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Inside Russia’s Hacker Underworld

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Dec.06 -- Hello World’s host Ashlee Vance traveled to Moscow and got a rare glimpse into the heart of Russia’s hacker underworld and the latest techniques in investigating cybercrime. Watch the full episode of 'Hello World: Russia': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tICL-lwI7KM Read more about FindFace on Bloomberg.com: http://bloom.bg/2h1VPSy Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 And subscribe to Bloomberg Politics for the latest political news: http://www.youtube.com/BloombergPolitics?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/ Bloomberg Television brings you coverage of the biggest business stories and exclusive interviews with newsmakers, 24 hours a day: http://www.bloomberg.com/live Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/bloombergtv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BloombergTelevision Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergtv
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Text Comments (335)
capstorax 5693 (2 days ago)
What would they do without the black hats?
kuterv (2 days ago)
Probably found no one =D Actually in Russia most cyber crimes are not solved, and law enforcement does not really care.
Santos Icat (3 days ago)
He's A Cyber King(HACK)His Capability And Knowledge
Crystalianike (10 days ago)
those nerd hot AF
GCHQ UK (12 days ago)
Enough fast, I think. But danger remains in speed's connections if not the operator behind computer and their skills. Keep in mind the botnets, for example, which amplifies the bandwidth from whole networks and who are capable to compromise huge Internet extensions without no efforts.
Doms Molina (16 days ago)
This guy, I can't place him but ai recently watched a movie wherein one of the actors looks and talks like him. Anyone?
British Entertainment (17 days ago)
India has best hackers
Katrina (17 days ago)
I was just about to believe him, until he said that we need a unified system to fight cybercrime. That is DEAD wrong. Our best defense against cybercrime is a variety of unified systems. We need it ALL firewalls, intrusion software, access lists, physical port security, site security and a very complex ‘maze’ like scripting with AES or something similar... AND Multiple systems to fight cybercrime so it’s not all in one place.
Mediblade (18 days ago)
did anyone see that Soviet symbol at 0:34 or is it just me
THGIF (18 days ago)
Average marks in Mathematics.can I become Hacker 🐒
Bolly Holly (19 days ago)
How can i in your system
Coluke Andrakler (19 days ago)
Looks like propaganda to me!
Armand Vermeulen (22 days ago)
6:20 that blonde is beautiful
Vlad Seremet (23 days ago)
They don't hunt them. They recruit them ;)
Exception Handler (24 days ago)
so, the hackers (third grade minds) think that they can take this world hostage ....
Martha Tsami (24 days ago)
Russian hackers have criminal organizations and took money from women over 50 years old giving them hope that there is future for them.
sumswag production (26 days ago)
Russians one of the most great hackers in world..
guh (26 days ago)
Fi B I
YellowShade88 (29 days ago)
This guy is a clown...
goolag1988 (1 month ago)
Americans have paid for their naivity with regards to russian authorities and hackers. Something bad always happens if you cooperate with enemies of democracy and freedom. Enjoy your puppet "russian" president Trump, it will be a lesson for you.
Mc Joe (1 month ago)
If you need a certified hacker to help you spy and hack into any phone device contest and more without notice or traced contact Craigcyberghost@ Gmailcom he's a fast reliable and affordable hacker
Sam Fisher (1 month ago)
CIA everywhere and i mean everywhere , so if you speak english then you are a potential agent, and what's more suitable than a money digging young ambitious programmer with a starting company !!
TDR RIDER (1 month ago)
lol,,,, at this moment, the biggest internet server that in fact records every little thing on the internet is in France, all world wide communication is filtered there,, , yes,, and this is the government decisions,, in a little time, more than 30.000 cameras installed, millions,, even so,, in the pass, in Nice, the videos of that, were erased,, just great,,,
Sonu MsVr (1 month ago)
i learned today that the russians pronounce it FeeBI
helemski art (1 month ago)
do you know what russian hackers can do? look N-И R-Я i-! h-Ч L-Г
MituTelecom (1 month ago)
D'Brickashaw (1 month ago)
ohh no...you forgot to lie about the US election meddling...by Russian hackers
tushar kaushik (2 months ago)
his voice seems like anonymous. 😎
VipZip (2 months ago)
Retro Gaming - Clash Of Clans (2 months ago)
what was that anonymous thing about
Darth Plagueis (3 months ago)
Kimosuji Akira (3 months ago)
wtf is "Mas cow"? I only know Moscow
Claudel GFX (3 months ago)
323k views in 2 years? if they really had a problem with any so called "cybercrime" i doubt you will have such low numbers, so i guess this is just another propaganda and nothing else but that.
