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Cars vs Stumps WINS and Funny FAILS Compilation - Funny Videos 2017

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Cars vs Stumps WINS and FAILS Compilation - Funny Videos 2017 Enjoy watching, be careful on the road! Offer your subtitles and translations! https://goo.gl/NvkuAl Subscribe! http://goo.gl/YjCTrJ My second channel! https://goo.gl/w0WJkB The best collection of car video caught on Dash Cam from around the world. On this channel you will find a large selection of videos on various topics of car: idiot drivers, road rage, driving fails, close calls, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Recent compilations every day!. Dear viewers, if you own the copyright to any video posted on the channel, and you are against placing your videos on the list, and if you want to see your video in the compilation please write us: evgeniyas2007@gmail.com VK: https://vk.com/club78812535 G +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117141528068534842716/posts Ok: http://ok.ru/group/53321223766246 Twitter: https://twitter.com/evgeniyas7 Featured Playlists car theme !!! Ultimate Driving Fails Compilation (Car Crashes & Road Rage) - https://goo.gl/SjS8bs CRAZY ROAD RAGE || ROAD FIGHT - https://goo.gl/Q3RvpW INSTANT KARMA, INSTANT JUSTICE (Compilation) - https://goo.gl/b9LjvX Incredible luck // CLOSE CALLS (Compilation) - https://goo.gl/sSQpKh Ultimate Driving Fails Compilation - https://goo.gl/XawRNA Random acts of kindness || Humanity restored! - https://goo.gl/DyG3wW USA ROAD RAGE & CAR CRASHES - https://goo.gl/NnJE3K **************************************************************** DISCLAIMER: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing."
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Text Comments (475)
jacob pitts (14 hours ago)
2:50 Ford: found on road dead
Tallen Turner (2 days ago)
Easy does it ford.
Tallen Turner (2 days ago)
roma Marooned (4 days ago)
Katie Long (6 days ago)
32 seconds I see his problem he didn't get a chevy
moo moo (7 days ago)
I was rooting for the stumps, haha
Anthony D (11 days ago)
The dude screaming getter done is a fucking piece of shit
fred fuchs (12 days ago)
Bleu a Dana 90 doing this dumb sheite don't attempt
Ford 75 (15 days ago)
Them army trucks are beasts💪
Rigo Tobar (15 days ago)
*Firmly Grasp it!!*-Patrick Star..
monsieur boeuf de tête (16 days ago)
tbh i didn't expect much from a "stump-yanking" compilation... but viewing this video is far more satisfying than expected, so thanks!
Walter Tomaszewski (19 days ago)
Some of these clips look like great ways to do grievous damage to your drivetrain.
Walter Tomaszewski (19 days ago)
What was the driver in the second clip trying to do?
Sukki Blue (26 days ago)
Why are the Russians beating us in this?
A.J. Steinman (1 month ago)
Why did they decide to spend the first minute of my attention on a non-catastrophic, successful, slow-paced, uneventful stump pulling?
Thomas Turner (1 month ago)
Hey u stupid piece of shit nigger next time don't put the same video in your fucking post you dumb fucking bitch nigger
SKULLY BUSTER (1 month ago)
Why am I watching this??? lol
eric robinson (1 month ago)
People are stupid
Fletcher DeMaine (1 month ago)
Or you could hire a small excavator.
Jay Wooten (2 months ago)
Those are either some bad-ass tree stumps, or some dumb-ass people. I think it's the latter
LSZocker2009 (2 months ago)
Grizzly The Bear (2 months ago)
Use drag wheel
The 3rd Option (2 months ago)
First truck sounds like Godzilla
Malcolm Edgar (2 months ago)
1 clip that’s why u buy a ford it would be right out
mtrebman (2 months ago)
over 7 minutes before a fail, and to put the same dodge truck in twice is useless
Steve Stair (2 months ago)
Real cool towel head😅😅😅
Andrew Silva (2 months ago)
The first one, I was really waiting for the Chain to snap or break and actually crash right through the trucks rear window, was very surprised when it didn't.....2:50 really thought that truck wouldnt even have the power to pull that stump out of the ground......3:30 somehow I dont think he even cared about what damage he would do to that car, was waiting for the rear axle to come completly out from under the car......5:45 nice thinking with the tire.......7:45 the window thing Finially happend...LOL
Jose Soto (2 months ago)
5:08 dam how dumb
Mocking69 (3 months ago)
TallyHo (3 months ago)
By my count of 12 - 6, cars win the battle. But the true winners were us viewers every time a stump broke a rear window.
Emanuel Murariu (3 months ago)
1:56 Wolf
Wasted Zeus (3 months ago)
"Oh my yard" Pretty sure that everything in your "yard" being dead does not qualify as being a yard.
RoasterOvenTV (4 months ago)
Cameron Angel (4 months ago)
So don't use a BMW m3 or a Pontiac
AL MAYYAHI (4 months ago)
That tire bit looks inches away from straight up killing someone with projectile tire
Clown Boy (4 months ago)
Lol funny shit
Devin Starling (5 months ago)
For real has no one ever heard of uncovering the root system so i comes out of the ground easier?
Devin Starling (5 months ago)
For gods sake dig the stump out a bit then try to pull it out.
Jeanette Callahan (5 months ago)
Second guy what the heck?
Jeanette Callahan (5 months ago)
First guy ,can you say moron?
-Blacklight - (5 months ago)
letsss goooo
Billy M (5 months ago)
Burn the bus
Jesse Carpenter (5 months ago)
Does anyone realise that the only ones the succeeded were the SUVs and the trucks.
