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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

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Text Comments (28282)
Mdfhariyad Phariyad (1 day ago)
md fhariyad 8467067668
DTH -Deaf to Heart Productions (2 days ago)
The six things I learned about this video: 1. You are always lazy. 2. Never commit yourself to a partying lifestyle. 3. Church makes you go places..... 4. The perfect 10 is always a misstep. 5. How to f**k a hoodie. 6. Don't screw up your one chance.
Tee H (3 days ago)
Never dated in high school. Girls were either bitches, dog-ugly or both.
wolfkilljoy (3 days ago)
i dont see my hand on this list
anil singh (3 days ago)
. .
Noor Alhasni (3 days ago)
السلام عليكم نحنا خلقنا لاجل عبادة الله وليس لهذة الاشياء يا امة ادم اعبدو ربكم سوف تسالون يوم الدين وف القبر هل تستطيعون الجواب استغفرو انا دخلت الفيديو عشان انبهكم سالو نفسكم ١٠٠ مرة بتسالو عن الذنوب
Chris (3 days ago)
jokes on u im gay
MesprittheDigimon (3 days ago)
I think I'd fit into the " Friend " category. Although, everyone thinks I'm so pretty. I don't fucking know why. Nobody makes sense.
Sean Rouse (3 days ago)
Loved option 3 hahahahah
Dido Correia (4 days ago)
UnHinGeD GaMinG (4 days ago)
it would be easier for me to build an interdimensional portal than get a girlfriend
Xavier Rivadeneira (4 days ago)
Haha it's funny because I dated 5 of those 6 and I messed it up every time :(
Spoop Lagen (4 days ago)
SuperKarlFriedrich (5 days ago)
Oh, you meant school! I thaught you meant college where responsible adults go... parcially... never mind.
Dylan Todd (5 days ago)
We pretty much knew the hoodie one was cumming. 😉😉😉
Therron Rux (6 days ago)
Wow midnight city wasn't even Out when this video came out....0
Rusman_Gaming (6 days ago)
Who in their right mind wouldn't?
Sarthak Sharma (6 days ago)
6 girls? 😂 give me a break!... I know I won't find even one!
Jackson Watson (7 days ago)
Corner sick transmission typically within wine among.
Erick Hootman (8 days ago)
Probably the most classic collegehumor video
JD Marshall (8 days ago)
a lot of guys (and many girls) in this comment section are very lonely/ have a bad track record with dates, girls or any kind of relationship. I'm not all that surprised, this is YouTube, but its like every other comment on this vid!?!
Adam Smith (8 days ago)
Did you just assume I'll get a girlfriend? HAHAHAHAHA
Lucrio (9 days ago)
Or be single all 8 semesters. I'm 5/8ths there hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Pilot KaZZ (9 days ago)
Second semester sophomore and still with my high school girlfriend...
Adur Aspera (9 days ago)
Blondes are smarter on average. I've dated far more dumb brunettes.
Ahmed AL Gohary (10 days ago)
I Date the smart one but i fucked my self in the end when she left me because some other guy
DoctorVaseline __ (10 days ago)
What do you mean, I never got a date in college
the weird mae -roblox and more (11 days ago)
The dumb but hot one is so Karen from mean girls
Mike Camire (11 days ago)
At least he got laid a lot.
Kathrynne (12 days ago)
Does this count for lesbians too?
Patryk Skrzydlewski (12 days ago)
But every girls is diffrent... lol
companyoflosers (12 days ago)
shit im in college going on my fourth year. ive only dated three girls in my life! one who never got serious, one who i slept with twice who got weird and later tried to break me up with my current girlfriend, and my current who i just hit seven years with. you may ask why im not married, but im 24, still in college and im a server at a sports bar. not time and place in my life to be financially locked to another person. i appreciate that some people dont see those as blocks, but i dont intend to set myself up for divorce, even though as adam point out, its not that bad... yeah tell my mom's credit that!
diego cano (13 days ago)
Shay Dreemurr (13 days ago)
I never thought the perfect one would be true... until I found her and lost her...
Stan obrine (13 days ago)
That's if I ever get a girlfriend
ghengis john (14 days ago)
I dated my own hoodie
Nyroc2100 (15 days ago)
Damn I'm getting a liberal arts degree too
I hate my weekness's, they make me who i am (16 days ago)
Joseph! (16 days ago)
I'll take the dumb hot one, am I right gentlemen?
Dank Memes (14 days ago)
Joseph! id take the perfect
Kelly Hornsey (16 days ago)
Well I'm a girl
Wayne O'Neill (16 days ago)
the dumb hot girl was not as hot as any of the girls before her
Tea (16 days ago)
Tfw when you just straight up to work without even going to college..
Spearzus (17 days ago)
First semester done and I've yet to date any of them. Can't wait.
WriteOutTheHood (17 days ago)
Women don't talk to me it's like I don't exist or invisible.
ExVeritateLibertas (16 days ago)
You're supposed to talk to them, not vice versa.
