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9 Most Ingenious Thefts in History

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We all have seen at least one movie or series about daring robberies. In the movies, thieves usually plan their heist very thoroughly - each second counts. Of course, this rarely happens in real life. A lot of things can go wrong, and thieves, as a rule, end up in prison. But sometimes their brilliant plans do work, and today we will tell you about them.
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Text Comments (910)
E20Enduro (12 seconds ago)
helicopter heist in sweden ?
MagMag Officiel (2 minutes ago)
About a year ago someone stole a Tesla in Denmark and drove it straight in to a lake how dumb🤦
King Lazarus (21 minutes ago)
#GangstersInTheWestIndies https://youtu.be/g0mSgu8s-Bs
Matt Kontos (40 minutes ago)
U know that to Apple products in the store are tracked and disabled when the leaves apples internet from the store
ツlєνι (1 hour ago)
The helicopter robbery?
A L L O NANA (1 hour ago)
thank i go try this out later
Braga (3 hours ago)
LMAO! The crane video
Sean Allen (3 hours ago)
The digger robbery is just down the street from me 😳
Manse Gaming (3 hours ago)
What about the robbery i Denmark, where theif stole about 10 or 20 million dollars. And used tilted trucks to block the way for the police?
Marge (4 hours ago)
I don't watch Robbery movies or series But Alsome: I watch MoneyHeist verywell
Errxr YT (5 hours ago)
Those were movies
samuel badillo (7 hours ago)
Noticed how all thefts there were succesful were well planned and never got caught and while there any innocent people nearby were done by white men,...but the group of young men that stole iphones in broad daylight didnt even bother to plan and strategize, didnt cover there faces, didnt care that people where scared of them...smh....read carefully i said "young men" and never mention any race, that should obivious if you see the video, seeing stuff like that only adds to the stereotype
Soane Siasau (7 hours ago)
I this is bad but this is so cool
Cre8tive Cre8tion (8 hours ago)
$30,000 apple store robbery? I think not.. i wouldn't give $10 for those apple products.
AwpZer (9 hours ago)
Helicopter robbery, Stockholm, Sweden
Nycomenic (9 hours ago)
6:30 I am going to get the key out right now
Johann Alyosha Van Tassel (9 hours ago)
catch me if you can is the best heist movie out there 100%
IceyyLaIce (11 hours ago)
*1:27** me trying to get into the cookie jar*
KonnorCook 556 (11 hours ago)
what movies are the clips from
László Tóth (12 hours ago)
these old ladies are badasses:D
Data Is Active (12 hours ago)
Thefts in movies are strong
Jaycob Walker (12 hours ago)
Payday 2 in real life am I right?
glost matterfirst (13 hours ago)
he: it's so funny me:trash buts
Living Breed (13 hours ago)
Apple store: Bunch of useless by standing idiots. Tackle one of them, theres only fifty of you at least.
Lovell Ebalo (16 hours ago)
*2.5m views: INTERESTING*
Jack Carrington (16 hours ago)
bruh, You know that apple stores have a radius on them, all the items that are out to see, are equipped with disablers . All the products become disabled and are not worth anything within a 100m radius of the store
jiminsduck (16 hours ago)
that’s how you know these people either don’t have a job and still live with their parents or they have a shitty job and still live with their parents.
Adam Allam (16 hours ago)
The apple products do not work after removed from the store
Javon Murphy (18 hours ago)
8:20 it’s big con
Javon Murphy (18 hours ago)
Soil company 😂😂
Caroline R. (18 hours ago)
I don't like this
KafirGod (18 hours ago)
You should add to this list "the robbery of the century" of Rio Bank Acassuso in Argentina. It was a perfect plan and they only got caught because one of the thiefs was caught by his wife comming out of a motel with a another woman and she told the police his housband was one of the thiefs.
Capptincripple (19 hours ago)
Yes now tell how I steal cyber truck
Luka Pelailee (20 hours ago)
What if the theives are watching this video?
MalGames 2010 (20 hours ago)
Everyone in northern ireland at 4:50 after he said dungannon wrong 😑😑😑 ..... who else from ni agrees and he could just say antrim it happened at tesco and all aswell and 2 other places I think...... like if ur from antrim Edit: just because where from northern Ireland doesn't mean we're irish
John Friday (21 hours ago)
The pharmacy thief got a buttcrack lil
Elcectragameryt 14 (21 hours ago)
You talk a lot
30JuRo (21 hours ago)
Dungiven is a town in Northern Ireland not a ciry
Anish Bedi (23 hours ago)
Dungiven isn’t a city. It’s a shitty town that’s only purpose is passing through to get to Derry 😂
davidtsw (1 day ago)
2:50 You're saying no one tried to stop them yet there's a guy there standing in the door clearly trying to stop the robbers, but you decided not to show us more of the footage.
Pizzacooljr .N.V. (1 day ago)
Yo boi out here getting Tesla 😎🤟🏻
Aware2128 (1 day ago)
William Smarto
R E V E N A N T (1 day ago)
*_I Love How Bad They Are. Makes Me Remember Myself._*
BlasianP (1 day ago)
The Apple theft video was is in Fresno I was in the mall when it happened 💀
LightsOutBj YT (1 day ago)
They been taking Notes from obn dev
kevin layfield (1 day ago)
Funny the first robbers using lean as coolant haha
Michael (1 day ago)
who puts a safe in the middle of the store
Somixstyn (1 day ago)
I have to say one thing no matter what if you steal something from a company 9 times out of 10 there always insured so don’t feel like you need to play hero and stop it.
