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Beckham Creek Cave interior

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"A "luxurious cave" may sound like the ultimate contradiction. This property, built into the Ozark Mountains, features natural rock walls and ceilings as well as Jacuzzi bathtubs and large windows for letting in light. Built as a Cold War bomb shelter by John Hay, founder of Celestial Seasonings tea, it's now a base from which to hike, bike and explore local springs." - Forbes Magazine
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Text Comments (208)
Cinzia Tschantret (1 month ago)
Smh🤦🏽‍♀️no thank you! Enjoy.
Linda Gill (1 month ago)
Where's d racula? Modern day of course
Harry Moyer (3 months ago)
Another rich puke. No thank you.
I'm Green (3 months ago)
Is the noise 24-7 no thank you..
Grumpy old Marine (3 months ago)
Beautiful but way to wet!!! Could be my dream home, if it was built in dry stone. The lime stone sucks!!! I would really like a stream running through it, but a constant stream of water from the ceiling and off the walls is way too much!!! If you did not have webs between your toes when you moved in you soon would have!!!!
Reginald Workman (4 months ago)
Beautiful, might be a tad tough on old arthritic limbs! Mine hurt just watching this!
Lan ti (5 months ago)
NO! it's creepy spiders, snake and bugs. we have to spray pesticide chemical all the time, not safe. P.S. No natural light very dark.
Maria Jimenez (5 months ago)
Que belleza❤🙏
Manny Colón (5 months ago)
How much ?
Scott Preston (6 months ago)
What about radon?
JRRnotTolkien (6 months ago)
Needs color - why make the furniture the same color as the rock? Why not some emerald green, deep orange, or red?
Justin Smith (7 months ago)
Looks great but also looks like it has a major water problem
Captain Nemo (7 months ago)
That's rocks is granitte? What about radioactive dust and radon gass ? İs it really good idea to live in a cave? Or watching too much batman !!
Debra Scott (7 months ago)
I am not a fan of cave living, however, I wanted to see the inside of this. The bedrooms are nice but I would be extremely claustrophobic. I am just wondering if the noise is a continual problem ?
GregJenn Uribe (8 months ago)
Sharath Parkala (8 months ago)
Why don't you edit this video before uploading into youtube.
jlpmoose (8 months ago)
Costs a hell of a lot to maintain and to prevent toxic mold exposure. Probably a lot of drywall changing, air filtering, towels and buckets. God knows what more
jlpmoose (8 months ago)
Neat though
Pastor Paul D (9 months ago)
Not to shabby.. it’s now a hotel, rates start at READY $ 1,200 a night that’s for a room , there’s 4Bedrooms total . Waaaaayyyyy to expensive.
John Saint Vincent (1 year ago)
You making filming is very bad. The place looks good but breaks the natural contrast.
Pagan (1 year ago)
I see he is prepaired for the 5G WI-FI...
Calvin H. (1 year ago)
I love this place! And would love to live there.. Awesome!!
Pohlor Koh (1 year ago)
Living in a cave , it is in moist condition surrounding .Will it be having rheumatism problems?
Chica 411 (1 year ago)
Ok this owner is king! The place is asweome
Susan porter (1 year ago)
Chris Mccullough (1 year ago)
Thats amazing
Robert Maki (1 year ago)
The acoustics are great , imagine playing electric guitar cranked up in there
jlpmoose (8 months ago)
I saw Manchester Orchestra play in a cave once
Robert Maki (1 year ago)
This is the kind of place that makes me wanna become a prepped,, hoard a bunch of long term storage food, and but a few machine gun nests in strategic areas. , And then pray for the apocalypse!
J Helgeson (1 year ago)
Smoke dector needs a battery !
americania-nmc (1 year ago)
That constant water sound is NOT pleasant. That would keep you up ,for months, yelling to your wife...."DID YOU LOCK THE FRONT DOOR "!!??......! WHAT !!??..."I SAID"...DID YOU LOCK!...."I HEARD WHAT YOU SAID" !!! ...OH SHUT UP!...NO YOU SHUT UP!!
