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Snoop Dogg Weighs In On Kanye's Controversial Comments, Friendship With Martha Stewart | The View

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Darlana Green (1 day ago)
God 😍is 👋👋👋Hallelujah 👋👋👋 Awesome,amen
Roy Pace (2 days ago)
The Cat gave me the bird because he thought he owned the 110 freeway downtown L.A....Schmuck !
Lynette Robinson (6 days ago)
Love you Snoop...
Donny Hathaway (6 days ago)
Snoop for president!!!!!
Leinie Blaik (6 days ago)
It doesn't get better than watching snoop always real honest Australia's biggest fan and proud to follow him live his album
Mississippi Mud (7 days ago)
Snoop is great ,and I love his old school way of thinking .I miss going to a drive in 🙄
Tom Brady (8 days ago)
No, kanye was right! No check necessary. Don’t hate Kanye for telling the truth! It is the ugly truth. SLAVERY WAS A CHOICE, AND YOU PEOPLE CHOSE IT. Kanye is the successful black man of the twenty first century. Y’all can hate if you want! Whoopi is an idiot! She needs to be shackled and put on a boat!💥
m. jackson (9 days ago)
No more Snoop, he's now Poop doggy boy, poverty pimp for liberals, his goal is to join liberals in exploiting Black Americans by selling drug exploitation and gang music along with forming a pot company to sell pot to inner city Black communities and draining their money. Boycott Poop doggy boy
D T (10 days ago)
Why couldn't it be Kayne and not Tupac or Biggie!! Black women count your blessings BIPOLAR Kayne is not into blacks!!
Dave Manderson (10 days ago)
First snoop does a rasta album then Gospel lol
Dave Manderson (10 days ago)
The Most Honourable (10 days ago)
Snoop:"he truly misses a black woman in his life" Whoopi Goldberg: "mmm hmm" lol
nightcrawlernumber1 (10 days ago)
I wish snoop was my uncle.
GetsumJ (10 days ago)
Remember, TuPac is with EasyE and carrying his luggage. EasyE, Cube, and Dre stepped in to the doors opened by DMC. Snoop and TuPac were riding the coat-tails.
Jamaya. L (11 days ago)
i use to hate snoop, guess he right 'dont judge a book by its cover.
John Bahl (14 days ago)
What I took from Kanye's comment was that how black people are pressured to only vote democratic. By Snoop saying he needed help and someone telling him he's wrong only proves his point that he's not free to think what he wants but he's not going to make that choice to fall in line with what other black people think they want he wants to make his own choices. Had Snoop sat down and listen to him and hear him out I think he would understand better that he didn't mean actual slaves.
mitch ervin (14 days ago)
tessamersus (14 days ago)
Love you to pieces, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.! You're a great man.
Constance Levering (17 days ago)
Snoop Dogg is a cold piece !
Galen Major (17 days ago)
I used to be a Snoop fan but now I see him as a liberal/ racist POS!!
Rakitha Dhramasena (18 days ago)
am i the only who noticed that snoop greeted the ladies with "good morning" , such a gentleman!
Julia Wambui (20 days ago)
I didnt know snoop's so swt
Tim Whiting (21 days ago)
Capitalism at its finest.
Viva Trump (22 days ago)
Poop dog
HUMBLE (22 days ago)
😁👩🏿‍🦳🥊#MA like that .... You are right❕He neeeds a Grown man who has it together to continue training, the kind Mom couldn’t do
Mornell Patterson (14 days ago)
HUMBLE (22 days ago)
Isaac Garcia (22 days ago)
"Good morning , ladies." A true gangster AND a gentleman!
Rakitha Dhramasena (18 days ago)
haha i thought i was the only one to notice that
Aaron Lopez (24 days ago)
Be real snow you just got something in common with Martha Stewart and that's that you guys are both been in court, 🤣
Mario Lopez (25 days ago)
"Ive never been to a drive in"" Fetching much?!. Jajaja
Danielle Tanguay (26 days ago)
Snoop is the definition of smooth!
Ann Horstman (26 days ago)
Snoop Dogg is all that. He is himself no matter what and makes no excuses for what he does.
