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Mark Zuckerberg: Nothing Is Unsafe About Diamond And Silk Supporting Trump | CNBC

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In front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg answers questions from Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.) » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Mark Zuckerberg: Nothing Is Unsafe About Diamond And Silk Supporting Trump | CNBC
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Text Comments (115)
Vera Armstrong (30 days ago)
Hope zuck goes to Gitmo demon rat
Bk H (3 months ago)
Carry on SNL taking notes..trade w em
Bk H (3 months ago)
Trumzuckerberg is????
tdcrud413 (6 months ago)
Go get him.....
Ernesto Ybarra (6 months ago)
Cruz on liberal Zuckerberg..ouch!!
alz123alz (6 months ago)
WOW! What a creative statement of advice by the congressmen
3rdHelen (6 months ago)
It was great to see this lying hypocrite be outed for his unjust censorship. If the Leftist were to be censored like the right is mainstream media would explode. Comedy Central and late night leftist hosts would be banning together to hang Zuckerberg publicly.
JFJ C (6 months ago)
This is a great 👍 video!!!!
JFJ C (6 months ago)
Zuck said he’s not up to speed. That’s right!!!!
Super Booth (6 months ago)
well said! Fix your ship be we overreact
Sean Dorsey (6 months ago)
I didn't know Boss Hog was a congressman
IspywmI .Tony (6 months ago)
Plain and Simple, to the Point , Billy Long telling Mark Zuckerberg ,Not to rock the Boat on free Speech.,Brilliant
Bruce Snell (6 months ago)
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WAYNE FG (6 months ago)
Liberals and progressives are always promoting diversity and tolerance, yet don't want diversity when it comes to political beliefs and have no tolerance for it
Dan Wald (6 months ago)
So unlocked her account and give them the same account as everyone else Mark Suckerberg,
mike swiental (6 months ago)
congress needs to get the ceo of youtube that google annointed to censor that site.they are far worse at attacking patriotic sites then facebook.
Christopher Blacksher (6 months ago)
Zuckerberg looks like a liar.
April (6 months ago)
Billy Long hasn't had an outcry. Good Lord, he doesn't take personal calls, no longer does town halls, locks his doors and will meet by appointment only (good luck with that) and usually has his staff return calls or emails. No point to reach out to him. I stopped a long time ago....
mspixiedust100 (6 months ago)
Get some of those attorneys on Trump's team!
Have a nice Dave (7 months ago)
I wish they'd blur out Mark's face.
I_Lean_ Right (7 months ago)
Not sure who that congressman was but he is a rockstar. #Unplug #fuckzuc
Ronald Torres (7 months ago)
mspixiedust100 (7 months ago)
The guy holding the sign: beast mode
Japorikiskiswa C (7 months ago)
Leaving the Democrat Plantation is a BIG NO NO for Zuckerberg.
M.J. C. (7 months ago)
He knows exactly why they're being targeted !!!!! Because they are Trump supporters ,THAT"S WHY and it's called censorship !!!!! They call them UNSAFE because they speak THE TRUTH, MR> Zukerturd you are a Deepstate POS
Free Spirit (20 days ago)
Oh I thought it was because they are black?
Julian Encarnacion (7 months ago)
I personally did not know about D&S until about a month ago, but from what little I have seen from them, they aren't a danger to society, yet they were deemed so by "FB algorithms". On the other hand ANTIFA and BLM in their forums have incited and applauded aggressive behavior, riots and shutting down all sort of conservative speech among other issues and yet all of their forums are still up🤔🤔🤔. Biased much?
Julian Encarnacion (7 months ago)
Grunge punk That has been one of the most predominant questions in the hearing, even though many liberal sites have called for violence, riots and silence of the conservatives none of them have been deemed dangerous and even better none of them have been taken down yet more than a dozen of Christian pages have? So yes I am talking about bias!
Grunge punk (7 months ago)
Just because they have conservative views they are unsafe to the community? If they have liberal views then the opposite will happen. Asking about biases?
John Doe (7 months ago)
The guy that's holding the picture of Diamond and Silk has really scary eyes
JohnBelz (7 months ago)
Go Diamond and Silk!
Toxic (7 months ago)
Mark SUCKERberg lol
SwaggerOnHundred (7 months ago)
I see the "You didn't build that" party defending business and private property. The question in their language "Is a discrimination based on political view a legit discrimination?"
wolv (7 months ago)
The senator looks like the slug lady from monsters inc
MaineArtists (7 months ago)
Talk about a billion-dollar toupée! Harvard produces more toupée mounts than any other college. Go, Zucky!
Maxbeatbox (7 months ago)
liberals are always afraid someone might not choose them if given a choice so they work endlessly to make sure you have no choice.
JFJ C (6 months ago)
The liberals are off the chain
Don A (6 months ago)
Maxbeatbox Spot on.
