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Meet the Robots at Amazon

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Will robots take over the world? Most researchers don’t think so. But how about our jobs? NOVA on Facebook: NOVA on Twitter: @novapbs NOVA on Instagram: @novapbs PRODUCTION CREDITS Digital Producer: Michael Rivera NOVA WONDERS: WHAT ARE ANIMALS SAYING? Producers: Michael Bicks & Anna Lee Strachan © WGBH Educational Foundation 2018
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Text Comments (71)
How I made (5 days ago)
yang brought me here
ALicia c (26 days ago)
Gideon (1 month ago)
I've never seen more disorganized shelves in my life. wtf is this
Glenn Harmes (1 month ago)
Delusional idiot that thinks we actually believe human job replacement bots breathe air. The word is out on the sweatshop Amazon. Do robots sweat too?
Ross Redman (2 months ago)
F Amazon
keaslian (3 months ago)
Work at an amazon sort center, so much more different than fulfillment center. Actually care about employees and not as strict at all compared to fulfillment centers
RashaadRahh (4 months ago)
This economy moves quick. We have been replacing the low skilled jobs at a tremendous rate. It’s been going on since what the Great Depression and hasn’t stopped since. What happen to the cashier heavy grocery store? Replaced by self checkout. It’s only a matter of time until your industry replaces you. Unless of course you’re the owner of your own business. Then you control everything and are the one doing the replacing. Long story short. Start your own business. Work for yourself. Invest your money wise. 🏀🏀
TernTek (4 months ago)
With robotics you are creating jobs but NOT more than you are destroying. If you eliminate 10,000 warehouse jobs, are you creating 10,000 robotics jobs at the same time?
Youth of Babylon (4 months ago)
These robots cant even put right item in the package. Got a woman's dress instead of a book
IvanPlayStation4LiFe (4 months ago)
old Chinese tech
SAELEE (4 months ago)
Yang2020 🇺🇸
bollyblob (4 months ago)
its easy to hate amazon and other companies that replace humans with robots...but if you think about it, that is only natural in a capitalist society. you are in it for the money, and you wouldnt even dream of employing people just cus its ''nice'' or humane''. and dont kid yourselfs, all of you operate in that same way. to not do that is equivalent to just going out on the street and start throwing your money in the air. so its not a nice situation for sure, but it seems its unavoidable, theres probably a law of nature or something equivalent that explains why humanity ended up, at least for now, with capitalist societies, and the only way its going to get better is through technologies in the future creating abundance. its not going to be more than 50 years from now when time comes that you can 3d print food out of cheap mollecules as starting ingredients. and if you dont believe me, a few years ago the first 100% lab grown burger was made, and it tasted fine, and tester couldnt tell the difference from a real long till this results in no more animal cruelty?
YangGang 4Life (5 months ago)
K M D (5 months ago)
Makes Alaska look pretty good right about now.
ALicia c (26 days ago)
K M D yeah honestly because there they even get a check from the money the oil industry there. It’s about $1-2k
Punkyagogo (5 months ago)
They started implementing robots after people kept dying in order to keep up with demands.
Sols (5 months ago)
just UBI lulw
AR7271 (5 months ago)
Amazon can suck my duck.
Leo Jacob (5 months ago)
The best picking robots are Romanians:))))
kralpamuk (2 months ago)
Here in holland polish people :))
Gluluman (6 months ago)
The guy says “ where they take their first breath of fresh air” I reminded me a few years ago I was having a conversation with software engineer in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale. In the course of our conversation he told me image if your girl fiend was a robot. The conversation went down hill from there. In retrospect, these are not the people we should entrust with our future and that of the planet.
Indiana DIY (6 months ago)
Interesting video.
Scholarly Reader (7 months ago)
87% of Amazon employees including office, code writers, as well as warehouse worker become permanently and mentally damage. From the phycholigical trauma. Amazon voted the worse place to work.
Romanchan 1414 (4 months ago)
When you can't spell so this statement will make less sense, it's spelled psychological
Seb Henry (7 months ago)
What will be our future with robots ? Will we be able to manage them ? It makes me think about a music video that is happening in the future: the robots have taken power over humans and humans are trying to restore the situation:
Scholarly Reader (8 months ago)
Be silicon valley , be elsewhere I think the nerds are the worse creature the Lord ever created. From fantasizing about robot girl friends, to saying things like when robot take their first breath.
Supreet Kurdekar (4 months ago)
that computer you just typed on, to spew your stupid rubbish. Guess what! Created by a "Nerd"
John theux (5 months ago)
The "Lord" ?
