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Keyila Lamour (1 hour ago)
Oww you broke my ear it hurts😭😭😭 why you gotta yell your loud af man
Exotic_ Killaz (7 days ago)
3 years ago😪 man time goes to quick
TRIGGERTREY41 (9 days ago)
Pootie as in pootie Tang?
Brandi Jones Wilson (11 days ago)
8:07 how you bewhen you getting a whoopin and ya mom it the spot you cant reach😭😭😂😂😂😂😂
DrippyYusuf (18 days ago)
Who here 2020
Sierra Walls (29 days ago)
Anyone else here in 2020 😂
CrazyBxilds (30 days ago)
Famous Dex (1 month ago)
2020 and now ddg the one ahead of cj so cool😂
Antonio Kimble (1 month ago)
Nigga they just draws
Jordan Taylor (1 month ago)
I watch cj so cool
Jeremiah Park (1 month ago)
Go check out leek jack
Daphne Green (1 month ago)
Had my head phone on max
Drippie Keepin100 (1 month ago)
well ig the songs cool but did he do it b4 tee grizzled bc if he didn’t then he kinda copied the flow👎
SANDRA Mccullough (1 month ago)
Cash catch ever lil detail in a video
YSFranko 2x (1 month ago)
Subscribe to my channel YSFranko 2x
Jeremiah Thomas (2 months ago)
Quadeca is the best yall lackin
Jeremiah Thomas (2 months ago)
Geovani Rodriguez (2 months ago)
He ain’t diss u
Jaylen To cool (2 months ago)
Jaylen To cool (2 months ago)
Crip walk hahahahahaha
God_Dragon (2 months ago)
9:06 got me dead😂😂😂😂😂
Marvin Lewis (3 months ago)
Cash said wtf are those knew right away that was poudiiiii 😂😂🤣🤣
Joi Togba (3 months ago)
Tmac2Chill (3 months ago)
I reacted to both of those diss tracks this year!! Aye I wasn’t doing YouTube back then so 😂
Jarhle Ingram (3 months ago)
Quadeka ski ddg rice gum dis god
E. P. Baez (4 months ago)
9:18 😭😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Jasir Latta (4 months ago)
DDG roasting
Samuel Freeman (4 months ago)
Trace Waller (4 months ago)
You talkin bout top 3😭 I’m better than every rapper on YouTube no cap
Horse Jay (5 months ago)
whats wrong w hanes my nigga
Salbone Z (5 months ago)
Bro it sounds like first day out
Austin (5 months ago)
Salbone Z that’s the beat
Lil AJ crew (5 months ago)
Yo cash stop trying to hate on him you don't have it like him
justin soto (5 months ago)
React to Dax called wack ass rapers pt2
justin soto (5 months ago)
1:Dax 2:ddg
OlliverquintTV (5 months ago)
react to me #Olliverquint
EvaDe DreAd (5 months ago)
Nobody: YouTubers reacting to song: pauses video every verse
Joseph Figueroa (5 months ago)
Hella biased bruh
Tavian Gaudiuso (6 months ago)
the bars were heat but if he gonna use another rappers beat you can’t have the exact same flow and he used some of the bars with slight twists
Yo girl shani (6 months ago)
Did he say Hanes draws 😂😂
jjoel (6 months ago)
7:59 what u came here for
TheRealJackIn _ (6 months ago)
Yo I’m crying cash said “hold...wtf are those”💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
yt_ zylegit (6 months ago)
stop talking and let the video play
Mingy Maxwell (6 months ago)
Ddg is fire
MxSxvge (6 months ago)
He gotta start off wit Calvin Klein😂
Yo yoka (6 months ago)
8:12 Crip walk
Khamani Davis (6 months ago)
He didn’t diss you dude 😂
Dj kevo3 (6 months ago)
Tht shit was trash n five top YT rappers nobody
ZAY OMG (6 months ago)
Young poudii p!!
