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E Ink Booth Tour at CES 2014, Sony DPT-S1, Smartwatches, wall clocks and more

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Tour of the E Ink CES 2014 booth, featuring all the latest coolest E Ink devices on the market and prototypes. The E Ink device that I think is the "Best of CES" is the 13.3" Sony DPT-S1, the biggest and the lightest ultra-readable 13.3" touch device in the world (currently only released in limited few-thousand unit trials in Japan) uses the 13.3" 1200x1600 Mobius E Ink display with protective film instead of glass for it to be ultra-thin at 6.8mm and weigh only 358grams and to also offer a better stylus experience. Aloso featuring the latest E Ink for Smartwatches, thus keeping the display always on, which is important for a Smartwatch. Featuring new giant E Ink clocks to put on walls, E Ink signage displays, the latest E Ink e-readers on the market and more.
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Text Comments (24)
olive4naito (2 years ago)
Does Sony have exclusive rights to Mobius?
fabiano santos (3 years ago)
Any Phone/Tablet Stylus work in Onyx Boox Max?
Prasan Dutt (3 years ago)
Anyone guessed the display shows Laplace transform with all transformation formulae :P
Samson Zhang (4 years ago)
"This is our first year at CES 2014" no shit, did you go to CES 2014 more than once?
Jose (4 years ago)
Can SOMEONE reply ANY of these? Does it include dictionaries or translators? Can you install them? Will there be an upgrade in hardware worth waiting for? (dpt-s2 when?) Any forthcoming upgrade in software? If I tap on top of a word, will its meaning appear (as in kindle) ? Will I only be able to edit 10 or 25 pages per document? When will this change? A thousand thanks!
Neganur (4 years ago)
who the hell makes those subtitles, they're nuts!
Mr2pint (4 years ago)
About time - e ink on smart watches!
Ashish Neupane (4 years ago)
Only for Japan.. Shit.. 
AndyRX's Art (4 years ago)
Available in the US too now!
The Dollar Guy (4 years ago)
Tablet with 4K HD OLED or LCD on the front.  This would be on the back side.  E-ink has amazing abilities and function with ZERO power consumption when not changing state.  YotaPhone 2 is doing this already.
Nereus (5 years ago)
what da faq company would bu that instead of a tablet? O.O thousand buys? are u crazy? ahaha Anyway i want iitt soo haaarrdd ç_ç
ǤQ҉ ЯΣṁềṙṍ (5 years ago)
this is amazing I wish there was analog computers that displayed in dots in monitors and printing in water ink dots, this would be so amazing for art and photography it would look like cinema film I hate digital images theyre so blistery and disharmonious I actually get allergic reactions to digital prints my eyes burn and I get headaches, so I gave up photography and kept my polaroid this e-ink stuff could be the next pc revolution, it would be for me.
Cognitive Feedback (5 years ago)
lol ... "let's go over there..."  8:08
Mikael Murstam (5 years ago)
6:48 "cool let's walk around" :P he is funny
Matthew (5 years ago)
Its "eT-set-er-uh" not "eck-set-er-uh"    (etc) short for et cetera ((latin - and the rest))
Anedime (5 years ago)
A Thousand fucking dollars, I could buy two 10-inch galaxy tabs, holy Christ.
Pete (5 years ago)
Ehem. Infinity Binder
Travis (5 years ago)
Shut up and take my money!
du39104 (5 years ago)
as a PHD student who struggles with tons of paper books..... this device is fantastic in every aspect but price......
André Filipe (5 years ago)
Have you tried to zoom? Do you know if it will be possible?
ghc yoo (5 years ago)
thank  you for covering the eink booth.  i love this technology
Andrés Corral (5 years ago)
Great video Charbax! Thanks for covering the eink tech. There's not much coverage of this in tech sites. I love the large 13 inch reader. It'd be wonderful for technical books
ksojoel (5 years ago)
Where's the eink phone?
آكل الدهون (5 years ago)
Does it supports arabic?