only a pure oli can create a title like this.
jakob (22 days ago)
1:30 ...
Backyard Music Feedback (22 days ago)
MrDecious (22 days ago)
Russos são estranhos.
Vainglory VENENOZONDA666 (22 days ago)
these people got low ass IQ lets say they dont have an IQ...
Western Kratom (22 days ago)
Slavs... the niggers of white people
вася федин (22 days ago)
Michael Angelos (22 days ago)
I have a low IQ. Barely 140
RJ Olson (23 days ago)
4:51 .... did she get kidnapped
Roman Merk (23 days ago)
In soviet russia pedestrians hit cars 1:30
Burner Fire (23 days ago)
Don't want to be killed don't J walk
Burner Fire (23 days ago)
That guy that runs into the car gets me every time
guido7095 (23 days ago)
1:09 he takes his glasses off so he can see better
pedomohamedd ! (23 days ago)
A fucking muslim father see his child cros over the street with a car coming at high speed and he don't fucking moves and no emotion by the mother and father when she is hit by the car ,fucking retarded muslims don't give a fuck about children thy use children as child in Siria and so making propaganda !!!!! muslims are worst than sick rats!!!
Josh Burton (23 days ago)
That second one, yes she ran out, but the guy is driving like a dick as well. Idk, i don't feel sorry for either of them.
Dumitru Scupra (23 days ago)
buen video
Максим Орлов (23 days ago)
Кукушки хорошо шмякнулись на 6.13.
Muhammed Ishaq (24 days ago)
8:20 epic one😂😂
Barma Ley (24 days ago)
Floris de Vin (24 days ago)
Faith in humanity before watching this: quite a bit After: wtf is wrong with this society
Roy Riederer (24 days ago)
It's natures way of culling the population.