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DJI F550 Hexacopter crash after flight above the clouds

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--- PLEASE READ ALL INFO BELOW BEFORE POSTING! --- I planned to perform a short GPS controlled high altitude flight, going straight up, and then straight down again. When initating the descent, something did not work out as expected, and less than ten minutes later the hexacopter crashed because the failed descent attempts had drained the battery. Technical explanation to what actually happened: The GPS mode prioritized staying in place over descending. The winds were so strong that the engines had to work hard to keep the multirotor in place. When I told the multirotor to descend it basically said "I'm afraid I can't do that, because you told me to stay in this position, and if I slow down the motors to descend, I would also start moving sideways with the wind". The solution was to disengage the GPS mode. Important background information: This video depicts a very dangerous situation that could have ended up much worse than it actually did. I was very lucky not to cause any damage on the ground to either living beings or property. I am not proud of this particular flight, and my main reason for putting the video on YouTube is to inform others and hopefully help them avoid making the same mistake(s) I did. My arguments for performing a high altitude flight at all were as follows: - No airplanes in this area ever fly as low as I did in the video - There is generally not much air traffic in this area at all - I checked with before flying - Military, police, and emergency flights are virtually non-existant in this area - The multirotor was supposed to go straight up and straight down again Knowing all of this, I still realize it was a mistake flying that high, especially on this particular occasion. The wind on the ground was not very strong, but higher up, the wind was so strong that the hexacopter had to struggle to stay in position. When I started descending, the hexacopter did not seem to respond to my command, and the only way to make it respond was to disconnect the GPS mode. It then started descending, but it also started moving away with the wind. Facts to be noted before commenting on the video: I DO NOT PERFORM HIGH ALTITUDE FLIGHTS ANYMORE, NOR DO I FLY OVER POPULATED AREAS. Hence, it is unnecessary to ask me to stop flying like I did in the video, since it definitely won't happen again anyway. The crash was a harsh wakeup call that totally made me rethink my attitude towards multirotor flying, and I realize now that high altitude flights and flights over populated areas are way too risky and dangerous. THE MULTIROTOR DID NOT CAUSE ANY DAMAGE ON THE GROUND, TO EITHER PEOPLE, ANIMALS, OR PROPERTY. Having said this, I am fully aware that something disastrous could have happened, and there is no need to keep reminding me about that fact. I WAS CONFIDENT THAT THE MULTIROTOR WOULD AUTOMATICALLY PERFORM A CONTROLLED LANDING IF THE BATTERY LEVEL REACHED ITS SPECIFIED MINIMUM. After reading the documentation, I felt reassured knowing that I had specified two battery level limits, where the second (lowest) limit, if reached, would initiate a forced automatic landing. Apparently this never happened, so this was either a misunderstanding on my behalf, or unclear documentation, or a combination of both. Also, I do not live in the US, so the FAA will probably not be too interested in this flight. My advice to any and all multirotor flyers out there: Never ever take any unnecessary risks. It is never worth it. I got away with it this time, but I could as well have ended up hurting or even killing someone on the ground. Equipment: - Frame: DJI F550 - Gyro: DJI Naza v2 with GPS - Gimbal: DJI Zenmuse H3-2D - Camera: GoPro Hero3, Black Edition - Radio: Futaba T14SG with receiver R7008SB - Battery: Li-Po 4S (14.8V), 6200 mAh - Motors: Stock F550 (DJI 2212/920) - Esc: Stock F550 (DJI ESC 30 amps OPTO) - Propellers: Stock DJI 10"
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Qinghui Ou (56 minutes ago)
ileagle stuff ur doing there unless you have bvlos
WhyPhigh (6 hours ago)
A fool and his money are soon parted.
Luis Rodriguez (7 hours ago)
i see it time IF there is a next time...make sure batteries are fully charged. that was an expensive flight. and like all stunt body got hurt in the making of this video lol
Chris Kimball (12 hours ago)
And this is why aviation authorities worldwide are trying to take away our privilege to fly . This could have easily been a fatal event caused by thoughtless stupidity .
