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Sweet & Salty Fruit Dip (Nam Pla Waan) นำ้ปลาหวาน | Thai Recipes

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Sour fruits are no longer a bummer, but an opportunity to dip them in this sweet, salt, umami dipping sauce! In Thailand, we make this simple dipping sauce specifically for tart green mangoes, but it also works well with any tart, firm fruit you might have. Green apples, underripe strawberries, dry tart pineapple...you name it! If you're weirded out by the combination of fish sauce and fruit, I get it, Adam my camera man was very suspicious of it in the beginning too. But watch the video to the end and you'll see his reaction—he was pleasantly surprised, and I think you will be too! In fact, many other countries in South East Asia have some version of this funky sweet dip for fruits, that's how good it is! It's very easy and it will last in your fridge for months, so you can keep it for any time you need :) YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Fruit Salad & Almond Jelly dessert https://youtu.be/2NstrZwNSqc JOIN US ON PATREON FOR BONUS CONTENT: https://www.patreon.com/pailinskitchen MY KITCHEN TOOLS & INGREDIENTS: https://kit.co/hotthaikitchen WRITTEN RECIPE: https://hot-thai-kitchen.com/nampla-waan MY COOKBOOK: https://hot-thai-kitchen.com/htk-cookbook/ CONNECT WITH ME! https://facebook.com/HotThaiKitchen https://instagram.com/HotThaiKitchen https://twitter.com/HotThaiKitchen https://www.pinterest.com/hotthaikitchen About Pai: Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnant is the author of the Hot Thai Kitchen cookbook, co-host of a Canadian TV series One World Kitchen on Gusto TV, and creator and host of the YouTube channel Pailin's Kitchen. Pai was born and raised in southern Thailand where she spent much of her "playtime" in the kitchen. She traveled to Canada to study Nutritional Sciences at the University of British Columbia, and was later trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in San Francisco. After working in both Western and Thai professional kitchens, she decided that her passion really lies in educating and empowering others to cook at home via YouTube videos, her cookbook, and cooking classes. She currently lives in Vancouver, and goes to Thailand every year to visit her family. Visit her at http://hot-thai-kitchen.com #ThaiFood #ThaiRecipes #AsianRecipes
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Pailin's Kitchen (6 months ago)
HELLO LOVELY VIEWERS! Important Note: If you have questions about this recipe, you can post it here for the community to answer. But if you want to ask me, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or my website (all links are in the description above). If you leave questions in the comments I may not see them due to the large volume of comments I receive across the hundreds of videos on this channel. Also, before sending on any questions be sure to read the written recipe on the website as I often add extra tips and notes not covered in the video. Thank you for watching!
itsabubslife (16 days ago)
Yum! The Lao version has padak and toasted rice powder and not as much sugar. my favorite snack ever
The Original BearBear (4 months ago)
Are there Asian supermarkets in Canada? You can get green mangoes there.
Adam the HTK Minion (4 months ago)
We have a HUGE asian population - so yes :) If you're looking for one you might find it here https://hot-thai-kitchen.com/locate-a-thai-grocer/ Cheers!
Pranee Phimmachack (8 months ago)
Karakade had me salivating the entire lakorn and now this!!!
Maria Lastrella (8 months ago)
Van Nguyen (9 months ago)
I watched your videos several times, and I’m person who likes Thai food too, don’t have time to try cooking Thai food but I like the way you talk, and you show everyone how to cook or make it so detail and clearly , and good thing is I learn some words Thai language from your cooking channel 👍👍
HaibTshajHaib (9 months ago)
Will try it!
Pamela Piyavunno (9 months ago)
onetouti (10 months ago)
Same in Vienam, delicious with green mangoes, but with only fish sauce, sugar and chillies
jtrinh52 (10 months ago)
ppl don't know what they're missing, the best combo!
Gem Brave (10 months ago)
Hello! Finally found this recipe. You're amazing. Thank you
Verena Valkyrie (1 year ago)
Does this keep well in the fridge?
Bory_Bfresh (1 year ago)
Thanks for the recipe, I just made it yesterday and it’s delicious!
HeartedAngel27 (1 year ago)
Wait is Adam the BF or just a helper? So confused. 😬😬
Adam Hunter (1 year ago)
Helper ... and Chief Minion :) She is married BTW.
