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Top 10 Most brutal K.O in street fights (Warning Violence)

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Text Comments (16837)
James Younger (32 minutes ago)
Looks so tough when 2 guys put their foreheads together and act hard.... just fuck and get it over with, jeez..
James Younger (35 minutes ago)
Bout the 5 minute mark, that guy tried to grab the other fella by the grundle...
צפורה יחיאל (1 hour ago)
מחריד מחריד מחריד
Spawn Dirty (2 hours ago)
Animal planet detected.
luis carlos nava (2 hours ago)
Guo guo stop
jawbone10million (2 hours ago)
Yash Wardhann (2 hours ago)
7:40 is he dead?
Menippos o 2os (3 hours ago)
6:30 that s marco n leonel salamanca from br bad
GamingWith DarkZPotato (3 hours ago)
6:15 ho no the man got raped and beat up like a potato
GamingWith DarkZPotato (4 hours ago)
3:21 Human Gay Ritual Mating 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
dylan vasey (4 hours ago)
Russians are shit fighters ad dirty as hell.
Fatboy crespo (5 hours ago)
Hello!!,.. People! Have You ever heard of The UFC??? Lol
cylong vlogs (6 hours ago)
Fuck you top 10 fight me
Georgia Rodger (7 hours ago)
I wanna get blfo by brown girls
Roman Farr (7 hours ago)
Bit my ass nigga
KUPHSER (8 hours ago)
recon 2:27 is a bit of dmt releasing?
tennaj (9 hours ago)
The last one was a sucker punch !
tennaj (9 hours ago)
@3:18 I'm confused ,. Did they start making out for a second ?? 😄😄
【Hit The Assassin】 (12 hours ago)
Violence isn't tolarable *Even though most people resort to it for something stupid*
Kristine Austria (12 hours ago)
jayscore198 (13 hours ago)
3:33 aww, reunion
Orlandra Campbell (14 hours ago)
Stanky leg thing, not funny. He was having a seizure Cuz of the massive blow he received to his head. Don't know y anyone would find that funny at all
Robert Jessen (18 hours ago)
Mama said what?
O'bey Me (18 hours ago)
@4:47 so they came to break up a fight then engagef in a fight with two clearly drunk ppl?
moi meme (19 hours ago)
boucherie !
My Tube (19 hours ago)
The last one, I thought they about to make out and kiss each other.
eric braden (19 hours ago)
9:40 broke back parking lot
Natasha Paige (19 hours ago)
No 3. When the man got bodyslammed his woman should have help, he need a new girlfriend!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yummysauce is god (19 hours ago)
Love it when they go into convulsions. Last brain cells trying to survive lol
Natasha Paige (20 hours ago)
No. 10 it was his nap time😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
arena royale (22 hours ago)
Number 5 is gay
Ima Dog (22 hours ago)
Push me again?
Ima Dog (22 hours ago)
Only an asshole would record a fight
Ricardo ARJONA (23 hours ago)
youtube should allow me to watch.porno.
Ruby Lilly (23 hours ago)
Syazwan Wan (1 day ago)
John Semones (1 day ago)
If you get ko’d in the hood you might as well kill yourself
JohnnieRhodes (1 day ago)
I don’t understand some people. I really don’t (lol)
Sir Younes (1 day ago)
The first I think he's dead
sokkhom keo (1 day ago)
Dont start shit, it won't be none.
Frances Lentz (1 day ago)
Hide the evidence.
PBL187 (1 day ago)
That last one, finally someone who actually knows how to punch lol
o (1 day ago)
guys in last one need to get a room
Suhir Man (1 day ago)
Stupid man..
Leo Chang (1 day ago)
Did they just knock each other out? That’s gay
Iris Velazquez (1 day ago)
The '95 CA Barber Yadadda?! (1 day ago)
2:44 stupid ass shit lol dumbass recorder
Charles (1 day ago)
Resbak Fbn (1 day ago)
Fighter by nature! Me too, but in case of need to defend myself i turn into a monster! Lol
Рейнхард Гейдрих (1 day ago)
All videos are from Russia and U.S. lol
Mally mal (1 day ago)
America and Russians are the same. Neither can Drive and neither can take a punch.
