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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

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Text Comments (28816)
First Name Last Name (31 minutes ago)
The eight girls I'll date in college? Heck, I don't think I'll date even one girl in my entire life of education.
riktig (5 hours ago)
XxKylo455xX (6 hours ago)
The one I date is a gamer, like me.
33LB (10 hours ago)
most men don't date at all at university, right? or stick with the same woman throughout.
BigTiny (10 hours ago)
03 movie clup (21 hours ago)
zackass 3D (1 day ago)
rose are red violets are blue 93 million people click because boobs
no (1 day ago)
These are the 6 girls ill never date
denise moran (1 day ago)
The only person i will date, is pizza🍕
Cameren Hooper (1 day ago)
.c. (((5(( Good morning Gail
Y.V-Young Vinny (1 day ago)
Well I haven't dated one at all....
Ramezor (1 day ago)
I dated none.
bing bingbung (1 day ago)
omg why this have this many views
Boi (2 days ago)
7 years and the thumbnail still loading
LucKyPlayz (2 days ago)
Rashuko1691 (2 days ago)
So I dated 6 girls in college? Well that's amazing because I dont remember any of them. Good times.
Pretty new Account (3 days ago)
you mean 6 types you gnna f**k
BudewGaming (3 days ago)
The 360p nooo
Macedthur (3 days ago)
Well There's always a girl called A Hanging Rope
Abbas Abedi (1 day ago)
Macedthur deep
iiPaleRosii Art (4 days ago)
How do people date like 20 people in the span of year? I stg that’s unloyal
Im not mark (4 days ago)
Spends your day playing video games that’s the reality
Yudanta (4 days ago)
no u.
Tony Zhou (4 days ago)
I used up the dumb and sporty in one go, Currently dating the friend and church girl...
Ananta Akansh (4 days ago)
The thumbnail looks like it's from 1995
Eero Deosaran (4 days ago)
It’s filmed in Williamsburg nyc! That home to me!
StanzaStar (4 days ago)
Fire Flame (5 days ago)
Wait that's Trapp
Abbas Abedi (1 day ago)
Fire Flame no it’s not
9nikolai (5 days ago)
So this was the video where they went from college to office? Finally makes sense
Kitten Gamer (5 days ago)
So I'm a boy now or am I lesbian.
RadicalVirus419 (5 days ago)
Bitch please I won't be able to date one
Chiu Maw (5 days ago)
Whos the girls?
Prince X (6 days ago)
Ben Armstrong (6 days ago)
Why is the thumbnail so low resolution?
CMDan /CrazyMasterDan (6 days ago)
Y does the thumbnail so trash
Sparrow (6 days ago)
There shouldn’t be a list never get a girlfriend in college just hook up and call it a day
KAVIN DEETCHAN (6 days ago)
Whats the name of the dumb one?
Autumn Frazier (6 days ago)
I'm 'The Friend'.
Karandeep Singh (7 days ago)
I first watched this video in high school. Then several times in college. And now, when it’s been 7 months since I graduated, I’m still yet to know what a girlfriend is.
Awesome Kid (7 days ago)
Mine is the church one XD
DedSec (8 days ago)
What if you were mentally & physically abused in your past that prevents you from talking to a girl or anyone in general without feeling worthless and having anxiety attacks, and looking like freddy krueger. Easier said than done.
Charlie Arbuckle (7 days ago)
just shut up it's a comedy short no one cares about whatever you're saying.
getplaning (9 days ago)
I only dated athletic girls, and ended up marrying a hot nerd.
RGkong (9 days ago)
Why is the thumbnail 240p
XxCATdestroyerxX (9 days ago)
Saw this 7 years ago. Still can't believe people watch it just as much
IK Hum HaZar GHam (9 days ago)
xises video play
jensensundeball (10 days ago)
Why is the thumbnail like 15 pixels
bvbyknj (10 days ago)
Lauren!!! 💕
change165 (10 days ago)
i am loser since i dont have any girlfriend btw i am 24 😂😂😂😂
Zapa 98989 (10 days ago)
this is soo right except NOT GETTING ONE, well noone ever be alone right?? RIGHT???
justarandom girlhere (11 days ago)
Guess I'm the friend then
Emerald Hero (11 days ago)
Egg Puppy (11 days ago)
A more appropriate title: 1 of the six girls you might date in College, if any.
YeahRightVeryFunny (11 days ago)
I miss the old collegehumor
Mitch McMitch (11 days ago)
If you change for some bitch in college, then you’re the bitch
finding dory (12 days ago)
Date?or make science experiment😂😂😂😂
cramy crayon (12 days ago)
He sounds like the guy on 1000 ways. To die
First Name Last Name (12 days ago)
"Perfect 10" Was a 6.5/7
فرحان باشا (12 days ago)
Na, i'll just hope not to date in college. *Edit* it's because I think I already found the perfect one. Wondering same like what is she doing with me
Kyrex (12 days ago)
I'm 20 and I've never dated anyone. I'm just socially awkward and too shy
gumba chocolate (13 days ago)
I wont date for shit.
