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UPS commercial

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robertmj03691 (11 months ago)
Constructive comments? I think the audio sounds scratched especially on the s’s. I recommend doing a retake of it. Your video in the first half started off like they where frozen. So edit that first few seconds out maybe? Furthermore I felt the second shot needed more appropriate angles in the frame to show the action. Try angling the camera down, and add in a transition shot between the two like a short gif of a package in a hand being thrown. Even if it’s cheesy looking it will help the viewer to make more sense of what they’re seeing. All that aside I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. And I’m by no means an expert in these things just figured I throw in my two cents. Because this video was funny to me. It even made me laugh out loud. So cheers. I hope you can keep making more content.
Cola (1 year ago)
Great work Corbyn, keep it up, proud of you. 💪😌