ZGAMER 34 (1 day ago)
Rion Shellooe (1 day ago)
#5 was the gayest thing ive seen this week
ftl06 (2 days ago)
Stupid fucking video
Ragil Arifianto (2 days ago)
Indonesia no 1.....peace first no fight
Army2willis VTG (2 days ago)
this is not the best TRASH GABAGE no R
koramaja12345 maja (2 days ago)
Youssef Zemrani (2 days ago)
TheAleasure (2 days ago)
they get knocked out then the animals keep pounding real brave
Chunu Lohar (2 days ago)
Sorry is good
Chunu Lohar (2 days ago)
You people fight Jesus is very hungry do not fight
GJL Creative Studios (2 days ago)
leave it to the negro to keep punching the guy after hes passed out
Wicley Soares (2 days ago)
Minha pica
_Knickz_ (2 days ago)
what the fuck are those guys at5 :25 doing.. whose side are they on ;"D
lukiitaas (2 days ago)
El ultimo terrible moño, como va a poner la cara asi
George Linton (2 days ago)
Wow, nice sucker punch at the end.
SeaOfSouls 97 (2 days ago)
First guy was your gfs Dad bro 😂 why you do her dirty like that
Edmarcos Oliveira (2 days ago)
Joshua Olesiak (2 days ago)
he needs some milk
Kenneth Taylor (2 days ago)
Wonna go night night nigga
benjamin saturday (3 days ago)
1st guy. Knock out. Move outta street. You gotta safety first
Nawaz Sazid (3 days ago)
Rodrigo Lima Magalhães (3 days ago)
Ao invés de brigar.... vao namorar
Забит Эминага-оглы (3 days ago)
Ебаные негры, обратно в рабство 😂
Vornamee Nachnamee (3 days ago)
5:00 tought some citizens come over to stop the fight....but no citizens just russians^^
J.R. Patton (3 days ago)
All Russians are mental ill!
Chris Jones (3 days ago)
time go night night
Jemmie Xie (3 days ago)
10:29 give me ALL the info of that "r u ok" girl, I need her to be my wife
Prisoner36 (3 days ago)
White guy knocks out someone, drags him off the road to grass. Black guy knocks someone out, he stomps on his head repeatably.
Kristen x (3 days ago)
Prisoner36 “some”
Federico Rendon (3 days ago)
The inventors of Deimnd(Damned) The black people hav no soul. LITERALY The black people was created in a laboratories to serve white people specially for the lords of zcsion! Sorry black people its a cruel thruth so you have no soul! Zombie-Slave
Carl The Brit in The Philippines (3 days ago)
Awesome video.. Nice upload mate... Carl
Danang Reza (3 days ago)
Kurang gawean de.
Dangelo Lott (3 days ago)
5:07 why is everyone so angry in Russia?😄😄
joshbaker1001 (3 days ago)
Did not expect the last one
MultiGazman (3 days ago)
you know its a shit vid when they post a scrag fight
Noah Jones (3 days ago)
Why do black people fight so stupid, like what does leaning back and twirling your arms do other then make you look stupid as fuck lol
Noah Jones (1 day ago)
Kristen x I’ve never had a reason to fight anyone because I don’t try to fight anyone so I can’t say I can fight or can’t but there is no technique In just blindly swining
Kristen x (3 days ago)
Noah Jones you probably can’t fight for shit “lol”
Chuck Kirkpatrick (3 days ago)
Makes you proud to be a human being ,eh?
rob smits (3 days ago)
when they hit me like this i use a bullet
CoreFoxZ #FoxSquad (3 days ago)
DickBurns (3 days ago)
Sucker punch
Long Jawn (3 days ago)
#10 - *Never stick your chin out to be struck*
allybean (3 days ago)
Why people want to start a fight just to get knocked out.
LeRoy Creasey (3 days ago)
All right just do this M-F !!
Miki P (3 days ago)
Bruh those two dudes who knocked each other out are my last two brain cells during a presentation. “ALRIGHT, WE AIN’T FINNA DO THIS SHIT SO ON THE COUNT OF THREE WE KNOCK EACH OTHER OUT. ONE... TWO... *THREE* !!!!!!!!!!!”
WingTsun Kuen (3 days ago)
В перв.ролике парень погиб
Stephen Mcphail (3 days ago)
Slum City Marv (3 days ago)
10:13 was nice also, slight pivot in the right foot to execute enough force in the punch to knock shorty out. He should've never gotten that close without guarding himself. guess he's knows now.
Slum City Marv (3 days ago)
8:10 gotttttdamn!
jim mcewan (4 days ago)
long live the champ !
Lee AUSTRALIA NUMBER 1 (4 days ago)
when outnumbered do not engage 3 ppl at once instead follow them home then decapitate their children and put the children's heads in the oven and cook at 130 Celsius for 6 hours ! try to time it so when they come home from work the smell of their children's heads stuffed in the oven sends them into a life long state of trauma that they learn to fight one on one or its kids heads in the oven time !! also add some rosemary as it adds to the flavour and smell of cooked heads !! easy right :)