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First look: Inside a $135 million home

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CNNMoney gets a first look at one of the the most expensive homes for sale in the U.S.; a 25-acre Dallas estate.
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Text Comments (116)
Syed ali raza Shamsi (2 months ago)
Kenich Karim (4 months ago)
Gud house
stringer 2295 (7 months ago)
FAKE replica of a European mansion. Hideous and tacky. (only in America)
Robin (9 months ago)
lol 5 years later even with price down to 100 million , still on the market. And it's with a different broker now. I wonder how much money Mr. Newby's company lost in this project.
Traders Friend (1 year ago)
kiknav (1 year ago)
who the hell design the interiors?!?! Goofy?
Rapture's Next (1 year ago)
So what? Rich people never get to enjoy what they have... LOL
savolrat (1 year ago)
If I'm going to blow that much money on a house, its not going to be in Dallas. just saying
Dutchy McDutch (1 year ago)
Nobody is going to buy a house for 135 million in Dallas. These kind of houses are extremely illiquid. It really is a buyers market.
Ostentatious Savant (22 days ago)
More likely than paying $70 million for Champ d'Or which is in the middle of nowhere Denton. You have a point though as this house sold for far less. However, the really issue is that they somehow wasted $100 million on these ugly structures. That in itself made this a losing proposition. They could have mitigated their losses greatly by subdividing the property and selling it in pieces because most of the value is in the land.
Kiran Martin (1 year ago)
Teddy Marian (1 year ago)
Old Westbury Gardens vibes
Joumana Delatte (1 year ago)
Where's Gatsby
Sandy Als (1 year ago)
Can you imagine this week we spent all day long you gonna get some sleep
Joumana Delatte (1 year ago)
What is the estate called?
Nite (1 year ago)
the guest house is bigger than my house.
Clownish-Gambino (1 year ago)
but it's in Dallas
Super Typhoon Yutu (1 year ago)
Ah...the guest house is bigger than my house 😏😒 fml
Nic Drake (1 year ago)
Why tf would someone need a house this big it’s pointless and to much to maintain.
Ostentatious Savant (22 days ago)
Why would he single handedly run the Texas Rangers into the ground, as well as Liverpool, and the Texas Longhorns football program? Because he's a gawd dayum idiot that's why!
jason rothfeld (1 year ago)
Its not worth more then 20 Mil
Ostentatious Savant (22 days ago)
That's nonsense. It sold for $36 million but that's a bargain considering the land. The house should be knocked down though IMO.
Alexander Sr (1 year ago)
Tom hicks house
kim andrew (1 year ago)
looks anandoned
Tank vhh (1 year ago)
its worth 6 million at best
Ostentatious Savant (22 days ago)
No way. They weren't lying about land value. This is 25 acres in a prime area of Dallas. If you have half an acre in this area then you are a rich asshole. Hicks had 25 acres. The structure sucks though i agree.
Matias Lopez (1 year ago)
Lovely house, thanks for showing 📱👀
Paljas (1 year ago)
Prolly worth 50 at most
ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique (1 year ago)
I hope I can be rich... amen...
bryce e (2 years ago)
This house isn't worth $60m. The design is terrible.
Paid Mason (2 years ago)
Hopefully the minimum wage gets increased to $15 an hour so I can afford the payments every month for this house.
Robb Cobb (2 years ago)
Can I please maintained a property like this for someone? I'd be perfectly content in one of the 2500 square foot broom closets. (Private message me!) Let's make this happen!
Matrix Exposing Truth (2 years ago)
my uncle is the owners frimd
Ostentatious Savant (22 days ago)
Can you ask him why the owner decided to fuck up the Rangers, and Liverpool, and the University of Texas Football program? Thanks!
Leprechaun (2 years ago)
what the fuckkk holy crapppp
Msflamingo2008 (2 years ago)
"Elegance in Abundance"...like that baseball glove chair?? (that prob cost $15k) 😉 Where's the matching Budweiser recliner w/built-in cup cozy & tv remote caddy? Just teasing, it's cool. Wonder what they consider "down-sizing"? WOW!!
TaberNZ (2 years ago)
Haws this filmed on a potato
Brad Erwin (2 years ago)
Looks like the last time Tom bought furniture was 1972.
