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UPS Mall Driver Farewell

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This video is about a UPS driver in a mall.
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Randy Fields (3 years ago)
I'm.a cover driver for two mall routes..They suck lol
Randy Fields (3 years ago)
Hope you got a sweet resi. Route with no pickups buddy.keep posting vids man.for all us ups drivers.lol all and all any route that's your home that you know inside and out is better than getting tossed around.take care
David Coombs (3 years ago)
I did this mall for 3 years...I was sad to leave the people but definitely not the mall! This mall had almost no back doors and a tiled floor. All day suffer-fest. 
Julie Chan (3 years ago)
So where was I during this?  David thanks for all you've for the mall.  Good luck on your new route.  You'll be missed   - Jace
Trevor Patten (3 years ago)
I love this video!! Way funny! And I love that your always just stoked on life!