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The Six Girls You'll Date in College

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Text Comments (29723)
Jajzii (1 hour ago)
Lol guys didn't even notice me in college..
Blueplasmagamers2 (4 hours ago)
stop scrolling down and study
Stephetheon (6 hours ago)
"Maybe... You'll get a real girlfriend"
Jake Loftus (6 hours ago)
"You're the one with a liberal arts degree" I cracked up.
Linkadoodle (8 hours ago)
Wait, what about the thot
D O G G O B A N A E (8 hours ago)
That's it im going to online college. I would rather spend my days alone eating ice cream.
Dan Hammond (9 hours ago)
I was too broke in college to date anyone.
James Kirk (9 hours ago)
6? lol, try NONE. jk, I didnt go to college. I'm actually homeless.
Laponairre (11 hours ago)
This is assuming that I will get to be with 6 girls
Jayden Le (12 hours ago)
The seventh? The one that never existed.
beaver-tails64 69 (13 hours ago)
This hit a little to hard
xKnightofSeven (13 hours ago)
You forgot your mom my man.
Red Phoenix2 (14 hours ago)
You’re wrong they’ll date me I won’t date ‘em
alan smithee (15 hours ago)
"The hot one" *shows generic woman with no features good or bad* This may just be me though as I've never found myself attracted to anyone. What's the consensus on this?
AiNoMijo XD (15 hours ago)
More like the 6 girls i will not date in college
Thomas Bullik (16 hours ago)
WRONG! i didn´t date any girls in college
tygamerforce (17 hours ago)
no absolutely not
Porter Oglesby (19 hours ago)
Bold of you to assume I'll date six girls in college let alone my entire life
Sasha Roberts (20 hours ago)
пиздец жиза
Republic Galaxy (21 hours ago)
I'm not that desperate to be dating 6 college girl as i have more bigger and better matters to attend to, that's me ditching the slutty college and go meet more intelligent and intellectual people at university
Sash M (1 day ago)
the most unreal situaiton of all the possible situations in world, i dont know where on earth you can find girl like this and college that you have time for dating on a lame movie kind of parties, this is bullshit
Gulhsan Ekka (1 day ago)
mujha ve chodna hi
John Hill (1 day ago)
A little tip for guys here. If you want to get a date with a college girl you need one of three things. One join the military college girls love military men because they have a great body, paying job, and receive job training giving them a future. Two be creative person because women love men who can invent or create stuff. Three get a degree in a useful feild like nursing or dental. Avoid fields that don't need a degree like pottery, or creative painting you can learn those skills by working under a master of them.
علي البصراوي (1 day ago)
ممكن تعرف على بنت
علي البصراوي (1 day ago)
Erik Muhlberger (1 day ago)
Just don't go to college. There, problem solved.
solstice (1 day ago)
last one hit home to hard
Anon Fangirl (1 day ago)
The blonde is the dumb one? Thanks 🙄
MC TETSUO (1 day ago)
DAAAAAAMN That shit is maad accurate. Athletic Girl = Kim Party Girl = Erin Church Girl = Cherie Hot Dumb Girl = Amber Friend Girl = Jessie Perfect Girl = Sami College was cool.
Starman609 (1 day ago)
Hey guys, if you want to date girls in college, all you have to do is ask them out. Confidence is key.
mangaka08 (1 day ago)
Ha! Jokes on you; I dated none of these girls. *And I'm still single even in graduate school.*
Don Cheadle (1 day ago)
jokes on you ill never date anyone
An0n1m0uz ? (8 hours ago)
3:00 to 3:10 Should have been like: "Come on be confident. Your're not gonna mess this up, you won't mess this up, you won't mess this up, how the f*** did you mess this up".
islander pei (1 day ago)
I mean how can u graduate if ur doing these crazy dates?
Antonio Centeno (1 day ago)
Just found this video again, first time i watch it was 2015 and i laugh a lot, three years later and... How did i mess this up? XD
Emaduddin Ahmad (1 day ago)
Bold of you to assume I will date 6 girls in my college time.
Canadian Bacon (1 day ago)
As a high school student I can TOTALLY relate to this.....right?
CallMeKapkid (1 day ago)
You're assuming I'm gonna date someone.
ViolettSchafLP (1 day ago)
This comment section is full of incels.
Andrew Liakh (1 day ago)
Didn't know I could date girls in college. Too late now.
Thomas Rexx (1 day ago)
(X) Doubt
Lewiski (1 day ago)
Thanks for the added insecurity there.
