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Inside Russia’s Hacker Underworld

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Dec.06 -- Hello World’s host Ashlee Vance traveled to Moscow and got a rare glimpse into the heart of Russia’s hacker underworld and the latest techniques in investigating cybercrime. Watch the full episode of 'Hello World: Russia': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tICL-lwI7KM Read more about FindFace on Bloomberg.com: http://bloom.bg/2h1VPSy Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 And subscribe to Bloomberg Politics for the latest political news: http://www.youtube.com/BloombergPolitics?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/ Bloomberg Television brings you coverage of the biggest business stories and exclusive interviews with newsmakers, 24 hours a day: http://www.bloomberg.com/live Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/bloombergtv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BloombergTelevision Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergtv
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Text Comments (298)
tushar kaushik (24 days ago)
his voice seems like anonymous. 😎
VipZip (29 days ago)
Retro Gaming - Clash Of Clans (30 days ago)
what was that anonymous thing about
Darth Plagueis (1 month ago)
Kimosuji Akira (1 month ago)
wtf is "Mas cow"? I only know Moscow
Claudel GFX (1 month ago)
323k views in 2 years? if they really had a problem with any so called "cybercrime" i doubt you will have such low numbers, so i guess this is just another propaganda and nothing else but that.
Travel buddy (1 month ago)
are they anonymous....
Lord Dave (1 month ago)
They serving bloody Putin's regime. GroupIB = KGB (FSB)
AMUR DM (19 days ago)
Do you serve a psychiatric hospital?
Remon Chowdhury (1 month ago)
Why would the Russian won’t want to attack their counterparts with hackers?
sandipan sen (2 months ago)
Filipp Mozolevskiy (2 months ago)
Terrible moustache. get rid of it
DK Khan (2 months ago)
They Fucked every times NY !
_amerr.x (2 months ago)
hey Fbi
Peter Dathisen (2 months ago)
that has to be the most police screaming mustache I have ever seen
Sardar jaiveer singh sidhu (2 months ago)
Fake news
Chad Chad (2 months ago)
And of course this company is not controlled by Russian government and is possibly not helping the Russian hackers mess with Western companies.
kota Kiran (2 months ago)
please tell me how to hack WhatsApp
Edvin Bukvic (3 months ago)
Hacking in Russia is illegal, but NOT when hacking outside of Russian border. So IT is okey for russian hacker to hack american companies, american polititians and so on..
Subhrajit sahu (3 months ago)
the life
Faith Biete (3 months ago)
Always trying to portray as if America is the savior of this universe haha.
cyb3rnetix ibot (3 months ago)
I was Expecting to see snowden face in this conferences
SUNNY WAKEFIELD (3 months ago)
Alkaris (3 months ago)
I'll bet someone is hacking in somewhere to launch a nuclear missile somewhere.
Koo Woo (3 months ago)
Are these the same guys who gave me a hacked client for a russian fps game?
jay bijwe (4 months ago)
Your contents are awesome. 😋☠️
karim hari (4 months ago)
Ary Wido Saputro (4 months ago)
VBI lol
Reda (4 months ago)
such a misleading title!
Most Wanted Tv24 (4 months ago)
Great cyber of Russian.Biswa Zaker Manzil .Atroshi, Faridpur. Zaker Party.
Jeffrey Koelewijn (4 months ago)
An interesting video
Shawn Travels The World (4 months ago)
They own you Ilya!
Code it (4 months ago)
Wow so cool...I was impressed by AI and security algorithms :O That's huge thing. Wow..how advanced their security is :O
zach sullivan (5 months ago)
This is how Skynet was born
Randy Bull (7 days ago)
Indeed thats why ive came back to this time, i must fuck every russian hacker and create peace with my dick
Nop da Call (5 months ago)
Proper gander
travixo100 (5 months ago)
Russia is the Best of all countries in Cyber Security because of their Own Codes in Russian and the English Codes. 90% of the computers in the world use KASPERSKY created by a Russian.
