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Top 10 Most brutal K.O in street fights (Warning Violence)

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Text Comments (19031)
Billy Bongs (27 minutes ago)
One punch man
cleaning mafia (35 minutes ago)
0:28 at least he was respectful and did nit let him get run over
Zenob Here (3 hours ago)
Number 7 just gives me another reason to hate society
Alberto Sanchez (5 hours ago)
Why the black dudes always so hyped the fuck up but get dropped like nothing!!!!
Russell Goff (8 hours ago)
Good action, but the main fight here is keeping the picture in focus.
Junior Hogan (9 hours ago)
dammmmmmmm all them got knocked the fuck out
The Advisor (9 hours ago)
7:34 This guy watched a lot of wwe wrestlemania!!
阿国 阿国 (9 hours ago)
Hoff (11 hours ago)
#1 were kids? Really?
Michał Jorgsson (13 hours ago)
2:50- pierdolone małpy.
___Puppet__Master___ (14 hours ago)
Poor world....
BevineTV (15 hours ago)
Priscilla Maleiveine (17 hours ago)
Fck 5:25
harish shah (18 hours ago)
3 was great
pp312 (19 hours ago)
I don't get No. 5. Who are the two who start beating up the two who were beating each other up? It makes no sense. Anyone?
Matthew Borell (19 hours ago)
Stanky leg lol
BoMmArItO bOmMaRiTo 313 (20 hours ago)
I'm sorry but that last one was kind of a cheap shot...
Almsafr 61 (23 hours ago)
Jimmy Siroki (1 day ago)
Smh these punk kids clueless on how to even throw a punch , and more mouth then anything , easy KO he running his mouth with no guard up not ready so u go to sleep dummy .
Johnny Tidwell (1 day ago)
Pussy ass fights here cross this line now cross this line an so on pussies that can't fight
Pat Haskell (1 day ago)
I thought that last was going to break out into a hip hop duet!!! A little disappointed, I must say.
Hohana Flora Domanais (1 day ago)
Cop SHERIFF Police Thank you!
Knnhh Fgyh (1 day ago)
Re naming this category... taking a dirt nap...
Luk Luk (1 day ago)
na początku filmu odjebał ten zjebany chudzielec
Guss Lester (1 day ago)
George Yemen (1 day ago)
These people are sick how could these people proudly say there going and they are gods people
Ria Wally (1 day ago)
10:33 was the moment The kid in the khakis thought "No homo" lol
HassanTheHanG 420 (1 day ago)
1:19 Wish the motorbike guy punched all of their heads in, the person driving the car was in the wrong nearly hiting the guy off the bike. At least he got knocked out tho haha
andre tonaet (1 day ago)
F-morons. All of them.
Lourdes Perez (1 day ago)
Buen video !!!
User 666 (1 day ago)
all bitchies
Иван Петров (1 day ago)
на 9 видео "жищника" вырубили
Diana Modeste (1 day ago)
Aye that's peek still fam
Wrex1 Kettles (1 day ago)
fuck those dudes who cut off the motorcyclist in number 8. that shit was hella douchy
Fred Miller (1 day ago)
#5 gayest fucking fight I've ever seen.
BloodStained Floor (1 day ago)
6:55 the prostitute picked her client and that's where the trouble started.
Denny Hughes (1 day ago)
I'd bang all these pussy's
Howard Youtuber (1 day ago)
I hate fighting and I don't wanna hurt people badly
Allen Abagnale (2 days ago)
#1 is a valuable lesson, fight immediately or walk away immediately....... I've never wasted time if I was in reach, I'm connecting first, no words exchanged, period
Allen Abagnale (2 days ago)
6:30 was some bullshit, he knew he already knocked him out and wanted to put on a show for the bystanders.... he's pure puss in my book
BMF (2 days ago)
Ben Yates (2 days ago)
816 he walked away after knock out like he was so tough lol
Dave Beech (2 days ago)
number one; yes, he smacked him out, but he dragged him out of danger. That is a good man. Honour in combat, whether physical, verbal, or intellectual, is what we need to restore.
Damian Kimmins (2 days ago)
Yanks are like a pack of rabid animals!
goofyp Ilm (2 days ago)
Tyrone Granville (2 days ago)
my pistol would be clappin any guy who pull a knife in a good old beat down. guys be soft as shit I can say this because I got six under my belt with that wopsy KO
Fariba Nasrat (2 days ago)
These people should not be fighting each other
NAVASNA NAVASNA (2 days ago)
le pinchó en el cuello......
chris weird (2 days ago)
"i aint posting it on social media" Youtube Loophole XD well played cameraman
jacob harrell (2 days ago)
If you get on the ground and dont goug their eye out. You a big retarded ass bitch.
dylan hall (2 days ago)
the 1 with the kid boots him in the face was ooof
Mr.Amendo (3 days ago)
yes I'm going to punch a man with a helmet
Unknown Legend (3 days ago)
That last one was a cheap shot smh. Dude was tryin to defend his friend then bop goes the weasel. 😓
Mateo Sosa (3 days ago)
8 15 como me gustaria vivir en casas de esas
Dom Mcrobert (3 days ago)
It proves correct every single time. De-fence is the best attack. To the young guys out there, always remember that.
