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Start-ups changing the food delivery business - BBC News

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A group of British start-up companies are trying to disrupt the food takeaway business, by making it easier for restaurants to deliver, that wouldn't normally consider it. Subscribe to BBC News HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog Check out our website: http://www.bbc.com/news Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bbcworldnews Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bbcworld Instagram: http://instagram.com/bbcnews
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Text Comments (36)
aman amana (22 days ago)
Which app is best in malaysia ... Everyday i came back 6.pm from my job and after then go out for cycling... If anyone knows about food dilivery jobs than ask me i will be earn too 😍😚🇲🇾
ollieflp (1 month ago)
Now I just need someone to feed me 🤔
PakPassion (1 month ago)
What are rights that delivery boy has from legal side. Are they permanent staff or working as independent contractor? What is their pay model. Per delivery commission or an hourly pay? what is minimum of pay that they should be getting per month if their is any legal barrier. Who pays for their associated benefits like insurance, health, well being. Who is maintaining and owning phone and electric bicycle and also courier kit? any correct information would be highly appreciated. Regards
Hami Rami (2 months ago)
All the third party apps makes hefty commissions from restaurants and take aways. No wonder just eat is valued at £5.5 billion. Restaurants have to thousands these platforms every months.
Samara Weaving (4 months ago)
And now it is the same media trying to destroy these companies which it promoted on our tv licence funded infrastructure and our funded platform. Bunch of pedo's (aka the BBC).
Code Brew Labs (8 months ago)
GrubHub showcases a perfect journey of a startup that took informed decisions, chose the right time and tapped the right audiences. Here are some food startup lessons to learn from GrubHub http://bit.ly/2JHWm8H
Qi Zhang (1 year ago)
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Mihail (1 year ago)
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Savage-Queenie #Random (1 year ago)
How about upping their wages today and giving them a fair pay for what there doing! I thought it was a great idea until i realised i was ordering food and felt like recieving slave laybour
guil Alexandre (1 year ago)
il love English !!!
guil Alexandre (1 year ago)
so nice  so nice i'am happy
Rpy Lamp (1 year ago)
I dont quite get it. The owner says the restaurant only need to cook the food and we deliver them. Ummm isnt that what ALL other food delivery service doing?? What makes it different? Why nandos and other expensive restaurant use your service and not the existing competitors?? This video tells me nothing!
Derek W (9 months ago)
of course deliveroo not gonna reveal how they charge their user on the charges % + delivery fees + (*if any additional annual fees / system fees / processing fees) ... well, that's the part that makes all the difference.. if your services are too expensive, no body gonna use your services though it might be good if your services are reasonable, but couldn't maintaining good delivery speed, no body gonna use your services too anyway.. if your services are cheap, you are cutting yourself thin... and couldn't afford to pay the riders reasonable wages... hence, the company would close up too...
Harvest order (1 year ago)
THIS VIDEO IS SO HELPFUL!!!! I have best website (Harvestorder) they deliver fresh stuff of fruits and vegetables.
Sarah K (1 year ago)
Michigan need new business
Yousaf Akhtar (1 year ago)
yeah there is no structure in this country, most of these are illegals working on the road and can never be caught .
jose alexandre (2 years ago)
pay the drivers proper
OfficialSbarton (2 years ago)
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Conor Maguire (2 years ago)
If you want £10 off your Deliveroo order just enter this code: conorm5723 You're welcome :D
Idrankyourcoffeewhileyouwerereadingmyusername (3 years ago)
south korea perfected this business model , they deliver not only food but anything you want or needed to anywhere
Richard Chiang (3 years ago)
Yes Jack, this is not the same. For instance we usually have friends visit our home and have simple lunch or dinner we can't get any restaurant locally to cook us a couple of dishes and bring to our condo.
Nam Phan Ba (3 years ago)
i think this only effective in city without traffic jam =))
eastpak2g6 (3 years ago)
+Nam Phan Ba you're riding a bike, Traffic won't be a big issue
장성기 (3 years ago)
this considered good idea?? in Vietnam everything is delivered by bike and its more efficient. food. beds. even babies and live pih weighing 50kilos. nothing brilliant abt this. Deluverung food in Vn is too coomon and very good.. The word us everybody delivrers everything in Vn.
PEPSIMAX2019 (3 years ago)
anon (2 years ago)
+PEPSIMAX2018 i use them all the time, it's only 2.50 extra charge and you can order from any restaurant. i dont feel like going out and getting the food myself and don't wanna eat alone at a restaurant. it's a lifesaver for me.
Ed An (3 years ago)
This is so old school. there are already three delivery company competing in the food delivering. I am in a college in Wuhan and I order takeaway so often cuz it's even cheaper than you go there and buy it by yourself
Richard Chiang (3 years ago)
It's a great idea and I hope we can have the same service over in K.L., Penang or other town . Frankly is superb idea.
Jack Fox (3 years ago)
+Richard Chiang I've seen these kinds of food delivery services all over Asia for quite some time. After a quick google search I found that in K.L. you guys can use roomservice.com.my I'm sure there are a lot of others. Enjoy :D
Edgar Vibar (3 years ago)
My local Dabbawala.
Pentaou Hanane (3 years ago)
zh3 z4 ett5 57 7yrrth. Je ne sais 77uu
Darius D'Silva (3 years ago)
+Edgar Vibar which country you from?
MaxBorges (3 years ago)
Aqui também a turma está usando delivery pacas. Acho que preparar comida (gostosa) dá muito trabalho, é por isto. É bom porque dá emprego para os bicicletero/motoquero também, né?
nikada vise (3 years ago)
So no one in Britain cooks at home either anymore?  Sorry at home moms used to make, bake, invent new recipes and now they wear tons of makeup dress like their teens and have no idea how to cook?  Wow and just wow.  I have literally paid my rent for years by simply cooking one meal a day for my roommates, paid for camping trips, bought vehicles etc. all because i know how to cook.  Must be time to head back overseas and see how much/what i can earn.
Casey Lou Rutherford (6 months ago)
nikada vise not all people can cook, this just creates a wider spread of options for people who can’t get food themselves, cook it themselves or can’t get what food they want because that restaurant doesn’t deliver.
Irsad Qureshi (1 year ago)
nikada vise 5