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Working as a Package Handler UPS

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What you should consider working as a Package Handler, This is my perspective of the job. Don"t mind the lifeguard shirt !!
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Tomiko Eaton (3 days ago)
What do u think about a 3:00am to 9:00 shift as a package handler
christine russell (4 days ago)
Go try Landscaping in 100 degree weather moving 15 yards of mulch that's work I just started at UPS its physical work but not too bad
LG5694 (9 days ago)
Well they did not give me the 3 day training for me
Noah hunt (14 days ago)
I’m a part time supervisor making $18.45 an hour. New hires for peak season are getting a $200 a week bonus just for showing up on time everyday!
Noah hunt (14 days ago)
He made a reason to flex in the video haha
Taylor Meabon (17 days ago)
There a plenty of videos from disgruntled and entitled ex employees who have some shit to talk. It's nice to see someone who differs, and gives a honest opinion of what to expect in the facility. Every building will differ wildly from each other. Hell even many of the shifts differ a lot. On my shift, sort aisle is the hardest job, but the shift after mine, sort aisle is the easiest job. So it depends quite a lot. But the core of this video really got it right: If you have a good work ethic, if you want a workout, then UPS can work. It's a great place to build a career if you don't have an education. It's a good place to get benefits as a part time employee that can serve you and your family. It doesn't pay a lot to start, but if you know where to look you can set yourself up for the rest of your life.
Early Bird (18 days ago)
They drug test?
Matt Cola (19 days ago)
UPS is bullshit I started 6:30-10:30 then I get off 8:40 pm 🤦‍♂️. I’m in California minimum wage is $13.25/hr but yet I made $99.00 worked 5 days straight . UPS = Untied Parcial Slavery lol
shem (20 days ago)
Because of the new contract and Union they start package handlers out at 15.00 an hour that depends on which State. Peak season is here..
John Combs (20 days ago)
Can I come in baked
Black Mask (22 days ago)
Bruh you look like Philip Rivers
Introverted Aries (27 days ago)
I have my interview tomorrow the only reason I applied is because I have a 2 year old depending on me and his father ain’t doing shit so here I am. I chose the twilight shift
TwiceThePraise (1 month ago)
They starting me off at 13/hr with $40 weekly bonus if your on time every week. If you’re wondering I’m in Texas where minimum wage is 7.25 not bad. But they’re about to start paying 20-25hr since it’s about to be peak season
dabigdikdangler (1 month ago)
Man it's my second week, I had no idea there were so many ways to load a trailer WRONG. Thought I was doing good because my packages weren't piling up, until the overseer comes in the trailer every 5 minutes to tell you he doesn't like how you build your walls. It sucks. There are much easier ways to make 10 bucks an hour.
KLICK KAN KAP (1 month ago)
its $13/hr in new york lmao
Hector Apolonio (1 month ago)
I'm sticking woking at ups because of the paid tuition 5-20k paid .
vag4l vevo (1 month ago)
Men I'm working 20 hours a week 10.35 an hour. Monday - Friday
vag4l vevo (1 month ago)
You a lucky ass Motherfucker. Cause I wished I started working as a pick off. I feel in love with pick off I'm a loader.
FirstTakeFools (2 months ago)
It’s not being paid to workout. It’s being paid to have back problems 20 years earlier then you would have.
Blastaar7 (2 months ago)
The pay is the kicker for me. I don't mind hard work, never have, but fucking pay me. I'm not even saying I gotta hit six figures, but lemme take home at least 600 every 2 weeks. That ain't shit, but damn man. Minimum wage. Fucking debt slave society.
Bihima Baby (2 months ago)
They’re starting me at 12.25
Rory Hoban (2 months ago)
I have an interview for a package handler tomorrow afternoon. Not sure what to think haha
Tafarixx (1 month ago)
Do you still work there? How's it going?
Ryan Awe (2 months ago)
Rule #1: don’t try If you try and you’re only working for a short amount of time you’re a headass tbh if they see you doing really good they’ll keep pushing you that’s why you should do low numbers and slowly work your way up. And then quit LMAO
shaft johnson (3 months ago)
Thanks man I got scheduled for interview today but your video helped my make my mind up
ralph lopez (3 months ago)
This is stupid.... I loaded for 6 years. Shit was 2 easy as fuck.. I loaded 5 trucks and listened to podcasts for 4 hrs a day.now I drive and make 100,000 bucks a year. Guess what kids hard work pays off u lazy fuckers
More Deposits (3 months ago)
They dont direct deposit?
