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DJI F550 Hexacopter crash after flight above the clouds

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--- PLEASE READ ALL INFO BELOW BEFORE POSTING! --- I planned to perform a short GPS controlled high altitude flight, going straight up, and then straight down again. When initating the descent, something did not work out as expected, and less than ten minutes later the hexacopter crashed because the failed descent attempts had drained the battery. Technical explanation to what actually happened: The GPS mode prioritized staying in place over descending. The winds were so strong that the engines had to work hard to keep the multirotor in place. When I told the multirotor to descend it basically said "I'm afraid I can't do that, because you told me to stay in this position, and if I slow down the motors to descend, I would also start moving sideways with the wind". The solution was to disengage the GPS mode. Important background information: This video depicts a very dangerous situation that could have ended up much worse than it actually did. I was very lucky not to cause any damage on the ground to either living beings or property. I am not proud of this particular flight, and my main reason for putting the video on YouTube is to inform others and hopefully help them avoid making the same mistake(s) I did. My arguments for performing a high altitude flight at all were as follows: - No airplanes in this area ever fly as low as I did in the video - There is generally not much air traffic in this area at all - I checked with before flying - Military, police, and emergency flights are virtually non-existant in this area - The multirotor was supposed to go straight up and straight down again Knowing all of this, I still realize it was a mistake flying that high, especially on this particular occasion. The wind on the ground was not very strong, but higher up, the wind was so strong that the hexacopter had to struggle to stay in position. When I started descending, the hexacopter did not seem to respond to my command, and the only way to make it respond was to disconnect the GPS mode. It then started descending, but it also started moving away with the wind. Facts to be noted before commenting on the video: I DO NOT PERFORM HIGH ALTITUDE FLIGHTS ANYMORE, NOR DO I FLY OVER POPULATED AREAS. Hence, it is unnecessary to ask me to stop flying like I did in the video, since it definitely won't happen again anyway. The crash was a harsh wakeup call that totally made me rethink my attitude towards multirotor flying, and I realize now that high altitude flights and flights over populated areas are way too risky and dangerous. THE MULTIROTOR DID NOT CAUSE ANY DAMAGE ON THE GROUND, TO EITHER PEOPLE, ANIMALS, OR PROPERTY. Having said this, I am fully aware that something disastrous could have happened, and there is no need to keep reminding me about that fact. I WAS CONFIDENT THAT THE MULTIROTOR WOULD AUTOMATICALLY PERFORM A CONTROLLED LANDING IF THE BATTERY LEVEL REACHED ITS SPECIFIED MINIMUM. After reading the documentation, I felt reassured knowing that I had specified two battery level limits, where the second (lowest) limit, if reached, would initiate a forced automatic landing. Apparently this never happened, so this was either a misunderstanding on my behalf, or unclear documentation, or a combination of both. Also, I do not live in the US, so the FAA will probably not be too interested in this flight. My advice to any and all multirotor flyers out there: Never ever take any unnecessary risks. It is never worth it. I got away with it this time, but I could as well have ended up hurting or even killing someone on the ground. Equipment: - Frame: DJI F550 - Gyro: DJI Naza v2 with GPS - Gimbal: DJI Zenmuse H3-2D - Camera: GoPro Hero3, Black Edition - Radio: Futaba T14SG with receiver R7008SB - Battery: Li-Po 4S (14.8V), 6200 mAh - Motors: Stock F550 (DJI 2212/920) - Esc: Stock F550 (DJI ESC 30 amps OPTO) - Propellers: Stock DJI 10"
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Desy Moynes (28 minutes ago)
DICK if an aircraft had struck that drone God knows what carnage it would have caused .
joshron99 (3 hours ago)
I believe that these objects-- civilian drones-- should not be allowed to fly out of eye view of the operator.
Caleb Byers (3 hours ago)
Did you need to touch the controls at all?
Simtube S (7 hours ago)
I am wondering if either u hit a thermal pocket or one moved under you, causing an updraft and strong wind. In that case unless your aircraft is dimensionally flatter than width and length and you slice it veritically you were stuck. You could have cut motors off, it would still be carried by wind and than you would have to deal with "vortex ring state" (if you aren't familiar with vortex ring state, I highly recommend researching it).
Shane John (9 hours ago)
See that that's on you
surendran navaneetha krishnan (11 hours ago)
that was really cool
HORNET6 (11 hours ago)
Words fail me as to the selfish stupidity of this flight. That said, well done for putting it up as an example of what not to do.
m jagusch (18 hours ago)
do the hobby a favor and never fly again.
