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WOW! Obama's Cancel Culture Call-Out, Harley Quinn, Twitter vs Facebook Election Controversy & More

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Text Comments (5381)
Duh Blaq Guy (2 days ago)
Lech should be compensated
Curt Johnston (8 days ago)
Okay but why is an 8 y/o home alone?
Royalz Reign (10 days ago)
Who’s being fooled, this is entertainment, Trump will never be impeached. They let her become president.
Artsy Aries (13 days ago)
2:35 I think the main reason cancel culture exists is due to the demographic of who creates it. Kids. Children and preteens (teens too really) have no concept of time and growth in the long term, therefore they often don’t understand the concept of change. It’s possible that as a person ages this idea becomes clearer, and they engage less with canceling individuals because they understand that with age comes maturity. I don’t know, just a thought.
G- Man (13 days ago)
I know this is a month late but I think facebook’s move to call out google, YouTube, etc. is very reminiscent of what Trump did during his first election campaign. Whenever he got asked about Russian ties he would always deflect the question and ask “Well what about Hilary”. Based on this comparison alone I would say that Zuck is leaning towards the side of trump, but there are also many other factors that you have to consider. I feel like this move on twitter’s part is interesting, I would like to see how this pans out during the 2020 election.
Jennifer DuBois (17 days ago)
Alot of us moms look up things for our kids
Brute Force (21 days ago)
Was that amount of damage truely necessary to aprehend one person?
jobriq5 (21 days ago)
If the state doesn't pay for the home, shouldn't home owner's insurance pay for it?
james (19 days ago)
Martha Nambo (26 days ago)
Obama should be on joe rogan
Karina K. (26 days ago)
Abinadab Orozco (29 days ago)
Obama is a lair
Rafael Sanchez (29 days ago)
“Value life over property” no one is suggesting that the actions taken to bring down the suspect were not taken, the home owner is not saying that that shouldn’t have been done. What he’s saying is now that it IS done, he shouldn’t have to be the sole carrier of the financial burden. If the government payed for the damages, it would in effect be the tax payers that are actually paying for it. Which would distributed the cost of the damages among the whole of the population, not ONE guy. Plus, if there is NO responsibility on the police department’s behalf when handling a tough situation like this, then there is no incentive for them to solve the problem the BEST way and only in solving it in ANY way even if a better way exists.
Genta (1 month ago)
Obama!! I miss u!! Come back! 😭😭
Jessica Holden-Cook (1 month ago)
Cancel Culture AKA Being Held Accountable For Your Actions
something els (1 month ago)
There were no hostages. They weren't blowing up his house to save lives there blowing up his house because they didn't want to wait for the guy to come out on his own. I feel the police department acted irrationally made bad decisions that cost a family there home.
Slytherin Reviews (1 month ago)
Donald Trump has a Twitter bot making new accounts to follow him, Twitter has been told about this cause Trump is corrupt and will do anything to win even asking Russia to hack the DNC again
Slytherin Reviews (1 month ago)
Falcon punch to the d***
D Mal (1 month ago)
The cops put several humongous holes in this man's house to catch a shoplifter and then said hey we'll give you 5K? And you wonder why people hate some police officers.
Esmerelda Clovington (1 month ago)
"68 cold chemical munitions and four hot gas munitions" shot into that house. This is what happens when you give police too many toys to play with.
Mae Anne Ngo (1 month ago)
Why didn't the police just shoot Seacat after Seacat fired his gun? That would be less damage to the house and no time wasted
Drifty (1 month ago)
Cause they dont hurt nonblacks
RenaHyena (1 month ago)
That house looks worse than after a match of Rainbow Six Siege. You know, the game where players get C4, Grenades, Sledgehammers and Machineguns. To me that seemed like unnecassary demolition. We have situations like these in Europe where our police doesn't end up trashing half the place. But then again, our houses aren't made of Nails and Plywood.
Willow Barry (1 month ago)
Nobody should be above the law...you destroyed their lives and said sucks to suck....that’s disgusting and not okay...