Bad Andy (3 months ago)
Damn I make more a month on the gi bill. I think Ill just go back in the military where I cab screw around most of the day
Adrian Taylor (3 months ago)
Being a package Handler is stressful
ralph lopez (3 months ago)
Adrian Taylor ur a bitch
Emmanuel Archie (3 months ago)
Loader/unloader is a easy job tho it is hard work
ShredDedicated (3 months ago)
I started at 11.00 lol
Eric (3 months ago)
Everyone who wants to work better have thick skin. Females prepared to be sexually harassed it’s a different culture there. At my location people in charge were taking advantage of females having sex with them. Your checks may be shortened also. You are a slave there so expect to be treated like one. I only suggest this job to ppl who are out of options and are desperate. It’s long hours if your a driver. Ppl will be fucking around but stay focused on your jobs they have lots of immature ppl there and it’s sad cause there older too. I moved with purpose and was serious about my shit and I gained the respect of the ppl I worked with.
Alex Gonzalez (4 months ago)
If you dont plan on making UPS as a career then stay away. I started in the summer of 2013. I became a FT driver in Oct. of 2017. 4 years of Preload shift was hell but well worth it now that I'm driving
RavenGaming (4 months ago)
Do they drug test
Harle Quinn (3 months ago)
Dashoost .....Dont worry.....routine drug tests will get ya all the time.....Never know when its comin
Dashoost (3 months ago)
no drug testing unless you're a driver and you get into an accident and someone, even yourself is injured. otherwise it is UPS =united pot smokers.
Fabian Hernandez (3 months ago)
RavenGaming at mine they didn’t
Rooted Chic (4 months ago)
Can u reschedule ur interview??
Fernando (4 months ago)
If im a loader do you think if i ask to be a unloader they'll switch me?
ralph lopez (3 months ago)
Fernando u don't want that job... U get paid less and it's harder
Jbreez216 (4 months ago)
What is a Reloader ? That's what I will be doing today. Is that loding the trucks
Jbreez216 (3 months ago)
ChromaticBryh Yeah we also get 13 an hour in August. And all we do is load trucks. And you right I like the job but I hate it as well. T But the benefits and dental and 401k make it worth it. And I just sign up for my retirement plan.. Great Video man. Keep up the good work
ChromaticBryh (3 months ago)
Jbreez216 I been loading 10months now I like it but but hate it at the same time. I scan over 1,300 packages every morning while others load 3 trucks with 900+ packages I’m glad that I’m August Ima start getting pay 13$
Jbreez216 (3 months ago)
ChromaticBryh Lol I'm still there man. My body had to adjust to it but now I'm good
ChromaticBryh (3 months ago)
Jbreez216 bro RIP lmao
Lisa Dasher (4 months ago)
for the interview they said for us to wear jeans and a regular shirt you don't have to be dressed up
Lisa Dasher (4 months ago)
I'm 48 years old
Lisa Dasher (4 months ago)
I went for my interview and had the tour and the interview not have not heard anything from them yet I'm in Jacksonville Florida
Javier1up YT (4 months ago)
I quit working after my 3 months in at UPS i could it keep it up the work and the management attitude, I got a better job now thank god.
JoShsFITNESSnFUN (3 months ago)
Javier1up nice man, where are you working now bro
European shepherd named Washington (4 months ago)
Is this shit really that fucking bad? Holy shit I'm reading the comments and I'm scared shitless of applying in 2 weeks
Fabian Hernandez (3 months ago)
European shepherd named Washington I worked at lumber yard for like two years and I prefer that then UPS. It’s just a very frustrating job. If you can stick through it go ahead but I’m certain there’s other jobs same pay but not as mentally or physically demanding.
Sean Wiedeman (4 months ago)
Uhhhh hmm, wait a moment... So you're telling me, that the UPS Hub who hired you, during peak season... after 3 or 4 days of the cornerstone training class, instantly put you as a pick-off on a load wall?? by the way.. somewhat of a high seniority position.. .. Sorry.. but that is literally beyond unlikely to me.... Cool story though.