Fred (20 hours ago)
the video probably kept spinning because the camera landed exactly perfectly balanced at the point where the image flips so it kept rotating trying to find where it was upright.
mynameisray (21 hours ago)
While I've read everything, and understand you are not in the US, it's still generally a good idea to give a local airport a call. Even if it's just an up and down flight, it's still a good thing to do. They will instruct you on what you need to do to go ahead with the flight. This is more for anyone else who are getting into the drone hobby and live close to an airport. I know where I am a lot of people like to take drowns down over the lake while they fish and so on, it's very unsafe as we do have amphibious aircraft as well as emergency aircraft flying at low altitudes in the area. Calling the local airport to have them send out a simple message to local traffic that you are flying a drone from XX to XX on XX day at XX altitude can help prevent accidents. Some places close to larger and international airports it's even illegal and can get you anything from a fine up to jail time. Another good reason to call and inquire, they may even request you file a flight plane or inform you that if you are flying to stay below XX altitude and stay within that specific area.
wedda on earth (21 hours ago)
Such a stupidity has to be punished. What a pity anybody found that copter after all ..
Max Plankton (22 hours ago)
Err, quite a bit of evidence on the surface that the freezing level was fairly low. Tbh these gadgets are a safe way to learn about aeronautics.
Adrian MH (23 hours ago)
This is the scariest horror movie i ever seen
Alex Mate (1 day ago)
5:25 there's your "glory" on the clouds. brilliant man, you did it with a drone
stefan w (1 day ago)
Hello stefan
Reinaldo Castellano (1 day ago)
If that guy was black or hispanic he will be on jail or lethal. Injection but that just me😹😹😹😹😹😹
Roman H. (1 day ago)
I think you just demonstrated what Superman would see if he took his cape off to blow his nose-at altitude! , you walked away , so thumbs up.
Henk Harry (1 day ago)
Henk Harry (1 day ago)
you can remove our coments your still a cunt you ruin it for real drone pilots
Henk Harry (1 day ago)
im a drone pilot and iwould even kick your ass
Henk Harry (1 day ago)
you are retarted
Morteza Nouroozy (1 day ago)
im angry at you!
Jas Jas (1 day ago)
Everyone’s said pretty much everything i could possibly say but no matter how many times it’s been said, it’s just never enough ...”dumb ass”
The King of The South Reviews (1 day ago)
Fantastic worth crashing that was great upload
Askejm (1 day ago)
Drone crash from approximately 500 meters *GoPro survives as always*
Mark Te Tane Hohaia (1 day ago)
Awesome video & Analysis. Thanks!
Ac Agast (1 day ago)
Dionysus (1 day ago)
Robert (1 day ago)
I like to do this at Antarctica
Fatou Jatta (1 day ago)
im a professional pilot and this was hard to watch ! i also fly drones and this gave me a bad name ! im also a photographer and those shots up in the clouds were beautiful ! im also a pedestrian and that crash landing made me quiver ! im also a park, so crash your drone elsewhere ! im also joking.
knappingbear (1 day ago)
Disgusting ! . . . you should have been imprisoned for 6 months to a year minimum ... your toy confiscated and destroyed, and prohibited from EVER owning another . . . and you posted this under the wrong category ... "childish adults that refuse to grow up and honor the rights of others" would be an appropriate category . . . This video is a PERFECT example of just ONE OF THE MANY REASONS why we desperately need to legislate laws forbidding the use of these DANGEROUS TOYS within several miles of any populated area . . . Not impressed with your "read before commenting" post either . . .
Cryptolittle (2 days ago)
Anyone else notice the strange ball of light at 5:25?? Bottom right hand corner.
Jamesgaming YT (2 days ago)
What drone that you use
Tanktyler01tj (2 days ago)
It’s funny how that’s completely illegal😂
Don Cooper (2 days ago)
@ 1:23 and I'm REALLY getting scared!
Blake Sanden (2 days ago)
I thought u couldn't take a drone past 400 feet (i saw the whole vid and followed along) is there an exception process? Non troll question
DRONE JOURNEY (3 days ago)
Alan Chau (3 days ago)
Thanks you gave me a freaking panic attack! ;)
jed jed (3 days ago)
One of the trees looked like Jesus...LAUGHING!... Not cool dude ...NOT COOL! :)
Daryl Larsen (3 days ago)
If this were recent, I'd agree with some of the disparaging comments but look at the date, March 2014. Things were much different then than they are now.
williamsshane021 (3 days ago)
That was pretty cool seeing the clouds like that
adam pratt (3 days ago)
Hi loved your drone video can you please lmk where you got it from please cheers Adam
Akhmad Zaki (3 days ago)
GunNut1985 (3 days ago)
You are extremely inconsiderate and wreckless. You're going to kill someone. What if I collide with your barely visible bullshit toy in my $100k aircraft that I have worked myself to near death to pay for. A bird strike can cost me $40k or my life! But you go ahead have your fun. Until you end up strung out by the FAA. God I want to call you so many names but I know you will probably just be a little $#@*!.
reflexxtr (3 days ago)
Stupid irin
reflexxtr (3 days ago)
What a complete irresponsible Pratt you are🙄
I'm Just Saying...Gaming! (3 days ago)
Neat video!
because of these dumb people we need to spend 1078 pounds on drone pilot license
Raghavendra Magalam (4 days ago)
Vertigo vertigoooooo.......