Anna Lexi (27 days ago)
*_Love Shante!! Tupac a real one for that!!_*
Deborah King (29 days ago)
I miss the drive in snoop, invite me lol
Christi adera (29 days ago)
Cool guy ever
Alford Joseph (1 month ago)
Uncle Snoop 👍
Festus Friday (1 month ago)
No one talks about Snoop Dogg staying married for 20+ years. 👍
Mornell Patterson (14 days ago)
Cause he had hoes for 20 years too!!!
Jonah Ge (1 month ago)
Class act !!! I love him
Kyle Wilkinson (1 month ago)
Snoop loves to low key and flat out diss Kards! classic Snoop
ted Clauss (1 month ago)
Snoop is a uneducated man who is rich and really doesn’t give a bit about anyone. A sell out to everyone.
ted Clauss (26 days ago)
blackgirl magic it’s a known fact snoop don’t like white people.
blackgirl magic (26 days ago)
Inner city does not just apply to black people but people who are in poverty.. go look up the definition
ted Clauss (1 month ago)
He’s nothing more then a racist. Key words , inner city
blackgirl magic (1 month ago)
ted Clauss that’s a lie he has a football league that he helps young men in the inner city and charities.. you might not agree with him but he does a lot for the community
S Showgirl (1 month ago)
Diva Den (1 month ago)
I wish Snoop had an opportunity to introduce Nipsey & Martha. I know she would have loved him as much as she lived Snoop. Plus he never learned to cook. #ripNip 💙🏁
Megan Davis (1 month ago)
❤️ you snoop d-o-double-G
anger & rage (1 month ago)
That little girl shouldn't be singing a cardi b song.
Paul miki (1 month ago)
I just looove snoop
Maxamuud (1 month ago)
Those people that disliked this video they are kim k fans for sure.
Blacka 5pee entertainment (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/KcnKKhedbXY Comment Subscribe Like let’s keep the Energy positive 💯
Rebecca Massey (1 month ago)
Snoop is very insightful. He seems to be very content and wise. I admire him so much.
jole' Mays (1 month ago)
Snoop never ages
cwb0051 (1 month ago)
He Also Sings With Willie Nelson..So Cool...
Jim Bob (1 month ago)
6:43 look how high this mother fucker is hahahaha I started laughing when I saw this.. his the only person who can get away with it and no one notices how good
Patches Michelle (1 month ago)
The memory/story about Tupac was brilliant. And, EI EI O!
Crystal Velasquez (1 month ago)
That laugh from that one person in the audience when he said he taught Martha to make bologna sandwiches 😂😂😂
MsComa 666 (1 month ago)
I love him!
Philippa Mullins (1 month ago)
Love the glasses 😎
Eva Drake (1 month ago)
This is old but I love Snoops shades, must be Gucci? Stop judging "White Privilege" like Martha Stewart I'm sure they both like to smoke 420
Canal da Isadora Dias (1 month ago)
Her horses house is better than my house!!! Lol
T W (1 month ago)
Haters Gonna Hate...Snoop Was Delightful!!! 4/3/19....Checking In
Warrior (1 month ago)
Why is this guy so praised when he is a thug?
monique1962 (1 month ago)
Lol lol right on Snoop♥️😎
Latoya Jackson (1 month ago)
Megan Is so aggy. Megan: um I don’t get it. 😂
Tasha Sri (1 month ago)
Demetri Harlan (1 month ago)
Snoop needs to get those teeth fix.
eminosose (1 month ago)
Ok why do they keep calling Stevie Wonder...Snoop???
Crystal Velasquez (1 month ago)
MiRaClEb421 (1 month ago)
So Snoop can be friends with Martha from his words.. but ye can't be friends with trump.. smh
Hakee Potts (2 months ago)
Why do celebrities hide behind shade? I know I do it (and Snoop ). No power to Snoop. Luv you Dogg.
Crystal Velasquez (1 month ago)
Maybe he just smoked. It is Snoop Dogg.