Brett E (1 month ago)
My stance on the destruction of the home should be fully taken care of by the PD and local government seeing as they caused the damage. Like, GREAT, you got the criminal but just shrugging their shoulders about fixing the damage produced is bullshit. That family did not choose to have a criminal come into their home and they did not choose to have holes blown into their walls. Pure bullshit coming from those courts.
Luenic Luke (1 month ago)
He should definitely be compensated. This is not an action movie. There’s consequences to your actions no matter who you are. Whilst it’s impatient to priorities the savings of life over the protection of a property, the state should also have resources available to restore property back to their normal form if damaged by the police or any government agent. Citizens should definitely be compensated! This guy is not even being greedy and is only asking for the market value price for his house. PAY THAT MAN!
Cris San Juan (1 month ago)
I miss obama
Jessi 3005 (1 month ago)
Everyone agreeing with Obama but in the next sentence calling for Trump to be cancelled 🙄
zyperellen (1 month ago)
I like the twitter move, I think that this could (hopefully) limit the way that politicians pay their way through in America, by buy the most adds and the most screen time, so that people will mostly listen to their ideas, primarily based on who is the richest.
Raven1024 (1 month ago)
Okay, but where was all this outcry about the ads on TV that are usually blatantly incorrect for political candidates and issues. We've been running false ads forever. In some ways I would rather see which candidates are willing to run false ads so I can avoid them actually...
Scott Broyles (1 month ago)
Good for Obama. Right left or center we should all agree that the screeching disingenuous censorious Twitter mob needs to be ignored or ridiculed.
Culvea Solvere (1 month ago)
David Driscoll (1 month ago)
Its upto the indevidual to fact check if their candidate is a fraud. No one elses YOURS. It is censorship to block stupid adds... Cause it never stops at just the bad adds.... Take responsiblity for yourself for once.
RealityCheck1993 (1 month ago)
Could somebody--or everybody-- tell the city of Greenwood and every judicial power involded in that case to eat shit? OkayThanksBye.
Leyla Picou (1 month ago)
Just saw the closed captioning is perfect, thank you guys so much
LetsTalk About (1 month ago)
Imo, it's not up to these major companies like google Facebook and Twitter to fact check what these politicians are saying. It's up to us. The people. We need to watch debates, watch and go to town halls. Listen to what these canidates are saying to us and vote on it. Paid ads or not, it's up to us to be informed about what is going on in our country. Part of the reason shows and channels like this are so valuable.
Royal Wins (1 month ago)
Who decides what is true?
fmellark (1 month ago)
I love Obama and he's right. Also, you can't just DESTROY a family's house and then walk away like it's nothing. If you needed to DESTROY the house to get ONE MAN out, then you're either incompetent or you didn't do your job properly. Owners of the house should receive proper compensation for the troubles their suffered even though they had absolutely no fault at all.
Andrew Schmid (1 month ago)
Sjws and the lgbtq community are responsible for all this woke bullshit.
lynn13135 (1 month ago)
Police State.. wait until it happens to one of them. I am sure if the police chiefs house was involved he would have been compensated.
kiayang10 (1 month ago)
Thank you for those words Obama❤️
yvonne savoy (1 month ago)
Let me tell you about the CO govt not only destroying property but causing a situation that lead to death & not paying out a dime. My uncle lived on a mountain home in Littleton. During a drought they set a 'controlled burn'. I as a fire fighter knownthe conditions in which this was done was an extremely stupid ass idea. Well, surprise, surprise the fire got away from them. They had some one come to the door and tell them they had less then 20mins to leave. They lost EVERYTHING!!!! 2 of their neighbors died not being able to get out in time. Do you know what they gave them?? $0, zip, zilch, nada, nothing. They were forced to move into a small apartment. There was some issue with insurance since it was a govt set fire. They didn't get even a 1/3 of what they would have needed to rebuild. They wound up leaving their home of 30yrs to move to NC. Is everybody in the govt high out there or something??