Nidaa vlogs (4 days ago)
consider adding couple batteries
Spin Clips (4 days ago)
Is this copter really from Dji? Because they never created one like this 🤔
Jeffrey Song (4 days ago)
I offer my condolences for your lost
Hunt Creative Inc. (4 days ago)
You are fortunate no small planes met your drone in the clouds. Your life and theirs could have ended in less than a minute. Enjoyed the view though. Try it in an area outside the city after you determine airports and flight paths.
Paul Chilson (4 days ago)
BOY where did you get this drone from cause I want It!!!
Robert C (4 days ago)
Not very intelligent to be kind
daslolo (4 days ago)
Thanks for sharing that. I learned a lot. How did you end up correcting that in later flights? Do you have access to GPS vs descent command priority in the firmware? That leg is made of plastic? Have you tried since then to use carbon fiber like they do in racing dones?
Randy Bugni (4 days ago)
well done nice video. no stones cast here.
Rex Bettencourt (4 days ago)
I thought I saw a squirrel running for it's life in one of those frames..... hahaha hahaha . After reading some of these posts I found out that people do not read "PLEASE READ ALL INFO BELOW BEFORE POSTING" SAD people can't read.....
Rex Bettencourt (4 days ago)
And of course, the thing had to hit every single large branch on those trees! Thanks, great vid. sorry it happened but it was awesome and I learned something too. I don't know what it is but I did learn something.. Hahahaha.
iiPoliceEnforcement_Law (4 days ago)
The Camera Is spinning wildly lol
りずっぴー (5 days ago)
危な 頭に当たったらどうするんだよ
niceguy60 (5 days ago)
This is so reckless !!!
Rainer Hauke (5 days ago)
looks like you are stupid + dangerous = case to report to FAA
Ian McRoman Sr. (5 days ago)
Great to see above the clouds - better luck next time ... Thomas Edison say 1318 +- try - and every time I learn somethings new...
Swaroop Sarote (5 days ago)
great video bro...!!!
StreaM wiTh fuN (5 days ago)
If dron have some safety mood like parashot or something else then it would be better
Stam iliadis (5 days ago)
These ites should be removed from the market worldwide and only been sold with a special license! These are not toys! Do you realize ofcourse you could cause a serious accident by this action, do you?
YouTube Watcher With Pickle (5 days ago)
You could've killed someone dipshit
YouTube Watcher With Pickle (5 days ago)
And this is why we have limit rules and strict rules people like this fool
James Breedlove (5 days ago)
I love watching this video
Gw Great (5 days ago)
So..I guess drones are not able to auto gyrate...huh now I know.
Wylie Jones (5 days ago)
You are reckless. Seriously. You put other lives in potential jeopardy because you wanted to do something you thought was neat without thinking of the consequences. I fly aircraft at lower altitude all the time for flight training. Your drone can kill me or my friends or anybody else in my industry. Just because you see jet airliners flying up high doesn’t mean that there aren’t aircraft flying low levels around where you are. They might not appear on radar. They might not appear on a flight plan here in the US. They might not appear on anything you know about. I have nothing but mean things to say to you. I’m glad that you posted that you’re not gonna do that anymore. I sincerely hope you learned a valuable lesson. Jerk. Should absolutely amend the video with big flashing letters that says how much of a retard you are for doing this and how no one else should repeat your stupidity.
Wylie Jones (5 days ago)
And no the description under the video doesnt count.
Ddd Nnn (5 days ago)
with a really good zoom lens, you could do some awesome surveillance.
camf33 (5 days ago)
And WHY did you fly this little toy up in the clouds? What was the benefit and what did you expect to accomplish? If what you wanted was youtube attention you definitely got it along with stricter rules and regulations people like you will bring upon us safe fliers. Dumb Fuck!
Bob Steenson (6 days ago)
Very simple. Space aliens arrived in a Quantum field where time and space do not exist they had abducted the aerial drone, examined it, then had returned it at a great distance from where it had been taken from but, to the naked eye, since time had stood still; it appeared that the Drone was continually flying -- mystery solved !