Lutfil Hadi Mohd Hafez (5 months ago)
i can see linux over there
justine turdois (5 months ago)
Hackers, using windows lmao..
Concentrate Corner (5 months ago)
This reporter has the most punchable face i have ever seen. Ever.
Collaredowletaudio (5 months ago)
im starting to learn russian language.bye
Captin YouTuber (5 months ago)
Proganda hhhhh
Nejc Ribič (5 months ago)
RXIN (5 months ago)
That dude gets bitches fr fr
Doc. Steveo (5 months ago)
You rock brattan!!!
skinny pete (5 months ago)
RT Russian owned Propaganda bash Trump i thought they were supporting him
noneyo biz (1 day ago)
skinny pete they are putins propaganda outlet, it is state owned.
SUBHASISH MANDAL (5 months ago)
U will find Snowden here.......U.S.A get ready for some fine work......gl
Randy Bull (7 days ago)
in cyber gulag Snowden finds U
joker ibra (5 months ago)
hunt them my ass
StrawSaffron (6 months ago)
uindy4 (6 months ago)
They got at least the internet speed of 4 major isps in the USA. Combined internet speed.
Thor Odinson (6 months ago)
i bet this dude is anonymous lmao
Alpha Romeo (6 months ago)
Go fuck 🖕 your self SUCCERSS
f (6 months ago)
fancy bear was there that day.
174gjc (6 months ago)
Or at least their chair... ;)
Soul Collector (6 months ago)
the best world hackers come from Russia and China ! Masters of their kind !
somenath majumder (5 months ago)
Arah - nya, but Indian IT system is always attacked by Chinese hackers even the systems of BARC & DRDO.
Soul Collector (6 months ago)
Hello - I'm the LUCA (6 months ago)
Bullshit. Try attacking Indian systems. We got an IT guy in every house.
CraftingPro Alvin (6 months ago)
CrazyRussianHacker lol
Beyers Barnard (6 months ago)
Body language says it all.
Rippster (6 months ago)
how russian-hackers hack? drinks vodka, cyka-blyat...hacked into security, repeat!
Randy Bull (7 days ago)
fucking hallarious
Agbor Boris (2 months ago)
CleoWay bro are you a hacker can i het wire logs from you??
CleoWay (2 months ago)
Rippster, fuck you! *I'm Russian* 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 fuck.
Bogdan Savchenko (6 months ago)
you do not portray truthfully the russian cyber crime problem and the government actually baking it up and supporting cyber crime
Randy Bull (7 days ago)
is Ukraine the one thats like the bloc nation internet military arm? oh nope thats i believe Estonia :D
AMUR DM (19 days ago)
love ukrainian iksperds
FATE Productions (6 months ago)
Joseph Stalin (7 months ago)
American propaganda at it's best.. Look at what your country has done to the world..killed more than 3 million people across the middle east and entire world.fucking hypocrites americunts!!!
flying 8lack (6 months ago)
Official KJR (7 months ago)
who are the VBI's tho lol
Pavlo Shostatskyy (7 months ago)
omg, you r dumb as fuck.. hackers? omg.. stupid americans again :D
und3rgr0undfr34k (7 months ago)
this video is well shot and edited.
und3rgr0undfr34k (7 months ago)
epic video
MythGaming (7 months ago)
stay cheeki breeki
Lorenzo M (7 months ago)
So basically a privatized company devoted to computer and internet forensics...because the Russian government and law enforcement lacks the resources to do it.
Randy Bull (7 days ago)
trump Vs putin WWE live monday night raw THIS TIME THE COLD WAR IS GONNA END! one way or ANOTHER! preorder now
jitendra tiwari (4 months ago)
They are working in US to find out the weakness in their system as per the instructions of FSB
174gjc (6 months ago)
More like the Russian government just doesn't care.
movement2contact (6 months ago)
RU government doesn't lack any resources that THEY need.
