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Facebook wants more interaction, but could sacrifice time...

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CNN Tech's Laurie Segall interviews Facebook's Vice President of NewsFeed, Adam Mosseri, about the changes the company is making to its algorithm. It will prioritize posts that promote "meaningful social interactions" from family and friends, but may hurt news publishers that create content resulting in "passive behavior."
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HERRO (5 days ago)
Nice hot babe there
Alex Jones Biotch (7 days ago)
Globalists can fuck themselves. Stop capitulating to the fucking deep state FACEBOOK.
TheRequiemMask (8 days ago)
derty QWERTY (8 days ago)
They are trying to push news they think is better for you.... algorithms are NOT needed for news. News comes out, and people share it if its good. Fecebook news is bought and paid for, as we have seen.. *DO yourself a favor, just stop using this garbage useless website... they did nothing new compared to myspace, why dont people use myspace? Because commercialization, thats why.. dont follow, think for yourself, erase that account*
derty QWERTY (8 days ago)
Smart people have deleted and moved away to better social networks now. Fecesbook is dying fast, like myspace did and aol buddy list social networks (once used by everyone, then ditched in a matter of a few months in the 100s of millions). *The fishy part, why do they even need to use an algorithm? It's to manipulate the way people think, no other... fecesbook is not to be trusted, like I said, smart people are deleting accounts in droves every day once more fishy news about facebook comes out*
Jim BobbleHead (8 days ago)
j2323j (8 days ago)
Peter Eberle (8 days ago)
Evident Media (8 days ago)
lol... so bots will comment more and hit up the ranking on posts... this is so dumb