HeartedAngel27 (1 year ago)
Love you girl. Your instructions are so helpful.👏👍🌟
Bozo Nightmare (1 year ago)
Its Summery its Fruity,Its Salty,Its tangy, I'd stick my face in it!
Maxine Mares (1 year ago)
My sugar got soled what did I do wrong!
casavia indriyani (1 year ago)
In Indonesia, we called this RUJAK!! And we just have to have them around 3 PM in the afternoon. The spicier the better. In some cities they just put in shrimp paste instead of fish sauce. But in Bali, they have the fish version. Best when you just use white sugar instaed of palm, and eat with with young mango. Super delicious!!
eric lam (1 year ago)
Hi Palin How many teaspoon sugar to put in?
Agnes Lee (1 year ago)
Thank you Pailin..
Daneth Sothea (1 year ago)
Your reaction gave me joy! Your are the cutest,pai <3 Ohhh... we have this kind of sauce in Cambodia but with different recipe. Gonna try this one very soon! ^.^
Agnes Lee (1 year ago)
Hi Pailin, is coconut sugar the same as palm sugar ? Thank you
cHemon (1 year ago)
Agnes Lee Yes.
Ngoc Tuyet Nguyen (1 year ago)
I love all yours cooking recipes
thesinger79 (1 year ago)
i have just started loving nampla wan when i went to the ratchada night train market...they sell the diluted kind like the one in this video...but they also make the dried paste kind and both are sooooo good with some crunchy green mango or koesavoey mango...just the other day i bought a small tub and finished with one whole mango all by myself lol
CINDY JO (1 year ago)
in Indonesia, its called RUJAK
Tasty Food OMG (1 year ago)
I am surprised your recipe. All from your teaching cooking. I love so much. 😍
Apocalyps (1 year ago)
2:13 Mmmmmm, nothing quite like shrimp coffee for the unsuspecting morning brewer.
Adam Hunter (1 year ago)
Tell me about it :)
Rosa Stewart (1 year ago)
Will definitely try this ... thk you
Ashley Irizarry-Diaz (1 year ago)
I love this idea of dipping all these other fruits! Because mango isn’t always in season here in Hawaii either and I’m always craving this dish!!
TuffKat (1 year ago)
can we justvuse regular sugar ?
pythia cael (1 year ago)
Now I want to harvest again our carabao mango. we still have the unripened one and just dip it with shrimp paste. Or buy a green mango (we call it indian mango). salivating while thinking about it.
Orchid CHOTO (1 year ago)
When I travel I usually have dip with me as it can have with green apple that made mw feel home all the time.
Pikachu LuvU (1 year ago)
I am drooling all over my shirt watching you cook this sauce. 😂😋. Thank you for sharing.
Vilde Monclair (1 year ago)
This looks so good!!
Dino Sunshine (1 year ago)
Were you buy your coffe grinder
Adam Hunter (1 year ago)
chimiess jam it’s pretty old really :) ... don’t remember sorry
Kresna Mukti P (1 year ago)
You almost there
JidtapadTK (1 year ago)
แอร๊ยยย....กำลังรออยู่เลย คิดเล่นๆ ว่าคุณพี่ต้องจัดมะม่วงน้ำปลาหวาน 😹😹 ออเจ้าช่างจัดได้ถูกใจข้ายิ่ง แม่หญิงไพลิน 😻😻
Lainy Fly (1 year ago)
OMG! This will help ease my Bhuppae Sunniwat fever! Thanks!
Kloyd Arne Peña (1 year ago)
Another version of a dip, i have to try...thanks Pai!
cHemon (1 year ago)
Just today, you won't believe what I saw at 7-eleven in Bangkok, "Mango with sweet fish sauce ICE CREAM!". ไอศกรีมรสมะม่วงน้ำปลาหวาน!!!
Lucy Xiong (1 year ago)
Omg after watching the Thai TV series I've been looking for the dipping sauce recipe and couldn't find one with English subtitles so thank you for this recipe. I'm definitely making it! 😍😋
Mehnaz Zaki (1 year ago)
Wow very nice
Doldolphin Dolo (1 year ago)
พึ่งรู้นะคะว่าน้ำปลาหวานกินกะstrawberryได้ (ปกติไม่ค่อยทานน้ำปลาหวาน) ส่วนละครออเจ้าหนูไม่เคยดู แต่รู้เรื่องหมดเพราะกระแสแรงมาก นั่งรถไฟฟ้าไปคนก็คุยเรื่องนี้กัน 555
langluvmovies (1 year ago)
I litterly just made this sauce with my mom's recipe and it was exact same as your. Small world small recipe lolsss...