Tails Clock (1 month ago)
Good people have flaws, and bad people love their children, the world is a grey place and if all you do is cast stones, you're not helping to make anything better. I am so glad to hear someone being wise again for a change, rather than woke. Obama has sense. "The police should put life before property" they said, after making a family homeless. After doing something to someone, that had anyone else done, would BE A CRIME. The concept that police can do anything they want and harm the lives of anyone around them, so long as someone else is doing it too, and the police didn't start it... That's insane. I too have always been under the impression that police do not actually have the authority to destroy a house or car and get away with it. This public statement that we've all been wrong is going to do nothing but damage the bad repuration of modern police even further. I don't want people to start to fear calling an officer for help, because that officer might toss a grenade into the house to solve things easily, rather than solve things correctly.
tokiobabe99 (1 month ago)
Bahahahaha the men's costume searches being Jean Grey etc. are not so bad, but the women's - MICHEAL MYERS, then Harry Potter and Spiderman - kind of all over the place girls.
Luke Detering (1 month ago)
Regarding Obama's speech. I think he was on point that social media has caused heightened rhetoric between people especially in politics. However, to say that its mostly young people is a little in accurate from my experiences in real life and social media. But still great speech regardless.
Riley Ambrose (1 month ago)
If I understand correctly, the constitution applies to any instance between citizens and government agencies. Police is a government agency, therefore shouldn't their use of the house for doing their job be covered by the fifth amendment?
Perseus Hawk (1 month ago)
Really like your thoughts about President Obama.
brucenatelee (1 month ago)
Life over property, yet ruined lives by destroying their property...
Zombie Sazza (1 month ago)
“You’re welcome, and I’m sorry” Honestly I’m trying to figure how I can use this info to make folk awkward
TheKarret (1 month ago)
City should pay the man for the damages THEY caused to HIS house. They're responsible. Period, the end.
NotSandraBullock (1 month ago)
Obviously cancel culture has an impact if the FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES is talking about it. People have the right to support or not support something/someone for whatever reason. If enough people aren’t supporting something, then companies will pivot to something else that makes them money. This has been going on long before it was given a trendy name.
thisisacrummyname (1 month ago)
Phil, I do think that the police department should have to pay to fix any damage that was caused to the house and compensate the family for a rental while they are waiting for the house to be repaired. Though I believe that the $345,000 that the insurance company gave them is more than enough to repair the home. In fact $345,000 is more than enough to build a new home. His $600k home value is based off of his property and his home together and that is the market value not the actual cost of replacement. Allot of the damage shown in the photos of the home are after a construction company has come in and cleared debris from the house. The house it self just needs some of the framing replaced along with new windows, doors, and some electrical and plumbing work. At most $150k-$180k in repairs and that’s if you have some crazy expensive company doing it. To do the siding of a new house or just redo siding on an existing house Hardi Plank which is the best siding runs anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00 a square foot depending on what options you want. So to redo the house at most would be in the $15k to $20k and that is if the house is huge. After you take all the old siding off then you can see how much damage is done to any of the studs (2”x4”x8’) & exterior (2”x6”x8’). Those run about $2.75 each and for the bigger ones $6.00 each. Reframe the windows and buy new windows at $225.00 to $800.00 each depending on the sizes they house didn’t look like it had any crazy big windows. All in all to really fix the house he is only looking at $80,000.00 in repairs. He is looking for a payday, and it appears the insurance company already gave him the money to fix it. Now as far as personal property is concerned that should be replaced to if it was damaged.
admixx (1 month ago)
I'm really fucking pissed YouTube unsubscribed me from you because I've missed like 5 episodes thinking you were on vacation :(
highcountryjohn (1 month ago)
Destroyed home to apprehend suspect. Let's play this out for a moment -- if the city and police were compelled by court order to reimburse this man three or four hundred thousand dollars for his home, what precedent does that set? The next time an armed suspects breaks into a home does the mayor call the police chief and say "Chief, the city is pretty broke, you're gonna have to catch that suspect without doing any damage to the house because we can't afford it." As much as I think that what happened to him sucks, I think there's a bigger picture to look at. First of all I think the insurance should have covered it, and maybe the city should have made up the difference, but at the same time, this can't be the first time this has happened and there must be legal precedent somewhere.
