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38 EXAMPLES OF BIKERS DRIVERS WITH LOW IQ Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a message and we'll get it resolved .
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Text Comments (1451)
Jay Cee (1 day ago)
That first woman is too stupid to own a cellphone.
Brownbear042 (2 days ago)
Gosh I laughed so hard at 1:30
Trex531 (2 days ago)
Motor vehicles should be forbidden in Russia, everybody should go by foot!
gundamzerostrike (3 days ago)
2:29 Man, I wouldn't blame the driver for getting out and beating the shit out of this guy
marpa (3 days ago)
The one at 5:15 sure looks like a kidnapping
Mukbang Turnup (3 days ago)
Just out of curiosity, why the majority of people doing the dumb shit in these videos are women, just curious?
Washing Machine (3 days ago)
the little girl who got smacked at 5:12ish, did she get kidnapped too or what??
Jack O'Shran (4 days ago)
Mr Magoo 0:50 seems different from what I remember.
Born Again Blessed WWJD (4 days ago)
4:49 if she gave more of a shit about that Poor Little Child (i assume she is responsible for) Then she would'nt be running like a Little Pansie while holding onto her Purse. If that man Hadnt stopped in time, then that little girl would be Dead under his Car.
Jimbo Bojim (4 days ago)
*_Wait, I can go home? That's an option?_*
Orhan Cabarov (4 days ago)
2:25 hahaha :D
piggy Rogers (4 days ago)
3:28 nasty ghetto rats..probably off meth
W W (5 days ago)
I really wanted to see the prostitutes at 3:40 get mowed down by a truck.
T42 S (5 days ago)
they stole a child 11.45
Rob Cram (5 days ago)
It seems a lot of these videos you hit the pedestrian and then place them into your car against their will.
Rob Cram (5 days ago)
4:42 my heart jumped. Holy sh**
Здравый смысл (5 days ago)
мерзкие тупые твари
matt robinson (5 days ago)
Change the title to, Russia the country of madness!
TheLorentziu (5 days ago)
first or is fake or just poor women
Gioabo dcr (5 days ago)
russi idioti
EIGHT ONE MONEY Pronounced-81MONEY (5 days ago)
I don't see how dropping your stuff equals someone having low IQ. The traffic was stopped. The cars can't go anywhere so what's the problem. She could be called careless. Or she just made a simple MISTAKE that caused her things to fall. I think (whoever recorded) this and said that this is an example of a person with low IQ is the actual one with low IQ.
wayne mg tregear 3rd (6 days ago)
what is wrong with people are they sniffing way too much oxygen
Danie Badu (6 days ago)
When I cross the street at a cross walk, when it says to walk, within those zebra lines.. I don’t give no f***, I will continue to cross the street, even if the driver wants to continue driving because you know why, it was designed for the pedestrian. And what’s crazy is, I been doing that my whole life and I’m perfectly fine.
jiveAt5 (6 days ago)
1.41 that piece of shit driver can clearly see a crossing which means you stop for pedestrians
ryan barker (6 days ago)
the moral of the story is when driving in china and you hit someone it's a scam, so just run them over and be on your way....
Press Start (6 days ago)
Some bunch of dumb ass fuck! you really wanna die that badly by all means go ahead...
Boss Todd (6 days ago)
Don't the people on the pedestrian crossing have right of way ?
Elvis Sanchez (6 days ago)
Some people got ran over some didn't. Good video.
Tommy Gunn (6 days ago)
In other countries like the Philippines and Cuba pedestrians don't have the right away and it works really well. You don't have people holding up traffic all the time
Ernesto Aguilar (6 days ago)
Jajajaja....never before laugh so hard!!!!
garymun420 (6 days ago)
Almost all these videos is actually driver's fault this video should be called stupid Canadian drivers and walkers
iammimic79 (7 days ago)
They. Guy that lay down in front the cop car I woulda got out and kicked him in his nuts
Sieginde Clark (7 days ago)
Scotty beam me up, there's no intelligent life here.
1duskyknight (7 days ago)
8:14 I thought the Cop was going to give him a ticket for laying down on the job.
1duskyknight (7 days ago)
That video at 4:53 looked more like a well choreoghraphed kidnapping instead a help. Hhmmmmm???????
Dj WARTIME (7 days ago)
6:10, damn no one taught these girls how to cross a street
SuperCaveDog1 (7 days ago)
Too stupid to he killed even if they deserve it!
wu ming (7 days ago)
I once saw a guy walk out into the middle of a busy 4 lane highway, sit down in traffic and start eating road kill... Right there... In the middle of the road like it was his dinner table.
