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Top 10 Most brutal K.O in street fights (Warning Violence)

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Text Comments (14927)
Chester Bettis (12 minutes ago)
a bunch of lame asses if you asked me standing by while they are beating each other up! like some little children! they need their ass whooped
Chester Bettis (14 minutes ago)
I must say that we as humans find this exciting and gratifying? I do not find violence amusing
Sapphire EX (36 minutes ago)
#7 is brain stem injury. He's either dead or severely fucked up.
Pippi Max (39 minutes ago)
6:32 Ehrenloser hund
MuckeyDuck Duck (1 hour ago)
Never let anyone get close enough to hit you without hitting the first. Keep your hands up at all times. If your in a public place yell, get back, get back to make sure you show your own the defense. If you get someone down and pinned, don't let them up until police arrive or the person can be controlled, because they may go to car and get a gun and come back. Never, never start an argument with someone in a car. You don't know their mindset, you don't know if they have a weapon. Always best option is to walk away, run if you must. Killing someone even if your are in the right is something you have to live with the rest of your life.
Kin Fetalver (1 hour ago)
2074? anyone?
Biswajit Mondal (3 hours ago)
this is so funny man......they are fighting like kids
Roy Tating (4 hours ago)
It was nice of the bald guy to get the other guy off the road... A boxer and a gentleman.
HaRDrad ASgaRD (5 hours ago)
ist schon immer irgendwie lustig entweder russen oder niggers oder so mexikaner balkan kanacken lol
werlington owen arevalo infante (6 hours ago)
7:35 AAtunganaaaa!!
Rick Chilote (8 hours ago)
Puros......PENDEJOS.......ni saben pelear
Evgenij Titov (10 hours ago)
В первом бое (0:17) потерпевший сам руки подаёт, чтобы его оттащили с дороги :)
Debra Smith (11 hours ago)
Ewwwww 3:39
pierrecityify (12 hours ago)
Horror idea when you meet such psychopaths on the Street
A.Nonny Mouse (14 hours ago)
Oh, I thought there would be snow cones!
Pratham Amitabh (14 hours ago)
White people understood early on that the blacks are just animals and they should be treated as such
David Ruiz (14 hours ago)
6:35 is death
Gone Salman (16 hours ago)
NATURAL SPIRIT (20 hours ago)
The guyin the red shirt with the girl is in seroius trouble broken neck or spine
NATURAL SPIRIT (20 hours ago)
Drunk pussy russians!!!.
NATURAL SPIRIT (21 hours ago)
The first pussy guy hit him in the back of the head a russain 100%
Julio Justo (22 hours ago)
BadLeo612 (1 day ago)
Give those last 2 a banana!!!!! DAMN!!!!
Chris ausm Krisengebiet (1 day ago)
6:05 is the black jacket shooting? Safe he was on coca or alcohol
Getmad88 (1 day ago)
1:47 "dont vory vadim im coming"
Bonus Baby (1 day ago)
Damn...that dude at 8:06 gotta move off the block now. That's deposit/1st & last months rent, utilities...that's an expensive knockout right there. And my man at 10:13 doin' a snow angel on the concrete.
Jimmy Noname (1 day ago)
1. Why were they trying to kiss?
NevadaFederalBites (1 day ago)
Omg to the last two guys...kiss already will ya lmao 😂
Lorne Jim (1 day ago)
Only cowards kick people who are down😒
Durukan Yaman (1 day ago)
8:illumunati's shadow
Derrick Small (1 day ago)
Tyrone Koumoundouros (1 day ago)
Niggers turn good neighborhoods into ghettos.
Legitt Par (1 day ago)
Cheap shots like the last clip are stupid and cowardly. If you’re gonna fight, just fucking fight don’t take cheap swings
Shaden Watkins (1 day ago)
1:19 to 1:40 who else thought of gta 🤣
Jon Theil (1 day ago)
#2....... 7:55........ Rich ass neighbourhood and they still think they are thugs..... *eye roll*
Weight Loss at 59 (1 day ago)
When half brained losers attack. This was just boring and stupid. The part where the guy picked up the other guy and slammed him down on his neck. How is THAT funny? Or entertaining?
Juvic Caguioa (1 day ago)
K24 Accord (1 day ago)
1:38 too late buddy you woke up late.
YOUNG SHOTTA (1 day ago)
Number 9 was lit
Blake Rienbaugh (1 day ago)
These are little bitch fights
helder galvao (1 day ago)
Parecem dois galos no terreiro brigando orlas galinhas.
Rover TookOver84 (1 day ago)
fun times
DREED 900 (1 day ago)
Had Head (1 day ago)
Number 3 is a Saudi guy in Dubai who knocked the guy down
James Bennett (2 days ago)
Lol I laugh everyone fighting here or enjoying the video you all don’t have a pot to piss in. Either cater to your animal instincts or evolve and come something great! If you don’t understand you never will. Animals fight and humans can do amazing things!
Old Soul (2 days ago)
That double KO was epic. Very rare to see that kinda shooting star moment.
Angel Lopez (2 days ago)
Pendejasos que son
Imported Triggermen (2 days ago)
#10 is definitely Russia.
Joshua Powell (2 days ago)
Igor hold my vodka.
