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Insane Futuristic Man Cave - The Skysphere

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Imagine a home in the clouds with spectacular 360° views which can be completely controlled by voice and your smart phone. The Skysphere is fully solar powered and packed with features you won't believe. Read More: http://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/ Visit the Skysphere on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theskysphere/ Music: Unleash by Oxford Nash - https://soundcloud.com/oxford-nash/ Please support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/livingbig Follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/livingbiginatinyhouse Follow us on Twitter: @TinyHouseNZ Follow us on Instagram: @livingbiginatinyhouse Please subscribe for more videos on Tiny Houses, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. 'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2015 Zyia Pictures Ltd
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Text Comments (5736)
Robert Wood (21 hours ago)
And he drinks TUI beer! (It's an East India Pale Ale that is popular in the lower half of the North Island of New Zealand).
Jake Joseph (1 day ago)
You know this is where he brings the bitches
Sukro (1 day ago)
I’ve seen this in doraemon
Sam Rashedi (1 day ago)
Perfect for after the date, if you don't get laid in that place you're a lost cause...
DSWynne (1 day ago)
You could add a second floor easily. Extend the bottom and top to a split level. Have the bed room/living room at the top, while the kitchen/dining room and bathroom at the bottom.
Debabrata Acharya (1 day ago)
I suppose one could just take a pee from the rooftop, no need to build a urinal
Pelsop (1 day ago)
When you watch to many zombie movies
Embrace_the_fury (1 day ago)
It looks like those houses in Jetsons.
okaudalpus (2 days ago)
Iaman .H (2 days ago)
Tony stark is that you??
Justin Mielke (2 days ago)
How much will it be to pay someone to build this
elbad (2 days ago)
Whoa is this a doraemon movie reference
kebman (2 days ago)
The most amazing AirBnB!
Joe Sudz (2 days ago)
And this is how our Jetsons world began! His boy Elroy!
ISeeNight (3 days ago)
Why did the ambient music in the background sound so creepy?
Funder Pribadi (3 days ago)
It's cool dude.. but, where is the washroom?
Miguel Quiniao (3 days ago)
Deliquency makes people protect themselves from thieves
Gåd (3 days ago)
I think it's way too empty, doesn't seem cozy whatsoever
Peter August (4 days ago)
not sure if I want to know what kind of men he meets up there is this is his man cave
TheDrakenZ (4 days ago)
i'd want my man cave in the opposite direction. 2 or 3 stories underground (minimum).
futball24 (4 days ago)
Rich kid using Daddy’s money and land.
beefstewe (4 days ago)
Am I the only one wondering how the fuck he built that!? Like cranes, manpower, money, materials, panning, engineerings. Like there’s no fuckin way.
Matthew Negrete (5 days ago)
He brings his girls there, gotta respect the wife's home. 😉
Case Potter (5 days ago)
Bet he pisses off the roof all the time
jack masters (5 days ago)
this looks like a windmill base, there's a few wind powered turbines in palmy nth
SlothPaints (5 days ago)
My base in rust
William W (5 days ago)
If you're gonna be drinking beer up there all night how you gonna take a piss? drunkenly fall down the shaft to go piss outside? This is a big fail to me only because it doesn't have a bathroom.
Rafael Soimaru (5 days ago)
He speak annoying as fuck
canadianroot (6 days ago)
And then when the phone goes kaput, or he loses it.....fantastic view from inside, and from outside, but the interior is sterile.
Blake B (6 days ago)
His biceps got that big just from climbing up and down that ladder every day
Jeanne Mae Clavano (7 days ago)
At the end of the day, comfort room is the most important 😂
Eoin Mordaunt (8 days ago)
Why is this place gender specified arnt non binarys or people who identify as helicopters allowed to use it too?
fairamir1 (9 days ago)
Bathroom? kitchen ?
Limitless_MGK (9 days ago)
what an amazing dude lmao, a really bright mind ;P
Willem Saykiewicz (9 days ago)
You could tell he doesn’t get much social interaction
Paul Dawson (11 days ago)
This guy is an absolute legend, seems like a really great guy and that build is so incredible, I’m lost for words
Tara king (12 days ago)
looks amazing but my knees would not cope with climb
Tara king (12 days ago)
he didnt ask how much it cost. Lottery win style $$$$$
Tara king (12 days ago)
wow must have spent a bundle on this.
Tara king (12 days ago)
cold beer despener hehehehehee check
Elizabeth Sanchez (12 days ago)
Did he say how much it cost to build?
Jay McNally (12 days ago)
That’s a pretty righteous jack shack
Wolfman7870 (13 days ago)
I'm gonna buy about ten feet of land near a beach and totally do this.
Nu Terra (13 days ago)
Tony Stark 2.0
keonisan (13 days ago)
But... where is the bathroom?
Timmy T Philippines (14 days ago)
Ok. I like him...
hardly worki (14 days ago)
Wow! Wow! Wow!!! This guy is a genius. The beer dispenser is brilliant. Patent that before someone copies it. All this structure needs is an engine to fly away. Never seen anything so cool.
