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38 EXAMPLES OF BIKERS DRIVERS WITH LOW IQ Uploaded as educational video. Take these videos as a learning tool. Always obey the laws of the road and driving conditions. Copyright issue? Send me a message and we'll get it resolved .
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Text Comments (1020)
intel corei7 (2 days ago)
Ey its Colin
Javier Lopez (7 days ago)
Looks like Russia is a very dangerous place
Daniel Garcia (15 days ago)
Oh my god! I was busting up with the guy who head butted the car. I’m sure it was for insurance scam. Glad they had a cam.
jess hoe (24 days ago)
I mean jaywalk sure fine with me but atleast be smart about it geez
sailorashore (25 days ago)
Kazak and russian fukin idiots
lee Jr. A (28 days ago)
Low IQ and too much vodka too early..and off course other animals...on another though...demographic control?
Carlos Gambrell (29 days ago)
Whoever of you dumb asses say most were drivers fault, then I guess we’ll be seeing your dumb asses on one of these vids one day...pedestrians do not own the street and it’s no ones fault but their own for not paying attention...keep challenging these 1 to 2 ton vehicles morons, you are sure to lose
bailey9r (1 month ago)
At 11:15 the guy ran out in front of a building lol
Duncan (1 month ago)
1:08 What's Junior Soprano doing in Russia?
Gail Knight (1 month ago)
3:38, is that how prostitutes tout for business in Russia?
Jus- Sayin (1 month ago)
No street laws in this place. Pedestrians just walk wherever they want.
polar bear (1 month ago)
I'm glad they didn't forget their backpacks. They hold all their meds
polar bear (1 month ago)
These people forgot to that there medicine.
polar bear (1 month ago)
The human race are definitely the animal kingdom.
polar bear (1 month ago)
It is natural selection at work. They won't be missed by society.
MJGonzalez99 (1 month ago)
John Hamblin (1 month ago)
I think the driver of the car in the first video is the one with the low I.Q.
Bugz Murphy (1 month ago)
Russia. A great place to start the culling of the unneeded.
bret b (1 month ago)
This is also bad on university campuses pedestrians think that they have right if way no matter where they are along the street and these are "educated" people this also proves too many lawyers and too many people trying to get the quick buck
Zal Moxis (1 month ago)
Notice how most of them are unapologetic....
John Skeels (1 month ago)
Here in the UK when a pedestrian is waiting at a crossing (unless light controlled) you are obliged to stop for them. Many of these clips the people are seen not only waiting, but in many cases already crossing long before the driver arrives at the crossing point. So I would question their 'LOW IQ'. The ones not at crossings probably deserve everything they get. One clip there is two guys crossing mere feet from a designated crossing point.
Kori (1 month ago)
Like 40% was the driver's fault like not stopping on a crosswalk...
the Jash (1 month ago)
I'm never driving or walking in Russia.
NAD 0127 (1 month ago)
However made this video, obviously has a low IQ.
Anti Pc F your feelings (1 month ago)
Some of these drivers are at fault
santaonthecross (2 months ago)
Looking at the Russian letters on the signs and the inability to drive/walk the streets, is it possible that the entire country of Russia has dyslexia?
Maximus (2 months ago)
This is all in Russia or China what do you expect.......
Jak Buji (2 months ago)
Some Drivers seems as thick as pedestrian.
Al Bundy (2 months ago)
i would have driven over the dropped phone in the first one. any chance to break them works for me. looks like europe is the last place of thin women. american women are obese and its the norm now
robinaxeman (2 months ago)
In Russia the red light is only a suggestion that you might like to stop.
vexacon (2 months ago)
Wonder how many of them were insurance scammers?
Alexander Stollznow (2 months ago)
4:50 WTF was going on there? young girl runs across road. random car hits here. driver of random car goes to put her in his car. 2nd car comes from over the road. driver of 1st car puts her in there. drives off. weird.
Greg C (2 months ago)
1:29 your welcome :)
Bapao76 (1 month ago)
Whats the point of this comment? You think we're not gonna make it 1.5 minutes into the video?