Frank Lind (1 month ago)
Do people actually try to get facts and learn something from these YouTube dipshits? Lord, has America devolved or what? I came to dipshit DeFranco's video because he had one talking about he is a big government boot licker. I sure hope the scumbag is not like other big government lovers and instead at least pays some taxes for his big government. Are the "woke" people supporting the cancel culture? I haven't kept up with what is PC with the people who have nothing better to do than watch YouTube ranters. Big government loves your cancel culture and fully supports it with their pre-approved hit list - the $EX Offender Registries. Now there's some hate we can all get behind!
Just ME Onlyme (1 month ago)
Harley Quinn!~
DethKat MetalBaby (1 month ago)
Should be all or nothing with the ads, looks like Twitter is cheating to me.
Kat Truong (1 month ago)
its a community benefit to apprehend a criminal, it should also be community responsibility to pay for the house that was damaged to apprehend that criminal. aka, I'm fine with taxpayer dollars going towards that man's house. But the waste of money to try and weasel out of paying him? nah
RAY (1 month ago)
Imagine your town's police fucking up your house and then being like: "¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " When you're like "bruh"
Elp Smith (1 month ago)
God, police are on such a fucking power trip!
Tiffany (1 month ago)
Obama was clearly talking about Biden lol, he's been getting hammered on his racial justice history.
Okurin Gaming (1 month ago)
If only Obama had acted like a President when he was in the White House :/
Madame Padoodles (1 month ago)
I heard cancel culture and Obama and I got really scared for a moment
BeautyByLinnoria (1 month ago)
Yyyaaazzzzzz...punch me in the throat 🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰 now back to reality
Tiptoe (1 month ago)
I saw this video recommend and didn't click at first because I thought it was from years ago
Skyler O'Riordan (1 month ago)
No in terms of cancel culture while I generally think it’s bad we still have hold people accountable for their bullshit. If someone does say something offensive learn from your mistakes and move on. Instead of just “canceling” them. Tell them respectfully what they did or said that offended you and hopefully they can learn from that.
Sophie Boudreaux (1 month ago)
Ah, who remembers when Phil gave us money to watch his show on Fridays?
A Shwin (1 month ago)
I fucking LOVE what Obama just said there, miss that man
Warlok (1 month ago)
Google is going to ban all pro2A ads, I guarantee it.
Vitopa13 (1 month ago)
I know people who live in greenwood village and they tell me the city is run by a bunch of penny pinching a-holes. Very rich area run by pricks who'll try their best to milk every penny or save every dollar in any situation.
Inquisition31 (1 month ago)
Seacat is what happens after the Rainbow Six Siege match ends.....
Vexorz (1 month ago)
The logo for Greenwood Village looks like a logo for a 2012 COD clan.
Vanessa Van Downen (1 month ago)
Okay, fair enough, the police were mainly focused in saving lives than property damage. However, because of what they did they made these peoples lives miserable because they can't live in their house anymore. Like what the fuck? That's terrible.
Ken (1 month ago)
Pinky Saints (1 month ago)
Micheal Myers, damn my gender is freaky What’s with ladies and our lust for murderers hahaha
grant hewitt (1 month ago)
Give him the money 5th amendment should apply here they saved life’s but could have ended one in debt if it was a different situation it’s a terrible president to set in the courts
Concerned4 USA (1 month ago)
Jay Jayy (1 month ago)
Before you wattttccccchhh plllllleassee hit that like button !
Kirsten Lund (1 month ago)
Holy hell. To me it seems like the police used extreme excess force for one man. They should not have had to destroy a house to get ONE MAN. ONE. I would like to know who made the decision to destroy the house and what there reasons were.
Zenia Rose (1 month ago)
Well, at least they captured the man that will have to spend 100 years in prison alive and well. Who cares that an innocent family had their home demolished in the process! /s ... The city should be bending over backwards to help this family out. They were WAY too overkill on that arrest.
Mikerphone (1 month ago)
Why do we hold social media platforms to a standard that we don't impose onto mainstream media outlets. If Twitter knows it shouldn't run political ads then so should FOX, MSNBC, CNN.
D Sharp (1 month ago)
in capitalist America, the law breaks YOU.
Mild-Mannered Foxen (1 month ago)
Didn't know when a robber breaks into your home in America the police will play a round of Rainbow Six.