Wolferton16 (6 months ago)
L M no
mr boltis (7 months ago)
the gaming dude (7 months ago)
This guy ashlee vance wrote the book elon musk
The Alchemy (6 months ago)
I just realized
Ashraf khan (7 months ago)
giovanni pilu (7 months ago)
pure nonsense, they r obviously filming a commercial for they're company.................
vivek anand (7 months ago)
LOL nice try Bloomberg
Randy Bull (7 days ago)
nice try alphabet, dont worry YOUR ALL FAKE NEWS
Hello - I'm the LUCA (6 months ago)
Indians will beat these Russian chums anyday.
F 00X (8 months ago)
He is hot
BatteryProductions (8 months ago)
"we are like the superheroes of..." what an arrogant man...
Putin The Great (8 months ago)
Hillary lost
Deedee Neri (8 months ago)
Curious... Are these the same hackers that troll social media sites and target people by means of bullying?
AMUR DM (19 days ago)
You're confusing it with CIA trolls.
Ivan Andrejov (5 months ago)
Deedee Neri yup..i ))) ;)
Hello - I'm the LUCA (6 months ago)
Strange name.
Kathy Kashmir (7 months ago)
No. They're the ones that spread *interracial* *porn*
chilllzone (8 months ago)
To the interviewer, the Cold War is over *asshole* stop trying to flame tensions with one of our ally countries.
Mark AJ (8 months ago)
I want to work for them
Agbor Boris (2 months ago)
Akshit Tiwari bro are you a hacker can i get wire logs from you??
Agbor Boris (2 months ago)
Mark AJ bro are you a hacker can you get wire logs for bank transfer ??
Akshit Tiwari (5 months ago)
yeah same here!!
Jenny Betts (8 months ago)
The Israeli's own the world. Intel chips from Israel. China the world's slave shop. US Jack Parsons weapons, Wernher Von Braun Walt Disney.
Jenny Betts (8 months ago)
And yes KGB Putin is in with them, why would he hire US media? NASA hoax, together.
Rakesh Sarki (8 months ago)
Great hackers not only don't get caught, they don't even get noticed. However, in the vast majority of cases, it's actually not that tricky to trace an attack, just time consuming and tedious.
asle bjordal (8 months ago)
hacker services include, iphone smart phone, filter on you email, email server ,Scanner All Network, Singnal browser end all you pc/mac end more,googel , app network. can do
Joshua Anderson (8 months ago)
Fanta see football high five
Learn italian with justin (8 months ago)
I just love this video bro
Peter Mike (9 months ago)
Fuck Russians I hate them especially russian women
Communist Doggo (8 months ago)
Lol because they're politically incorrect.
thomose brand (9 months ago)
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Steve Bez (8 months ago)
can U du tje fang dawg goon,thumder boltz oft lie ten EN,vary ferry fryed ten bin,Galileo,figure owe, dont Let mean Go,no,noh,noe?
Codest 12 (8 months ago)
24 likes and 24 comments and more than half are fake, anyways guys dont reply to him, he will scam you so easy to spot.
n idiot's channel (8 months ago)
*cough *cough honeypot *cough hmm must have swallowed a fly
happylegoleon (8 months ago)
thomose brand lol this is all fake
Tushar Panjwani (9 months ago)
Lol people got so scared by hackers that the video only has 1k likes xD
Arzoo Singh (9 months ago)
I am also superhero in my filed .
Stoyan Denkov (1 month ago)
Don't listen to this jerk. He is just a toy whose ego will turn the other way around if he continues doing these sh*t meetups on live and doesn't hold up his ego, all that without active and dedicated defense.
Agbor Boris (2 months ago)
Arzoo Singh bro are you a hacker can i get wire logs for bank wire from you??
Kumar (9 months ago)
1k th like!
mega smacky (9 months ago)
Russia's primary exports are computer malware, tacky, classless oligarchs and violent mobsters. What an absolute shithole of a country.