Pierre Couture (17 hours ago)
english is my third linguish so if you can do better than me in french or german go for it. sorry for my deplorable english but I am shure you know what I mean. you have to be aware that flying a drone should be done in the respect of the others’s life. Be safe for you and others.
Ian Duncan (1 day ago)
This is what happens when idiots who have no understanding of the strength of thermic updraughts or meterology. Endangering peoples loves. This guy should be locked up or at least banned for flying for a few years and forced to do a course at a glider or hangglider school.
eddie Towers (1 day ago)
Here I was looking for what sound a giraffe makes, and I run into this video, it’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. And from a drone, no less. Awesome.
B W (1 day ago)
That was intense
Thomas Shue's World (1 day ago)
This shit is illegal. You cannot fly in IMC. You are a dumbass, and should go to jail for.putting people's lives at risk due to your ignorant self.
Tanjid hossen (1 day ago)
I have a parrot bebop drone it's one wing broken and the extra wing are missing how to I repair these .
Oleg M (2 days ago)
Лох! Ты лох! Ты просто лох! Догадался запускать дрон над населенным пунктом. На большую высоту с дерьмовой батареей. А если бы кому на голову уебался?
English Deplorable (2 days ago)
I'm glad you posted this video and left it up in spite of all the whiners. You demonstrate some valuable lessons learned for other drone (or hexacopter before someone starts screaming "iT's A hExAcOpTeR!!!111!!") operators and will no doubt help to make some safer operators out there.
Thor Odinson (2 days ago)
Wow. The Earth ist flat... lol...
J (2 days ago)
Oh no no no its curved horizon! Flat earthers cover ye eyes!
UDIT PATEL (2 days ago)
Great buddybest thing on internet
erika hernandez (3 days ago)
Am I the only one who saw a man's face at the end?
Mike M (3 days ago)
wow! 10 million hits! That has to be a lot of money coming your way.........I'm buying a drone. :-)
John S (3 days ago)
Do you know if you had entered "controlled airspace"? At that altitude meeting your drone in a private plane would probably "leave a mark" and have very serious consequences - for both.
Dave Anderson (3 days ago)
Jeez that was a bum clenching 10mins! Impressive drone to accomplish that height and still come back under control!
CSJiGSaW08 (3 days ago)
make a parachute, this was a dumb idea... Parachute would of saved you...
YSK Kamal (3 days ago)
What drone is this ?
trinitywildcat (3 days ago)
You can't use a drone legally in the UK if it shows other people's property. They are a ridiculous gimmick
Gerhard Lamprecht (4 days ago)
Thank you for proving to the FAA that people without a license are not safety conscious and do not consider the safety of others. For others watching this read part 107 of the FAA regulations. I counted at least 4 violations of the FAA code. Also familiarize yourself of the seriousness of these offenses. You can be criminally prosecuted for uploading videos violating FAA rules.
Gerhard Lamprecht (3 days ago)
+Jacob Cobb Yes me neither, but all aviation authorities follow the same airspace regulations restricting unlicensed aircraft above 400ft. In my country it is above 50m. If this is violated, the FAA will ban all US aircraft in that country and so the rest of the world will follow. So for all practical purposes this is dangerous in any country and there are airspace rules in every country, so if it is not the FAA, it will be another AA.
Jacob Cobb (3 days ago)
He doesnt need to follow FAA regs.... hes not in the US. try reading his video description
charles mathis (4 days ago)
Ok, just for future reference, next time kill the motors, pop the streamers and watch it fall for a minute and hit the power! Simple.👽
Nikolaos Karaiskos (4 days ago)
You are an idiot
den bren (4 days ago)
Wow..thats was an intense video
Graff Meone (4 days ago)
Great video. Bet you won't go so high next time. Wow such height theres no way I'd take my drone that high
005kapil (4 days ago)
Nicole Landry (4 days ago)
You don't need to see this type of drone... You punch in the flight root on Arudcopter & put on VR goggles. Problem with flying over the clouds is colliding with aircraft, or losing batteries & sending a rock with razor blades on it toward someone. The blades hurt from small bumps. I am glad you figured out your mistake & why the drone went crazy, but, you are responsible for any and everything the drone does when it is airborn.