LiquidD34th (1 month ago)
legit when you said "saying something bad is not the same as throwing a baby in a dumpster" i was like oof but true
swimbikenrun7 (1 month ago)
sounds like he didn't have adequate insurance coverage on the house if he only got $345k and it's worth $600k+. that's the risk you take paying lower premiums for less coverage hombre
Zeylnor Kranqum (1 month ago)
wow as a child I always thought the USA would be awesome to live in, how could you say you live in the land of the free if there's a chance the police will just blow your house up and leave you in thousands of dollars in debt. here in the Netherlands, everything would have been covered by insurance or the government. (although we do have a problem with tons of low life shitters abusing the shit out of the system by getting free money for no good reason.)
pladampa3 (1 month ago)
Fuckoff phil
CaraRowen (1 month ago)
How the fuck is the City not responsible? Lech was done dirty.
CaraRowen (1 month ago)
Daddy said happy Halloween. Thanks daddy. In all seriousness I hope you guys had a great Halloween.
Sarada Sreeram (1 month ago)
Holy shit. I miss Obama and having a president who speaks from their heart over their ass.
Tart Nouveau (1 month ago)
As someone who lives near Denver, I'm not surprised by the cops fucking up someone's house and the local government not giving a fuck. I hope his case makes it to the supreme court.
Katie Cunningham (1 month ago)
Phil wtf did you send me to today. That secret link was WACK -- kinda in a good way? Idk still processing what I just watched
Grant Manor (1 month ago)
This type of shit is why I hate the government.
Grant Manor (1 month ago)
I don't find myself agreeing with Obama much, but I can %100 get behind this.
Andrew Putnam (1 month ago)
Ryan Jansen (1 month ago)
ProgrammingGamer (1 month ago)
It's a shame that Phil did not talk about the Valleyfolk
SuperFrubblez (1 month ago)
Bruh that’s destruction of property. They have every right to sue
Orbital Jellyfish (1 month ago)
Lech home situation 🤯🤬
HeavyDemir (1 month ago)
Hey Phillip cant you give the channel Food Wishes some love? he has been making food on here for more then 10 years an is actually a chief.
3pharaohstowers (1 month ago)
destruction of private property, use of excessive force, this wasnt a militant suspect, there was no need to demolish lech's home, they could have evacuated the neighbors and long wait him out cut water, gas and electricity to house, without water 3 days without food 7 sleep deprivation and they could stink gas him out at no point was this a hostage or a siege necessity, PURE EXCESSIVE FORCE, this siege tactics are last option necessity when lifes are in extreme danger this is not the case of this cop evasion, im not against the cops doing there job nor in the side of the criminal, im on the side on the property and household owner, this cannot become normal acceptable cop protocol, there is zero need for militant siege tactics of an ordinary barricaded suspect. even strategic sleep gas could have prevented the damage to the property, in rotc and armed guard we where trained to always use the minimal force necessity, fatal force or collateral damage was always deemed beyond acceptable standard practice. we have a right to property a protection against quartering of troops, and right to fair equity for our property, they deemed the home collateral damage and excessively demolished it without any regard to the owners right nor any intent to repay for damages, there was a complete violation of lech's rights of property, they destroyed personal property, and AGAIN THEY HAVE DAMEGE THE TRUST BETWEEN THE PEOPLE AND THE POLICE, THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT AND SERVE. if I where a lawyer the suspect could even sue for excessive force, its a clear factual win. cops and all security must exhaust all minimal options before EXCESSIVE MILITARY TACTICS ARE REQUIRED, there is zero reason to rush a barricaded solitary barricaded suspect, there was obvious excessive force and mismanagement of the arrest and apprehension. THE CONDEMNED HOUSE IS PROOF.
Phandom trash forever (1 month ago)
Okay, first of all, those cops and the city can screw themselves for not trying to help that family after the cops fucked over their entire house. How is basically blowing up a family’s house, who has a FUCKING KID, seen as legally allowed?? I swear I’m starting to lose faith in people faster than usual. Now that I’ve finished this rant, love your videos and I really hope that family get justice and the cops/the city get their asses handed to them. Keep up the good work de Franco.😊☺️
Isori (1 month ago)
"No political ads"... How strict is twitter willing to be? It feels to me fairly simple to circumvent.