Wunlee Buxton (1 year ago)
Come to Australia, we can get the green mangoes over here :P.
Jenny Nevers (1 year ago)
Ohhhh, i've been looking for something for the early strawberries. Thank you so much for this recipe!!!! And what's the television show you hinted at at the beginning???
Jenny Nevers (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for the info!!! 😘
Nisakarn K. (1 year ago)
Jenny Nevers Buppesannivas(love destiny) drama in Thailand.
Tala dipstick (1 year ago)
Where can we usually find palm sugar?
cHemon (1 year ago)
ernesto Bryan Visitacion Pitoy It depends largely on where you live.
Adam Hunter (1 year ago)
Are you in Vancouver? If so T&T has it but Asia Market is better :)
Junaidi Aminuddin (1 year ago)
Yup, eat it with green slightly unripe mangos, unripe papaya and turnip
Ben Lee (1 year ago)
Where is fish sauce?
Ben Lee (1 year ago)
HAHAHAHA i really skip that part and move to shrimp paste
cHemon (1 year ago)
Ben Lee Did you skip 1:15 ?
Polish Mama Cooks (1 year ago)
That is an amazing sauce, I am making that for next party!!!
Cong Chen (1 year ago)
I wanna see more “Adam” in the future videos !!!
Pink Blossom (1 year ago)
Hey Pai since it’s spring can you show us how to make fruit salads
Arthur Thao (1 year ago)
Anyone watch บุพเพสันนิวาส (Bupphae Suniwaat) too? Lmao it’s good.
This is mah name (1 year ago)
Arthur Thao I have watch it it’s so funny ฮามากกกกกกก
R Ten (1 year ago)
Omg I'm soooo happy!! I've been waiting for you to do this!! Was actually going to ask you to do one!! Lol.
Esther Tam (1 year ago)
I made this and brought it to my office as a treat. It went very well with celery sticks, french carrots, crowns of the broccoli, granny smith (of course) and the sour strawberries. Everybody loves it. They dipped their fingers into the sauce when the veggies were gone. Thank you!
Daniela Vang (1 year ago)
Yesss!!!! Love the TV show saaapppp.... 👌
yuyus yoes (1 year ago)
In indonesia we have Rujak, but a bit different in dip sauce. For the sauce we needs * Palm sugar * shrimp paste * Salt * Chili * Roasted peanut * Tamarind syrup (adding step by step) We all mix it together, using traditional grinder made by stone. Make sure adding the tamarind sauce at the end, and do not grinds the peanut very soft, so you still can bite the nut
yuyus yoes (1 year ago)
Please try,,, usually the fruits are: tart manggo or young manggo, pineapple, yam, water apple. But very optional. Because you hard to find out those fruit outside southeast Asia
blutey (1 year ago)
Anthony Subandi (1 year ago)
In Indonesia we call this rujak, but we also add crushed peanuts in the sauce. This looks great too!
Magdalena Reisenegger (1 year ago)
That looks weird... I mean, if you say it's good I trust you, but that looks weird
Magdalena Reisenegger (1 year ago)
i will :)
Ashley Irizarry-Diaz (1 year ago)
Magdalena Reisenegger its amazing! You got to try it
Kalina Chang (1 year ago)
Honestly after watching the drama, I myself been wanting to try this dip! Going to make it. Thank you so much for sharing!😙
Jonathan (1 year ago)
In the Philippines we dip sour green mango in fermented shrimp paste and it's so good! Same idea!
Albert Ong (1 year ago)
From บุพเพสันนิวาส... 555...... The moment I see this recipe, I knew it it's from that series... 😂
bri bart (1 year ago)
a lot of stubborn palm sugar...don't worry...like Nike's "just do it"...Pai's is "just pound it"! hahaha
Favorite Travel (1 year ago)
Can you share the shrimp paste brand that you used?
Pailin's Kitchen (1 year ago)
I used local shrimp paste I brought from Thailand so it's not available here..
Janvi Dwivedi (1 year ago)
hello all can any one tell what can be the best vegetarian option to replace dried shrimp in thai recipes ? it will be a great help if anyone can help
Pailin's Kitchen (1 year ago)
I would try adding miso.
Janvi Dwivedi (1 year ago)
Thanks so much
omg wth (1 year ago)
just leave it out and add more shallot. imo.
