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Working as a Package Handler UPS

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What you should consider working as a Package Handler, This is my perspective of the job. Don"t mind the lifeguard shirt !!
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LosAngeles.323 (1 day ago)
First off, you're so cute. Second, I was looking into working for UPS, I was about to hit that submit button but after this, fuck them.
Demario Johnson Modz (4 days ago)
I have a interview tomorrow
LosAngeles.323 (1 day ago)
Keep us updated.
Knowledge S.O.G. (12 days ago)
To anyone reading this it is the worst company in the world to work for if you are a driver then you make some money and you have a few benefits if you are not a driver and hold any other position you are a nobody you are dispensable nobody cares what you say nobody cares what you think and nobody cares about your personal life just shut the fuk up and move those boxes and if you're anything less than fall down on your face grateful for this opportunity then you're fired. From a customer standpoint do not ship through UPS we shoot baskets with your boxes in the garbage cans when we get angry we throw your boxes from the line into the truck bouncing them off the door that separates the cab and the back of the truck I cannot speak for everywhere but this is true in the Kankakee Illinois facility watch your ass people
Long MeatD (13 days ago)
I start tommrow
공도리 (12 days ago)
Same lol
Chad Bellbowa (14 days ago)
I quit 5 days in >:) they wanted me to lift fast and I got yelled at but I did what I could do and not above and beyond
TheBrandon1507 (15 days ago)
im making 13
andrew anderson (15 days ago)
Why does it seem like it's only white people work for UPS? All the driver's I seen were white, I only saw 1 black man in my area's I go through. I'm a landscape maintenance worker we go to different house's and cities each day, So I see a hella lot of USP van's driving around.
공도리 (12 days ago)
Good for you . Working as a landscaper is much better than working for UPS
Erica Guidino (25 days ago)
Hey Anthony,what about large packages like my ebike in a big box.Hopefully they dont just throw crap around.
Roderick Julius (27 days ago)
Shitty job I'm about to quit that shit
GlizzyAP (1 month ago)
do i need a diploma? can i be 17?
Gail Cook (1 month ago)
So I just ran across this. I have worked for u.p.s. for 22 years. Ontario California hub. I am currently recovering from a hip replacement surgery, work related wear and tear. The exact management people who never listened or cared about my suggestions for a safer work place, are now calling me to see how I'm doing?!* it is a horrible place to work. They only care about numbers and safety is at the bottom of the list. It is nothing like the way the company portrays it in the video. Do not make u.p.s. a career. It will ruin your body and your spirit if you.let it. If other u.p.s.ers have a different experience I would say that is not the norm. If you have worked in Ontario, California hub you will be able to relate. Go to school, use your brain not your body. Even though eventually you make a decent wage, as I am discovering, it is impossible to enjoy life when you are in constant pain
Gail Cook (21 days ago)
+Dennis Pluto thankyou for your reply. We are the *truth*, we are living examples of how the company works (or dosent work) if safety were #1 we would be provided the time and equipment we need. Just like in the SAFETY VIDEOS. It's shameful. I wish you well and hope you recovery enough to enjoy life. We all deserve that. Sincerely, Gail
Dennis Pluto (22 days ago)
Gail Cook you are so right I have knee replacements spinal decompression surgery after 12 years there and that's when we made 16 hr. In 1989 even thought I collect a ups pension it's not worth the pain and destruction of your body
Jose Angel Bernal Jr (1 month ago)
Are you indoor most of the time doing it?
Royce McMahon (1 month ago)
Back in 95 I was working for Sears and was going to College, I picked up a second job at UPS. This only lasted a month and was by FAR the worst company to work for. I can't believe this dude thinks Unions are a plus. I quit after and month because I realized the faster I worked, the faster I went home. Nice but less pay. No team work at all, Boss in a white shirt a tie yelling the whole the time. Unions kill team work, every man for himself. If you want a raise the Union has to get it for you. it was 110 degrees at 1am no fans, and the management always asked what I would do if there was a fire? Every day, what do you do if there is a fire? Unions are for people who have no problem doing what they are told whether it makes sense or not. I ended up getting on at a semi conductor company a month later working three days a week 24.5 hours and had four days for school. I also got personal absent days and vacation days to start along with 5 holidays a year along with insurance. I went full time a year later, six months after that I had received my third raise sense starting the job. I also got three bonus a year on top of that. This company treated me like I was a person for 20 years. I loved almost every day I went to work. In fact it wasn't work most of the time. I got paid to think and to troubleshoot. I got to work with Engineers and saw what a good team could do. I got raises based on what I did, not what the Union thought I needed.