Travel buddy (3 months ago)
are they anonymous....
Lord Dave (3 months ago)
They serving bloody Putin's regime. GroupIB = KGB (FSB)
AMUR DM (2 months ago)
Do you serve a psychiatric hospital?
Remon Chowdhury (3 months ago)
Why would the Russian won’t want to attack their counterparts with hackers?
sandipan sen (4 months ago)
Filipp Mozolevskiy (4 months ago)
Terrible moustache. get rid of it
Vally of the North (4 months ago)
They Fucked every times NY !
_amerr.x (4 months ago)
hey Fbi
Peter Dathisen (4 months ago)
that has to be the most police screaming mustache I have ever seen
Sardar jaiveer singh sidhu (4 months ago)
Fake news
Chad Chad (4 months ago)
And of course this company is not controlled by Russian government and is possibly not helping the Russian hackers mess with Western companies.
kota Kiran (4 months ago)
please tell me how to hack WhatsApp
Edvin Bukvic (5 months ago)
Hacking in Russia is illegal, but NOT when hacking outside of Russian border. So IT is okey for russian hacker to hack american companies, american polititians and so on..
Subhrajit sahu (5 months ago)
the life
Faith Biete (5 months ago)
Always trying to portray as if America is the savior of this universe haha.
cyb3rnetix sec (5 months ago)
I was Expecting to see snowden face in this conferences
SUNNY WAKEFIELD (5 months ago)
Alkaris (5 months ago)
I'll bet someone is hacking in somewhere to launch a nuclear missile somewhere.
Koo Woo (5 months ago)
Are these the same guys who gave me a hacked client for a russian fps game?
jay bijwe (6 months ago)
Your contents are awesome. 😋☠️
karim hari (6 months ago)
Ary Saputro (6 months ago)
VBI lol
Reda (6 months ago)
such a misleading title!
Most Wanted Tv24 (6 months ago)
Great cyber of Russian.Biswa Zaker Manzil .Atroshi, Faridpur. Zaker Party.
Jeffrey Koelewijn (6 months ago)
An interesting video
Shawn Travels The World (6 months ago)
They own you Ilya!
Code it (6 months ago)
Wow so cool...I was impressed by AI and security algorithms :O That's huge thing. Wow..how advanced their security is :O
zach sullivan (6 months ago)
This is how Skynet was born
Randy Bull (2 months ago)
Indeed thats why ive came back to this time, i must fuck every russian hacker and create peace with my dick
Nop da Call (6 months ago)
Proper gander
travixo100 (6 months ago)
Russia is the Best of all countries in Cyber Security because of their Own Codes in Russian and the English Codes. 90% of the computers in the world use KASPERSKY created by a Russian.
Lutfil Hadi (6 months ago)
i can see linux over there
justine turdois (7 months ago)
Hackers, using windows lmao..
Concentrate Corner (7 months ago)
This reporter has the most punchable face i have ever seen. Ever.
Collaredowletaudio (7 months ago)
im starting to learn russian language.bye
Captin YouTuber (7 months ago)
Proganda hhhhh
Nejc Ribič (7 months ago)
RXIN (7 months ago)
That dude gets bitches fr fr
Doc. Steveo (7 months ago)
You rock brattan!!!
skinny pete (7 months ago)
RT Russian owned Propaganda bash Trump i thought they were supporting him
noneyo biz (1 month ago)
skinny pete they are putins propaganda outlet, it is state owned.