Shoaib K (2 years ago)
Looks like a British castle gone wrong
Lulu Benz (2 years ago)
el crapo
Lazina Mohammed (2 years ago)
Ashish Koduri (2 years ago)
This is too overpriced.
Ostentatious Savant (23 days ago)
@Bryan Sold for $36.2 million.
Bryan (1 year ago)
It's now around $50 million
Jediah Lunzaga (2 years ago)
H b
Mohammad Barmawi (2 years ago)
Can you imagine the property tax on this house???????
Ostentatious Savant (23 days ago)
@jason rothfeld When you said close to a 3 million dollar home, I thought you meant $3 million a year in taxes which would probably be about right for a $135 million home.that has a homestead exemption on it. However, the price of this property plummeted and is only worth around $35 million today. Taxes on it are approximately $1 million/yr (no homestead exemption listed)
NPC #74935 (1 year ago)
jason rothfeld NJ is ranked #1 in the country for property taxes rates, but Texas is not very far behind at #3. Its the states' biggest revenue. Unfortunately for NJ you get a high income tax and property tax. Its all tradeoffs for most areas. Where I live its a relatively low property tax rates but the most expensive real estate of any major metropolitan areas in the country.
jason rothfeld (1 year ago)
Doubt it, the county I live in had the 3rd highest average property taxes in America. Look up Bergen County NJ.
NPC #74935 (1 year ago)
jason rothfeld Texas has some of the highest property taxes in America. This is due to no state income taxes.
jason rothfeld (1 year ago)
Its Texas so probably close to like a 3 million dollar home in Northern NJ
Lisa Lam (2 years ago)
Bruh, that guest house is like my regular house.
LongLostYellowRanger (2 years ago)
Beautiful home! ^.^
νταν νταν (2 years ago)
ugly as fuck
shajo gaming (2 years ago)
na just joking
ossimjew (2 years ago)
who the fuck would want to build that ugly overpriced monstrosity in Dallas?
Robb Cobb (2 years ago)
That's so fucking funny! She saw you do have and changed her tune quick! Everyone's a gold digger.
Msflamingo2008 (2 years ago)
ossimjew Thanks, no worries. Sorry about the bad day. Enjoy your home & that amazing view. Peace.
ossimjew (2 years ago)
+Adrian Ghandtchi I am a big fan of a mix between Greek revival and Victorian architecture, if I ever build another home I would want huge corinthian columns but as I like to say most houses worth owning were built 100 years ago or more.
ossimjew (2 years ago)
+Msflamingo2008 My apologies for being rude, having a bad day. Yes Thank you, I am very proud of it as I worked myself to death to pay for it.
Msflamingo2008 (2 years ago)
ossimjew No, I'm not daft. You were right about fucking with people. Your beach side home is very nice, modest, quaint.
shajo gaming (2 years ago)
hey they picture my house thats my house😐
Hudson (2 years ago)
Hana Abububaket OH YEAH I'M SURE
Spooky Child (2 years ago)
I can give you 125
Mandy Moore (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure that was just the outside but it's okay
Shawn D (3 years ago)
I just copped your house
Olivia Moon (3 years ago)
0:51 $135 million but wtf is that interior design LOL
leah scozil (5 months ago)
It's vintage, so much costlier.
j w (1 year ago)
Olivia Moon I thought it's beautiful
SPIRIT OF ECSTASY (3 years ago)
G E T R E K T 905 (3 years ago)
let's kill the owners and sell it
Ostentatious Savant (22 days ago)
Why didn't you do that before he ruined the Texas Rangers, Liverpool FC, and Texas Longhorns football programs?
Why Do you need to know! (1 year ago)
G E T R E K T 905 You can't sell it if you don't have the title! It goes to the owners heirs. If none, then it goes to the state (probate).
Yannea brailey (3 years ago)
I'm so jealous right now
Maritza Díaz (3 years ago)
How much ? It's amazing!!!!!!!
Jack Spratt (3 years ago)
Suckers want that much for that ugly place ?...........
Pero Peric (4 years ago)
When will people get angry?
the mark (4 years ago)
for what purpose do you need a outdoor fireplace?I mean jesus just build a fire-pit or a bonfire. high end architects are stupid
Ostentatious Savant (22 days ago)
@Msflamingo2008 Texas doesn't have autumn nights. I guess you mean December/January.
Msflamingo2008 (2 years ago)
the mark Because they're wonderful on a cool, Autumn night.
