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Don't drop that Baklava! - FULL VERSION

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Don't drop that Baklava! Greek Fest 2012 Anthem
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Text Comments (34)
Orkun Güleş (2 years ago)
1.48 de sarma var aq baklavayı bırak hepsi milli gurur
Taroki gameing Savaş (3 years ago)
Baklava is turkish dessert you stupid... Thief greek
Feyza (3 years ago)
Baklava is from Turkey
eselix1 (3 years ago)
baklava is Turkish dessert bro
Ata Bozyel (3 years ago)
Ömer Furkan Türkoğlu (3 years ago)
Baklava from Turkey !
Tunahan Akca (3 years ago)
baklava türklerin lan amcıklar
Mert Arslan Günaçtı (3 years ago)
SogeNOS (3 years ago)
Like a shit,sorry.
PurpleHz (4 years ago)
sorry im from greece and baklava is from turkey
Gregor Samsa (4 months ago)
Hahaha guzel deneme kanka ama yemezler
Zeus Bey (3 years ago)
you're the only one who can deal with it...
Berkay James (4 years ago)
baklava is from Turkey Mann wtf
mırmır su (4 years ago)
baklava's from TURKEY !! bizim tatlımız oğlum baklava Gaziantep baklavası lan o
Abdulkadir Ulutaş (4 years ago)
amcık yunanlılar baklava bizimdir lan
Berkay Dindar (4 years ago)
aq yunanları baklavayı da mı çaldınız
UDK Smith (4 years ago)
Baklava's from Turkey WTF with this Greek Shit????
Taha Alperen Sarikaya (4 years ago)
@UDK Smith Yeah baby
Ahmet DOĞAN (4 years ago)
Baklava is a Turkish dessert. Greeks stole it from us.
LadyZombait (5 years ago)
AYEeee! Just don't drop it mayne.
Mark Altamirano (6 years ago)
Haha funny af!!!!!!!
Gayle B (7 years ago)
OMG this is so freaking funny!!!!! Good job guys!!
Bigtippers Ca (7 years ago)
The video parody is kind of weird for those that aren't from Fresno...no real connection.
R Hudg (7 years ago)
@ Christine Myers the greek gods were looking out for you thanks for viewing our music Video and were glad you enjoyed it
Christine Myers (7 years ago)
I saw a scene being shot Friday night, not knowing it was part of an entire video. I told my sister "I hope this will be on YouTube!" I guess the Greek gods heard my prayers :).
R Hudg (7 years ago)
you were given a chance to film our video?
Japheth19 (7 years ago)
Dang, I missed it :P I am kinda bummed that I turned down the offer to help make this video.
Evangelia Pappas (7 years ago)
Thank you so much for doing this!!! I go to the church that has the food festival every year....actually my dads the priest there haha.. Well anyways all weekend long my best friend and I would say this phrase!!!! So thank you!1 You guys made my frikin whole day!!!!!!!!!! :)) One question tho did you get the phrase dont drop that baklava from Greek Fest??
R Hudg (7 years ago)
@ japeth they played it on the 10 o'clock and Great Day already
George Ohan (7 years ago)
Cool vid.
Japheth19 (7 years ago)
Are they gonna show this on the news? That would be sick.
Jonathan Gomez (7 years ago)
Sounds And Looks Very Professional! Can't Wait To Hear The Next One! :)
sweetcycy13 (7 years ago)
I Loved the video! Great job! Wish I was there while you guys were filming!
Japheth19 (7 years ago)