MrCHINBAG (7 days ago)
The last 10 ads have been Tic Tok...!
Jeremy Purdue (7 days ago)
Natural selection.
someonesomewhere (7 days ago)
Sometimes it looks like some of this people want to end their lifes
someonesomewhere (7 days ago)
Sry but this are not just pedestrians who are idiots also drivers who could just brake early down instead of going full speed in the fight to maybe hit someone who has no other possibility to pass some street.
someonesomewhere (7 days ago)
The grandfather is actualy not the person with the low iq its the driver....many country say in the laws if there is no place to pass you should let pedestrians over the street and in this case the driver was long time able to see that old man.....so in case of an accident its clearly his fault.
Zan Ristov (7 days ago)
in most of these videos the drivers are at fault not the pedestrians.
Fastaslightfiber (7 days ago)
Everyone who rides a scooter should be exiled
Mohammad Nazmi Selamat (7 days ago)
Sorry, but this videos also shows that some drivers have even lower IQ since they ran a red light at a pedestrian crossing
Charmaine Maharaj (7 days ago)
Thank god for cameras to justify the stupidity of some people who are clearly in the wrong but might assign blame to the drivers
Jack Alpha (7 days ago)
Canada is moron central. Try Toronto you won't even believe it. Hispeed bike-monkeys on the sidewalk, no lite, helmet, sub-3rd world morons, and no accident they are there. Beware USA they will kill ya slowly by dumping morons in, that's the very simple program.
chris walls (7 days ago)
Apart from not being able to drive worth a fuck. Russians seem to really hate pedestrian crossings.
Buzzbanks 464 (7 days ago)
I bet half of these people would jump off a bridge too 😂😂👌
Mark Ferguson (7 days ago)
I'm not sure about countries other then the U.S. but here, pedestrians alwayes have the right of way. Even if they are crossing illegally. The responsibility is on every driver to constantly be looking out for pedestrians. This is especially true in areas where children may be present. Drive safely, concienciously and with courtesy, and you won't end up on Youtube!
Linda Osborne (7 days ago)
Are any of these in US cities?
kaeo,camelle valdez (7 days ago)
Tell me something, a lot of the drivers can see the pedestrian’s crossing from a far, why are they still speeding instead of coming to a stop. Smfh, your title for this video shows that you are also an asshole driver and would rather speed up and kill a person then to slow down and allow them to cross.
AnAmericanMan (7 days ago)
Most broads are just rolling through life by the seat of their pants.
joe cool (7 days ago)
I'm a horrible person. I only clicked on because I saw the thumbnail and the title was truncated and I thought it said examples of pedestrians with low SKIRTS
Darren Krehoff (7 days ago)
How have people managed to reach adulthood without figuring out how to look both ways before stepping into a roadway where cars are?
XyJIuGan (7 days ago)
знак пешеходный переход а пидоры гонят из авас тварей столько детей и взрослых живых было если бы не вы твари соблюдали все правила
Joe Blast (7 days ago)
3:26 They where THOTS, its not the drivers fault.....
Rich Herrera (7 days ago)
tell me again why alcohol is legal. it makes people even more fuckin retarded.
Judy Collins (7 days ago)
Vodka or Crack?
Sultan BAQUTEBA (8 days ago)
6:13 tempik2 tolol
RhyperiorGrounder Rounder (8 days ago)
Why did that guy bump his head into a car he's retarded I hope he didn't ended up with a concussion and yes I know what the video is called don't remind me
Robert Miller (8 days ago)
Yea but you had to tell him one was for me though cant you use what little bit of brain you have nevermind why am i bothering its useless yea bob i got your messege thanks
ashish bhatt (8 days ago)
Problem with stupid people is that they show their stupidity everywhere.
steven smith (8 days ago)
Most of these are idiot drivers that should read there highway code ...plus a few morons..guy that punched the truck i would have kicked the shit outta him..
Shub Niggurath (8 days ago)
Lot of them are low iq drivers but ok.
F Artemis (8 days ago)
3:22 she slipped. how is that low IQ?
Dylan Enck (8 days ago)
When I was young my Mom and Dad held my hand,s an always TOLD me to look both ways!!!
StreetFreak 420 (8 days ago)
Yeah what's up with the little girl that git hit? It looks like a kidnapping. Plus her back must be screwed ( hit by car, carried by shoulders)!
james walker (8 days ago)
Someone having an accident means they have a low IQ. ? Who ever made this vid has a low IQ. I bet your IQ is room temperature. You're so stupid you wont even get that joke
carpe diem (8 days ago)
Drivers ! With low iq
Broke Dick (8 days ago)
Perhaps some of these people have been living in urban areas only briefly?