Humlitumdum (4 years ago)
Thats my house
Quiff Osaurusrex (1 year ago)
You fucking wish.
ISLAM is Satan's masterpiece - est satanique (1 year ago)
That’s my maid’s house
Marie's Corner (3 years ago)
Humlitumdum (3 years ago)
You can rent a room for 5600$ a month
Marie's Corner (3 years ago)
+Humlitumdum we could live together, i have my room and you have yours
Agent Smith (4 years ago)
and once a month it will cost 10 grand in landscapers 5 grand in water.. 2 grand in electricity.. i hate the rich i really do.. saucy you are right we strugle while these bastards live like this
Maricar Valiente (4 years ago)
Ilike$999MillionHouses Ilike$925MillionBedrooms
Craig Johnson (4 years ago)
Owners spent $100 million on the 3 structures... Riiiight...
Jack Benton (1 year ago)
The main home was built in 1935, and you clearly have no idea how much it cost(s) to build a limestone mansion like this. I don't know how much this SPECIFIC home cost, but similar homes that were built by the incredibly wealthy "robber barons" around the turn of the century (Vanderbuilts, Rockefellers, Astors, Fricks, etc) usually cost around $3 million to $7 million at that time (obviously the truly gargantuan homes like the Biltmore Estate and the Breakers cost FAR more than that). And since you probably don't understand how inflation works...$5 million in 1913 is equivalent to $126 MILLION today. The Biltmore Mansion cost the equivalent of over $300 MILLION (today) to build. These homes were built with a level of craftsmanship that is almost non-existent today. There was a large addition made to this home using Limestone from the same quarry in Europe that was used to build the home back in 1935. You could not buy the land and build a home of this size, with this level of quality of materials, and with this level of craftsmanship for less than $100 million today. Now unfortunately for the wealthy who build these homes, they never sell for anywhere NEAR what they cost to build, and income and property taxes are the reason the uber wealthy stopped building such large, stunningly high-quality homes like this one. And for the record, this estate just sold this past January for $36 million.
Audrone Padervinskaite (3 years ago)
its for land and location this price. didnt you hear only 8 min to center
voicetube (4 years ago)
Exquisite property!  Refined yet bright and airy - Close to perfection!!
saucysoviet (4 years ago)
135 million bucks and i'm here struggling to pay my $314 visa bill..
Nandlal Balai (6 months ago)
Thanks for the update! Thanks
mikemer79 (4 years ago)
You stealing Americans jobs
john z (5 years ago)
is this house haunted? O.o
YPO6 (3 years ago)
+john z Large and expensive houses are always haunted, especially if they look old, year of construction is not important. You can evict ghosts with modern interior and appliances e.g. new laminate floors, trendy looking microwave oven, new PC towers, blinking modems, led lights, flat panel tv's, and most importantly always play modern chart pop music. Ghosts hate rap and pop.
wayne cook (5 years ago)
shit my dads got 8 acres that mutafucker better give me some money lol 
Star Perez (5 years ago)
Just kidding I wish
Star Perez (5 years ago)
I live in this house with my parents it is so cool
Quiff Osaurusrex (1 year ago)
I smell bullshit.
Super Typhoon Yutu (1 year ago)
Star Perez yeah right
I comment what you're thinking! (6 years ago)
Hey! Me to, lets go halves lol
Martin Benavides (6 years ago)
It'll be scary to live in a huge house like that! Fuck that...
blabla (6 years ago)
15M for land- alright reasonable for a freehold land with no depreciation. 100M for house?? How many year is that building? Even with straight line depreciation that house is only worth 50M assuming 10% dep rate and its five years old..
Ostentatious Savant (22 days ago)
The land is actually where most of the value was. This is a prime location in Dallas and could be split into several massive luxury home sites. Thing is most people that are willing to spend $20 million+ for a home probably want it to be very personalized to their needs. This home is old, has an ugly interior, and the exterior is nice but nothing spectacular. That's why this sold for just a fraction of what they were asking for.
Msflamingo2008 (2 years ago)
blabla It's 25 acres at $2mil per acre (based on land value in that area). $50mil in land alone.
blabla (6 years ago)
Why does a family who can live comfortably in house size of four tennis court size; need such a ugly huge house? What are the 6 children and parents are giants?
gosucoaching (6 years ago)
Ok, I'm taking it! I recently inherited the money of Nigerian prince.