DeathDragon14 (1 day ago)
Intro woke my ass up
iiFatDoge (1 day ago)
5:30 Am I the only one who thought he was faking a suicide bomb to keep the owner from coming outside?
Robert Collins (1 day ago)
What was that very first movie ?
Noah Brian (1 day ago)
Not all Tesla’s cost over 100k😂😂
Frederick Brice (1 day ago)
Hey I actually recognize that apple store. Damn store CONTINUALLY keeps on getting hit ,regardless of security. Stupid Apple policies
Cardiovascular Bronchitis (1 day ago)
4:46 they wildin
Pablo Cuevas (1 day ago)
Lester: are you a joke to me?!
Jordan Cairnes (2 days ago)
Most indigenous thefts of all time
Katharen Franck (2 days ago)
This is why you need SECURITY!
KillerFight (2 days ago)
Thanks for the help and tips! I'll make sure to use them!
Aditya Soni (2 days ago)
FBI has disliked the video
MiloTheHunk (2 days ago)
tesla one is probs the most smartest ever
Eric Andersson (2 days ago)
when he doesn't even include the god damn HELICOPTER HEIST in Sweden
The Womb Stories (2 days ago)
https://youtu.be/lIYi90RwQOI Why Do We Change In The Last Moments of Life?
BIG MAD (2 days ago)
ArThUr, ArThUr. I'vE gOt A pLaN aRtHuR. wE nEeD tO rOb An ApPlE sToRe ArThUr It'Ll Be A qUiCk In AnD oUt JoB aRtHuR.
Seth Aldrich (2 days ago)
Any gta players looking at how much these people stole and thought that ain’t shit?
Jaidyn De Rivera (2 days ago)
It isnt actually rare for bank robberies to go down Los Angeles is actually the bank robbery capital of the world. Statistics show that a bank robbery happens every 48 mins
Raphæl (2 days ago)
0:18 which movie scene is that?
Koen Brown (2 days ago)
why don’t atms have tracking devices? or maybe they do and he just didn’t mention it
Hungry God (2 days ago)
when medicine is worth 1 million dollars. Get your shit together America.
Alexander • 15 years ago (2 days ago)
6:02 How to get a Tesla for free😂
XTC NHシ (8 hours ago)
not funny
Ja ck (2 days ago)
U literally just stole this video and title anddd thumbnail from sum one
Jeaden Coleiro (2 days ago)
Ok steal Tesla but wat abt the gps lol
Tanam Ikan (2 days ago)
2:34 if i in that store at the situation, i just stand only, coz i took it as a prank, so thanks to the prank maker
Astr0Ch1ll (2 days ago)
Hi everyone! *shoots viewers to death*
funfairs in England (2 days ago)
I thought the Tesla one that guy with the bag had a bomb to threaten the owner if he came out
Silas Silverhorn (2 days ago)
4:34 looks like it be a mission right out GTA
Dustin Lee Hardwick Jr (2 days ago)
Just get a job or a career god damnit
C4 & SpudGuns HD (2 days ago)
These atm robberies in Northern Ireland where getting out of hand 😂 even some stupid got clapped the roof of the for court I’m ballynahinch 🤯
Cheems doggo (2 days ago)
I robbed my pharmacy for Tylenol so I can boba fett
Joshua Lewis (2 days ago)
The tv one is common
TrueBolt18 MaestroConductor (2 days ago)
Great, now I want to commit a robbery... Still to lazy tho.
Built Minis (2 days ago)
Someone near me stole an atm recently they stole a gas an oil truck backed it into a store threw chains around the atm and drove off
Cole Bennett (2 days ago)
Well here in Ireland 🇮🇪 people use diggers to rob atms
Isac Hellström (2 days ago)
1:45 the second guys pants......
Paul Weston (2 days ago)
9:12 "36 people were convicted but only 27 of them have been caught." How do you convict 36 people you haven't caught?
Ali Issaili (2 days ago)
i hate people that steal
Lightning Shock (2 days ago)
Ireland has a lot of ATM robberies
Cardinal (3 days ago)
The people from the apple store who try to steal now are just grabbing decoys.
Take_Samuel (14 minutes ago)
lilsaint 😂 Ima try that when im bored too 😂
lilsaint (11 hours ago)
i was bored
Take_Samuel (11 hours ago)
lilsaint Why would you try to rob apple 😂
lilsaint (11 hours ago)
frenn fren (3 days ago)
fitting music
Slices of SIB (3 days ago)
Phones, never USE PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!
Meer khan (3 days ago)
This is disgraceful. Now he’s making people look up to thieves. You are so sad
Kalthom Ahmed (3 days ago)
"Hi everyone!" (shoots up restaurant) Shit, This went from 0 to 100 real fast.
Michael Wayne (3 days ago)
If I was to b involved in a million £€$ move I don't want to see the ppl I did it with for a good year!!! N don't try contact me N if we cross paths with in a year don't chat to me ,look away ,turn your back to me 😅
Hannah Higgins (3 days ago)
Lol I just watch that movie 0:17
Luigi Gervacio (3 days ago)
How many people thought this was inside edition 👂🏽
Royalty_ Ray (3 days ago)
Hell yeah Fresno on the map... I was in the fashion fair mall when they stole from the apple store lmao
brian4480 (3 days ago)
falling down and Joker were not about robbery. ????
That1GuyShiruken (3 days ago)
Lester works worldwide lol
PandaGod (3 days ago)
2:50 no shit no one is try a stop them... I ain’t getting hurt for no company that won’t even notice that missing stock
andre williams (3 days ago)
1:23 that is not a drill sir, that is a grinder
Great Moments (3 days ago)
Hold on Lester is calling