Vex Shoemaker (1 month ago)
Stay there a bit longer, like myself (30 years old) and you will work 45-50 hours making almost $40/hr as a driver... Life is good.
Let me think Huh (14 days ago)
Vex Shoemaker When ups does a random test do they send you alone to the clinic or do they accompany you to the clinic
Sinia Trujillo (1 month ago)
True I work a part time for 4 months, As package 📦 $9.50 25 hours check come like $200.00 a week 🙈🙈🙈🤷‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Matt C (1 month ago)
20yrs here preload ,,loader position 1100 peices a day..suck it up SNOWFLAKES
Zach Hayes (1 month ago)
20 hours a week although it’s hard work it’s really not that hard. My hardest days are when I’m on call and come back. The company is about time so if you’re not happy time will fix it. After the first year you’re getting paid holidays, two weeks!!! of vacation, a raise, and really good health insurance, which I haven’t had since I was eighteen because my parents are shit. Pension, 401k, opportunities to move up, I got my first A to C car basically based off the fact that I work at UPS. Twenty hours a week gives you plenty of time to figure out another way to make money or chill if the hours you’re working are really so damn hard. Basically this job blows all fast food and retail positions out of the water. Cons would be if they don’t deliver on promises, if amazon takes over, communication about the new contract is poor and they have had us grouped up several times where they could have brought that up. Also ALL of the older guys complain about back injuries, do not want.
Daniel Montoya (1 month ago)
I Work in EREGS
Insomniac Boxing (1 month ago)
I worked holiday peak. One day preload then driver helper the rest of the time. Driving was waaaaay better. Not into 4am start. Only reason I would've stayed is to hope a driver job opened up. They pay the drivers well.
Jared hamilton (2 months ago)
So my ups is offering a part time night shift package handler. And the shifts are really short like 4 hours.. would this be worth it then? They are gonna be paying $11 n hour. And i really don't mind only working 4 hours would it still be bad though ?
Jared hamilton (1 month ago)
+Rafa .a like just fast past ? Orrr.. they told me I wouldn't be lifting more then 70 pounds and I can definitely do that lol. I'm by no means a "weak" person I guess. I just need money and they are hiring 😂
Rafa .a (1 month ago)
Unless you can handle very hard labor, I wouldn't recommend.
Penguins Willeatyourbaby (2 months ago)
This place is a joke for Working class people interested in taking advantage of the tuition reimbursement. By the time you get off, you're too exhausted to really apply your self to education, plus do the math. It's 10/hr and they reimburse 5k a year. That's 2.50 and hour more. If you worked at Amazon for example, where it's 15/hr, you'd have 5k in savings after taxes and they still also offer tuition reimbursement. Ups really doesn't offer anything good in terms of benefits, pay, and your paying a fucking union. A union who is not interested in helping working people at all . It's a joke.
Penguins Willeatyourbaby (2 months ago)
Foist, I wunna tawk obout opllying for fuh jahb
K C (2 months ago)
They will reward u with more work
blessedwithoutmeasur (2 months ago)
I started 2002 9.31 hour pt then in 2007 got full time, was working early morning started, then got displace first got laid off , then got displace to night shift, where i work now small short and car wash,had some time landing but as a older woman , i enjoy working there, Ive worked there 16 yrs, yes you work hard but the money is good, and if you stick with it you will make good money and you can go to school on there benifits,
8thfloor Entertainment (2 months ago)
it gets easier as you get older and build more muscle fiber strength.
Jesse K (2 months ago)
I did both during peak season. Honestly I was one of 2 people who actually made It through peak. Only reason I wound up leaving was just because pay is bullshit
Shabani Weird (2 months ago)
To all ‘I started with UPS 200 years ago made $8.00 an hour.’ We are in 2019 $8 from back in the days is not $8 from nowadays. Coffee doesn’t cost 25 cents anymore, a gallon of gas doesn’t costs $1 anymore. A house that was worth $250 000 is now worth $450 000. It’s not the same money you were making back the days. We live in a inflation...please spare us with ancient stories from the past it’s not enough.
