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John Wick Changed Action Movies And You Barely Noticed

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper Style, grace and elegance aren't terms usually associated with modern American action movies. The genre is full of high-octane explosions, brutality, and bloodshed. But when it comes to the craft of filmmaking, they can often be unmemorable. John Wick changed all that. The Keanu Reeves-led revenge thriller is epically violent, but it's elegant violence, captured in a way we don't get to see too often. The character's sharp suits and sharper shooting have left a huge mark on the action movie landscape, including in a few ways you might not yet have noticed. Here's how John Wick rewrote the rules for modern action... Low on ammo | 0:36 I know gun-fu | 1:31 The dance of doom | 2:18 Stylish shooters | 3:22 An underworld worth visiting | 4:03 Fight like Wick | 4:43 Checking in? | 5:58 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/120821/john-wick-changed-action-movies-one-noticed/ Movie Lists and Features https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdJRQ4Z14z1_GB_bQ6_oioB The 2018 Movies You Have To See https://youtu.be/vgxOSnE74GM?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdJRQ4Z14z1_GB_bQ6_oioB The Most Terrible Films From 2018 So Far https://youtu.be/13M8mz5y71M?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdJRQ4Z14z1_GB_bQ6_oioB The Most Exciting Upcoming Movies That Nobody Is Talking About https://youtu.be/vW1lmEV3bJE?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdJRQ4Z14z1_GB_bQ6_oioB The Most Disturbing Non-Horror Films Of All Time https://youtu.be/u58GSL-oQbY?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdJRQ4Z14z1_GB_bQ6_oioB The Truth About Danny McBride's Crocodile Dundee Movie https://youtu.be/VKXDS-sia70?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdJRQ4Z14z1_GB_bQ6_oioB Last-Minute Changes That Completely Saved These Movies https://youtu.be/jHKv7IuvOh4?list=PLOzaghBOlEsdJRQ4Z14z1_GB_bQ6_oioB Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (3194)
Looper (9 months ago)
John Wick is awesome on many levels.
Lord Exanders (21 days ago)
+Muzaffard36 lol you must be triggered person idk why, but Keanu is a man who focus, don't forget he learnt a lot of martial arts too before performing this movie. Keanu also a gun-man in real life so it's kinda amazing to see he shoots in John Wick saga. For me, no one can replace Keanu for this role. He clearly suitable on any aspect for this character.
Big6Duke (25 days ago)
Love to see a Wick and Atomic Blonde cross over....
John Wick (1 month ago)
I agree
Rhee Fornil (1 month ago)
oh. my. god! i totally agree! can't wait for the third chapter...
Muzaffard36 (1 month ago)
John Wick is overrated whether you accept it or not, it honestly disgust me to even see a guy like Keanu Reeves in an action movie when there were millions of deserving actors who could have taken the role. If it wasn't for popularity, Reeves would have been sucking indie movies.
thor ham (2 days ago)
Just like how matrix change everything
Lamar Newton (3 days ago)
Who else thinks that the machines in The Matrix rebooted the system and this is a new version of Neo?
Fatty McFattnuts (2 days ago)
It would be the dopest thing to happen tho no lie
Fatty McFattnuts (2 days ago)
Lamar Newton took the words right out of my godamn face
Lamar Newton (3 days ago)
Baba Yaga is coming this May and I can’t wait!!!
Navneet Parihar (4 days ago)
And he has pencil
Dennis Logan (4 days ago)
Personally I prefer John Wick over the Daniel Craig Bond films. Gun Fu was also in another film, Equilibrium starring Christian Bale.
nitish agrawal (4 days ago)
I'm really a huge fan of boogeyman before JW3 I don't know how many times I have seen both of the parts
James Lee (4 days ago)
Superb movies
Serafin Nunez (5 days ago)
Wife: Just another stupid action movie.* *Theon kills the puppy. Wife: Kill them all!
Nordia Dobson (5 days ago)
dont be dissing up The Raid man that movie was GOLD!! ........and the second one
Eduardo Garcia (6 days ago)
wide shots and long takes, just like Jackie chan
vivek panwar (6 days ago)
High Table vs John Wick
manwiththemachinegun (6 days ago)
I feel like this is a video made for people who have no idea what makes a good action movie.
Ghoniyya Hamida (7 days ago)
You guys should watch the night comes for us
jipnidriver (8 days ago)
The movie Man From Nowhere was the main influence of John Wick!