Adino1 (7 months ago)
They know they'll be blown out if the playing field isn't tilted in their favor. Their tactic of language control is one and when that isn't enough they just flat out use their majority control of the media and mediums to silence their opposition. Look at websites that aren't heavily moderated or anonymous, they all tend to be right leaning. Look at sites that are heavily moderated, filtered or enforced echo chambers like Reddit. They are the left leaning ones.
Jim Foreman (7 months ago)
Absolutely RIGHT... and could not be said better. They don't want a fair fight they want to fixed fight!
Martin Shkreli (7 months ago)
if you dont like facebook just go back to using myspace lol
mspixiedust100 (6 months ago)
Isn't it totally different though
Martin Shkreli (7 months ago)
I dont think it will happen though as myspace is dead lol
Adino1 (7 months ago)
Not a bad idea Martin Shekels. How hilarious would it be if Myspace had a resurgence from everyone abandoning Facebook en masse? Pretty
It's Okay to Be an NPC #435786324 (7 months ago)
Martin Shkreli 😂
Russ Canduit (7 months ago)
Get back in jail.
Mark Z U C C (7 months ago)
I’m *O F F E N D E D*
Mark Z U C C (7 months ago)
*Z U C C*
ASHLEY NEALY (7 months ago)
Nothing Cheeseburger (6 months ago)
tony simon why are you talking to a racists bigot? I mean, she just happends to hate black people and calls them hitler. This supremacists even has no idea who hitler is. Like a true supremacist she supports anyone who wants absolute censorship.
tony simon (6 months ago)
Ashley You're missing the point. Facebook isn't saying that they where censored for "hate speech". Facebook is denying censoring them at all. If Facebook thought censorship was ok, why are they denying doing it? As for you racism claim, good luck convincing anyone 2 black ladies supporting a white President is racist, however calling these black ladies turds would definitely qualify you as racist so maybe do a bit of self analysis, you might see that you are what you're accusing other of being. As for "hate speech" this is a Californian term. The rest of the world call it free speech and to clarify, everyone in my generation is darling and I can assure you, you are way to young for a date.
ASHLEY NEALY (6 months ago)
tony simon ahhhh kid I ain't your darling. I don't date minors. Actually it was Congress that made these two useless Hate Speech Propogands spreading turds more mainstream. Or should I say Meanstream. Hate Speech is Hate Speech no matter what color you are.. .If they were white women then Congress would have stepped in just like they do with the KKK. This is reverse Racism and Propoganda at its finest. Sadly only Facebook is ethical enough to step in, recognize it for what it is and take action.
tony simon (6 months ago)
Ashley darling, these women are not forcing anyone to visit their site, it called freedom of choice. Facebook on the other hand, is stopping people that choose to hear their opinion. The Americans in this situation are Diamond and Silk who as it turns out, due to Facebook's stupidity, are more famous that they ever dreamed about. Based on you response however, you're obviously from California which explains you lack of ability to respect anyone's freedom except you own.
ASHLEY NEALY (6 months ago)
tony simon Tony Tony Tony. Calm down. Listen kid. I'm assuming you're 12 based on your response. Yes. These women are like Hitler with their propogands and filtering of other people's opinion. Facebook is like the Americans stepping in to stop this Hate Speech.
mspixiedust100 (7 months ago)
mspixiedust100 (7 months ago)
mspixiedust100 (7 months ago)
Nice questioning by Mr. Long.  His suggestion actually made sense.
mspixiedust100 (7 months ago)
He's still learning how to handle his website, chill out people.
aggressively normal (6 months ago)
He must be pretty slow if he doesn't understand something he created *10 years ago*
SpiritBear12 (6 months ago)
He must be a slow learner then.
mspixiedust100 (7 months ago)
+occhamite Well he was given a warning so...
occhamite (7 months ago)
NONSENSE. Rep. Long cited the crystal clear stats: Conservative news sites and users are being censored, repressed, and shadowbanned. And Zuckerberg knows it. AND this is the third time Zuck has been caught lying in - what - the last ten YEARS, so he's had plenty of time.
J Hadley (7 months ago)
How????????? It seems pretty deliberate this censorship
Marcus Williams (7 months ago)
2:00 Congress is good at two things lol
u2good2b4gotn (7 months ago)
Marcus Williams He should have added one "Doing nothing."
LIGHTsWiTcH (7 months ago)
Dude holding the picture is in beast mode
mspixiedust100 (7 months ago)
C.R. Jefferson (7 months ago)
These 2 low center of gravity bed wenches need to shut the F**k up
David Bryant (7 months ago)
THAT is all you got? D&S ARE the bomb
Cewek Boston (7 months ago)
The Zuck is Cucked
The Eagle (7 months ago)
2:02 4:08 Excellent advice!
hunter gatherer (7 months ago)
He's a reptilian
Tim Medycki (7 months ago)
Ana Luiza Bergamini (7 months ago)
To me it looks like he admitted to it only because they're black. btw, I'm typing diamond and silk into youtube's search form and their videos only start to appear after I've scrolled waaay down, which is absurd.