JoVin Z (5 days ago)
Sean Wiedeman I got put as pick off and I just got hired 4 weeks ago. Ups doesnt care
Helljumper (4 months ago)
Thanks again Man. I'm just going to toug it out for college. 4 hours a day and getting out with the sun still shining is good for me
PALETHIA THOMAS (4 months ago)
Gerard j
ivan d (4 months ago)
Stay in school guys, UPS IS A SHIT JOB, KNOW YOUR WORTH
jake tryban (4 months ago)
But good video bro. :)
jake tryban (4 months ago)
Loading is where its at. Our generation is so lazy lol. Yall dont know what work is
MrScorp6666 (12 days ago)
Jay steven I don’t mean minimum wage I mean that’s the contracts mandatory minimum for all teamsters in my state lol
Jay steven (12 days ago)
MrScorp6666 okay well 99% of the country isn’t 15 minimum
MrScorp6666 (12 days ago)
Jay steven in my state it’s a 15$ minimum lol
Jay steven (12 days ago)
MrScorp6666 17 for a loader? That’s bullsjit because I’m a loader it’s 10.25 buddy
MrScorp6666 (14 days ago)
Jay steven I have no idea where you guys work that’s such bullshit where I work even package handlers get 17$+ an hour and sure we get fucked from time to time but they shower us in overtime pay. It just seems to me like most people don’t have what it takes or any grit in their guts to do the work
joshiscool322 (5 months ago)
About to go in for training tomorrow, I’m glad I get to see the perspective of someone that worked or works there. Great video and thank you for being completely honest listing pros and cons not just being biased to one side.
I Tuurtley don't even care (5 months ago)
It’s not worth it, they lied to everyone at my interview they told us we load for a year and we could be a driver, then it was changes to two years by my supervisor who was younger than me. Then the night manager said five years and I was like fuck no, I went from loader to small packages to unloader and then they told me no work for 5 months and I kept harassing them forever and they let me back. I then was put on line unloader which sucked I was too slow for it and I quit. I did loading for 5 months and It was the worse job I ever had but I stuck with it because driving is insane but they FUCKING lied to me and when I came back 5 months later only 1 person out of 30 in my interview was left. I might have been in it when I came back but 5 years of loading can go fuck itself.
tim gong (5 months ago)
Fuking loser so ur life hope and dream is to be a drive delivery degenerate go-to colegr
AnthonyMac (5 months ago)
That isn't even English I think you meant to say college and where did you get delivery driver from? I think you need to go back to high school
Gustavo Rodriguez (5 months ago)
I'm a young guy, who worked the kitchen, I get I lift nothing heavy but it's physically demanding.... I'm willing to be physical while I'm young and healthy. Will I see the 20 an hour before 10 years? Also... I don't go to school I got no requirements and I got no bills right now. Just asking I don't want to be earning 10 an hour at like 40 years old
Helljumper (4 months ago)
ivan d Go back to school uneducated inbred
ivan d (4 months ago)
Gustavo Rodriguez go to school u mexican
PRODUCTION KELLER (5 months ago)
At my place it’s $13.10
Jared .N. (6 months ago)
Started out at $15 but still pretty disappointed as well.
be g (1 month ago)
In ny it’s 13 but our minimum wage with be 15 at the end of the year so ima stick it out
Blastaar7 (2 months ago)
fuck man, i'd do that job for 15, but where i'm at, its fucking around 10. That is bullshit.
European shepherd named Washington (3 months ago)
Daniel Auz I heard they are starting out at 15$ an hour as well up here and I'm next to vegas
Daniel Auz (3 months ago)
Where are you at?
Honest One (6 months ago)
8 months is a long time i would’ve stayed my butt their 😂😂
Loken (6 months ago)
My first day was today as a unloader. Like this guy, I read the reviews, thought people were pussies for quitting and marched my stupid ass in there ready to get down with them packages. MAN... big ass 50/60/70/80 pound packages my supervisor want on the conveyor every 3 seconds. I was like "bruh I ain't no damn robot, I'm a human being. I just slammed 30 huge ass packages on that belt, give me a minute to regain my strength!" I was hacking, coughing, wheezing, just begging for that hell to be over. I think I got the trailer unloaded before dude was like "alright see ya tomorrow." I was so sore and happy to be free. My advice to everyone is not to listen to these bastards talking shit about people just not wanting to put in hard work. This is not hard work, this is fucking slave labor for minimum hours and minimum wage. Sadly I can't just walk off the job because I have a family to help take care of, but if you don't have to do this job-- DON'T. I'm already weeping inside about having to go back tomorrow. Ups has a high turnover rate with people just walking off the job for a reason.