James Barrett (8 days ago)
it used to be the responsibility of the pedestrian to yield to cars since the road is for the cars. Then "progressives" decided it was the driver of the vehicle to yield to the pedestrian and that has created a generation of people that do not look before they cross the street. doh! amazingly stupid
charles gros (8 days ago)
The ones who ran to get hit on purpose .the drivers should have ran them over. I would have told them you want the money I will make a honest person out of you I will run you over so you can finish your job
Matthias (8 days ago)
wonder what zebra crossings are for in russia
Michael Loach (8 days ago)
I dont know about the pedestrians having a low IQ. Let me put it this way, if you think that way then you should be aware of it & take more care before ploughing into then with a 1.5 ton missile. You are responsible for the deadly weapon you are driving! What came first, car or pedestrian? OK some are beyond stupid but still. Id love some of those drivers to even attempt a theory test that the UK has. The results would be really scary! Oh shit, they are over here already...............BREXIT.
rain kremmer (8 days ago)
Why is 1:39 here? The car was running a red light you idiot!
Ray Sky (8 days ago)
Come to Canada BC and you will see this at every crossing. The worst thing about it is they think it is normal to do so !!!!! the title should be changed to British Columbia Dumbass Pedestrians
Pat McCaffery (8 days ago)
2:30 I would have knocked that twat into next week.....fucking plank..!!
Marvin R Lyman (9 days ago)
Some of these are the pedestrians fault, & some are the areshole drivers fault improper look out, motorcycles driving between the cars is their fault giod videos though thanks
опостол мусин (9 days ago)
Да сколько дебилов.
Geravind Meowung (9 days ago)
FetziDieGranate Tv (9 days ago)
How dumb Humans are xd
Bird58 (9 days ago)
To the dick that punched the truck i swear if he did that to my vehicle he's going down ..
El Tigre (9 days ago)
I don't understand people who cross streets without looking. La de Da. Just stroll across. Some of these I do understand. They pretend they are injured for insurance money. The laws must favor the pedestrians. Like Kalifornia. Reminds me of a little poem: "He was right, dead right, as he sped along. But he is just as dead as if he had been dead wrong. Burma Shave"
Al Bundy (9 days ago)
most cases pedestrian and driver both was wrong , driver speeding and pedestrian also rushing with out checking street both way .
marshal rodriguez (9 days ago)
There are examples where pedestrians are walking ON PEDESTRIAN LANE. They have the priority. Cars SHOULD STOP.
OOTurok (9 days ago)
I saw a 5 yr old girl get killed, crossing I-20. Her mother climbed over the concrete divider, with her daughter & tried to race across the highway. The girl was being dragged, because she couldn't keep up, & her mother let go of her, to escape the 18 wheeler. Her daughter was mutilated so bad, she looked like ground beef. If you didn't already know, you couldn't tell if it was human.
Murat 64 (9 days ago)
2:44 is the drivers fault
League of Hentai (9 days ago)
Why are all of these clips from eastern Europe?
Awibrahor (9 days ago)
Never ever doubt that natural selection still operates in human evolution.
Azeem Chowdhary (9 days ago)
Survival of the fittest?!
Rob oshea (9 days ago)
I'm not sure if the 2 women in the thumbnail were low IQ so much as they were being kind ..what a nice site for everyone driving that day although dangerous
Iker Capi (10 days ago)
stupid people
Sandra Licenzi (10 days ago)
What happened at 5:23? Did they take that kid? That was weird
Василий Dart (10 days ago)
7:08 вот ушлёпки, надеюсь их наказали.
MrLeglamp (10 days ago)
In Russia vodka drinks you.
Martin Lemke (10 days ago)
I see tons of reckless motorists with low IQ. Why honk instead of stopping to let pedestrians pass?
Chris (10 days ago)
Can someone translate?
Bernard Carll (11 days ago)
It does not matter if the pedestrian is in the right or wrong; you always stop at a good distance from them to let them cross. I wouldn't want that on my mind if I hurt or killed one of them. There is a story where this man was standing on the side of the road when the commercial truck was about to pass him and the man jumped out in fort of the truck on purpose. The accident was ruled a suicide. So I heard. As I continue to watch this video, I noticed that they are from Europe and Russia. Their always in a hurry and not considerate of others.