Debbie Kimble (3 days ago)
Gotta love the Stanky Leg..lol
Steve Yurchak (3 days ago)
Nothing but sucker punches
Marcus Leclerc (3 days ago)
SUCKER PUNCHES ARE STUPID ...you gotta be one dumb coward to sucker punch someone.. nothing to be bragging about even if you KO the person..
Luis Silva (3 days ago)
Palhaçada isto nao sao seres humanos...
TTheSnirk (3 days ago)
As dumb as this stuff is it is so much better to settle things this way than with guns.
Pimmas040 (3 days ago)
Dude gets knocked out and starts doing some sick breakdance moves, lmao.
738polarbear (3 days ago)
#1 was all talk.
Sydney black (3 days ago)
the Russian one was weird that had 4 dudes
Ria Wally (1 day ago)
+Joshua Potts Woah! I listened to it again & that really did sound like a gun shot.
Joshua Potts (1 day ago)
Listen at the end of that clip. After he pulled the camera out of the window. I think mr. Overalls, or black jacket guy shot the guy that didn't get kicked the face by mr. Overalls
Ray Sikes (2 days ago)
I thought those dudes was having some kind if orgy! It looked like they were kissing!
Damian Kimmins (2 days ago)
Pisshead russkis!
Jon Hamm (2 days ago)
dude i was totally confused on that one i had to watch it several times and STILL confused
mike clark (3 days ago)
08:30 They gonna go again that beef isn't squashed there
Roy Hsieh (3 days ago)
6:22 lol
Roy Hsieh (3 days ago)
I think spectators won #9
0001010a (3 days ago)
No3 - Did he die ??
Dan Robinson (3 days ago)
7:34. WTF!
Puncake Funcake (3 days ago)
Fight tips: Bring your helmet in a street fight 1:18
Cedric Lada (3 days ago)
It's like fake bros.. here in philippines can't one punch our face
حسين الملكي (3 days ago)
Alan Daniels (3 days ago)
Several of these are "sucker" punches....
Arian Mccloskey (4 days ago)
DAM den niggas knock eachother out
Filipe Miguel (4 days ago)
dutch guy finishes him walks away
Head Face (4 days ago)
#1 looked like something you would see on pern first the mans be kissing then another mans squat down legs on both sides of the mans who got knocked the fuck out
Hoi Hoi (4 days ago)
I have a fight with a kid tomorrow hes 1.80 m and quite fat I’m 1.91m and muscular and 77kg but hes like 85kg can I take him
mrnashthethird (4 days ago)
Holy crap, 7:38 that guy just suplexed him into tomorrow.
Rob (4 days ago)
I don’t think most people know how much brain damage you suffer if you’re knocked out cold and your head smashes off concrete.
Josh rhone The bluegrass kid (4 days ago)
That black kid at the end getting ktfo was so satisfying
Ray Martens (4 days ago)
At the end “just leave him” pathetic
Photos Videos and More (4 days ago)
You can check my channel for funny videos. From today, i will post daily.
moresnare (4 days ago)
Kicking someone in the face is a bitch move that only a coward will do.
Uri Vera (4 days ago)
You win 1
cwm662 (4 days ago)
john paulo (4 days ago)
Diego H (5 days ago)
10:10 Nighty Night nigger.
Marriellen Peachy Nya Abba Gittens (5 days ago)
Why arent they arrested
musty nation (5 days ago)
Quantum (5 days ago)
"DO SOMETHING NIGGA" *kisses him*
xSneezy (5 days ago)
Do the stanky leg ayee
VorTex (5 days ago)
8:08 damn.
Popexplosion Musick (5 days ago)
la blonk
Sondra Zents (5 days ago)
That shit aint nothing
Beast (5 days ago)
Green Tree Squad [] (5 days ago)
10:45 why is that white kid sitting on his lap looks fucked
Swift Emm (5 days ago)
BACKSTORY the last clip is kinda sad. after the black dude got up, he went to where the kid was posted up at and fought him. long story short, the whiter kid was slammed on the curb on his neck and died on impact. it’s a cruel world guys
Zelino Zelino (5 days ago)
Lebt der eine noch?
Não Religioso #Bazarov (5 days ago)
Because there are few kicks in street fights?
Terry Smith (5 days ago)
The two guys in the last video is gay af!!!!
Hugo Pedro (5 days ago)
Lots of intelligent people here.