1MNUTZ (2 months ago)
i worked as a driver helper at ups during the holiday season and lemme tell you its not easy work but it's fun for the most part you're constantly on the move
Donald Mosher (2 months ago)
My advice is never work at UPS. They want young strong backs and work you like a slave at a concentration camp. I worked there for twelve years and decades later that wear and tear on your body catches up to you into a host of orthopedic problems and it is too late to make the connection for a lawsuit although orthopedists know that damage can stay dormant and make you miserable with chronic pain when you get old.
Dennis Pluto (1 month ago)
Well said you are 100 percent right I've had spinal decompression surgery and 2 knee replacements from 12 yrs there it caught up to me years later
vladimir putin (2 months ago)
UPS drivers are one of the reason the Teamsters is going under. Overpaid greedy bitches
Sean Kittrell (2 months ago)
They shorted me 1.50 an hour in pay. Always shorted my hours. It was joke do not work for these people.
James Joiner (2 months ago)
AnthonyMac, serious question here. I just listened to you mention the hardest to easist jobs around 11:15 and I want to know how many mem/women over the age of 35 performed those jobs? I ask because you look to be in your early to mid 20's and I dont mean that in a derogative way but im 35 and can assure you i'd be going for surguries within 6 mths to 1 yr of that crappy laborer type work. It sucks on so many levels I cant even articulate properly. 5 yrs ago it was all about how poorly walmart treated their workers and now its all about the even faster paced world of logistics and on demand online ordering. Its a living hell and capitalism never seems to quit but its the people at the bottom of the grand pyramid scheme that keep the all seeing eye hovering, i.e, detached from the rest.
James Joiner (2 months ago)
I feel your pain 1000% but I gotta bust your balls for a sec, in the background I see windex and lotion near a tv/pc lcd so I instantly assume you like to rub one out to a very clean screen. Like some real OCD sh!t, lol. Seriously tho I worked for a walmart dist center for 6-8 mths and it was the worst working part of my life.
Mr Tibbs (2 months ago)
You pay unions dues for a year with no union benefits? Rip Off!
Joe O (22 days ago)
No you pay union dues for the first month with no benefits
Cody Junior (2 months ago)
Yeah ill be able to make it to the top with this company. Im 29 years old and have a strong ass mind and I don't give two fuks who wants to talk shit..I work and thats it...I made it with fed ex and was the best worker they ever fucking had...so suck a dick fed ex
john wayne (2 months ago)
work at YRC. Starting pay is $16.00 and fully vetted is $18.00 in 3 yrs. And you got 15/30/15 breaks.
Rodney Johnston (2 months ago)
You sound like a crybaby You are gonna be a loser when you grow up
Rodney Johnston (2 months ago)
Young older childrenIn today's world all they do is cry cry cry You have to do a little bit of work When I was your age I work 15 hour A-day6 to 7 days On a fishing Boat I hardly new what A-day off was
Rodney Johnston (2 months ago)
I give you Finger down on your video because you don't know how to make a video Without use in the world basically
Stephen Fiore (2 months ago)
I work pizza delivery and make $10-15/hour and get to listen to anything I want on the phone 75% of the day. Usually Bring home $75 in tips on an average day not counting the hourly wage. You just need a good car which can be hard to find. Subtract $1.00 for car repair or payments.
UNCLE SAM (3 months ago)
Stay away from the pieces of shit on 43rd 12ave Depot, Manhattan..
Jim joe Kelly (3 months ago)
Sucks ass when u first start out, switch you place to place and don’t give you any training in any new place they put you at. Unload was easy, load side is terrible because it’s an absolute mess all the time. They keep when they say ur good to go, so if they try to force you over to twilight or m, a sort just make some shit about another job, or a religious holiday or something. When I worked during peak season and they wanted me to work for a 12 hour shift, I just told them I was Jewish and I had to celebrate Hanukkah with family and they sent me home.