SUBHASISH MANDAL (7 months ago)
U will find Snowden here.......U.S.A get ready for some fine work......gl
Randy Bull (2 months ago)
in cyber gulag Snowden finds U
joker ibra (7 months ago)
hunt them my ass
StrawSaffron (7 months ago)
uindy4 (8 months ago)
They got at least the internet speed of 4 major isps in the USA. Combined internet speed.
Thor Odinson (8 months ago)
i bet this dude is anonymous lmao
Alpha Romeo (8 months ago)
Go fuck 🖕 your self SUCCERSS
f (8 months ago)
fancy bear was there that day.
174gjc (8 months ago)
Or at least their chair... ;)
Soul Collector (8 months ago)
the best world hackers come from Russia and China ! Masters of their kind !
British Entertainment (17 days ago)
India has best hackers
somenath majumder (7 months ago)
Arah - nya, but Indian IT system is always attacked by Chinese hackers even the systems of BARC & DRDO.
Soul Collector (8 months ago)
CraftingPro Alvin (8 months ago)
CrazyRussianHacker lol
Beyers Barnard (8 months ago)
Body language says it all.
Rippster (8 months ago)
how russian-hackers hack? drinks vodka, cyka-blyat...hacked into security, repeat!
Randy Bull (2 months ago)
fucking hallarious
Agbor Boris (3 months ago)
CleoWay bro are you a hacker can i het wire logs from you??
CleoWay (4 months ago)
Rippster, fuck you! *I'm Russian* 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 fuck.
Bogdan Savchenko (8 months ago)
you do not portray truthfully the russian cyber crime problem and the government actually baking it up and supporting cyber crime
Randy Bull (2 months ago)
is Ukraine the one thats like the bloc nation internet military arm? oh nope thats i believe Estonia :D
AMUR DM (2 months ago)
love ukrainian iksperds
FATE Productions (8 months ago)
Joseph Stalin (8 months ago)
American propaganda at it's best.. Look at what your country has done to the world..killed more than 3 million people across the middle east and entire world.fucking hypocrites americunts!!!
flying 8lack (8 months ago)
Official KJR (8 months ago)
who are the VBI's tho lol
Pavlo Shostatskyy (8 months ago)
omg, you r dumb as fuck.. hackers? omg.. stupid americans again :D
und3rgr0undfr34k (9 months ago)
this video is well shot and edited.
und3rgr0undfr34k (9 months ago)
epic video
MythGaming (9 months ago)
stay cheeki breeki
Lorenzo McGary (9 months ago)
So basically a privatized company devoted to computer and internet forensics...because the Russian government and law enforcement lacks the resources to do it.
Randy Bull (2 months ago)
trump Vs putin WWE live monday night raw THIS TIME THE COLD WAR IS GONNA END! one way or ANOTHER! preorder now
jitendra tiwari (6 months ago)
They are working in US to find out the weakness in their system as per the instructions of FSB
174gjc (8 months ago)
More like the Russian government just doesn't care.
movement2contact (8 months ago)
RU government doesn't lack any resources that THEY need.
Wolferton16 (8 months ago)
L M no
mr boltis (9 months ago)
the gaming dude (9 months ago)
This guy ashlee vance wrote the book elon musk
The Alchemy (8 months ago)
I just realized
Ashraf khan (9 months ago)
giovanni pilu (9 months ago)
pure nonsense, they r obviously filming a commercial for they're company.................
vivek anand (9 months ago)
LOL nice try Bloomberg
Randy Bull (2 months ago)
nice try alphabet, dont worry YOUR ALL FAKE NEWS
Provident Fund Commissoner (8 months ago)
Indians will beat these Russian chums anyday.
F 00X (9 months ago)
He is hot
BatteryProductions (10 months ago)
"we are like the superheroes of..." what an arrogant man...
Putin The Great (10 months ago)
Hillary lost
Deedee Neri (10 months ago)
Curious... Are these the same hackers that troll social media sites and target people by means of bullying?
Isprikitik burkabush (13 days ago)
Legit hackers dont have time for that childish things
AMUR DM (2 months ago)
You're confusing it with CIA trolls.
Ivan Andrejov (6 months ago)
Deedee Neri yup..i ))) ;)