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How influencers keep their ads and their audiences

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Recently, the FTC has cracked down on influencer marketing. Here’s how influencers make it work, and still make lots of money.
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Text Comments (42)
R P (4 months ago)
Be a leader not a follower!
Trinity Gilreath (5 months ago)
Faking pregnancies
ALL ONE (5 months ago)
Do politicians make public where donations come from ?
j j (5 months ago)
Influencers: desperate for likes and attention.. no thanks
DollBaby Dunni (6 months ago)
This is a scary phenomenon taking place. People are so starved to be seen these days. It’s crazy. It’s going to be a haaard wake up call for some of these ‘brands’ when they age out of chasing the internet with no *real* accomplishments to show for it. What will they do?? What will they do next????
Mariajen Xxz (6 months ago)
oh no i don't follow shallow bitches
zztop3000 (6 months ago)
Narcissism is not a good quality. If I see an instafag narcissist endorsing something, I just open youtube and learn more about science because Science bit*h!
JDiculous (6 months ago)
what value do these influencers add to anybody's lives?
R P (4 months ago)
Emily Wells (5 months ago)
Its absurd how much free shit they get when they're all out for themselves. I can't stand it. They only make other people feel bad about themselves!!
Mae Runway (5 months ago)
J Tenn (6 months ago)
Free trips AND cars.😲 OMG I'm turning green... with envy!
See Lo (6 months ago)
I think it's all fake. I've exposed one business who basically made money through referrals and told gullible individuals to start blogging using a hosting provider they cannot afford. As a web designer and entertainment blogger, I started to blog about businesses that I know are ripping people off. It just goes to show how effective a wrong message can transcend onto people. A reason why I also started to blog about how to save money while starting up your own online business. If I can get paid to watch films or promote it, I would do it in a heartbeat. #savethebadlands
John P. (6 months ago)
Influencers ????? Sorry, i dont fall for that fake advertisers. Fyre festival --- all over again if ppl continue to follow these fakers and scammers like the fake fit fitness influencers being sued over ppl paying for services that the influencers does not provide.
Chsse Chen (6 months ago)
People is being addicted to ad camouflage as RL. Lol.
Chsse Chen (6 months ago)
Instagram is nothing more than ads central.
Rom Ulen (6 months ago)
Liars. Nothing you say can ever be believed! Never again will you creatures be believed about ANYTHING! Liars.
M Del Valle (6 months ago)
they need to be more regulated so people know is an advertisement. They need to tell people they're using their information for other stuff. Are they paying taxes for this? The government should pay more attention to so called influencers.
Lorena M (6 months ago)
People complain but let’s face it ... we are part of the problem... we are the reason why young girls are instagram famous and what not... that’s why I don’t have Instagram 🤷🏻‍♀️ I have enough issues trying to loose weight last thing I need is some fake ass tea to supposedly help me slim down which can actually be harmful.
PB1 PB (6 months ago)
People complain about smaller problems in real world but lap it up anything in the virtual (unreal) world! mad world!
roninpainbringer (6 months ago)
Amïno Feknos (6 months ago)
Anytime i hear the word influencer i cringe inside. think of sheep, this world if full of sheep.
Amïno Feknos (6 months ago)
@Umar Hussain yep :)
Umar Hussain (6 months ago)
Are you a trader ?
Jakob Bourne (6 months ago)
Just ensure those influencers are legitimate, run them through auditing tools such as *influencer auditor* if need be
lalitha sharma (6 months ago)
Where we can get details about this tool
170324341a (6 months ago)
Stop calling them "influencer". That's such a shitty word. I like "icon" or even "idol" better than this crap.
TheUrbanEpicure (6 months ago)
Early Millennial here, tertiary educated, six figures. I never understood why you would care what these worthless, talent-free people do, let alone which products they endorse. How insecure do you have to be, how desperately do you need guidance? Look up to and emulate business, political and social leaders, world-beating athletes if you must, but not fucking 'influencers'. They're nothing.
FIXProtocol (5 months ago)
Trump is president. All you need to know
TheUrbanEpicure (6 months ago)
@Calisthenics Chicken Regional (meaning region of the world, not region of the US) Head of Strategy at an OEM in the automotive industry.
Calisthenics Chicken (6 months ago)
Six figures? What do you do?
DJ Shock Africa (6 months ago)
Thanks @CNN Business, continue doing features on influencers, especially how companies can get ROI through collaboration
Minien (6 months ago)
Disliked. I hate CNN.
McDonald Trump (6 months ago)
Never been influenced by an influencer. In fact narcissist make me aviod products.
Minien (6 months ago)
McDonald Trump Avoid*
njesseable (6 months ago)
Please do more of these influencer -related pieces!
tk421missing (6 months ago)
thieves being given money by thieves via a credit based hot potato scam that plunders what others sacrificed to create. Pretty much everyone is a willing and eager to consume, take and destroy while creating nothing of value.
Total Control 871 (6 months ago)
I don't get it.....it's all ads thus all fake. So what are the weak-minded idiots complaining about?
Hamza Javed (6 months ago)
@tk421missing your too paranoid mate its all just capitalism and consumerism, sorry to burst ya bubble theres no grand plan ofcourse certain people in power always go extra miles to keep their power like its always been but just as the natural cycle goes every empire falls and a new one rises, stop being so fearful
Speranza K. (6 months ago)
The first here support me too
Speranza K. (6 months ago)
My point was i would really like it if anyone supproted my channel
tk421missing (6 months ago)
:D yup, everybody wants something for nothing. Think that was your point.