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Minecraft USPS UPS FedEx DHL Delivery Mail Truck Tutorial

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How to make 5 different delivery trucks in American including USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL carriers. I made both the small mail truck van Grumman LLV Long Life Vehicle and the medium sized one for USPS. Blue Snowball iCE Microphone http://amzn.to/2nYmbu8 (affiliate)
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Text Comments (40)
Daniel's builds (3 months ago)
Love the vid can you do tutorials on those buildings
NYCTMTA KID (4 months ago)
This is kind of easy to build and remember
Nixon Telemaque (5 months ago)
He did one
Abraham Arteaga (5 months ago)
I come from Cuba
were electric dylan (8 months ago)
Thank you I needed the ups truck
Zoi Nks (8 months ago)
PrankNinja7824 (1 year ago)
i like that
The Shadow Leader (1 year ago)
Thx alot dude I'm as well building a city
FurkAdil Official (1 year ago)
CraftyFoxe Can you Update the UPS's Car
The New Jersey Railfan (1 year ago)
Build a police car
AlpaKing (1 year ago)
very Noice
Dylan Macintosh (1 year ago)
By any chance can you make USPS plane and DHL plane and FedEx plane and UPS plane (i don't know if there is a USPS plane
Dylan Macintosh (1 year ago)
Foxy game 1 boi I said USPS not UPS
Sexy Star (1 year ago)
Dylan Macintosh there is a ups planr
KingJames23 Mara (1 year ago)
Can you please do a CSX AC44OOCW it will be something new.
NoahInNormal822 (1 year ago)
Hope I'm not late but for a car can you make a police pickup truck (sounds weird right but it will be used for highway patrol or just some random supplies). For a train can you make a Amtrak California engine and cars? (For a surf liner I'll just copy the Amtrak California).
Alvin Widjaja (1 year ago)
Made a tutorial for city bus and taxi
CraftyFoxe (1 year ago)
ya of course, those are essential.
• INSULATED STALKER • (1 year ago)
Thanks Crafy you help me, I like this tutorials, if you can, make more!
CraftyFoxe (1 year ago)
Thanks for watching ^o^
Pollastrino (1 year ago)
I wanted to ask whether it would not try to build a Slovak electrical unit dubbed City Elefant. well thank you
Kyle Bridges (1 year ago)
when are the viewliner tutorials
BVERailer (1 year ago)
May I ask what shaders you use and where I can get one? They look very nice
mr_thanos (1 year ago)
CraftyFoxe build vr sr2
BVERailer (1 year ago)
CraftyFoxe yay thanks :)
CraftyFoxe (1 year ago)
i should make a video on that :)
Kommandant_PretzelsV2 (1 year ago)
Fire truck tutorial?
Nixon Telemaque (5 months ago)
NYPD bike toturial
Kommandant_PretzelsV2 (1 year ago)
CraftyFoxe cool!
CraftyFoxe (1 year ago)
iiBoka (1 year ago)
Wooo. Team USA
Boi Boi (1 year ago)
Could u make a Union Pacific Or a BNSF AutoRack Train car
BVERailer (1 year ago)
Noice crafty
Justin Co. Enterprises Inc. (1 year ago)
look good. will build these in my city. also I think your channel main focus should be trains since there aren't many channels that make trains and even fewer that build them as good as yours.
Justin Co. Enterprises Inc. (1 year ago)
CraftyFoxe I think you should do some more steam trains soon. (non Thomas) also I saw the eurostar (I think) in the back round of the amtrak videos and it looks amazing.
CraftyFoxe (1 year ago)
No :(
Justin Co. Enterprises Inc. (1 year ago)
CraftyFoxe also is today going to be a day when you upload 4 things
Justin Co. Enterprises Inc. (1 year ago)
CraftyFoxe I understand what you mean. I'm trying to start trains on my own channel. I don't have any train videos yet but I will eventually.
Justin Co. Enterprises Inc. (1 year ago)
but I do like to see other non train builds as well. also 1st