Green Fever (6 months ago)
I get 14 lol
VCJ693 (6 months ago)
Hey buddy, true working at UPS is hard work but if you’re into getting a workout and getting paid for it, it can be worth it. As for sorting being an easier job physically, I disagree. As a sorter you’re expected to sort approximately 1000 - 1200 packages an hour, (talk about constant physical work and peak season is the worst time of the year in the sort aisle). Sorters are required to know a table consisting of the 50 states and their zip codes. You have to read the state and zip code in seconds and sort the packages to the appropriate belt (about 10 different belts). All this while receiving packages from a dock and from several other belts unloading at the same time. You also have to recognize the differences of International packages, next day packages and bulk packages; deal with open packages and broken packages. They don’t just move a package slowly from one belt to another. They move them safely and quickly while working in an isle approx. 4.5 feet wide and are expected to keep the flow moving unless there is a jam, leaking package or emergency. So I think your pecking order may be a little off. I give those guys a lot of respect for their hard work. Best of luck to those that join the company, like everything else in life aim to succeed at it, and just do it.
Emily McGuire (6 months ago)
Have a tour tomorrow😦
ShredDedicated (3 months ago)
Emily McGuire how’d did it go?
tim gong (6 months ago)
It stupidest promotion in ups base on family friends race and sex puasy not base. On work hard is meaningless
Kafele Salahuddin (6 months ago)
You look like the actor Ethan hawk lool. Great video man.
98kemik (6 months ago)
Does time go by fast tho? cause it's non stop work
Deal Mania (1 month ago)
Really fast, it's one of the things I like about it haha
vag4l vevo (1 month ago)
98kemik hell yeah.
ruleram1 (7 months ago)
Brings back memories of when I worked at Siemens as a material handler. Lost my sanity a few times and had a few panic cries. Had my first 80 hour work week. Felt like I was Christ carrying his cross to go die. (not consistently, just one week in december. Normally the hours were 40). Quit after 4 months. Made fuck all for money and no benefits. Worth the life experience. Never again though.
Jay Camacho (7 months ago)
This guy is cute
S AAM (7 months ago)
Good work ethic is a must!  I am a female and worked there for 7 years.  I am now going back.  I absolutely loved it.  Is it hard - yes!  is it fulfilling?  yes.  Is it for the faint of heart?  no.  The benefits they give you after a year - make it worth everything!  I am now back in the swing of it - and extremely happy to have joined the team again.
ivan d (2 months ago)
Bob Sacamano facts
Bob Sacamano (2 months ago)
You just love working there because of all the hot sweaty men.
Kevin Molina (3 months ago)
Lol how can you love working there
ivan d (4 months ago)
S AAM slave
My Name Is Glitter (7 months ago)
I just started working as a package handler for OnTrac. They pay a little more but they don’t have as many benefits like tuition assistance as far as I know.
Greg Skies (9 days ago)
i;ll lelt u handle my package
SuperBabyMario0C (8 months ago)
Well might as well re enlist instead lmao
lelandjr2 (8 months ago)
You look like a Marine. (It's a better job!)
Laringo flamingo (8 months ago)
UPS can kiss my left nut sack. Just quit yesterday. Thank Jesus. (low wages, impossible workload)
alex neil (17 days ago)
i was told i would be paid salary, now after watching all these videos now i see why they don't want to pay me by the hour. i asked him what stuff do you deliver he said most just small envelope packages and about 50 to 60 stops a day, well i think that is b.s. now. so i am not wasting my time to go do a U.A. today. since i have a class A C.D.L. im going to get something else. all these comments on here just showed me this is not going to work.
Private Ryan (2 months ago)
You have 2 nut sacks? A left and a right as well?
ralph lopez (3 months ago)
Not me... I'm not bitch made it pass preload and are 100,000 a year! U bitches are pussys!
ivan d (4 months ago)
Laringo flamingo amen, shit job
Habib Talib (8 months ago)
How to avoid theft from employees
uptown philly (8 months ago)
Hi does ups offer work from home jobs
Giovanni Gonzalez (8 months ago)
does anyone know if they drug test ? as a Package handler ?