Tara king (12 days ago)
pooh vaporising devive next , condom dispenser in other sofa arm
Andre Winata (14 days ago)
Is this doraemon inspired? I've seen something like this in doreaemon long time ago 🤔
Frank Sasek (15 days ago)
Where do you take a shit or piss
Stran ger (16 days ago)
thanks mommy and daddy
Jacqui Layton (16 days ago)
Where's the loo?
PORRIMUU (16 days ago)
This dude is preparef for zombie apocalypse😂😂
Julio Calderon (17 days ago)
Is..... (...) fantastic. Solo falto ROBOTINA.......!👍🇬🇧
Tech Hut (17 days ago)
"Beer please" hahaha that's actually the greatest thing
Apollo HD (17 days ago)
Mark Nanna (17 days ago)
add a lift mate!
Ignacio Armario Fernández (18 days ago)
Y el baño??
MAD MIKE SIXTY SEVEN (18 days ago)
Weres the bathroom
BORNWINNER (18 days ago)
is there a bathroom???
Askie Ayra (19 days ago)
Where does he take a bath?
mmo jim (16 days ago)
It's a man cave, no need for one
Sandi Small (20 days ago)
That young chap is a genius!
Alberto Garcia (21 days ago)
I honestly think this is very expensive/stupid big toy !
abdullah sadiq (21 days ago)
Where's the toilet?
PuroMaduro (22 days ago)
6 minutes in and no kitchen or bathroom
Mags Hub (22 days ago)
at first, I thought it was a dove house
No worries Mate (22 days ago)
Some people have just to much bleeding money!
Mike W (13 days ago)
Uh-oh, socialist alert...
Simo Anonimo (22 days ago)
With an insignificant 200-year mortgage, the house will be yours
Alan Adams (22 days ago)
reminds me of the sculptured house here in colorado
Jae Dub (23 days ago)
How much did it cost to build?
Anika Shamoun’s life (23 days ago)
Wait there is no toilet
Anika Shamoun’s life (23 days ago)
Jetson cartoons
Anika Shamoun’s life (23 days ago)
Jetsons house
Cody Brady (23 days ago)
I'm glad he doesn't have any blacklights in that bang donut on a pole, the walls must be coated in human slime.
Amanda Collins (23 days ago)
Just watching them go up by those solar panels made me turn green...I got butterflies for Bryce being up there...both guys for that matter....”HEIGHTS SCAREY”
Cringe_ M4str (23 days ago)
Well I think many people would built such a thing if they had the money for it.
Johnlittleblues Gomez (23 days ago)
The tony stark tiny home
Drew Kidd (23 days ago)
Cool but no bathroom or sink.
lilfatbackwoods (23 days ago)
I know I’m not the only one thinking a 3am hotbox
Barbă-Roșie Marin (24 days ago)
He's smart and handsome
Rose Ann Mercado (24 days ago)
There is no comfort room?
Kevin Estrada (24 days ago)
This is where he takes all his bitches🔥
Elevation Training & Development Ltd (24 days ago)
Why tf dis guy soo nervous 🤦🏽‍♂️
Cody Schubert (25 days ago)
I came here to get away from the hour of cricket I just watched god dammit
HaveMindWillWander (25 days ago)
Imagine it 3 times that size. Two levels. That said, I sure how he never deals with an earthquake
Adam (25 days ago)
Everybody: wow that's amazing! Me: Feel Good Inc.
BIG REV 1 (25 days ago)
Beer, a ladder, and no bathroom...
The Bigshow (25 days ago)
He watched the Jetsons
romancandlefight (25 days ago)
Illegal in most countries thanks to Planning Laws 👌 Just remember, the Government knows best, and has your back 😉
Good human be happy (25 days ago)
Here's George jetson
Holland knight (26 days ago)
Where’s the bathroom? How will you piss and shit ?
Matt (26 days ago)
What about lightning?
Computer Image (26 days ago)
I would have put an elevator in the trunk. Sealed ones using air pumps to go up and releasing the air plus weight to go down. I was also worried about getting rid of all the beer until I saw the star platform. Easy to see that's where the used beer gets sent over the edge. 😎
Amnjpp (26 days ago)
It's cool and everything but where's the toilet????
rubix2007 (26 days ago)
So he answered his question on how he came up with this idea.... (Beer was to blame clearly)
BIG CITY (25 days ago)
Exactly...what is the point of this? "Ooooh,it looks like a cool water tower to party in ?" Get a life,dude.(not u ,Rubix)
sasha doa (26 days ago)
Where is bathroom
sparrowcount1 (26 days ago)
Jai Mendez (27 days ago)
Nice 😍
Jaydah Willoughby (27 days ago)
That for you and girl thats not a place for drunk men to hang out
Mike W (13 days ago)
Why not?
John James (27 days ago)
wheres the bathroom
Enlightened Perry (27 days ago)
Dude should've built multiple pod poles and made an ewok village home
Michael Howell (27 days ago)
Tamara P (27 days ago)
I think this is the most boring episode I've watched..... the owners voice is annoying
Khafen (27 days ago)
If he loses power i hope there's a over ride to get out.
Khafen (15 days ago)
@mmo jim I should have reworded it into a mechanical malfunction or software issue. lol
mmo jim (16 days ago)
Solar power