Cade Plaisance (9 days ago)
This title is very presumptuous. I have actually noticed because Keanu Reeves is on of my favorite actors. People pay close attention to the things they like.
Dalibor Dupor (9 days ago)
John Wick really has Max Payne vibe.
PeterBravo (9 days ago)
Keanu's character as John Wick only confirmed for ne he should be cast as Spike Spiegel 🤔
Iku Rizqu (9 days ago)
Sadly, his not
Adrian Young (10 days ago)
The man has smacked it again, with this trilogy
g43654 (11 days ago)
John Wick and Kingsman are my favourite.
Jeff Ozimek (11 days ago)
Well now I need to watch John Wick. Good video about this. Definitely drew my interest.
Odinson (11 days ago)
Oh, I noticed.
Christian Owen Perez (11 days ago)
Bcuz he is neo(Matrix)
Rafael Cuello (11 days ago)
Omg can’t wait
Drk Nyt (11 days ago)
I absolutely hate this channel lol
Ponas Jonas (11 days ago)
i am just happy that john wick doesnt use too many cam cuts and splits for on every frame.
Inkd Reaper (12 days ago)
No no. I noticed
Steven Hoe (12 days ago)
Keanu on Speed 3 (airplane this time) easy money ppl
Joseph Meraz (12 days ago)
This narrator should speak for him self...
don’t worry (12 days ago)
fortnight is the reason
Anna Bautista (12 days ago)
Zhe Zhang (13 days ago)
john wick is a serious jackie chan
Amaan Khan (13 days ago)
John wick would kill you will air if you are carefull.
Thai Tran (14 days ago)
We Love John Wick because he avenged his dog!
CRUSTYDOGTAINT (14 days ago)
What I love about John Wick is how he doesn’t feel invincible, like in most other action films. He gets shot, he breaks bones, and you can tell what he’s doing is actually taking a lot of energy/focus.
CRUSTYDOGTAINT (14 days ago)
The title of the video starts at 4:45
Habilidade Animal (14 days ago)
Is good, because there is no female empowerment like every other movie in this decade.
Samuel Dumas (14 days ago)
Oh no we knew
Sloppyballs McGuillicutty (15 days ago)
jus don’t kill a mans dog. then ya don’t have to worry about nuffin.
Adrian Martan (15 days ago)
Gun-Fu technique was initiated in movie Equilibrium. John Wick made me love the action genre again. Looking forward for JW3.
Dikembe Mutombo (15 days ago)
They need to get Jason Statham for John Wick 3
M (15 days ago)
I watched john wick twice in a row my first time. That great
Robert Rolfe (16 days ago)
Those wide shots are why I usually like asian action movies. I hate camera cut aways every two seconds in Western action flicks.
AAA HHH (16 days ago)
@Looper Just because a good movie was produced, you discard the millions of previous good movies.
wing 0 (17 days ago)
Is part 3 is going to be great then wait for part 4 I bet it will change everything
Novak (17 days ago)
First was great, second one was pointless. Not sure why even create third one
Dorrion Clarke (18 days ago)
We noticed
John Smith (18 days ago)
It's pretty funny how the feminist try to copy what the men movies. The did that the Ghost Busters and it completely destroyed the franchise. Same with Oceans 11. The only franchise they have not tarnished yet is the 007 franchise.
Abhi I (18 days ago)
go and watch the raid redemption and raid 2, you will realize what action means
Ryan Harris (18 days ago)
I love John Wick, action done perfectly
Sarsie Cruz (19 days ago)
John wick change the level of what an action movie is made of.
Oscar Wilson (20 days ago)
Lack of music in some scenes made it 1000000 times more impactful
Angry Patriot (20 days ago)
He actually got his shot training from Tarren Tactical and Vigilance Elite.
Eric x (20 days ago)
Taran Tactical.
LEY PEN (21 days ago)
I want to watch John Wick how he meets her wife and how did he get out just to be with her 😍
Night Water (21 days ago)
We definitely noticed
Matt Ashe (21 days ago)
He’s not the boogey man, he’s the one you send to kill the boogey man.
shilezi (21 days ago)
you forgot equilibrium? its just that the time is right for john wick
llea Nge (22 days ago)
bring trinity to the movie
DesertFox73 • (22 days ago)
The Raid and The Raid 2 are my favorite action movies, the choreography and cinematography were insane, and they were brutal as hell
S U R V I V E (22 days ago)
I’m pretty certain everyone noticed.
Spacebound (23 days ago)
Have you guys ever heard of Jason Statham?