Jenni Boo (3 months ago)
u2good2b4gotn you don't have to have any part of it, moron. Just don't watch it
u2good2b4gotn (7 months ago)
Admitted to what exactly? Their pages were NEVER taken down. And WTF does Youtube have to do with Facebook? You going after them next? Sorry, they're not as popular as cons think they should be.
u2good2b4gotn (7 months ago)
PrestigeKipnyige Alex Jones should be censored. Running a show where you break down why Michelle Obama is a man is racist and just downright mean. If that's what "free speech" is I don't want any parts of it.
PrestigeKipnyige (7 months ago)
Same with search 'alex jones'. Censorship
F8oK8 (7 months ago)
Repubs want Zuckerberg to keep doing Cambridge Analytica's work for them, lol.
Michael Smith (7 months ago)
The hypocrisy of Diamond and Silk is evident. They cry and stomp their fat feet about Mark Zuckerberg, about censoring them. He owns Facebook, they don't. He has the right censor, block and ban any one he chooses. Just like Diamond and Silk to because if you give an opposing view to Diamond and Silk then guess what you are block, banned and censored from making comments on their Facebook page. They are trying to have it both ways and this fat man is just grand standing. What does Diamond and Silk have to do with Russia using facebook and Cambridge.
Ruth Rogers-Wright (6 months ago)
Trolls get paid 30 dollars an hour - Don't post this gold for free Mr Smith
Grunge punk (7 months ago)
Just because they have conservative views then you FB says they are unsafe to the community. That’s stupidity. If they have liberals views, the opposite will happen. Fair or not?
mspixiedust100 (7 months ago)
+Michael Smith Oh, I should have figured!
mspixiedust100 (7 months ago)
That's not true, you are so full of it.
McJuggerNuggets is life (7 months ago)
Diamond and Silk are not unsafe at all, they speak the truth and represent the the support of Trump that is hardly ever expressed by well known black people. God bless them and Trump
smlifyrasor (7 months ago)
Diamond and Silk weren't banned, they just had some features temporarily disabled, and this was fixed long before this latest facebook controversy, which they're just using to get more views now. Also, they were PAID to spread fake news for Trump campaign. Diamond & Silk were spreading conspiracy theories like Pizzagate on Facebook, WHILE they were being paid a “field consulting” fee by the Trump campaign: pbs.twimg . com/media/DahOZmUU8AAi0mf . jpg theblaze.com/news/2017/08/10/trump-campaign-paid-famous-youtube-duo-diamond-and-silk-for-field-consulting
Yes (6 months ago)
Dummy doesn't even know how to break down his own political resources, or even to read all the way through them.
smlifyrasor (7 months ago)
LMAO, Trump and the republicans supporting him are the fascists! ..oh rant-time.. Everything they do now is a corrupt self-serving action, as if they're gradually following to the letter of some fascist handbook! Even down to the way they con their supporters into blindly supporting them, even when it couldn't be more obviously against their best interests. Everything he said he was going to "maga", he's either doubled back on, or confusingly ignored/wimped out of.. Nothing he does is good for the American middle-class, in ANY WAY.. According to the CBO, over 80% of the economic gains from his tax cuts are going to foreigners for fk sake. This administration is basically now doing everything their supporters supposedly hated and voted them in to stop! I want big money out of politics, it's the only way to stop the corruption.. I want representatives from the middle class, and leaders more concerned with building jobs and the economy for everyone.. Not more of these rich guys who are only thinking about themselves and their rich buddies, and protecting their grasp on power.. Because that's ALL they are doing, disguising/lying about every action as if it helps their supporters, but every single thing is a self-serving scam, that turns out horrible results for us.
smlifyrasor (7 months ago)
Taylor Widjaja If you can't handle truth with evidence backing it up, that's your problem not mine. Care to present evidence of your claim? ;P
John Doe (7 months ago)
These two women are weapons of mass destruction Russian spy assault rifles and should be banned!
Dave Ktver (7 months ago)
Golly....forget the Russians. Now apparently the leader of the free world was elected because a couple of black sisters on youtube said nice things about him. Has anyone told Hillary?? How about Mueller? The FBI obviously has to break down their door and get hold of the footage they aren't putting on the screen. Does Comey dedicate a chapter or two in his tell-all book about "deep-state" Diamond and SIlk?" I for one will not sleep until these two "terrorists" are locked up...you know, for the safety of the United States.
ERICK DAZA (7 months ago)
Amu Nicole (7 months ago)
Minh Triet Vo (7 months ago)
*Humpty Dumpty vs the Lizard Lord*
Oof (7 months ago)