101Sniping (3 months ago)
Heres the thing in case you guys dont know you dont have to work faster or harder if they tell you to. Use safety as your answer they cant tell tou anything cause safety comes first
Gustavo Diaz (3 months ago)
I been working in ups for a week im a driver helper i hate it big time the driver wont let me take lunch brake i dont have a brake at all !!!!!! Im only working this week and im out
xp3bood (3 months ago)
$10.00 hr not in Canada here is over $20 an hr
Rick Baskett (3 months ago)
I dunno, seems like he's griping because you have to work so hard, welcome to the world my friend. I deliver propane for a living and we pretty much deal with the same thing. Start at 8 a.m., get off when you're finished, might be 5, might be 10, 6-7 days a week in the winter. You learn quick that if you want to get done and go home, get faster, you WILL get faster, takes time to get the speed down in anything, once you get that muscle memory and speed down, you FLY.
GTmaniac (1 month ago)
Do you deliver propane accessories too?
stop light (1 month ago)
Fuck off you high school dropout
Elephant In The Room (3 months ago)
Its ironic how they pay you the minium poverty wage where you must rely on welfare and must work 2 full time jobs to rent an apartment; yet they expect like the maximum work ethic. Its Ironic how they give you the least amout legally, and they in return expect you go give them your blood sweat and tears
Danny Brockman (3 months ago)
This guy is such a herb!!!! 😂😂
Maureen Elam (3 months ago)
I've worked at ups for 19 years that place is a living nightmare
LosAngeles.323 (1 day ago)
If it was such a nightmare, how did u last 19 years?
Let me think Huh (14 days ago)
When ups does a random test do they send you alone to the clinic or do they accompany you to the clinic
dehsa (3 months ago)
This is the second video I've seen of someone else saying the exact same thing. Thanks for letting us know, guys!
Dillon Jordan (3 months ago)
Don't even get me started on ups them people only about the numbers your just a number to them
Dillon Jordan (3 months ago)
Ups treats you like a fucking inmate in the county jail and another thing fuck manpower they are taking your money they are tricking you they some fucking tricks
Dillon Jordan (3 months ago)
If ups was so fucking great why they stealing peoples shit.
Dillon Jordan (3 months ago)
Ups is a rope they gonna take you to the cross and make sure you can't work no we're else ups is a trap
Midnite Flicker (3 months ago)
Dude i was working at family dollar distribution through a temp agency. I was on induction unloading huge cages of boxes onto conveyer belt and made sure barcodes were facing up for 12 hours a day 2 breaks and a half hour lunch. It was very physically demanding labor intensive and was very hard. On day 5 i was told by guy that trained me that not only do barcodes have to be up but have to be a certain way to be read by scanner. You also are expected to do 130 percent to be hired on full time. So working there on my shifts we had 3 people on inducting and as night went on cage after cage of boxes stacked on us and were expected to stay until all cages were unloaded because we were only three people trying to keep up with around 8 forklift pickers or more.
Daniel (3 months ago)
8 months and you didn’t try to be a sup lmao
ჩმʂƙεղէlἶ (3 months ago)
I start ups really hard today is 2. Day
Jahwaiian808 (3 months ago)
Well started me off at 15 an hr. And OT APPROVED after 5 hours and that's per day sooooo..... I'm doing good
Connor Cerf (3 months ago)
By the sound of it, UPS is what you make of it. I don’t work there but I plan on working full time to make a career after I get my associates because I don’t see a future for myself in school. My friend just started working there part time and after 5 months he got moved to being a driver (which is insane because some people wait years) and is making good money and hours. After about 4-5 years of being a driver you can make up to 40$ an hour on top of a shit load of benefits. If you want quick money start selling weed because it sounds like UPS is a long haul gig lol
The Powerpuff Girls (3 months ago)
You're cute!
Abrahan Sanchez (3 months ago)
It's hard work but after my 90 days I can get the benefits for my family and anyone can do it just depends where u work at, I have a awesome team. I do about 12 to 14 hours a day, and live in California
Anthony Ferraro (3 months ago)
thank you so much bro fr!
Tasha Rhodes (3 months ago)
Thank God I have a pain management doc.!
Ian Weir (4 months ago)
where are you new york? what do they pay an hour?
