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Paul Krugman: The tax cut is a nothing burger

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Economist Paul Krugman says the initial evidence that the Trump tax cuts are leading to economic growth is "even worse than the pessimists expected."
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Text Comments (27)
edge2991 (6 hours ago)
Wow, my company created 7 new jobs and moving us to a different larger facility, i have over 10k in savings i feel great thanks #trumpcuts #maga200
Erik Haley (1 day ago)
I prepare tax returns for a living, and I can vouch that average working class people will definitely be seeing huge tax savings come next tax season. It may not help out people who live in high tax cities/states because of the property tax deduction cap at $10,000, but for everyone else it’s a welcome relief.
Dave Knox (4 days ago)
Krugman SOB crook scum full of Bull and lies shill for deep state dumb ass!!!
Orangutan (17 days ago)
Krugmann won’t be happy till we’re under full communism
J. Muller (18 days ago)
Tell this to the millions who now get more money in their checks, and that will go away if the dem.'s get power. Don't let that happen.
Tom James (7 days ago)
too bad thats its written in the tax cuts and jobs act that the cut for average people disappears by 2027
Walter S. (19 days ago)
What Conserva tards believe is that every company has the urge the BIG URGE to invest in capital expenditures, in increasing their operational expenditures. I wouldn't if I were to run a company. I would park it or do stock buybacks. Krugman hit the nail on the head.
Walter S. (10 hours ago)
I do. I'm maintaining cash liquidity and investing on things value-added without splurging since financial management is a challenge based on the competitive market and market positioning. I do require IRR, Payback Period analysis from my analysts. You never had the balls to fire or furlough many of your employees in 2008, have ya? Anyone who went through that would exactly do what I'm doing.
Orangutan (17 days ago)
Walter S. maybe that’s the reason you don’t have a company
ConservativeAnthem (19 days ago)
What the hell is wrong with this guy? He only cares about politics, not economics or being right. Failure!!
Серж Шуляченко (20 days ago)
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Western Cryptographer (21 days ago)
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Roger Nevez (21 days ago)
such a demogogue
night mark (21 days ago)
The biggest scam in wall-street is this time is different. First the Republicans tell us that when the rich will get richer also you will get richer, now they peddle say if the rich get richer you might get a job because they will hire more people. Yup this time is different the rich and the poor got more dumb.
Mike (21 days ago)
fake news
Tom James (7 days ago)
what are you saying, that companies ARE investing? theyre not. this is easily measurable
Nick Golina (21 days ago)
CNN one o one: Ignore decades of history and create false equivalencies because Republicans lie and CNN still needs to call it even. This isn’t journalism
takoleta (21 days ago)
Not surprised that the tax cut for Corporate America is not creating jobs in the USA; for those who advocated for the tax cut, where are the jobs and pay raised?????? 😂🤣😅😜
Yolanda Rodriguez (21 days ago)
takoleta Ha! It's a joke I work for a Corp BPO and they just sent our jobs overseas
Joshua Bare (21 days ago)
I do agree that wages could be higher due to the corporate tax cuts but in all honesty the money will most likely be made for making more money and not raising wages. That’s life.
batsha (21 days ago)
It's sad when he's trying to tell cnn the truth about the scam
batsha (21 days ago)
Yup so no investment. Stop lying cnn still could do what? we know it was a scam it's time we hold all of these crooks accountable! Vote in nov for anyone who tells the truth about this tax scam
jag10 (21 days ago)
Does Paul Krugman have ANY credibility left?
jag10 (5 days ago)
Stee, Whoopi Goldstein is a more credible econ0omist than Paul Krugman. His contributions are massive lol. Why does Krugman not correct Libtards when they introduce him as a Nobel Prize winner?
ConservativeAnthem (6 days ago)
Stee Stee (6 days ago)
Yeah, he actually has as much if not more credibility than any contemporary economist. His contributions to the field have been massive. Why wouldn't he have any credibility?
ConservativeAnthem (19 days ago)
jag10 -- No. He's just a partisan.