Jesse Carpenter (5 months ago)
Ok I didn't catch this one. Well at least he got the stump out. 8:48
Bill nye the pimp guy Johny BOIII (5 months ago)
To many wins
C Smith (5 months ago)
So no one's heard of a digging bar, maul, ax, hard work...Nah, busting up your vehicle looks so much more ....stupid..
Queen Caylie (5 months ago)
lol it's a pain in the ass when the tree stump just don't wanna let go xD
Mike Gern (5 months ago)
AIucard HeIIfire (5 months ago)
and that it the power of deus
billyhatcher643 (5 months ago)
u should only use big trucks to take out trees never small cars they dont have the pulling power
terryyouth (5 months ago)
11.01 = that stump was a neat one- could have been painted or something
Masterman5010 (5 months ago)
8:30 Allah ackbar
Maximilian Krauß (5 months ago)
I think the last guy is doing it better, than the first guy 🤔🤥
Saul de Léon (5 months ago)
Strugz Lists (5 months ago)
9:24 why is she complaining about her yard? It's all dirt anyways
Tiffany Ault (5 months ago)
Lmao! All the truck at 3:00 was missing is a vote Trump sticker.
chevytruckman34 (5 months ago)
"Idiots with money". Nailed it. Only thing better to add to that is "liberal idiots with money".
Crash Devils (5 months ago)
At 6:06 I was surprised that's a truck in spin tires
Dee Sleezy (5 months ago)
4:56 why couldn't the rope have snapped and killed the driver on impact? like wtf really, waste my time
dankspaghettilord (5 months ago)
Cause that’s not possible
Ray Cohenz (5 months ago)
dig around it a bit, soak the ground with water, will come right out! STOP WastiN gas u poor american bastards!
fatbuiscut99 (5 months ago)
Used a Subaru outback to get a tree out of my back yard... The 20ton tow strap broke first then the tree car was fine 😂
MrDippledork (5 months ago)
7:40 I died
BrandoCommando2017 (6 months ago)
And Kapow, Let's Go.
Sude23 (6 months ago)
I guess you can say they were... deeply rooted... I'll see myself out.
Randy Townsend (6 months ago)
Peice of shit fords
Ryan Lukens (6 months ago)
I know there are plenty of people who will do this instead of calling in a proper stump grinder, so please STOP hooking the rope/strap/chain to the hitch or receiver. Those bits are not designed to handle that type of hard, sudden shock. If the ball lets go, that becomes a solid piece of shrapnel that will go through a person like a 12 gauge slug.
BUBONIC RAT (6 months ago)
Is this a strange fetish or something?
Kai The wolf (6 months ago)
The first one reminds me of getting a tooth yanked out
Mrs. Phyllis Stephens (6 months ago)
All Trump Tools.
C (6 months ago)
If they were smart, they would have flooded the ground 6-10 feet around the base of the tree. (It's how mother nature does it)
Bandit Darville (6 months ago)
Clarkson once tried to use a stump as substitute for a handbrake; Same result.
Huntergedon (6 months ago)
@9:28 your yard? You mean that bit of grass growing in your dirt.
Richard J. Guest (6 months ago)
Pull from the front of the truck not the back you inbred turd.
cameron campbell (6 months ago)
All these guys could have had a much easier time if they hadn't cut the stump so short. Physics ftw.
Jackson Moss (6 months ago)
Why does the first clip look like faze rugs house
MIST3R P0PTART (6 months ago)
This is why id never buy anything but a ford.
galihxtreme (6 months ago)
If you're from Greenpeace, look away now. Just look away. I can assure you that it's too painful to watch.
chicho Abt (6 months ago)
agarren la pala hijos de puta
Tom Betterton (6 months ago)
Them straps are like rubber bands .
Slagg CS (6 months ago)
9:45 that ghetto ass family is never going to do anything with their yard, fuck them
Zachary Takach (6 months ago)
1:57, looks like a fuckin wolf in the background
Dontae Brooks (6 months ago)
Cristian Gutierrez (6 months ago)
Is anyone else watching this at 1am bored lol
Hack System (6 months ago)
Pullout game weak
veenoable (6 months ago)
She lives in CJ 'S house?
PPLAWAK (6 months ago)
That trunk is full of root under... hard
Spitzer Impact (6 months ago)
you mean Dodge v Stump...Dodge wins lolol
Lone Badger (6 months ago)
Is that a wolf at 1:54
Xavier Hamilton (6 months ago)
Lone Badger, I was thinking the same thing, there was a golding retriever with it to
Jacob E (6 months ago)
3:18 What the hell???
thesinaclwon (6 months ago)
Poor kid holding the camera is being raised by a Ford dad ☹️ he will grow up a pussy.
Edgar Heredia (6 months ago)
At 5:58 if you have a truck like that why not just reverse your tire onto the stump.
bones 69 (6 months ago)
7:39 lol
Super Saiyan Zo (6 months ago)
I can do this with my Honda Civic :)
LugunaLucario (6 months ago)
Daniel Aguilar post a video! I'd love to see you try!
Ciro Amaya (6 months ago)
doug faasse (6 months ago)
Its out.. now what...
Seymour bahts (6 months ago)
This is way more entertaining than I thought
sIosif (6 months ago)
5:57-Spintires? :))))
Patrick Ellis (6 months ago)
Yal know it helps if you loosen up the ground a bit first. Might not hurt ya truck so much or kill your car for those idiots.
Cool Whip (6 months ago)
pixels vlogs (6 months ago)
6.18 who want that
David Mauersberger (6 months ago)
Vollpfosten bei der arbeit umweltverschmutzer ami sau! Eure großväter sin europäer!
Azyatic (6 months ago)
Easy way use alot of roundup
VZY FLAME (6 months ago)
Who in their right mind would try and pull a fuckin tree down with a BMW sedan. You're a fucking retard