Bob Steenson (1 day ago)
Cryptolittle I noticed it--- they are my space-brother's 👽
Cryptolittle (2 days ago)
Look at that strange ball of light at 5:25 bottom right corner. Kinda weird no one else noticed that...
hyper lava (6 days ago)
r.i.p drone 2018-20-18
Ανοίξτε τη Μακρόνησο (6 days ago)
Imagine that copter fell in a kids head. That's why morals mustn't have toys like this. For a few stupids we all suffering the new rules. Eventually we will fly only in our dreams.
Ryan Jo (6 days ago)
Must have great GPS signal up there! lol
yoyodrago (6 days ago)
Btw, clouds are made of water, are you sure that the clouds caused the drone to get wet and make it malfunction?
billythekid perez (6 days ago)
So those cant auto rotate ?
Brett Bradbeer (6 days ago)
One of the best drone videos I've seen for all the wrong reasons 😂👍 so lucky to get it back and the footage.
MrCSahin (6 days ago)
So this all was vlos 👀 ?
Short E (6 days ago)
Idk why but this shit was exhilarating
Muema Nzomo (6 days ago)
For those who have their panties in a bunch before reading the description here is a summary : "My arguments for performing a high altitude flight at all were as follows: - No airplanes in this area ever fly as low as I did in the video - There is generally not much air traffic in this area at all - I checked with before flying - Military, police, and emergency flights are virtually non-existant in this area - The multirotor was supposed to go straight up and straight down again"
Joshua Clowser (7 days ago)
This video showcases the importance of following FAA guidelines. I hope you learned your lesson
John Doe (7 days ago)
Hopefully you were not in controlled airspace? I should hate to meet an unexpected drone one day. I have never flown a drone. I fly a Cessna 172R as well as my Slingsby Dart 17R sailplane. One question, why didn't you switch to manual mode earlier? If I want to descend in my sailplane quickly I just point the nose towards the ground and open the airbrakes. A similar situation in the Cessna, albeit it doesn't have airbrakes. I have to make sure I don't exceed Vmax!
The Drone Guy (7 days ago) please subscribe to my channel ...
David James (7 days ago)
Do you have any idea what was the maximum altitude attained? Do you have an idea of the high of the clouds?
xc5647321 xc5647321 (7 days ago)
Illegal but awesome.
dave [hodl] matherly (7 days ago)
that was cool Loved it!
Yawning Owl (7 days ago)
Thanks so much for posting this!! For a start it's a fascinating story to watch (and read...).Then instructive and educating, in more than one way. Then probably most importantly, AFAIC it demonstrates a very good attitude on your part, - learning from mistakes, and generously sharing the lessons with others, such that they're spared from making similar mistakes.
Simone Andolfi (7 days ago)
Nice video. You’re an idiot.
Kristofer Stoll (7 days ago)
That was super cool... Wow.
Virtual Reality (7 days ago)
wow old skool drone, the days of building them yourself.
badboybarber1 (8 days ago)
Who saw the naked person in their back garden???
Greg Rittichier (8 days ago)
FAA Violation to say the least. Operating above 400 feet AGL and operating in IFR conditions to VFR on top. Non of this is legal for a drone. It would be legal for an aircraft to operate in this manner if it climbed to VFR condition and was 500 feet clear of clouds. You should be fined heavily.
Hanif Gana (8 days ago)
nice job broo..
NINJA KIDD (8 days ago)
Thanks for posting this vid, I think it's a real eye opener and exactly why there are laws regarding the maximum height a drone can fly. As this has been vid has been viewed so many times, it might be a good idea to list each country the maximum height stated by law. As I'm in the UK, I can only list there. UK - 400ft/121.92m
point zero gaming (8 days ago)
People take this to seriously! The drone bugged out! there was nothing he could do about it if he shut it down mid air could have been dangerous for bystanders. As for him being inside a urban area at least he looked for a safe spot to Scuttle the Drone. And a plane doesn't fly that low to cloud they are not supposed to but I do realize some do I live in fear every time passes by my house because it's flying too low not even close to this drones altitude the ones that fly by me are private jets and 2 seaters plane they fly below the clouds so how do you think I feel I have 6 acers to myself and neighbors are far So I wouldn't know the rules about flying inside a public area. Now that when I was little all I had was a RC helicopter some times with a digital video camera taped to the bottom. Drones are no problem like I said previously is mostly planes and helicopters problems with drones are rare my nearest neighbors say that a black drone is spying through the windows.
809megatron (8 days ago)
unbelievable bullshit video..How does youtube allow this junk to be displayed
David Rodwell (8 days ago)
What an absolute f******g idiot you are, you should be locked up.