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MADtv - delivery boy I

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Excited delivery boy is on his way..
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Gan (21 days ago)
super geeky (1 month ago)
Always one of my favorite characters on Mad TV.
Annabelle Lecter (2 months ago)
And ADHD in a nutshell.
ivan andrade (3 months ago)
Static shock is funny lol
dirtyhavoc (3 months ago)
He forgot to take his Ritalin again.
Sharon Hocutt (4 months ago)
haha my mom loves this guy he's funny
90's Boy (4 months ago)
One of their best.
mrcookie0890 (5 months ago)
Phil lamarr is the best
UNHOLY PRIEST (5 months ago)
thats me on cocaine in a nutshell
Adam St.Martin (6 months ago)
November 24, 2017---This guy makes me laugh...He acts similar to Keanu Reeves...
keith norton (7 months ago)
It's so on point, I know a real dude like this that's why it so funny!
keith norton (7 months ago)
Marilyn Munster (9 months ago)
Why he always so antsy does he have some type of condition
vic al (1 year ago)
"I'm jack!" Samurai jack!
irkenus (11 months ago)
Man, it is good to see you, babe!
vic al (1 year ago)
you can sorta here the voice that he uses for the character, lol
IronManXXX (1 year ago)
the best SNL skit in a long time...love this guy...
Billy McFuggin (1 year ago)
It's not SNL, that's why it is funny. This is MadTV
Bea Thacker (1 year ago)
I peed so funny, that was my UPS GUY, LOL
carcamclips (1 year ago)
I can't believe this is vamp from MGS2. LOL
Xenonuke (28 days ago)
The Beast in Infamous!!!
MKF30 (1 year ago)
And Aquaman in Injustice games
Bob Kolterjahn (1 year ago)
He was also Green Lantern on Justice League.
smitty smithers (1 year ago)
it would be amazing if all the originals came back. i watched this when i was a kid every saturday night. and i have his energy. lmao
Servants of Yeshua (1 year ago)
Not as funny as I remembered.
wetworker26 (2 years ago)
haha. hardcore meth head.
DJ Tony Vito (2 years ago)
Cocaine day..
Barry Allen (8 months ago)
no its just making fun of delivery guys because they are always running. they work off time.
Angel M (2 years ago)
First tv sweaker
cletus gadsden (2 years ago)
tj dillashaw and dominic cruz
cletus gadsden (1 year ago)
spread the word!
Iam Pyre (1 year ago)
cletus gadsden lol, random UFC related comment. Wasn't expecting that.😝
Jonathan c (2 years ago)
Love that guys laugh in the crowed at the 2.19 mark. lol.
spideracambarock (2 years ago)
the sound is awful
Seth Winters (2 years ago)
Ups delivery boy on crack cocaine. Lmao
Kayla Rocs (11 months ago)
Seth Winters not coke. meth makes people like this
ohyesitsyouagain (2 years ago)
Phil LaMarr was always my favorite!
Elizabeth Roberto (2 years ago)
ups guy (Jack) is like so......."HYPER!" like he might be on some "SPEED!" & on my computer this video is like kinda "WAKED!" may be cause its about 6 yrs. old the show was canceled........... Oct. 14 1995----------- May 16, 2009
irkenus (1 year ago)
You mean SAMURAI Jack?!
FourDollaRacing (3 years ago)
United Parcel Smashers!
Shanon Horridge (3 years ago)
married to one... heh heh YES they are on the run constant!  UPS measures every minute
estebana174 (3 years ago)
hysterical, love him!
Ryan Oliver Daugherty Recio (4 years ago)
Chantal Beaulieu (4 years ago)
love it!
iFoS (4 years ago)
this guys got the right attitude
DDaniel20067 (4 years ago)
LMAO shake it off shake it off, lost the battle not the war.
gnarmad (4 years ago)
UPS Guy Exercise Program.  forget P90X
mista Turk (4 years ago)
i work with a guy at UPS and they look like!!! plus he's a driver
peter rummell (4 years ago)
the dangers of cocaine
WakeUp (4 years ago)
That must be the most physically demanding acting there is.
Lewis Jones (28 days ago)
WakeUp what about pro wrestling?
paul babuik (4 years ago)
Aww man I shot Marvin in the face
irkenus (11 months ago)
The reason why is because Hector Con Carne is Marvin's brain.
Tasa Louisville (4 years ago)
That would be me. Lord help you if I'm near that boy I like. ;)
max89871 (4 years ago)
Keanu Reaves "What did you say .... about..... me?"
TheBigChillQueen (5 years ago)
<3 I love Phil LaMarr :D Especially when he voiced Static/Virgil Hawkins and Wilt! Now here, I see him doing Wilt's voice mixed with Bloo's hyperactivity and annoying personality, and Goo's fast talking and randomness. And Elizabeth is Frankie:3
Anurag (5 years ago)
Who ever click dislikes on tis video they might be da dum assholes
FunkyDoohickey (5 years ago)
He also did the voice for Samurai Jack :O god i miss that show...
Aberusugi (5 years ago)
And Samurai Jack.
Mikey Palmice (5 years ago)
HAHA I was thinkin tht then right when i scrolled down i saw this LOL
pimpavelly (5 years ago)
Lol lost the battle not the war!