Extremistka (2 months ago)
stupid russians
techstepman (2 months ago)
7:26 isnt that a pedestrian pass sign on the right? im just asking?
Ronald Hagendorens (2 months ago)
good movie so we can clean up this planet to many assholes lives overhere
Ronald Hagendorens (2 months ago)
pedestrians are like bikers complete full of shit
spreadthelove77 (2 months ago)
Wish most of these assholes had got splattered. Fucking morons
Rock N Roll (2 months ago)
страна дебилов
LEOMAR ALVAREZ (3 months ago)
Quand un piéton est à une distance de 50 mètres d'un passage piéton il devient prioritaire bande de chauffards
Arvind Krishna (3 months ago)
1:40 technically it is the drivers fault
Eat It (3 months ago)
More than a couple of these are caused either by driving too fast or just disrespect for pedestrians.
Justin Goss (3 months ago)
Just run the dumbasses over
robert frederick (3 months ago)
what's the daily quota limit on jaywalkers in Russia?
Corn Dog (3 months ago)
Pavement pizza.
Darrell May (3 months ago)
Stupid is as Stupid does!,,,
John Bonardi (3 months ago)
I can understand little kids being oblivious, but as for the adults, they should get hit.
David Lewis (3 months ago)
6:09 that's what them stupid girls get for running in the street while the traffic is moving. They should've waited when the cars in stand still cuz really I don't feel sorry for them you don't Jay-walk when cars are moving in traffic that's dumb.
Pamela Suarez (3 months ago)
Ron Eagle (4 months ago)
@3:40...Stupid slutty cows!
FatRakoon (4 months ago)
Some great example of people who simply do not need to be on the planet. I think a good deal of them have gone... Mentally they certainly have! The thing is, its hard to feel sympathy for some of the most fucking dumb cunts around. Kids yes, they are ignorant and do stupid things, but the adults in this video, absolutely deserve to be run over... They are quite honestly, as thick as shit.
DrShittyBottomHammer (4 months ago)
2 white girls with zero rhythm
Subbie The City (4 months ago)
0:53 what's the use of that crane by the way if you could stand perfectly fine,and not even dare to move out of the way of a crossing car?...
Sue TV (4 months ago)
1:40 who has low IQ? hmmm?
ozus flyer (4 months ago)
Being a pedestrian means leaving your brains at home.
Per Shop (4 months ago)
I don't understand...isn't it possible to add "walk/don't walk" signs to these street posts? Or is it because they have to redo some wiring logic to make the signs come on at the right time?
David Pyc (4 months ago)
Fucking people are so STUPID.
rob catalunya (4 months ago)
Are people stupid ,..... OH YES...
Alessandra Stern (4 months ago)
two drugged sluts 😡😠
Devon Falk (4 months ago)
People should not honk let nature run its course
P. Herrmann (4 months ago)
swearing russians allways make me chilled and happy
Coz Iii (4 months ago)
Some is drivers fault peds have right of way in most states
Me And You (5 months ago)
By the Gods, old and new, this race is doomed. Love, Bob. (-:
krig20 (5 months ago)
At 4:50 did injust watch some kid get taken 0.o
Goobye USA (5 months ago)
Rob Zombi (5 months ago)
Only in Russia or Asia. They cannot drive or walk around safely and properly. They simply do not give a rats ass.
Nietflix (5 months ago)
I'm sorry, I stopped watching at 1:32. Nothing can top that dude. Lol
iBelieveEverything iSeeOnYoutube (5 months ago)
4:03: in this case it wasn't the pedestrians fault.
Aprilsauce (5 months ago)
Used to drive a moped back and forth to work. One of my regular customers stood on the corner and stepped into the crosswalk during a do not walk. I hit the ground and shredded my arm and hip. He didn't even cross either, he just stood there and walked back the way he came. Maybe he didn't like the way I made sandwiches and wanted to get back at me? Who knows. I still had to finish my shift too.