Laura (17 days ago)
so the "hot but dumb" is the only blonde...Really???
Crowned Clown (17 days ago)
anyone have imaginary girlfriend besides me?
Whitebread raps (18 days ago)
the last one is so true
Aba Dibi (18 days ago)
why didnt i date any of these? and im through college?
random phone games (18 days ago)
the narrator has the perfect voice for this video
Mister Fuzzez (18 days ago)
This is depressing
Kiritsugu Emiya (18 days ago)
what is a hoodie?
The CATegory HD (15 days ago)
Kiritsugu Emiya a jacket or sweater with a hood that covers ur head
Thomas Dank engine (20 days ago)
maxie lewusk (20 days ago)
ha, liberal arts.
Joel Sandoval (20 days ago)
This is ABSOLUTELY true
Haakon Asp (20 days ago)
is it just me or is that guy totally from 50 shades of grey?
Mister Mistersen (20 days ago)
"who in the right mind would f**k their hoodie?" i wo- oh, i get it.
XxFancyGamerDudexX (21 days ago)
why is this on my recommended
gameskyjumper (21 days ago)
It would be more funny if all others girls start working out the same way athlete girl did after stopped having sex.
Wildlifefan AJ (21 days ago)
otome games be like
Irfan Baloch (21 days ago)
Obama Bin Keemstar (22 days ago)
1:58 thank the lord
schpoingle (22 days ago)
there's no dating in college ya old f6cks. you put your dick inside 3 girls if your lucky. their all sluts. you get an std and the one who lied and said she couldn't get pregnant? she's fucking pregnant. now go get in the welfare line instead of pretending you have a career ahead of you.
huraira ali (22 days ago)
"you won't mess this up." "you won't mess this up." x2 "you won't mess this up." x3 "how did you mess this up?!"
henry Sanson (23 days ago)
I want the church girl 😉
Madan Khale (19 days ago)
henry Sanson
Dima Raja (23 days ago)
can we be friends à Facebook bader hadeji a watssap+212642171996
Madelyn (23 days ago)
0:21 hey I have those shorts.
Pandora Charelle (24 days ago)
t h e v i d e o i s 3 3 6 m i n u t e s l o n g
Saki Miyu (24 days ago)
I'm a mix of the gamer and the athletic
Eduardo Sanchez (24 days ago)
Dated the perfect one year and a half. Fucked it up
Joshua Yuan (24 days ago)
Grammar nazi
adro894 (24 days ago)
ruuku (25 days ago)
All the people shown are so weak and pathetic. They're only goal in life is to mindlessly reproduce till they one day die after years and years of an unhappy marriage. In the end they're only afraid to die alone, but we all die alone.
Graeme Gunn (25 days ago)
The world would be a very different place if everyone went to college and then made sure to date at least six women before college was over for them.
Graeme Gunn (22 days ago)
+Saki Miyu I don't know. Whatever you want to? Don't ask me.
Silly Goose (IttyBittyGaming) (23 days ago)
Probably date 6 guys assuming they are balanced in genders and sexual identity
Saki Miyu (24 days ago)
Graeme Gunn What about the women? What do we do?
Zackslayer 19391 (26 days ago)
I am The Friend
Remy Lebeau (26 days ago)
Meh, I'll pass on all 6. MGTOW should know better.
Cyborgcreeper 249 (27 days ago)
I'm asexual
Stephen Struble (28 days ago)
"You were too afraid of messing things up and that messed things up. Maybe that's irony."
Shadow King (28 days ago)
haha the last part is wrong I am going for accounting not liberal arts :)
Ein Riko (28 days ago)
3:36 The one i'll date
HarikrishNa Mohan (28 days ago)
Once in a while I come back to these videos of collegehumor to remind myself of the good videos they uploaded in the past...
Sushma Hugar (29 days ago)
Special Telethon (29 days ago)
I wear hoodies all the time 😉 no real hoodie like the soft ones 😉
Comment Master (29 days ago)
Not my proudest fap
Jarm The Kid (30 days ago)
"You're the one with the liberal arts degree" I love it
Brandon Burell (1 month ago)
help the same ad keeps playing and won't stop
Kaila Perez (1 month ago)
I am the hoodie :( now that explains alot lmao
علي القاسم (1 month ago)
GiantsRTheBest1 (1 month ago)
What happened to THIS college humor? Now it's buzzfeed reloaded
Monu Singh (1 month ago)
video six
Razor Steel (1 month ago)
Glad I skipped college; they all seem to shag in their undies!
Steven Smith (1 month ago)
There are so much more chill girls out there, this video gave me a headache. Should've been named the six crazies you will meet, but even then some of those were nice
benson420710 (1 month ago)
dated basically all of them before college... now forever alone in the middle of tim buck too, looking back I never knew how to handle emotions so I didnt show empathy in the right scenarios imo
AntonioKowatsch (1 month ago)
How many girls I dated in college: 0 #trueStory #physicsMajor
Emachine06 (1 month ago)
Keith Nunez (1 month ago)
Emachine06 Squad up