VaNDaL253 (4 months ago)
i started at $15 an hour with $200 bonus a week. and over time after only 5 hours.....its damn good pay if you ask me
VaNDaL253 (2 months ago)
jdl 68 yea I don’t blame you. I already left UPS too. Since peak season is over, no more $200 weekly bonus. And the hours sucked, only 3-4 hours. And I’m not willing to travel 47 miles for work anymore , for peak season they provided us a free shuttle from Tacoma Wa, go Redmond WA, but that’s gone too now. I just started a new job at Northwestern Industries Inc in Seattle WA making $18/hour FT.
jdl 68 (2 months ago)
VaNDaL253 lets not forget here i was called a beast by my managers because i always was the first to finish im only 5'11 165 lbs 22 years old and was liked by every one of those managers they were good guys but the HR department lied and the union lied. I have that back pay in writing as well too bad id be going through too much trouble time and money to get it now ill never see that check which should of been in the 1k zone by now. Oh well but again i worked my ass off and had to pick up others slack. Boy i tell ya though opening up a beer at 6 or 7 pm and not having to worry about going in that time feels amazing but cant get too comfortable.
jdl 68 (2 months ago)
VaNDaL253 yeah then why at our metro well the metro in this city i quit a few days ago. We got no bonus we got 240 a week with no work on sundays no 25 hours a week more like 23 if that. Overtime doesnt exist unless you are liked i was but only given one day. On august 1 i was promised 13 dollar raise and for any day after that i would get backpay for it and since then i didnt get shit nothing no bonus nothing. I said fuck it and left i should of had another job lined up but im looking as i type this. I was tired of getting up at 2 am and driving thirty mins for 240 a week thats trash if i was given 500 a week i would be fine.
VaNDaL253 (2 months ago)
jdl 68 you don’t believe me!? Hahaha are you serious? Would you like me to give you the number to HR and you can verify it for yourself. I didn’t even mention the double pay on Sunday’s, that’s $30/ hour. You can even work up to 20 hours if you want! And anything after 25 hours you earn double for for the rest of the pay period (one week) . In Redmond WA.
jdl 68 (2 months ago)
VaNDaL253 crock of shit
Dillon Jordan (4 months ago)
Listen to your advice sucks
Dillon Jordan (4 months ago)
It's a shit job I rather pour concrete fuck UPS your a dumb ass if u think ups is a career they don't give a fuck about you your fresh meat
Dillon Jordan (4 months ago)
Ups bitch
Tomiko Eaton (4 months ago)
What do u think about a 3:00am to 9:00 shift as a package handler
christine russell (4 months ago)
Go try Landscaping in 100 degree weather moving 15 yards of mulch that's work I just started at UPS its physical work but not too bad
LG5694 (4 months ago)
Well they did not give me the 3 day training for me
Noah hunt (4 months ago)
I’m a part time supervisor making $18.45 an hour. New hires for peak season are getting a $200 a week bonus just for showing up on time everyday!
Noah hunt (4 months ago)
He made a reason to flex in the video haha
Taylor Meabon (4 months ago)
There a plenty of videos from disgruntled and entitled ex employees who have some shit to talk. It's nice to see someone who differs, and gives a honest opinion of what to expect in the facility. Every building will differ wildly from each other. Hell even many of the shifts differ a lot. On my shift, sort aisle is the hardest job, but the shift after mine, sort aisle is the easiest job. So it depends quite a lot. But the core of this video really got it right: If you have a good work ethic, if you want a workout, then UPS can work. It's a great place to build a career if you don't have an education. It's a good place to get benefits as a part time employee that can serve you and your family. It doesn't pay a lot to start, but if you know where to look you can set yourself up for the rest of your life.
Early Bird (4 months ago)
They drug test?
Matt Cola (4 months ago)
UPS is bullshit I started 6:30-10:30 then I get off 8:40 pm 🤦‍♂️. I’m in California minimum wage is $13.25/hr but yet I made $99.00 worked 5 days straight . UPS = Untied Parcial Slavery lol
John Combs (4 months ago)
Can I come in baked
Zach Hayes (1 month ago)
I do and it makes me slow and packages fall on me when I would usually jump out of the way... lmao
Austin Frisby (2 months ago)
Just handle ur business and they'll ignore it
Cossette O'Donnell (3 months ago)
Reid Schaper (3 months ago)
Of course u can, no one has to know
Danny Brockman (3 months ago)
John Combs i do all the fuccin time🤣😂🤣😂
Mack Jordan (4 months ago)
Bruh you look like Philip Rivers
Danny Brockman (3 months ago)
Black Mask no he don’t, get your eyes checked fool
Introverted Aries (4 months ago)
I have my interview tomorrow the only reason I applied is because I have a 2 year old depending on me and his father ain’t doing shit so here I am. I chose the twilight shift
TwiceThePraise (5 months ago)
They starting me off at 13/hr with $40 weekly bonus if your on time every week. If you’re wondering I’m in Texas where minimum wage is 7.25 not bad. But they’re about to start paying 20-25hr since it’s about to be peak season
dabigdikdangler (5 months ago)
Man it's my second week, I had no idea there were so many ways to load a trailer WRONG. Thought I was doing good because my packages weren't piling up, until the overseer comes in the trailer every 5 minutes to tell you he doesn't like how you build your walls. It sucks. There are much easier ways to make 10 bucks an hour.