Steve Davis (4 days ago)
Next time just call the F.A.A, and tell them you have a runaway drone lost in the clouds at 3,300 feet.They will help you out.
Jacob Cobb (3 days ago)
hes not in the US
Thommy Söderlind (5 days ago)
Anti Valak Project (5 days ago)
I love its sound, so natural.
Armored Drones (5 days ago)
I love watching dumb shits like you lose your drone. Funny as hell
Armored Drones (5 days ago)
Thanks for helping give the FCC another reason to make it hard on us. You should be prosecuted for that crap. You could have hurt someone pretty bad. Idiot
M Parsonage (5 days ago)
This is exactly why drones need to be controlled and irresponsible users like you are ruining it for those of us who have always operated are model aircraft legally. As far as I can tell you are breaking several laws. Flying in a built up area, reckless endangernent of the public, flying above the 400 feet altitude limit and not remaining in visual contact with your aircraft at all times for starters. Good mind to forward this on to the authorities so they can take the appropriate action.
محمد وليد (6 days ago)
Daniel Zett (6 days ago)
Irresponsible at all.
steve green (6 days ago)
that thing span to many times that was not normal
Hook (7 days ago)
And THIS is why the FAA got involved in my drone hobby.... Thanks for that....
Jacob Cobb (3 days ago)
never said that it didnt matter just the faa is going to address this incident
Hook (3 days ago)
+Jacob Cobb doesn't matter, it's still irresponsible, and videos like this served as great motivation for administrators to restrict our hobby in the USA.
Jacob Cobb (3 days ago)
Nope hes not in the US, FAA dont control the air space hes in
5dmc1 (7 days ago)
totally repairable, close call!
ive had a few close encounters with drones now one even racing down the runway at my airfield at about 20ft agl while i was on final approach .imo even after reading the description etc this vid should be taken down as SOME( kids and idiots) will not read the description and just think its cool.. que the keyboard warriors and imature fools. ps kudos to stefan for admitting the mistake ..
西方疯癫东方糊涂 (8 days ago)
If I was controlling it, it would be the "Magical" moment to Scream out loud "HOUSTON, we have a huge F problem!" :) Thx for video, and good that camera survived!
Michael Helm (8 days ago)
Joe Woodburn (8 days ago)
Great video!!!
Grove Side12 (8 days ago)
Now My Child Hood Dream Of Jumping On A Cloud Is Gone😂
united force commander (8 days ago)
That was kool.
Weston Corneau (8 days ago)
Ashley Clarke (8 days ago)
Be safe. Get a Robot Pet Dog instead.
Rowell Jeffrey (8 days ago)
sorry you lost it ok
Rowell Jeffrey (8 days ago)
why you never watch how much battery time you got left, at 50% you should have launch sports mode to return to home cause the wind
Chris Gardner (8 days ago)
It's going to sound different from hitting water vapor
Darbah Manchu DaiChin (8 days ago)
You'd be arrested for this unlawful action for flying drone 50m above ground. Hopefully you did not after posting this video as your crime evidence...😂😂😂
grouser1964 (9 days ago)
Brave of you to publish this. Very informational. I'm sure it will be of help to other drone operators. It is important to have some knowledge about the weather with high flights. There are several aviation sites that offer up to date weather information on type of sky coverage and direction and wind speed at various altitudes.  The surface winds are generally about perpendicular to the winds at 1,000ft and generally much less than that at 1000 feet. Looks like you learned alot from this, and experience keeps a dear school. I fly a phantom 4 on occasion, but I'm out in the boondocks. I also have a high performance, complex single enging plane I fly. I remember once landing near lake Erie where I had a head wind of 60mph and my final approach speed was 72 mph, so until I closer to the ground, I was almost flying backwards. Keep flying. Don't worry about all the arrogant criticism here. They must all be Republican :)
Ric Christian (9 days ago)
The information above is a joke. You were planning to show off flying above the clouds, but you lost control and crashed. You still decided to show off your flight/crash with excuses. You need to be tracked down and arrested.