Рустам Бадалов (1 day ago)
Можно свами секс
kylepielochVEVO (2 days ago)
“Prolapse “ Lol
DARKCHOAS X70 (2 days ago)
Kael Sangeban (2 days ago)
Vendrix Uther (2 days ago)
I wonder how many people got a boner after watching this video
Shotgun93Alexander (2 days ago)
When you’re single and lonely ☹️
Shotgun93Alexander (2 days ago)
I’m buff but I don’t know how to get girls ☹️
Loren Stallion (2 days ago)
BJ JR (2 days ago)
This just made me *hard*
Hero of Kush (2 days ago)
0 because I’ll never get into College
Kent Peterson (2 days ago)
Rafael Calleros (2 days ago)
I gonna be honest i will never get 1 because 2 of them died
Sciencenstuffz - (2 days ago)
I’ve always knew I was lesbian. Time to tell it to my boyfriend
puspin cat (2 days ago)
I read the title as sex girls
Mauisky (2 days ago)
This from 7 years ago in my recommended
Link Luver (2 days ago)
Well... guess im prepped for college now xd
Sotsu (2 days ago)
But what if you’re a girl...lol I’m not saying I care
na chatana (2 days ago)
It's more like : six girls you won't meet in college
Dundatella (2 days ago)
360p.... damn...
Death Row (2 days ago)
The only reason why you would date the party girl is cause she could get you drugs and amazing sex
Margot Lymbery (2 days ago)
‘She looks better in track shorts than anything else’ *wears volleyball shorts’
other channel,won't be using this anymore (2 days ago)
Currently not yet in college, but I'm already friends with a girl who just got out of a relationship, and she told me she doesn't want another one yet...well time to play the long game
Felix Monsterct (2 days ago)
But who in their right mind would f*ck their hoodie. That got me so bad!!
Piet de Vries (2 days ago)
Ah yes, the college years... Gotta be honest with you here: I usually was way to whacked out of my mind to remember any distinctive characteristics about any of the chicks I dated - or how many there were, for that matter. Might still have been six, though :D
daniele borgiani (2 days ago)
Least relatable video of history
IIEmileeIIRedmonII (3 days ago)
2:20 look at him...foreshadowiiiing
Lonely Boy (3 days ago)
2:44 I fucking died
CinnamonsAnimations Ye (3 days ago)
1:50 Me: Gotta say my blessing first after devils treatment.
Filthy casual699 (3 days ago)
Click bait
Kitten Child (3 days ago)
do 6 guys
Talaky (3 days ago)
0:13 Thats my local park! lol
That2ndTomatoguy 106 (3 days ago)
What if I don't go to college?
Luka B (3 days ago)
Does youtube recommend this just to remind me of my everlasting loneliness
FlooF (3 days ago)
just dated two. Both cheated :,)
Mitch Cole (3 days ago)
god damn almost hundred million views
Sammy Williams (3 days ago)
This was the first video in my favorites Playlist.
I almost fucking cried at the last one xD It happened to me lmao
Michael Post (3 days ago)
Yeah I don’t want to date that many girls in only 4 years. Dating one in that time was enough for me to want to be single for a while
nyanyan Animations (3 days ago)
im gay
dhruvab5 (4 days ago)
Too right :o
Gus McBryde (4 days ago)
Imperialmoose (4 days ago)
The only 6 girls I dated in college were Rosie Palm and her five sisters.
Adam Xei (4 days ago)
You won't mess this up You won't mess this up You won't mess this up [How did you mess this up]
Jalapeno (4 days ago)
I'm gonna date someone in college?
Jalapeno (4 days ago)
And I'm going to college??
Gayway (4 days ago)
This isn’t the 6 girls you’ll date in Highschool this is the 6 girls that are most likely to be in a harem anime.
Hayden Fry (4 days ago)
The last one literally happened to me and it still haunts me
Raccoon City Journal (4 days ago)
Girl at the end was cute
Bradman (4 days ago)
TheBean Man (4 days ago)
fallow insta at willdabeast43
Penguin Anonymous (4 days ago)
I thought the pill at the party was a cheerio
Who's King Now (4 days ago)
This is a lie.... I didn't date anybody in college :(
Crimson Dino (4 days ago)
Do not tell we how to live my life or what to do with my GOD DAMN HOODIE!!!
creeproot (4 days ago)
the 6 girls you'll date in college 1) hinata hyuga 2) asuna yuuki 3) e *toc toc toc* NO MOM DONT COME IN
ThatLazyLizard (4 days ago)
Hey I’m a girl watching this does this count for guys too or just girls?
Lucas Freer (4 days ago)
So you're telling me if I date a Catholic girl, she's going to try to have sex?........with bondage?
xX_I2BEAST.JR_Xx (4 days ago)
_“6 girls”_
Zedd Z (4 days ago)