Joy Miller (2 months ago)
Now if Lori Loughlin gets with Snoop like Martha did I would 🤣
Ayoob Ballim (2 months ago)
Snoop has got to be the smoothest dog ever
Robin Sirviö (2 months ago)
3:52 wtf was so funny
stacey goldfarb (2 months ago)
Snoopy selling out
jk4lang (2 months ago)
He grew up and out of some of his old ways. We're all supposed to. Try it.
bobby thomas (2 months ago)
israelities will probably will say look who is calling an closet tom snoop dog
bobby thomas (2 months ago)
coolest business man ever also rap music words etc
Dave Johnson (2 months ago)
Snoop Dogg just hates to see a black man think for himself
jk4lang (2 months ago)
He's got his own. I love when people who don't have money bring up money. Not sure where you got 'racist' from.
Dave Johnson (2 months ago)
+jk4lang well I know Snoop Dogg is a racist and just wants the white mans money
jk4lang (2 months ago)
That sounded like hate to you? Have you ever heard a Trump rally bud?
Chris Davis (2 months ago)
Snoop so cool
pope resign (2 months ago)
In his first year in office Donald Trump helped me fire the FBI Director from Tent City and I can't vote nor do I have any money.
Morga Hussain (2 months ago)
Snoop is very likeable .
Arlene Beiruska Hernández Ventura (2 months ago)
Cardi b shomie
Arlene Beiruska Hernández Ventura (2 months ago)
It seems like those Kardasian hoes fuked every body in the business
Tharuka Jayasinghe (2 months ago)
snoop 1st class!!!
Ken Hinkle (2 months ago)
Made money on committing crimes, braking laws and said he was moving out of the US but still here. Just another hood rat that puts out foul music that young kids here. Just a punk.
Emily B (2 months ago)
7:00 I watch this part over and over and tears come to my eyes too... that pain of losing a Grandmother that you were close with is horrible.. it feels like we will have them here forever..
Eric Rivera (2 months ago)
Snoopy dog dog is the man..
Blessed Lynn (2 months ago)
And I so love Snoop and martha's relationship so so much
Blessed Lynn (2 months ago)
Snoop and his wife are a beautiful couple and they do have a beautiful family
Victor Gerginski (2 months ago)
I love Snoop, but after all, he made them porn videos yo
Wally Jaik (3 months ago)
I thought you were moving to Canada WHAT HAPPENED
Shari Hughes (3 months ago)
He’s got a whole lotta class rapped up in tons of cool :)
MichaelG (3 months ago)
Love it.
caroline (3 months ago)
fr martha and snoops relationship is beyond smth else. i would have never imagined that friendship, an amazing one too! yall see how happy he got over martha? so sweet. God bless them both !
bluetry35722 (3 months ago)
Gotta luv Snoop
CSII Pahoa (3 months ago)
He's still a gang member...........
Shayneby Shaynebi (3 months ago)
The one who needs help is Snoop and his democrat plantation victimhood mentality liberal friends. Kanye was right. Slavery is a choice. Your mindset today of cognitive dissonance proves that Ye was absolutely right.
MOHAMD HAMID (3 months ago)
Merci snoop and famille N
In Korea (3 months ago)
He misses his mother? He misses a black woman in his life? Snoop doesn't want black people to move past slavery. Kanye is a black man that isn't looking for excuses on why his people can't make it. He's telling his people they can make it. Big difference between him and race baiters like snoop and Sharpton.
kevin johnson (3 months ago)
How many people are aware that Democrats started slavery and the KKK and that 6 companies control 90% percent of the media that's everything you see hear and read and guess who they lobby for? division is power- do your own research to find the truth!
Tiny Magwood (3 months ago)
These white women tho...
Christopher Nichols (3 months ago)
And he know Tupac was gonna be killed!
Avellis100 (4 months ago)
That bit about Tupac❤️
Ada Goins (4 months ago)
If it ain’t political then Megan want get it! She said it” I don’t get it. I’m glad snoop dog explain about how they’re getting together to help him and we all know who asked the question, of course Megan .
Alex Rodri (4 months ago)
Snoop a GOTHFATHER don't ever disrespect this man
John Baccaro (4 months ago)
Well, what do you know? The "KING OF MiSOGYNY" weighs in on "Kayne's Controversial Comments" REALLY???? Thats pretty rich!!! Talk about a lack of self-awareness?