Michele A (1 year ago)
How many feet underground is this house?
Shelray Sam (1 year ago)
مهداوي الزمان مهداوي (1 year ago)
Linda Carpenter (1 year ago)
Kathny Rogers (1 year ago)
What happened to the indoor waterfall? It looks dry to me.
Xyu (1 year ago)
A M A Z I N G!
friendinspirit (2 years ago)
Worst tour video ever. You took a really cool location and destroyed it with poor filming and audio skills. Several areas makes the viewer completely nascious while you focus camera in and out. The entire ordeal was painstakingly, mind numbingly annoying to watch add the random phone talker echoing over what sounds like a station that has gone off air for the night. PS wow, Why were we watching a helicopter on a pad? #Fail #MissedOpportunity
adhanet hagos (7 months ago)
Mary Ann Knox (8 months ago)
friendinspirit Is
Calvin H. (1 year ago)
This video was made over 8 years ago.. And if it wasn't for this person taking their time to make it, you wouldn't have even had a chance of seeing inside this place.. If you didn't like the video, then go watch something else.. And as for the audio, if you don't like it, there's a mute for that.. I can't stand self serving ungrateful people..
ZEDEKUS ZULE (1 year ago)
friendinspirit is right. I know I’m late to this video but the quality is very bad to say the least. Spent way too much time zooming in and out and way too much time panning. Ridiculous
Robert Maki (1 year ago)
TJ Haverland no shit.... there is always a critic
Rei Lea (2 years ago)
If there was an earthquake...that would be all she wrote.
gmaneis (2 years ago)
I have always loved caves, but this? I'll bet an awful lot of people would be begging for a copter ride outta there after only one sleepless night in all that noise and dampness. Some mold-proof artificial carpet and fake plant life might soften it up, at least maybe a little. It looks cold, wet, stark, and depressing. Not just being green with envy here. This really does not look comfy.
jacob R. (1 year ago)
I think it's a matter of what different people like, granted the dampness would get annoying, other than that a guy like me would be just fine here. Plus it could become a chick magnet
HTP 04041 (2 years ago)
poorly filmed can't watch
Brian Catley (2 years ago)
A lot of leaks
David Riley (2 years ago)
Mushroom Galaxy (2 years ago)
fire alarm battery needs a change lol
GregJenn Uribe (8 months ago)
nonya buisness (2 years ago)
looks like u have a wayer problem sir
Boston My Home Town . (2 years ago)
Good bunker from nukes.just make sure you never share location..and never trust anyone outside your circle.you need at least 30 yrs of food.dont share with strangers. Hire me as security.i have a very good well rounded resume .either way good luck. If something bad happens remember be strong.protect your family and your place .protect it with your life
Maria Hernandez (3 years ago)
Whit modern decoration, it take away the natual beauty of the cave.
Lance Baker (3 years ago)
What the hell happened to the sound ??? It's like standing next to a power saw!!!! If you have no narration or interesting local sounds, remove the audio and replace it with muzak.
Cheryl Hoffman (9 months ago)
Calvin H. Exactly
Calvin H. (1 year ago)
That's what the mute is for.. People should just be glad that whoever made this made it, or you wouldn't have got to see inside at all..
Shirl Linda (3 years ago)
Wonderfully and beautifully made. I would buy it.
C Kes (3 years ago)
it look like a bar
3warsGunsmithing (3 years ago)
I would sell off everything I own just to live in and own that place. Absolutely beautiful
Dad Nova (3 years ago)
The perfect home, cool in the summer warm in the winter. With the amount of water flowing through you could generate all the Electricity you want or use as well.
Katies krafty korner (3 years ago)
Such a beautiful place, I love this idea.
Thats Me (3 years ago)
Amazing.I love it..
