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Heading To Chicago/ TDU Conference

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Hopefully when i return i will have some valuable information to share with you all about moving forward and saving this once great union. Pay Pal Donations Here - https://paypal.me/TylerBinder344 Email- Tbinder38219182@gmail.com
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Text Comments (39)
rudy torres (8 months ago)
Considering all things bad at my hub we only have two stewards and they both favor ups
Mark Markem (8 months ago)
Bro I joined freight a month ago.. shit seeming like a sinking ship now. Got told not to come in today with a likelihood of no work all week. Not what I signed up for.... like wtf this check pays my mortgage. Hired as cdl dockworker just was trying to make the long haul but this slap on the face is bs for someone who just wants to work who has a clean record clean everything all endorsements. Sorry for venting bro just frustrated
Justin Martinez (8 months ago)
Remember when I kept asking if you were TDU and you kept denying it? Typical TDU move to try and sway a vote for no. Typical lies that has been going around since before you were born. Were all the supplies like the signs union made? You are so bogus dude. You literally are in this shit for personal gain and I am calling you out. I have been calling you out and you continue to duck. You have a weak local, and you and your peers voted them in. You are all weak.
Mike Roberts (8 months ago)
How can i get in direct contact with You?
Jared (8 months ago)
Porn star undies lol
Barry Sell (8 months ago)
Safe Travels
jubrieel Jones (8 months ago)
Only the members can make change not anyone else or organization the people must change their conditions
Edwin Electro (8 months ago)
Fantastic job Tyler. Your efforts to keep us informed are EXTREMELY appreciated.
Oolie Bouy (8 months ago)
Lol. You want truth and credibility and you're going to a TDU conference? They've spread lies for years and years.
Janoy Cresva (8 months ago)
Hey Tyler, my supervisors took away out skill pay but we're still under last contract right? I smell bullshit with them saying that we might have to give the money back that they pay us for skill or get it taken out of our retro since its them "overpaying" us since skill position is taken away. This doesnt seem right. Supervisors overstepping their boundaries and power.
sky jackson (8 months ago)
Tyler Tyler
offroad6901 (8 months ago)
If TDU is as it is perceived; honestly, what people would support is a third party candidate, it has to happen for this union to get out of the gutter. If we keep voting for the classic parties (like the U.S. presidential election pre 2016), things will never change and the company will keep shoving money to the union to keep quiet about what is really going on. It will take someone with strong conviction and true loyalty to the success of others (the hard working men and women in the union) for things to change. As you said Tyler, educating the members is the only way we can really get a better idea of what is going on. It starts at the top. Hopefully the TDU conference can shed some light on the matter.
SaturnBlade (8 months ago)
I wonder could we get someone popular on YouTube that likes to cover this stuff. The people need to know on a global scale.
cali Aquatics (8 months ago)
Vote of No confidence
Cassie X (8 months ago)
Thank you For doing all this for us. Your videos and your eagerness to gather info for us! Tyler for Leadership in Teamsters!
Nick B (8 months ago)
Safe travels brother
T Money (8 months ago)
Tyler for Pres
Devin Williams (8 months ago)
Should stop by the 705 hall while your there.
harvey5869 (8 months ago)
So who's running your route?
Ernesto Flores (8 months ago)
Ty you 4 all the great info. Well done Oakland Gate Way 19 1/2 yr Part Time
sameritaco (8 months ago)
tyler 4 president
Craig Block (8 months ago)
Great job Tyler, wish I paid a little more attention cause I’m just hanging around recovering from rotator cuff surgery and could have joined you. Good luck
terry diggs (8 months ago)
Hey Tyler. You are going to loose your credibility by aligning with TDU. They spread lies. They claim to be teamsters. Most are not even employed!!
Scott Thomas (6 months ago)
TDU is biased and have their own agendas. Ron Carey was never a member of the TDU. Early on I was mislead by the TDU and even joined one year. My local elected Tdu members to the eboard even voted for them the first time. It got bad real quick. Tdu wouldn’t criticize them but if Hoffa did anything they did. Call out all bullshit not just Hoffa . I agree be careful about aligning with TDU , I have never voted for Hoffa. But they spin everything and protect some of the poor decisions their guys make .
MrYungrook13 (8 months ago)
@terry diggs I came into UPS under the impression the Teamsters were the end all be all. My father, a former UAW local president and very union driven man, has lost ALL faith in the UAW but would preach up and down about the teamsters of UPS. I came into my job thinking the best just to see the reputation was either false or just of the past. The same may be said of the TDU.
terry diggs (8 months ago)
MrYungrook13 I get it. Wait to hear them? They have that reputation for a reason, I’m sure they haven’t changed. I voted YES but I recognize the shady feelings.
MrYungrook13 (8 months ago)
Exactly. Whatever TDU may or may not be, our leadership backstabbed us. No harm in him seeing what TDU has to offer and say.
Tyler Binder (8 months ago)
However our current leadership has cut our throats. We need to look for answers.
Knowledge S.O.G. (8 months ago)
710 Teamster. Kankakee. Illinois. UPS.
Knowledge S.O.G. (8 months ago)
A good video. I was one of the people that said we should stop paying dues I stated that this morning on somebody else's video but after calming down a bit and watching your video, I agree with what you're saying in the approach that you're taking with it. I'm glad that you are a voice of reason and not another hot head like myself please bring back as much information as you can. There's lots of piss ants like me out there counting on you.
EasyTrucker (8 months ago)
Ask Fred how many Carhaul companies he struck into bankruptcy and how many Carhaul members we have now! Ask Fred why he would negotiate a contract that has a cover position that works ANY 5 days of the week with no daily guarantee?? Ask Sean how his pension plan is doing??? And ask Sean why he threatened members who wouldn’t vote the way he told them to?? Not to mention almost everything on the 10 reasons to vote no flyer were wrong or misleading and only published for their political gain.
Teamster Dave (8 months ago)
What is the difference between TDU and Teamsters United? My Local is very anti-TDU. They accuse them of nearly bankrupting the Teamsters when Carey was in office. But yet he led us through the 1997 strike which was a huge victory that they want to take credit for. They also accuse Zuckerman of his failure with CarhauI. I guess it's just like government politics. Republicans and Democrats hate each other. Everyone saying YES to this contract is super pro-Hoffa, anti-TDU. They will defend him at all costs, even if he murdered somebody. Just like the actions of Kavanaugh and Bill Clinton being defended by whatever group they belong to. America is built on gangs who have each other's backs.
Kris Chase (8 months ago)
@soulkeeper That's not true. We were lifting over 50lbs. before the 1997 strike.
soulkeeper (8 months ago)
Victory? The had a strike because the didn't want to pick up nothing over 50lbs.. lol. Looks like we lost buddy.
Diego Garcia (8 months ago)
Good luck brother. We need all the info and play smarter every day. The biggest mistake from UPS and the teamsters is to think that we all are dumb and misinformed.... WE ARE NOT. We Teamsters are better.
Gabriel Q (8 months ago)
You should go to ups freight terminal in aurora,il we are about 45 minutes from Chicago ,,,175 Kendall point
Devin Williams (8 months ago)
Small world. I live near rush coply hospital on Ogden. Travel 45 minutes to UPS everyday.
Justin Bird (8 months ago)
See you there!