Евгений Д. (2 days ago)
по последнему видео можно фильмы Тарантино снимать, только и слышно "Нига, нига"
Clumsy Artist (2 days ago)
HAH LOL 7:36
the underdog (2 days ago)
Animals. We need more jails
romy saputra (2 days ago)
maybe you should change it to childs play warning
Roy Vincent (2 days ago)
Tyzedd Bowles Jr. 0825 (2 days ago)
“You got knock the fuck out!”-Smokey
Uriah Dunn (2 days ago)
Who ever kicks in a fights are fucking pussy ass bitches
James Cooper (2 days ago)
5 was weird
italiarovinata (2 days ago)
carter wright (2 days ago)
Octavio Cabrera G. (2 days ago)
2:34 xDD
Adrian IZZDA (3 days ago)
icarr (3 days ago)
Why do black people always play with their nuts?
Delmo Demir (3 days ago)
Idiot russen
KiNgerZ (3 days ago)
Number 1 spot dude is a total pussy, hit him when he wasn’t even looking ffs. Absolutely pathetic, dumbass probably felt bad as fuck too the idiot.
Josh Allen (3 days ago)
Latino dude a bitch period on 1.
Shayla Romero (3 days ago)
Last one was adorable. Black dude wanted a kiss and spanglish boy wasn't having it, especially on film. Then the white kid tries straddling the downed dude. Uncomfortable sexually
Sam Sharma (3 days ago)
ohh really im a m.m.a fighter , and this is not a adorable , he punched bymistake dear , but im happy you like fighting ang I respect you .......
Dodge Challenger life (3 days ago)
Did he get shot? cos i heard a bang
Hound of Uladh (3 days ago)
The fella at number 10 was a gentleman
Cleveland Maker (3 days ago)
sad part is .....they didn't finish them off!
Jesse Johan (3 days ago)
Everyone’s tough till it’s their turn to be knocked out by someone else...
entropylackthereforeof mmm (3 days ago)
My grandmother hit me harder with a dishcloth
Дима Евстифеев (3 days ago)
Ооо тут даже русишь русишь был
Anthony J. (3 days ago)
Blacks are pure untershit ! They are the only ones in every single ko video to always keep kicking the person once he's ko.
Alexis Plays (10 hours ago)
Talking about black people like that racist "why are white people are child molester"
JERICA AH CHING (15 hours ago)
Your a fucking racist Bitch
Larry Mccoy (1 day ago)
And im sure they would do it to you but only worse. Its 2018 u piece of shi*.
belle-bolingo Kd (2 days ago)
didn't that white guy knockout that other white guy by kicking him? in this video?
James Cooper (2 days ago)
jacob abd alllah (3 days ago)
That fucking guy I kill somone after that
Kaden Dix (3 days ago)
Mahmoud Salah (3 days ago)
those people Their real place in wwe
Dub Tzar A.K.A Mr Dub Crazy (3 days ago)
No1 arms down....first one with the bottle to sucker punch!
Fire and Ice48 (3 days ago)
Did you expect us to believe there was no violence when people are getting knocked out?
Splatgamer_Pro (3 days ago)
0:03 one punch shot ready.
MacEleven (3 days ago)
"Warning violence" No shit?
Rose (3 days ago)
I fucking hate these coward cunts kicking people in the heads.
Dono s (3 days ago)
Does guyos near d'end dere be like kissy face touchin iz yo eh
John Mulcahy (4 days ago)
Bunch of fucking degenerates
Patrick O'Reilly (4 days ago)
5:45 jazz hands
Lord Leto (4 days ago)
WTF is going on in 5? A Royal Rumble?
ايليا الزهيري (4 days ago)
Lord Leto (4 days ago)
I like how in 9 the dude on the right's 'friends' lift him up only to let him fall over and slam his head into the concrete.
matt (4 days ago)
In the one on ones I wish I just saw more body shot ko’s feel kinda bad for people getting ko on the street lol
matt (4 days ago)
The first overhand elbow wow lol wasn’t expecting that
NoobNeutralizer (4 days ago)
You have no clue what "most brutal" means...
Kat Murphy (4 days ago)
most pathetic fighting ever!! Yawn
Darien Williams (4 days ago)
amazing thumbnail
Ash Legend (4 days ago)
I thought the first guy was gonna take a dump on his face
Game Recorded clips (4 days ago)
The way that guy landed on his head in video 3
김수길 (4 days ago)
격투기 선수도 아니고 무조건 선빵친 쪽이 이기는거지 글고 영상 중간에 이미 넉다운된 사람 발로 얼굴찬넘과 콘크리트 바닥에 들어서 꼿아버린 넘은 진짜 쓰레기
Wouter de Heus (4 days ago)
0:26 "Ey get him up! Leave him like that!" What the...?
Надежда Грушенцова (4 days ago)
Все уроды
Ikenna Unachukwu (4 days ago)
I'm pretty sure the guy in 5 :34 died
Arlen Reyes (4 days ago)
Sad to see this.
Sher Khan (5 days ago)
The first video was my favorite, when you knock someone out, but don't have that rage/hate in your heart, you pick up their unconscious corpse and put it on the nearby grass to recover and not be an annoyance to traffic. Respect and moderation in all things.