1995DEAD (8 months ago)
Giovanni Gonzalez No they don't primo. There's a guy on YouTube that worked for them and did videos and said they don't
Feukka 1 (8 months ago)
I used to work at FedEx as an offloader.. It was easy work they do nothing over there i was a driver for two years as well, again... Free money.. But you max out at about $34,000 a year there as a driver and cant get any hours.. Ive been at UPS for 3 weeks now and i load the trucks because while it's hard work it's the fastest way to become a driver. It takes time but if you become a driver you could eventually clear $100,000 a year and always get hours.. You're right it's very hard physical work. I happen to like that, it's no job for the weak and just like anything if you wanna get into a better position like a driver you have to really show them you're a workhorse, be ambitious, and learn everything you can as quickly as possible so you can kind of get ahead of management.. Do things you're not asked to in order to help out without guidance. Like i said i like this kind of work but i'm sorry you had a bad experience man, i wish you had stuck it out and tried to be a driver but maybe you found something better anyway. They let me have my phone though thats weird... What state are you in?
Pascual2008 (8 months ago)
Sounds like when I worked at fedex as a loader ...that was rough for the little pay
1965Beans (8 months ago)
Thanks for your video. I came across it while looking for a friend of mine who is looking at the possibility of UPS. I passed your info on. Best of luck to you.
Fabian M.C. (9 months ago)
It is very tiring especially because its over night
Fabian M.C. (9 months ago)
In california at the hub i work at does let you bring your phone in
Brian Mitchell (9 months ago)
i use to work at the dfw hub i really enjoyed it i quit to move to another state to be with a women that turned out to be crazy wish i didnt i really enjoyed it but a very good company to work for im now waiting to do the same job for FedEx
Nick Le (9 months ago)
Just working as a package handler to get my tuition assistance check and I'm f*cking gone!
Baking Pancake (9 months ago)
damn im 15 and i had a job where all i did was book work for my friends dads company, i make 13/hour and it's much more easier for me... wow.
Alucard Pawpad (9 months ago)
So you realized you're being mistreated, told you're worth nothing, used as cattle, replaced like a lightbulb? The reason it's like that is because you tolerated it. You and many others.
JPMEX (10 months ago)
You think working at UPS is hard lol try working at a packaging plant. 12 hours shift 45-65lblbs boxes nonstop, stacking pallets all day, not to mention youre cold and wet.
Rob K (10 months ago)
UPS did the same thing to me. Scheduled delivery was Friday the 12th. Got the same "Customer not available for delivery" BS. I had a camera on my door the entire day. They never attempted a delivery. I called the bogus number: 800-742-5877 . CS representative said, that driver would be back to try again later friday evening. LOAD OF CRAP. They never came so I called Saturday morning the 13th of January and got the old song and dance. She told me, "your item is loaded on the truck and is out for delivery" Bull Sh*T. I sat at home waiting for my package from EBAY to arrive. No show once again. I was also told by two customer service reps that the person in charge of the Portland deliveries would be calling me (per my request) and of course that is just another one of the Bull Sh*t lies. I will never buy from another seller on Ebay if the listing says that the ship UPS. Just a line of Sh*T
WrestlingFan 86 (10 months ago)
My father worked there for 31 years as a driver. He made very good money with good benefits at that time. We're talking 70s 80s and 90s.... Now, from what he tells me it's terrible place to work!
Dashoost (3 months ago)
I worked there from 1996 until last Feb 2018. I made great money nice pension and I loved the job but it changed so much over the last 5 years. Your father is correct it is a piece of shit now, before we used to have pride working there now it has become a hell hole.
Mike Slagley (10 months ago)
Loading is much harder than unloading. It's pretty easy to pull out a box and set it on the belt. With loading, you have to check the label, pick up the package, manipulate it into the wall while making sure said wall doesn't fall on you and you have less than 8 seconds per package to do that. We were pretty regularly loading 500 packages/hour.
Cristian Reyes (10 months ago)
I’m working there now I’ve been there 6 months night shift and I’m 35. Yeah it sucks but it’s a job, I’m waiting on a driver position.
Packersfan 12 (11 months ago)
Unloader is easy as fuck
KEVIN41387 (11 months ago)
What state was this bro? I heard your pay depends on the state. Are you still working with them? Did you get to full time?
Metalmachine467 (11 months ago)
Get your cdl and drive linehaul for ups Or drive doing yard jockey 20 bucks an hr to sit on your butt with free time
dirtydan519 (11 months ago)
For anyone looking into starting at UPS, I would recommend this: PUT IN FOR FOR SEASONAL DRIVER. Starting wage is $18.75 an hour, and as long as you bust ass, you're most likely to get hired on permanently. It's not a guarantee, but it's worth the effort. Stay hydrated (water, not fucking Gatorade) and eat healthy meals (not some bullshit fast food). This job is not for the feeble minded or someone who's physically unfit either. You will have to make sacrifices and will have to put up with some bullshit, but working 50 hours a week will allow you to gross over $1000 a week. Where can you make that rate of pay STARTING OUT with only a high school diploma? If it's possible to do somewhere else, then go somewhere else. It's not for everyone, but is worth it if you're willing to stick around, especially due to the fact that drivers top out at $35 - $37 an hour after four years or so. I've talked to a few who are breaking $100K this year, no joke. Working sucks, I get it, but if you're willing to put in the time, it's quite rewarding. You HAVE to be healthy though, and have good eating/workout habits or it will tear you apart.