Kawayolnyo (5 years ago)
....why the hell everyone remembers 3-rd Green Lantern and Samurai Jack, but not Vamp!? Vamp was one of his most major roles he ever did!
Spoons (5 years ago)
Why hello there Mr UPS Man, you should have left our wives alone. Now lets go for a drive
CamCoEntertainment (5 years ago)
He did the voice for Samurai Jack. WHAT.
danielchrnko (5 years ago)
is this an old one?
Big Show (5 years ago)
Phil lammar is the Judge on Family Guy!! Never new that
Audiel Benjamin Avalos (5 years ago)
didn't he get shot in the face?
Maia Acosta (6 years ago)
Theres a guy who works at disneyland california adventures tower of terror who looks and acts just like the delivery guy....
Damien (6 years ago)
Actually he is Phil Lamarr big time voice actor.
Chris Cole (6 years ago)
tankmilkman (6 years ago)
ah man i shot marvin in the face.
Gina Grand (6 years ago)
i think im getting abducted by aliens O_O
c.mail (6 years ago)
He reminds me of a muppet!!
dweml258 (6 years ago)
This guy is HILARIOUS!! Bet he's doing improv. I don't keep up with TV., Mad or otherwise. But I grew up on Mad Magazines, I still have a few, not as many as I would like to still have. I still have a 1963 collection I bought when I was 11. It's Classic. Especially the article about the baby taking pictures of his family, insteadof vice versa. That one is 4 the ages. Miss you, William Gaines. (MAD's original publisher & mstermind)
Arturo Garcia (6 years ago)
Yeah...I miss classic MadTV. Now it's all garbage. -_-
tracym427 (6 years ago)
She gone she gone, lost the battle not the war!
Andrew Christianson (6 years ago)
Yeah!! The UPS man!!! LOL
realityzombie (6 years ago)
guess someone's been smoking meth...
sincityryder (6 years ago)
lost the battle not the WAR!!! lmfao
The_HBK_23 (6 years ago)
He did the voice for Green Lantern in Justice League.
CheeseReaper22 (6 years ago)
He also did the voice of Wilt on Fosters home for Imaginary Friends, the voice of Dracula on Billy & Mandy, and you forgot that he does Hermes on Futurama
targeteer26 (6 years ago)
"lost the battle not the war"
fob199 (6 years ago)
he also gadon from kotor 1, marvin from pulp fiction, the judge from family guy, a bunch of robots from futurama, the black dude from the weekenders, some voice in invader zim, look up his IMDB page its ridic
Rowdy Swim (6 years ago)
I work at UPS and we have a guy that acts just like him,
Anthony Woods Jr. (6 years ago)
@lesap1 will sasso
SuzanoSho (6 years ago)
Phil Lamarr does the voice for a HELL of alot more characters than "Vamp"... All it takes is a glance at the ending credits of pretty much anything animated...
Donalda Goncalves (6 years ago)
He must have ADHD.
XBLTwistedWhiskey (6 years ago)
Phil Lamarr is also Vamp on the Metal Gear series
XBLTwistedWhiskey (6 years ago)
This is classic
AngelLinda25 (6 years ago)
ADHD :D definitely
Cassy Francis (6 years ago)
Pause at 3:37
kpyng (7 years ago)
That's one of the strangest cases of Tourette's Syndrome I've ever seen...
elameihp (7 years ago)
@NirvanaIsMyLife96 omg yeah! totally! I was wondering why she's so familiar.
Gaming Drifter (7 years ago)
@reckless383 and does the voice of Ramza Beolve on final fantasy tantics psp
Justin Jenkins (7 years ago)
Her name isnt Elizabeth... THATS FREDDIES MOM! Marissa Benson! iCarly ftw
John Pinkerton (7 years ago)
lol...he's like a black Keanu Reeves.
Ellie Cobb (7 years ago)
KrustyBunny (7 years ago)
10 people ship FedEx
CDF90622 (7 years ago)
I remember wen this show was still on the air. it was such a good show. :D I miss it.
TheMutification (7 years ago)
yamadago (7 years ago)
I like ubs guy. He is a stickler.but he is truthful person.
Bob Smith (7 years ago)
im exhausted after thiss! and is that freddies mom on icarly??:D
theXdarkXtreeXburns (7 years ago)
shake it off, shake it off, lost the battle not the war
morgantown1 (7 years ago)
@MrVapourtrail71 ah man I shot Marvin in the face
meandyouproductions1 (7 years ago)
does this remind anyone else of dane cook? xDD
satisflymysoul (7 years ago)
hahahaha...that is me on energy drinks
MrVapourtrail71 (7 years ago)
Phil Lamar Also Has a Bit Part In Quentin Tarantino's"Pulp Fiction"
Kawasexi ZX14R (7 years ago)
so thats how freddie looks leik when he was little in that picture....lol and that dude wasSSSSOOOOOOOOOO funny i am leik crying.....
emily (7 years ago)
like "chshhh"
Goldenrod636 (7 years ago)
That office reminds me a lot like my ex-boyfriend's parlor.
kasteman1 (7 years ago)
I couldn't keep a straight face for a million dollars
happiehtoast (7 years ago)
He remindes me of Tyler Durden in high speed
Demetris (7 years ago)
imagine him after 5 red bulls