Dann Winter (5 months ago)
El unico pendejo de bajo IQ, es el que subio esta recopilacion
XxTHE HE MANxX BRUH (5 months ago)
Dumb ways to die
Hamlik Abrahimian (5 months ago)
I think they should show at least 20 hours of these videos to anyone getting a driver license. It should be mandatory...
Thantaros85 (5 months ago)
1:00 You tell em Mandelbaum!
Masked Marker (5 months ago)
nads mcgee (5 months ago)
GOD DAMN!!! Why are jackasses so FUCKING STUPID? Gets me angry just watching these morons causing accidents especially those STUPID ASS kids.
Michael Davis (5 months ago)
The pedestrians seem to feel that "fault is always that of the driver" makes them immortal. Still, in a lot of these videos the drivers appear to be going way too fast for the neighborhoods they're in.
Compete ToDefeat (5 months ago)
Some of these aren't so much people being dumb as it is scammers. In some places in the world people buy dash cams specifically because such scams are so rampant.
SlowFoot Appalachian Trail Ridge Runner (5 months ago)
Mostly Asians !!!!
immrnoidall (5 months ago)
next to the last one . fucking hilarious.
immrnoidall (5 months ago)
3:29 ,the thumbnail. dude that runs over to video the ass . classic.
countteddy (5 months ago)
if the animal in question walks upright has no fur and wears clothing then its probably a moron
TheMasterMind941 (5 months ago)
I'm glad I don't live in places like this. It would take all of my discipline to avoid hitting these idiots. Especially the dumbass at 2:30. Go ahead and play chicken with a rig. Fucking idiot.
MyKonaBoy (5 months ago)
Squirrels cross the street better than these people
Martin Lienesch (5 months ago)
2:44 was driver fault... at least in germany you have to wait for passengers to get in or of the tram
Eskimo1973 (5 months ago)
ONE (1) example of an uploader with a LOW IQ!
Seamus Gameus (5 months ago)
2:30 I used to work in that brown building LOL
cronos42 (5 months ago)
It seems like those red lights are just another pretty colour to some people.
Rigizkigy ✓ (5 months ago)
5:48 CYK* BLY*T
Bob Thenob (5 months ago)
4:50 that one seemed weird
Patrick Givens (5 months ago)
I hope at 6:15 those two stupid girls died of stupidity and hormones
Vanessa Pucca (5 months ago)
I feel sorry for the first one, it happen
Rush Limpball (5 months ago)
Wow. That bald old man was really scamming. He fell on the hood pretending like the car hit him.
Gene Jenkins (5 months ago)
By Law if the light TURNS GREEN and there is still a Pedestrian in the Crosswalk YOU MUST wait for him. He honked his horn like sewer rat.
Edward j j (5 months ago)
Make no difrend in Russia Green light or red light Who has more vodka for breakfast always going first
acarriere30 (5 months ago)
at: 1:41 its the driver who is the idiot. theses are caution light on with sidewalk path for pedestrian and this idiot almost hit 1.
neorider69ing (5 months ago)
russian cars suck
RoughJustice 2k18 (5 months ago)
"examples of some fools with dog-shit for brains" proof once again, you can't fix stupid. The plus side is, they make great entertainment for the rest of us. Thank you. :D
Sibgha Rather (5 months ago)
If anyone’s curious about the girl getting hit and the dude getting in a different car. It’s not a kidnap. Lmao. If someone gets hit and you witness it. Your first instinct is to get someone in a car and go to the hospital. It happens more in Asia. Rather than calling an ambulance. Everyone works together.. They all witnessed the girl getting hit. He was scrambling to get back into his car. But turned and saw the stranger help him pick up the kid. They both got together in the strangers car and went to the hospital. Kid is prioritized here and how fast they can get her medical help.
Pedro Gomez (5 months ago)
8:04 these scammers never cease to amaze me
Hans Schtuk (5 months ago)
High IQ stops you from dropping things? Why not just name the video "just a normal day in Russia"?