Ruben Valencia (11 months ago)
Are workers allowed to wear headgear like hats?
Rampage254 (1 year ago)
I worked at UPS from 2011-2017. When I first started I was automatically put as a loader. I was there for about 4 months and then I was moved around a bit between smalls, sort out, and unloading. Eventually I decided to stay as a sorter because it was very easy for me and also made my night go quicker. I was there for maybe 4 years and then I was asked if I wanted to be a supervisor, which was the worst mistake I did. I should have stayed a sorter, because I really enjoyed it. I left UPS because I did not want to be a supervisor anymore. I tried to go back because I really loved working there, just not as a supervisor, but my manager put me on the no rehire list for whatever reason, and when I called HR I was told that my manager said that I refused to work, even though that was not the case. I busted my ass every day, I did what I was told to do without ever talking back. All my co-workers saw how hard I worked, but the manager always had some weird grudge on me from the moment I first met him. It sucks, and I've tried numerous times to call my old manager to see if he would be willing to remove me from the no rehire list but he never answers my calls.
Helljumper (4 months ago)
Rampage254 I can stand getting yelled at, but not stand there like a dumbass.
Rampage254 (1 year ago)
Also, as he said in the video, this job is very demanding and is non stop movement. It's not for everyone. If you're one of those people who gets mad because you get yelled at and told to go faster, then this job certainly isn't for you because stuff like that happens daily. However, if you stick with it then the job gets really easy (at least in my case). My first week there I almost wanted to quit, but I learned the ropes and picked up the habits from the people who been there a while. And when I started I was making $8.50/hr which was a joke, but by the time I left I was making $15.50
Jose Morales (1 year ago)
I got an ad that is says that they pay you 18$ for a seasonal job. I work at Quick Trip rn but I want to work more since I'm off college for a month lol..
madmann1000 (1 year ago)
I'd much rather load/unload than pickoff. I hate being pick off.
Rene Medina (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info man
LiLJoe Parker (1 year ago)
Do they pay every week or every two weeks?
Steph Myres (10 months ago)
Pay is every week.
Rg Gt (1 year ago)
10.20 wtf
Taylor Speer (1 year ago)
Ron Cerbito do they dt
Marcos Zarate (1 year ago)
Thx man for the advice
BOBBY JR (1 year ago)
No matter what job you do at UPS they all suck.
Spiro Corbett (1 year ago)
Amazing! i didn't even finish my application process and a UPS recruiter texted me trying to pressure me into an interview "that same day" and made it sound like if i didn't come in i'd be fucked out of a job. I told them i didn't finish the application cause i wanted to come back and work there possibly in a few months. The recruiter snapped at me and told me that my entire application process was canceled because i didn't want to finish the application immediately (which i started less than 20 hours ago)... lol wow... this company is seriously fishing for some DESPERATE people in Seattle.... people who are more than likely homeless or drug addicts.... I told her to get stuffed. Never going to work at a place with such aggressive and pushy recruiting standards... who even told them they could text me? Pretty telling..
P. Doherty (1 month ago)
Spiro Corbett yeah, cool story bro.
ralph lopez (3 months ago)
Spiro Corbett ur a lazy bitch!
Mo Mo (1 year ago)
Hey I just applied for ups and I'm going tomorrow for the interview and I was just wondering do I really need to learn how to drive a straight shift
Jerome (1 year ago)
At my hub in we have our cell phones on us to listen to music on our headphones. The best thing to do is stick it out through your 30 then get in the union. When the supervisors fuck with you slam them with a grievance and make sure their not working because their stealing money from you. Peak seasons you get the most hours. The easiest positions imo is Sort aisle, DDU, Small sort and scanner in the unload or big data. Don't lift erigs by yourself get someone to help you.
Gregory Whelan (1 year ago)
I was the only 1 out of the 10 people i got hired with left working there by the end of the holiday season. Miserable work not enough pay felt like slavery.