Murasaki (1 year ago)
Pailin you seem to have an audio layover glitch in the video about 3:24!
Pailin's Kitchen (1 year ago)
Yes indeed!
venus (1 year ago)
Mea karekade sent me!😄😄
OnigiriBunnie (1 year ago)
Did this become popular because of 'karn la krang neung...nai hua jai' ?? That was the show I saw it in and wondered what it would taste like ^^ Thank you for the recipe :3 I recently made your kai jiew and it was so easy and tasty!
Hofstadter (1 year ago)
3:24 Pai.exe crashed
Gấu Trúc Canada (1 year ago)
It is the tv series play by Pope and Bella ( destiny love ) right I saw this sauce from that series love the lakorn and love you channel thai food
adam apo (1 year ago)
i can see this sauce go with sour green mango
Ian Kresky (1 year ago)
แซ่บ <3
JohannaEG (1 year ago)
I wish I could eat shrimp! This looks fascinating!
ncivaj (1 year ago)
Yay! I have been wanting to make this sauce since seeing the lakorn.
Bon Srichan (1 year ago)
Its sweet dip..
princess clara (1 year ago)
Phạm Bá Lộc (1 year ago)
We have a variation of this dip in Vietnam too, and I gotta say it goes so well with sour crunchy fruits. People commonly say women during their pregnancy adore this combo, I would say non-pregnant folks love them just as much lol
Bill Newton (1 year ago)
Besides melted chocolate I have never considered a dip for fruit. Thank you.
Irun Mon (1 year ago)
It's samiliar with rujak. Have you tried with star fruit? It's so good. Also some people like to add bengkoang but personally I don't like it. My mom likes almost ripe papaya and my sister likes chompoo or rose apple the most
Living 6A (1 year ago)
I have watched you for quite a while now and loved your shows. Now this !!!!! I love you :-)
Tanapat Auttamedh (1 year ago)
this is my flavor, but i add a lot of spicy.
Marini Ballard (1 year ago)
Jicama and green papaya and sweet potato will be good for this dip too!
purple dusk (1 year ago)
This recipe has the umami-loaded shrimp paste, fish sauce and dried shrimp in it, of course it will taste good! If I'm not allergic to all of them I would have make it right away
Winter Storm (1 year ago)
I love this sauce with unriped mangos. Completely salivating. You have to get use to the strong smell and it is an acquired taste.
jtrinh52 (10 months ago)
yeah, they're unripe mangos
MaryJane (1 year ago)
James Punting lol ur so wrong
James Punting (1 year ago)
Winter Storm there not unripe mangos there Thai mangos there green.
Jayaprakash Jayabal (1 year ago)
You just inspired me to create a Nam Pla Waan Mangsawiraat 😁😁😁
Tiffany Choey (1 year ago)
hlubkojhang (1 year ago)
Omg!! I've been waiting for you to post this video since the Lakorn came out!! ❤
someonelolxD (1 year ago)
Ahhh I love this! In Malaysia there's a similar dish called "Rojak", it's made with the same ingredients :) I miss this so much since I'm living overseas and don't get to eat it often! Have to try this recipe, thanks!
fozo momo (1 year ago)
Pailin, Is there any Thai food thats not spicy?
Adam Hunter (1 year ago)
Hey Fozo! I can't eat really spicy food and there are a lot of Thai dishes that are fine for me ... so don't give up! :)
Joshua safwat-taylor (1 year ago)
I loved Buppesanivvas
鬼Gozu (1 year ago)
Nathalie Groot (1 year ago)
Always smell the box of strawberries! If they smell amazing they’ll taste great, but no smell, no flavor 👍
Josephine Paraiso Viernes (1 year ago)
My mouth watered when you took your first bite...
Simple Life of The Manuel’s (1 year ago)
Yaaayyy! Been waiting for this recipe! I always get it from my asian store and I love it!!
Hello how are you great God bless you🌼😊❤🌹
youa her (1 year ago)
Hello Pai! I just got done watching that lakorn and need to make this. I'm drooling already can't wait to make this. Thank you Pai
alfred How (1 year ago)
Thank you very much pai!
alfred How (1 year ago)
My mouth is salivating.. You look so cute at 7:19
P H (1 year ago)
Come to think of it, why not? Europeans and Americans alike use sweet and savory fruit chutneys to accompany meats and so forth.