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Wendy's My 99

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Wendy's debuts their latest ad campaign. Music by Frisbie.
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Text Comments (43)
Eric Norman (1 month ago)
Bring it Back!
Lisa Tilley (3 months ago)
wen my 99
Lisa Tilley (3 months ago)
ColeThe Reaper (1 year ago)
I rember this but i was only like 2
Duncan MacLeod (4 years ago)
Andrew Flood (6 years ago)
I LOVE WENDY'S !!!!!!!
PaulB2Kool (7 years ago)
this commercial still goes hard for me even today!!!!
KizzleFresh (7 years ago)
It's still .99 in Florida, IJS.
Rashid Nasim (1 year ago)
KizzleFresh 9
Teagan Keith (7 years ago)
Its 1.89 in canada :-P
Seleelee Jones (7 years ago)
more like my 99$
Illuminaughty (7 years ago)
my 1.89... canadian problems
Tyler Ferguson (7 years ago)
So many of my friends are actors, one of my friends in in the movie Heaven's Rain, and is on the TV Show Shake It Up (he portrays Klaus Hessenheffer) and my friend Evan is the redhead boy it shows in this commercial from 0:06-0:08.
Lana Linares (2 years ago)
Tyler Ferguson u
Lana Linares (2 years ago)
Tyler Ferguson 3
Keener Dougherty (7 years ago)
I saw this commercial where it was .89, does anyone know where I could find it?
Karthic Sinnadurai (7 years ago)
@swadlol Wendy's 99 cents menu items are $1.89 due to tax. The price shown is before tax
swadlol (7 years ago)
USD and CAD are nearly equal right now, but in Canada, it's fucking $1.89!!! Fuck you Wendy's! I'll eat McDonalds' far superior burgers for much cheaper.
CarbonSteel93 (7 years ago)
@sarshoy sure if you're fat
CloseQuatersCombatt (7 years ago)
@Metaldood4500 look at the suggestions its a 189 comercial instead of 99
CloseQuatersCombatt (7 years ago)
@Metaldood4500 wht are you smoking the whole world isnt the same
Tazzer88 (8 years ago)
None of those things are 99 cents at any Wendy's around me... exactly why i don't go there anymore.
SJ Shark Wannabe (8 years ago)
I am a little upset that the price for a Double Stack at the Wendy's near my work is now $1.59. The only saving grace is that the patties are larger than before & they still have the Crispy Chicken sandwich for $.99. Oh yeah, the new W Sandwich is awesome!
racerxgundam (8 years ago)
hey i have to support what that guy wrote in the top comments..i dunno why but the wendys near me doesnt have a 99 menu, its all $1.49 and up too
Савелий Воронин (8 years ago)
I really don't know how tastes Wendy's in USA, but in Russia (yeah, we have Wendy's) it's just awful.
stanbalo (8 years ago)
the guy in the blue shirt is HOT! He is my 99!
eliteswordsman1 (8 years ago)
jr bacon chesee burgers used to be $.99
Jason Hall (8 years ago)
These commercials aren't the same without Dave :(
Stephen Hardy (8 years ago)
god that 99 thing is annoying
PBMuzik (8 years ago)
WHAT'S YO 99??? ON REPEAT 0:00
FunkySkunk55 (8 years ago)
WHAZZ YO 99?????!!!!!
Jacob Falk (8 years ago)
That really didn't make sense :\
Jacob Falk (8 years ago)
My 99 is not at Arby's
elmamo2000 (8 years ago)
I just hate the fucking idiot yelling what's my 99 at the beginning .. yea I'm the one that disliked.. so fucking what
PaulB2Kool (8 years ago)
my my my 99. is this a real song or it wuz just made for the commercial
roxy black (8 years ago)
Jake short * faint*
thetrapper (8 years ago)
@habs4life9 I don't know if you noticed, but when they (shamelessly) brought the same commercial to Canada they missed editing out the $.99 firetruck number on the firetruck that went through the drive through... don't believe me? try and find the my $1.89 commercial on youtube or google, both video searches had zero results....
Jeff Han (8 years ago)
this kicks the *#$! out of subway's 5 dollar footlong!
VoN Turner (8 years ago)
oh yah 99! watchyo 99!
Shaki Shingi (8 years ago)
@GovtBovin3 this sounds better wtf are you talking about. i want a 99. lol, i saw the 189 commercial, then i saw the 99 one and i thought i dreamed it because it's liek the same commercial but different.
PaulB2Kool (8 years ago)
whats the name of this song?
baby chico (8 years ago)
@10gmen27 FUCK YOU.
Tim Haddad (9 years ago)
i love the song