Baller_Dylan 23 (6 months ago)
flight said the same thing abt his beat ass kicks
Prime Ja (7 months ago)
Yo I know im late but never play DDG for money in a 1v1
The_Real _Adrianblue53 (7 months ago)
Who was his dis on rice gum or jake paul
king saevy_op (7 months ago)
No he didn't shoot shot at u it was a basically a shot out he didn't diss you
spankySLT bosk boss (7 months ago)
Ddg hold up / lil baby
faze_ Jay (7 months ago)
He copied off of lil grizzy
Amera Tyner (7 months ago)
Cj so cool went up dumbass
youngtez 21 (7 months ago)
Raynique Caines (7 months ago)
You like DGG he calls you know he can see better you stop hating on him
Raynique Caines (7 months ago)
You like DGG he calls you know he can hating on he Cause he can stop Hayden. he
Spencer Protsman (7 months ago)
Ik its poudii bro xD
Fortniteclan40 The goat (7 months ago)
Cj so cool is the best
Traci Slonaker (7 months ago)
Grand Theft Pictures (8 months ago)
Who here 2019
Ivan the goat (5 months ago)
Lil Drippytwins (8 months ago)
Alexander Canisales (8 months ago)
1.DDG 2.cj so cool 3.funnymike
Abdullah Alghamdi (1 month ago)
1.ksi 2.quadeca 3.ddg
Kvng ADon (6 months ago)
Foreign Fatigue smart
quion hall (7 months ago)
Alexander Canisales take cj out and put blou and that’s what my top 3 is but yours is good too
Otismckenzie36 (8 months ago)
Hey what’s wrong wit his draws 😂😂😂😂😂😂 lmaooo
YT- Issues (8 months ago)
Crip walk on deck
jahden pual (8 months ago)
you said that ksi is top 3😤😡😠
Jacob Davis (8 months ago)
Cash crip walk nasty 😂😂😂
Jacob Davis (7 months ago)
Yeah i meant it in a good way
LaDajzon Jenkins (7 months ago)
Nasty in a good way? He killed dat mf
Spiritual Hees (9 months ago)
Crazy how the people u inspired surpass u
Quani 30 (10 months ago)
Jamariya Sumter (10 months ago)
Talk to much
kvng saa (10 months ago)
8:10 omg oh no no no no no no
Brenda Lee (10 months ago)
DDG lyrics r so smooth. He has hos own rap style. I can actually understand his words. He the best to me plus hes cute.
colin Herrmann (11 months ago)
Your young
Nitro bnzvy (11 months ago)
Get off DDG Dick holy hell he lost
Aspect Snipes (11 months ago)
Rice gum some shit
Tanya (11 months ago)
Justin x2 (11 months ago)
DDG is already better than cj so cool in mt opinion
Trevor Neese (1 year ago)
He is first or 2nd
aarron 2widdit (1 year ago)
aye my nigga @cashnasty hit the C wałc on em 😂 thats wassup łmao
Ines E (1 year ago)
Rip headphone users 😂😂
Fat Man (1 year ago)
Him and flight reacts don’t have beef they know each other since college he made a video about him and he said they don’t got beef
STLMadeBran (1 year ago)
😂😂😂😂he said wtf are those
Hiba Ali (1 year ago)
700K one of thm sub💯
valentin muma (1 year ago)
He hit that crip walk
Wavymari 24 (1 year ago)
Abel ghebrehiwet (1 year ago)
this channel should be called cash reacts to flight
Demetrius Hart Jr. (1 year ago)
cash look like a 89 ovr 2k player😂
JuJu3x (1 year ago)
My top 5 is: 5-Jinx 4-B Lou 3-DDG 2-Diss God 1-Zias. I had rice at 5 but I changed it
Ti'Aun Small (1 year ago)
nicole da braat (1 year ago)
Name a more annoying intro ,ill wait (dont say jojo siwa)
pαshurシ (1 year ago)
my nigga doing the crip walk
pαshurシ (1 year ago)
dam spit that fire my boi cash hyoed
TrapGawd (1 year ago)
He copied diss gods lines just changed a couple parts and stole the beat lol Diss God better!!
game gameing (1 year ago)
Ddg is so close to toast like they're like the same but different here in the other stuff
game gameing (1 year ago)
I know CJ so cool
Kaleel Davis (1 year ago)
He was not trying to go four you
Lil Frazy'z Utu (1 year ago)
Top 3 Ddg B Lou And Flightreacts SIKE!!!!!!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 It goes Ddg B Lou (All Hunits no ones) And Quadeca
I-ONLY-POST-UP (1 year ago)
Ddg always have bars!!!💯💯💯💯
FloridaBoyLogan (1 year ago)
Number 4 is Lee jack
Tyera Brown (1 year ago)