CRE8FUTUR (6 months ago)
Not neccessary for America, they can just print dollar$ and the goods come . LOL
JOKER r (9 months ago)
it is a heaven place for coder & hacker........
Muhammad Zahir (9 months ago)
I dont think his English is bad. I could understand what he was saying even without the subtitles.
Randy Bull (7 days ago)
you should be an Ivy Leauge educator, automatic Tenure
Derff Denis (3 months ago)
Muhammad Zahir :)) lol
Ingrid P (8 months ago)
Muhammad Zahir but people may not , hence the subtitles
Kyo Kusanagui (9 months ago)
The blondy cute girl who appeared is a famous hacker.
William Gregorio (1 day ago)
It's Kristina Svechinskaya
Viola Heller (9 days ago)
I hired this hacker and he got me $$ via bank wire. so real and legit !! . here is Scott's mail (hacker.xscott @gmail . com)
Vincent Philip (17 days ago)
What's her name? PLEASE
F 00X (8 months ago)
crescentmoon54 (10 months ago)
Its high time we in the USA rethink our defense priorities..... this is coming to a neighborhood near you....
José Dourado (11 months ago)
Think again if you think this isn't a russian federation controlled agency engaging in attacks and not defence.
inzine (11 months ago)
Pro anti-h4xz0r looks at his keyboard while typing.
Randy Bull (7 days ago)
hunt and peck FTW there just smybols with sounds yes? or am i illiterate?
Iris Friesen (1 year ago)
Vladimir Putin reportedly told Donald Trump that if Russian hackers had infiltrated Democratic groups, they would have been too good to have been caught. And now the President is making the same claims, the White House has admitted. According to the New York Times, Mr Putin told Mr Trump during their G20 meeting that "Moscow’s cyber-operators are so good at covert computer-network operations that if they had dipped into the computer systems, there is no way they could have been detected". Since then Trump has shared this claim with his team, his communications director Anthony Scaramucci has said.
movement2contact (6 months ago)
Steve Bez have you had a refill of your pills since..?
Steve Bez (8 months ago)
computer vid youtube=Turing Plato(abridge'war&peace'reverb 'nadsat clockwork orange'chrome yellow 'a.hixly rnglish 'cipher mash'mass research 'orwell bypass' animal 'semantic'object-subject'bomb out key catch trace lie line follow'clamp 'mafia trace spy route war loon'no moon chance,hostoriograph 'bunker glance'bird of prey 'crime and punishment'mexico Fed miss mixed 'Bizz'telephone ringiner pink pantjer snipers,hack,sha?
Scipio Africanus (1 year ago)
they thought the GIB were working for Russian government
Lloyd Nix (1 year ago)
1:41 Holy shit C.L.A.Y (clowns laughing at you) 5:46 <3
ThinkHacking (1 year ago)
Great video and I need attack detection CPU like they are using :)
C Tak (1 year ago)
Nor Russia, nor US, nor China. All pay tribute to Rome.
Freddan0 (1 year ago)
"Russia - not only for gulags anymore"
Divergent Evolution (1 year ago)
Why do ameritards still talk about Russia like it is still the USSR? Your nation has killed far more people, started far more wars and spread far more corruption than Russia has since the fall of the USSR. So learn your fucking place.
Communist Doggo (8 months ago)
Woah! Don't lump ALL Americans in that category! It's just the politically correct liberals and Democrats that do that. I deeply admire Russia for keeping their culture pure and rid of political correctness. From an American, to Russia.
Vilnus Podesta (1 year ago)
+Nichy you just afirm what he said with your numbers. Just check demographics please.
Nichy (1 year ago)
Divergent Evolution kinda rude, now you're sounding like an 'ameritard' Edit: Also didn't Stalin kill like 10-60 million people in the span of ~40 years? Of his own people?
Abdellah el amrani (1 year ago)
yes yes yes kira?