MrAkurvaeletbe (9 days ago)
Wow those batteries Drain fast, all you can do with a drone like this is go up once and barely make it back?
David Thourogood (10 days ago)
This is why there are rules about flying drones which you failed to follow. You need to be fined and locked up in jail until you understand!
Donion [• _ •] (10 days ago)
Drone disconected :///
Christopher Kirsling (10 days ago)
How STUPID are you??? It's people like you doing crap like that, that make the laws of hobby flying harder to legalize... I think you should be expelled from being able to fly at all and jailed for being STUPID!!!!
Julian Zamarchi (11 days ago)
Heh fuck your stupid drone.
Dan Marr (11 days ago)
This is why the FAA is requiring proper certification to fly these things. General aviation is not on flight aware and are not required to be. The inexperience here could have been a whole lot worse. Get your certification before doing this again.
george maguire (11 days ago)
you sir are one complete fool and a dangerous one. people like you gets people killed
Eric Millar (11 days ago)
This proves the need for regulation, registration and training - what an idiot
Stephen Hall (11 days ago)
This situation could of caused a major air incident. As a student pilot and a licensed RePL, we are taught about bird strikes, can I tell you a drone with carbon fibre and metal causes much more damage to an airframe, prop or intake than a bird would ever do. Remember birds caused the Hudson river crash. Please do not do this again!
Andy Smitty (6 days ago)
My guess is illegal where you are living regardless. 1) Intentionally entering imc, violating every vfr airspace of every IACO country including international airspace. 2) Failure to maintain direct line of sight. 3) Unsafe operation over a congested area. What do you think would have happened had a ifr aircraft was in those clouds and your drone went thru their windshield. Please for the safety of others, educate yourself and apply some common sense to what you are doing! (Edited to remove FAA US laws violated... )
Edward Fisher (6 days ago)
+Andy Smitty Your still saying IF he was in the US. He is not, move on.
Edward Fisher (6 days ago)
+Andy Smitty Your still criticizing as if he was in the states. MYOB.
Edward Fisher (7 days ago)
Read the description, he's not in the US.
John Smith (12 days ago)
The C.I.A commandeered your drone
John Smith (12 days ago)
All the moisture is what makes it sound different
john smith (12 days ago)
You can KMA ill gladly take my chances in court to knock you invasive pervs spy cameras out.
sterlingstroebel (12 days ago)
As a pilot, this is exactly the kind of shit that is extremely concerning! Clearly above legal attitudes for drone activities and careless operation which could lead to interference with aircraft operating in IMC conditions.
Jack F (12 days ago)
"This video depicts a very dangerous situation that could have ended up much worse than it actually did". Dumb luck. Good to hear you won't be doing this kind of crazy stunt again. I now have to get a license because of this kind of behavior.
MrKurtn (13 days ago)
You should be arrested for doing this flight!
Nils (13 days ago)
awesome work. Really interesting to watch. good job.
Chad Beckwith Smith (13 days ago)
See, I am pretty good with a Bow and Arrow so quit flying those things over my house. LOL
Ambient Walking (13 days ago)
Wow! Terrifying!
All videos (13 days ago)
Nice video
little red Bowtie (13 days ago)
Do you hear me more power Damit Scotty
SeegzB (14 days ago)
In the UK it is illegal with prison sentences given for drone pilots flying above 100m agl..... as a drone pilot and light aircraft pilot if people fly drones this high a light aircraft pilot will never see it in time and would cause a fatal accident... very very irresponsible!