KLICK KAN KAP (5 months ago)
its $13/hr in new york lmao
vag4l vevo (5 months ago)
Men I'm working 20 hours a week 10.35 an hour. Monday - Friday
vag4l vevo (5 months ago)
You a lucky ass Motherfucker. Cause I wished I started working as a pick off. I feel in love with pick off I'm a loader.
FirstTakeFools (6 months ago)
It’s not being paid to workout. It’s being paid to have back problems 20 years earlier then you would have.
Alfred Hernandez (21 days ago)
FirstTakeFools haha so true.
Blastaar7 (6 months ago)
The pay is the kicker for me. I don't mind hard work, never have, but fucking pay me. I'm not even saying I gotta hit six figures, but lemme take home at least 600 every 2 weeks. That ain't shit, but damn man. Minimum wage. Fucking debt slave society.
Bihima Baby (6 months ago)
They’re starting me at 12.25
Rory Hoban (6 months ago)
I have an interview for a package handler tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what to think haha
Tafarixx (6 months ago)
Do you still work there? How's it going?
Ryan Awe (7 months ago)
Rule #1: don’t try If you try and you’re only working for a short amount of time you’re a headass tbh if they see you doing really good they’ll keep pushing you that’s why you should do low numbers and slowly work your way up. And then quit LMAO
shaft johnson (7 months ago)
Thanks man I got scheduled for interview today but your video helped my make my mind up
ralph lopez (7 months ago)
This is stupid.... I loaded for 6 years. Shit was 2 easy as fuck.. I loaded 5 trucks and listened to podcasts for 4 hrs a day.now I drive and make 100,000 bucks a year. Guess what kids hard work pays off u lazy fuckers
More Deposits (7 months ago)
They dont direct deposit?
Bad Andy (7 months ago)
Damn I make more a month on the gi bill. I think Ill just go back in the military where I cab screw around most of the day
Adrian Taylor (7 months ago)
Being a package Handler is stressful
ralph lopez (7 months ago)
Adrian Taylor ur a bitch
Emmanuel Archie (7 months ago)
Loader/unloader is a easy job tho it is hard work
ShredDedicated (8 months ago)
I started at 11.00 lol
Eric (8 months ago)
Everyone who wants to work better have thick skin. Females prepared to be sexually harassed it’s a different culture there. At my location people in charge were taking advantage of females having sex with them. Your checks may be shortened also. You are a slave there so expect to be treated like one. I only suggest this job to ppl who are out of options and are desperate. It’s long hours if your a driver. Ppl will be fucking around but stay focused on your jobs they have lots of immature ppl there and it’s sad cause there older too. I moved with purpose and was serious about my shit and I gained the respect of the ppl I worked with.
Alex Gonzalez (8 months ago)
If you dont plan on making UPS as a career then stay away. I started in the summer of 2013. I became a FT driver in Oct. of 2017. 4 years of Preload shift was hell but well worth it now that I'm driving
RavenGaming (8 months ago)
Do they drug test
Brooklyn Joe (7 months ago)
Dashoost .....Dont worry.....routine drug tests will get ya all the time.....Never know when its comin
Dashoost (7 months ago)
no drug testing unless you're a driver and you get into an accident and someone, even yourself is injured. otherwise it is UPS =united pot smokers.
Fabian Hernandez (7 months ago)
RavenGaming at mine they didn’t
Rooted Chic (8 months ago)
Can u reschedule ur interview??
Fernando (8 months ago)
If im a loader do you think if i ask to be a unloader they'll switch me?
ralph lopez (7 months ago)
Fernando u don't want that job... U get paid less and it's harder