Patrick Kimball (13 days ago)
Definitely go for the Mario kart chick
IIIrandomIII (13 days ago)
Dating their hoodie... lmao
Camesl_FTW (13 days ago)
I won’t date anyone
Miss Blocker (14 days ago)
The two guys I will date in colage 1) jerk 2)d.
Mr. Slave (14 days ago)
Can a shy guy like myself get some?
Yzabella Floyd (14 days ago)
I ought the 2 one was the girl who likes to potty
Sex pron xxx Film love Movie's Unlimited Sex (14 days ago)
Shoaib HUSSAIN (14 days ago)
Go Get a job 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Cj Live (14 days ago)
The hoodie one had me fucking laughing
Cristian Cortes (14 days ago)
Cristian Cortes (14 days ago)
The first girl is for SEX The third girl is for MORE SEX The last girl is for became crazy for her for ever :(
MoMo K (14 days ago)
"its like dating a hoodie" ....Feeling triggered! lols
Caliggy Jack (14 days ago)
This is inaccurate because I got 0.
Chris Martin (14 days ago)
1:51 yoooo his nipnaps are huge
Iron 710 (14 days ago)
Chess TownKing (15 days ago)
I dated 4 only one actually went to the school... lmao
The Clownfish (15 days ago)
Like I'll date 6 girls in my life
iluvcoc69 ok (15 days ago)
Hold the phone.. I'm gay
said rahal (15 days ago)
20s to 35s are so immature Nothing like a girl free of her mind to have multiple orgasms and be kinky even though she seems to be all serious and professional at work :v
ROYL Flame (15 days ago)
said rahal who asked?
SNENS SNENS (15 days ago)
3:08 Press f to show respect to our fallen Brother
Ian Larson (15 days ago)
The one girl I will date in my whole life: Air
Solomun Kiros (15 days ago)
swat analysis (16 days ago)
I finished college and didn't date a single girl...sad life
Allifuzzy AJ (16 days ago)
I would do my hoodie Man that would be the perfect relationship for me
GOAL & HIGHT LIGHT - (16 days ago)
So Is This The Life In American Colleges?? Oh, Thanks, BUT I prefer my italian university.
Giacomo Guerinoni (5 days ago)
Bho fra negli States ti diverti molto di più alla fine
Donald Trump (7 days ago)
GOAL & HIGHT LIGHT - Italian girls are good looking
ROYL Flame (9 days ago)
IDontKnowWhatToNameMyChannel sorry just it wasn't funny so I couldn't tell, and movies aren't a great source of info
IDontKnowWhatToNameMyChannel (9 days ago)
ROYL Flame it was a joke. And it was movies where I got that knowledge.
ROYL Flame (9 days ago)
IDontKnowWhatToNameMyChannel than how can you comment on what it's like. The things you talked about only happen with the frat kids and even then its a lot more of just talking and playing stupid games.
IironicallyMainMercy (16 days ago)
I'm not dating girls. I love men. Loving men is manly.
Irfaan Hossain (16 days ago)
He looks like Müller.
the musical burger (17 days ago)
Names seriously I want their names the athletic, the party girl and the dumb hot one plssssss
the musical burger (17 days ago)
Pls reply
oh ke (17 days ago)
college humor is literally the cringiest thing ive ever seen holy shit
ROYL Flame (15 days ago)
oh ke it's a 7 year old video what do you expect
Dinoclaire101 (17 days ago)
I didn't know I was lesbian...
tacoboy 1770 (18 days ago)
When does the daiting start? I'm already in my last year.
TheXplosifBrosif (18 days ago)
You forgot the imaginary ones, or at least.... Those are the ones I have gotten so far...
Dana Duttle (18 days ago)
I thought this might be funny. Can't be right all the time.
Alex Schuman (18 days ago)
These are the sixth girls I've dated in college. 1. My right hand 2. My right hand 3. My right hand 4. My right hand 5. My right hand 6. My right hand
Roland Mcfarlane (18 days ago)
I mean I'm dating my best friend... Who knew sticking your dick in a hoodie could feel so good lmao
Creed Thoughts (18 days ago)
I first saw this video when I was 17. back then the comments were all about which girl in the video people have dating, older guys giving advice to younger guys about to go to college, or arguing about tits vs ass. Now I come back years later and it’s just a bunch of “I can’t get laid” What happened?
Troy Wu (18 days ago)
I always date the dumb hot ones
Daniel Pires (18 days ago)
I am married with the last one!
Fedora Boy (19 days ago)
How did we get from dis masterpiece of a video 👌🏻 to the boring predictable occasionally disgusting content they put out now?
Anti_Feast (19 days ago)
I've never had a girlfriend....
Sergi Vidal Martínez (19 days ago)