SkullBreaker003 (14 days ago)
Only if drones had a parachute
Josh Derek (14 days ago)
it was an accident, am not going to remind you about the safety and all that kinda stuff... actually I admire you for taking that flight for a test. I probably suggest you to monitor the wind speed next time and make that flight again in a bit wider empty space, idk where it is but is some wide open area perhaps... thanks for taking that step, I realized that a regular person can make it that far beyond the norms
Nitro Fpv (14 days ago)
Hey’s people like you that give us real drone pilots a bad name. Fucking idiot!
Edson Kidwell (14 days ago)
If,I where you dad eww ass whooping time total moron
Edson Kidwell (14 days ago)
You do realize there's a flight ceiling your not supposed to go above right and unless you have a long range Reciever unit things get fuzzy like that idiot
John P (14 days ago)
You violated so many rules in regards to flying Drones!! Went up over the allowable 400 foot max Altitude rule, Glad you lost this one, take up a different hobby, I am a pilot and would have been really pissed if I had hit your DJI at 3,300 feet in my airspace.
LEGENDARY24 LEW (14 days ago)
This is very stupid to do imagine how many lives would be exposed to die if this thing goes in an airplane this dude should be fine by the authorities
LEGENDARY24 LEW (11 days ago)
+Your mum Is gay ok ty for the heads up
Your mum Is gay (11 days ago)
LEGENDARY24 LEW Planes don’t fly that low
Richard C (14 days ago)
Very glad you realise the seriousness of the situation and glad you posted it to warn others that could easily make a similiar mistake. You are not the first to do this and unfortunately will probably not be the last. Thank you for posting.
Joeinslw (14 days ago)
Even though I thought it was a cool flight, it could have been disaster if it got sucked into a turbo prop jet engine, but not sure if there are any landing fields in your area, so this comment may not apply, however it's still very dangerous to fly that high with the possibility of jet planes flying around.
Joeinslw (14 days ago)
Cool flight, was it it's last?
George Augustus (14 days ago)
the earth is flat, wow perfect horizontal horizon at 3:20 for example, thanks Stefan awesome
KCCarGuy (14 days ago)
Just some insight - Your little toy could have taken out a light, medium, or a full size commercial airliner. That’s attempted man slaughter time XXX not even touching on Federal Aviation Laws broken. Selfish Negligence!
toxin911 (14 days ago)
where is all this information coming from that drone can take out a full scale aircraft...i m willing to bet its from those same liberal bureaucrats that say gun free zones will stop the shootings...just useless lumps of flesh that must control everyones life
dankstroke_69 (15 days ago)
Why is everyone in the comments section either a pilot or a safety checker or a chicken vet all of a sudden?
Simon Sozzi (15 days ago)
The way the camera falls at the end is really fucking weird!? What the fuck!? It looked weird the first time around but in slow motion!... it makes NO F'n sense. Why? How? Does the gopro have a gyroscope in it or something? So weird.
Simon Sozzi (15 days ago)
I should buy a drone and do this! You see how many views he got!?
Rhyme& Reason (15 days ago)
Glad you didn’t find it.... you are reckless with no concern for air traffic or people below you. You are the type of clown that gets people killed.
Ron Matthews (15 days ago)
400 foot altitude limit your type get hard for everyone
Esmirno Velazquez (15 days ago)
you should be arrested. you can cause a fatal airplane crash that can cost peoples life. idiot
Doug Wallace (15 days ago)
Darn wind.
Acetone (15 days ago)
The point where it flips over, seemingly motionless and at peace, looking at the sky as it hurdles towards the earth... i felt that
Ito San (15 days ago)
Kiran v (15 days ago)
it looks risky for airplanes -
Gary Handy (15 days ago)
Irresponsible!  Complete lack of regard for pilots safety.  Reporting to the AMA as soon as I can.  This is what is requiring me to apply for a license just so I can fly my R/C scale helicopter and plane at a few feet off the ground in a cornfield.By the way, that's not a helicopter as you state in the description.  Its a drone.