Sloan (3 years ago)
Steve Coyle (3 years ago)
mold is a bitch to keep down in the beds and what not. and ceramic tile grout is also a source of mold
npsit1 (3 years ago)
+Steve Coyle That's why you have to use the anti-microbial treated grout.. Then seal it.
susan catterson (3 years ago)
looks wet
Wilfredo Flecha (3 years ago)
i accept donation so i can a least get one
Amber Dixon (3 years ago)
Scrumptiously beautiful! <3
Jewell Tlm (3 years ago)
Cave living is the life for me....lol, hey did you count how many Bthrm & Brdms there are in this HUGE place... Just check it out!
Miggy Z (3 years ago)
the noise is too much
Calvin H. (1 year ago)
That's what the mute is for..
TheTinLion (3 years ago)
This place is amazing. Where?
K Wilson (3 years ago)
Designed by Neanderthals.
Allen Tallman (1 year ago)
I love it
Papon Thepseree (1 year ago)
Papon Thepseree (1 year ago)
K Wilson บ้านดิน
Sailor Barsoom (3 years ago)
Didn't this used to have audio?
cricketandbuddy (4 years ago)
With the exception of the water coming through the top of the cave and the dampness, I would love to live there in the seclusion!
Don Wilson (4 years ago)
It is obvious that this is a natural cave with a stream running through it. Humidity up around 90%, hence all the fans. Also a live cave will always have upper ground water seeping through the cave ceiling, hence a few buckets. On the plus side, they will always have water and constant comfortable temps. The down side is the dampness that never goes away, the constant need to filter the air due to mold spores, and very hi maintenance.
Wynand Koegelenberg (4 years ago)
Uhmmmm, no thanks. Very interesting but NO! Too noisy with the constant running water. Way too damp: buckets, buckets everywhere. Fans everywhere. It is just damp and moist and dark everywhere! Is this Aquaman's summer house?  
no1wrench (4 years ago)
I say stock some trout in that spring fed water just by the front porch... free food, and fun : )
William Joyce (4 years ago)
Can you say claustrophobia? 
Darrell barron (4 years ago)
id hate that constant loud humming though!
sortedtales (16 hours ago)
@jlpmoose - No, a manmade racket.
jlpmoose (8 months ago)
Darrell barron the song of the earth...
069220 (4 years ago)
It's leaking.
evilwarcow (4 years ago)
This be a dream come true for Minecraft addicts.
Heidi L. Baumoh (3 years ago)
that's exactly what I was thinking
Fauk Yosef (4 years ago)
"honey theres bats in the living room"
Ibrahim Turay (3 months ago)
Sailor Barsoom (4 years ago)
There's no denying that it's cool.  Some of it looks like it'd be a real bitch to clean,but  the cool factor is inherent.
Jakari Hardaway (4 years ago)
How.much time did it take to build it
Cory Miller (4 years ago)
Love it! Now for some aquaponics in there.
E Graham (4 years ago)
bad water leaks.
Rune Oberon (5 years ago)
Absolutely frickin Awesome ...
Vancou vera (5 years ago)
Fine if money is no object but the ones that interest me are cheap and efficient.
SamytheGreek (5 years ago)
Who the hell lives there, Dr. No ?
John Smith (5 years ago)
3:26 pots on floor along with what looks to be towels...  leaking roof? How the F**K do you fix a leaking roof on a cave?!?
jlpmoose (8 months ago)
How do you not. I swear I hear water dripping in some shots
Robert Maki (1 year ago)
John Smith bubble gum
Barskor1 (4 years ago)
Pressure inject epoxy in the cracks.
Brendan Anderson (5 years ago)
This is the coolest naturecture I ever seen. If I could own something like this my life would be complete. Awesome.
Patricio Trujillo (5 years ago)
Seems a bit decadent and claustrophobic to me.