Stefan Aguinaldo Soerensen (24 days ago)
with a f*cking pencil...
angiem577 (25 days ago)
very much appreciate the non-shaky cam uncutness - and frankly richly colorful beauty - of the Wick world
Ryberg Nikolai (26 days ago)
Now we'll see a John Wick Cinematic Universe.?
Felicsl (26 days ago)
John wick Looks like markiplier
Dee Mendoza (26 days ago)
And I thought I can never love another action movie more than Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill until John Wick happened!
Jon Samuel (26 days ago)
I love John Wick because of Keanu and the dog. The technicalities are just bonuses.
MOUNTAINMANJJ (26 days ago)
When style, grace, and elegance are mentioned in the same sentence as action movies, Bond comes to mind....James Bond.
Michu 67 (26 days ago)
gun-fu... what about " Equilibrium " ? I agree and admire Keanu but you can not forget Christian Bale , am I right?
Sharya Dahlinsimo (26 days ago)
Don't you just love when people tell you: ''You're an idiot for not recognizing what happened here'' ''Did you really not notice, dummy?'' This title is obnoxious and insulting.
Danny Leung (27 days ago)
The Continental is fresh but not original, the idea of refuge offered by, coincidentally a hotel appeared earlier in a 1995 Hong Kong movie Peace Hotel starring Chow Yun-Fat.
John Wick (27 days ago)
it wasn't just a puppy
Rijan Niraula (27 days ago)
The man...The myth...The legend...John Wick..
stupidlamb8686 (27 days ago)
If you look at the picture of the video you can kinda see that john wick look like markiplier
Mike Evans (27 days ago)
Actually the raid movies changed it..John wick came later..it was the best but definitely came from the raid
Milton Tavares (26 days ago)
I agree.The Raid films ressurected the action films and opened the door for future films.John Wick por example.
TLR Sexuality (28 days ago)
How about the fact that he actually gets hurt and shows it while fighting?
Prateek Choudhary (28 days ago)
Daredevil netflix series' fighting style, feels inspired from this too
George Zebold (28 days ago)
I can't help but feel like this is what hit man was but just didn't take off the same as John wick
MassiveKitten Fire (28 days ago)
Dredd deserves an honorable mention
Heru Santoso (28 days ago)
John wick and the Raid is kind of action movie with minimum or no CGI
travin stelon (29 days ago)
In part 2. Subway fight was very bad.
Prakasa Adnan (29 days ago)
John wich and the raid made huge impact of action movie. The actor need train properly and not depent to shacky camera.
Austin Zappas (29 days ago)
I'm thinking KR could be Batman.
Robert Chow (29 days ago)
The other movies you named all bombed tho
Cody Haddican (29 days ago)
Seemed like a way better done revamp of the movie equilibrium to me...
Seth Larcomb (29 days ago)
Bourne Sucked.
Pervis Edmonds (28 days ago)
All of them?
Wayfarer Zen (30 days ago)
Oh, no, I definitely noticed. And I fucking love it. May we never go back.
indo with bad english (30 days ago)
Well at least you mentioned The Raid earlier
President NotSure (30 days ago)
You mean Quentin Tarantino changed action movies?
NELSTAR HS (30 days ago)
Tbh The Equalizer deserves just as much credit imo. They were released in the same month and both contained that beautiful and sophisticated violence.
D Hansdah (30 days ago)
The Continental is not a hotel but network of assassins, well yes with the face of a Hotel chain
Salok Singh (30 days ago)
Here after Parabellum trailer. It's going to be awesome 🔥👌
James K. (30 days ago)
He's not exactly the Boogeyman, he's the one we sent to kill the fookin Boogeyman.........Oh
Galahad (30 days ago)
Kingsman changed the game as well
Ian D Tran (30 days ago)
What's the background song name?
K Mat (30 days ago)
As much as I like John Wick, the Man from nowhere did it first and much better. To this day I still haven't seen a movie pull off action as smooth as that movie.
Regan Orr (30 days ago)
Whatever they did..I love it. John Wick is amazing can’t wait for part 3
Maurice Ingol (30 days ago)
John Wick only Americanized Asian films! The Raid left such an impact in 2011, The Expendables (2010) and The Expendables 2 (2012) are night and day when it comes to the action sequences or “gun fu” and John Wick was no exception in 2014. Hollywood was already changing years before John Wick was released.
hergun26 (30 days ago)
John wick is not the boogeyman.. he killed the boogeyman
Isabelle Nicaud (30 days ago)