Neptun Posidon (5 years ago)
to much noise 4 my taste & the stuff sofas etc looks so ...what ever but nice heli.
Pam Quin (5 years ago)
dommage d'avoir autant de fric et si peu de gout... ça ferait rêver si ce n'était pas systématiquement laid et tape-à-l'oeil....
Joe Hallam (5 years ago)
Dark, dank, depressing...
Mika Lee (5 years ago)
Changes the meaning of caveman forever :)
Lynne Peluso (5 years ago)
I have never seen anything like this except in my imagination starting when I was about 7yrs old. I'm flabbergasted. 
PaladinO (5 years ago)
Beautiful, but is it safe? Parts of the ceiling look like they're about to cave in.
Mark Mageddon (5 years ago)
you really need some background music and transition effects from one clip to the next
cookieman38111 (5 years ago)
Is this for sale?
진중용 (5 years ago)
좋은 자료 감사합니다. ( 10330 )
Shannon Medlin-Stein (5 years ago)
Architecture, being my initial field of interest, I find cave homes to be very evocative.  Speaking to our primal genetic memory, caves beckon us to retreat into their cool depths.  Especially in more recent times, it has become somewhat of a fad.  Before our ancestors emerged from the calm sturdy rock, we feared the extreme temperatures of our season's and had not yet mastered the wild.  Since, we tilled and travelled the globe, have revelled in the light and danced on the oceans, soared toward the stars and unravelled the macro and the micro. In the process, no doubt, many of us have forgotten our origins.  Most even regard our ancestral cousins as like children, excusing their practices, rituals and commonplace as rudimentary.  However, I would challenge you to imagine if you were born in a cave, which a society of parents that also were born of the same, without the concept or need for complex language and technology to survive, you might very well live out your life, very closely resembling them.  In more recent years, our society has displayed increased fear of total annihilation.  We see traitors at every turn: in our food, on our doorstep, amongst our colleagues and within ourselves.  It is understandable that our reaction is to retreat to the one place we regard as ultimate safety.  Toward the common womb, our supreme mother earth. In this artists view, I have been observing a similar resurgence in the interest of the cave home.  And just like above ground homes, the interior decoration varies greatly.  However, the design choices in this home's mix of modern and organic generates confusion.  If the walls were ground down and polished, promoting undulating smooth surfaces instead of ragged, uneven calcifications, I would make more sense.  In it's current state I am left depleted and unimpressed.  Even just a change in decor, using more rustic and natural elements, would present a marriage of concepts instead of this blatant conflict.
Jita'ame suluma (5 years ago)
oh and where you have seepage you could put a koi pond , you open the front and put greenery add softer furniture and nic naks , a few pictures a soft rug of some kind , out side get some planting done that is harmonious and does not look too planted , the water could have had an outside koi pond some planting too , water lilies such but have the water do something generate power for one thing , could be amazing sadly its a fail
Jita'ame suluma (5 years ago)
i agree this is a really unloved home no heart in it no family no feeling and so badly decorated , impersonal and dark if they had put a front of pure solar glass and had not tried so hard to look rich they would not look so nouveau , style is not automatic just coz u have money , some one needs to throw all that furniture away its cold heartless and worse ugly , it makes me cry inside imagine what this could look like with the money they have but good taste and the potential to energy save
Stephen Tucker (5 years ago)
No offense, but to me it looks like a lot of money was dumped into the project and the outcome was...ehhhh...not so great. Cheers to whoever did it though, im sure that they are very proud of their work and it is very very impressive.
ahorn31 (6 years ago)
That would suck if there was a cave in!
Roxanna Trahan (6 years ago)
So wut the house just leaks?......
Solid State (6 years ago)
,,this is what yuppies do to mother nature.
Khadija Hussein (6 years ago)
they ruined the cave by making it look modern! so NOT cozy!
sorin990 (6 years ago)
The bat-cave :D
john willams (6 years ago)
Looks really nice but not my cup of tea.