BiG JuiCe (9 months ago)
Look out humans! Robots are coming for all are job's!😣
Top Comment (1 month ago)
Shazam Rx He didn’t say robots are currently taking our jobs. He said they care coming for the jobs. Typical low-IQ democrat
Shazam Rx (6 months ago)
Hmmm... I thought it was Immigrants taking all our jobs now Robots?
Stuart Little (9 months ago)
Looking forward to my first taste of Soylent Green.
John Sanabria (9 months ago)
They take care more of their robots then the hard working humans Amazon is a true work abuse I hear alot of work abuse going on this company is greedy and cheap they rather have robots if they can
Koaasst (10 months ago)
good thing i can fix them. kids, get robot repair skills!
Jamon Toast (4 months ago)
Won't help... Soon there will be repair robots will be repairing the amazon robots, and then the repair robots that repair the amazon robots will be repaired by the robots that repair robot repair robots
Adam Davelaar (10 months ago)
Christopher (11 months ago)
The most depressing place I ever worked at. Amazon fullfillment center. 10 hours of non-stop movement. 12 hour shifts around Christmas time. I received write ups for every small issue. 6 errors out of 3000. etc... With a write up, you are restricted from changing jobs. Write ups last a month. Once I was off of one write up, I got another. Very sad place to work. Glad I have since moved on.
Meso Phyl (1 month ago)
'write ups' thats sounds like Scientology doing a Knowledge report on you
Scholarly Reader (7 months ago)
Good for, I heard the same. Hellish work culture.
Jack Lan (7 months ago)
I worked at Amazon but they gave us 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch. We were even give the day off for Christmas. Maybe you had bad upper management?
Byron Faulder (7 months ago)
I TOTALLY agree with you: A-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y  no,  zero,  reason to work more than 8 hours a shift.  It felt dangerous. And then..., They told me my percentages were too low after I put my time, energy, heart and soul into becoming the best stower. I really work hard at every job I do; and they pretend you suck. (...IN THE FIRST WEEK.)
Scholarly Reader (8 months ago)
So sad, I have heard the same thing about amazon working conditions. I am glad you moved on to something better.
NewsReal with Joe & Niall (11 months ago)
You know this Amazon guy is delusional when he says that the robots "take their first breath of air".
Scholarly Reader (1 month ago)
All of them are including the top guy
RKGSD (1 month ago)
That's how much he sees the robots as being equal to or better than a human worker. Let's not forget the goal of any company using automation is to have less people to pay.
Xavier (2 months ago)
Ever heard of figure of speech?
Tony Searight Investment Education For Youth (11 months ago)
Loving Amazon Investments.... D.R.E.A.M.S.-Developing Real Entrepreneurs And Monies
Daath (11 months ago)
Beasts of Burden crying over jobs! 😭
Master Chief (11 months ago)
Bullshit-you are destroying jobs!!!!!
SkellytonSkell 6629 (1 year ago)
It’s gonna be Detroit become human all over again
Trust In The Universe (1 year ago)
checkerknights4 (1 year ago)
This is like the little yellow robots in Megaman, we are now in the year 20XX
For School (1 year ago)
Fk amazon and fk AI deep learning.
Markiss Johnson (1 year ago)
Also they forgot to show the robots that can pick loose merchandise up and stacked the shelves. And are the delivery drones still pending new aviation laws or are they green lit?
Milano Martin (11 months ago)
Amazon Robotics for picking and stowing is no where near matched with humans at the moment. If you watch those videos of robots stowing and picking items you will see that 1) The task are fairly simple. 2) The bins are not nearly as full as they are in actual warehouses. 3) The process is EXTREMELY slow in comparison.
Markiss Johnson (1 year ago)
Most of all of these so called new jobs in the U.S. will be outsourced to other countries like China. There's no guarantee that any jobs that they can save money on paying people will be given to Americans. Maybe only if a bill is passed by Congress? Who knows.
I'm a truck driver, and my job is going to be automated. I wouldn't have no problems if the government decided to get rid of taxes, and uses discontinued the fiat currency so the cost of living will go down, and I could basically live a good life farming gold on runescape.
i'm everywhere (5 months ago)
@Mr. Joshua Don't underestimate AI, its becomibg exponentially smarter day by day
Seb Broski (9 months ago)
there are bots farming gold in most of the games already, try to look for something else :)
Mr. Joshua (9 months ago)
I can't see a self automated semi driving through ice roads and into winter mountains without human calculations
BiGDONG (10 months ago)
"I wouldn't have no problems if the government decided to get rid of taxes, and uses discontinued the fiat currency so the cost of living will go down, and I could basically live a good life farming gold on runescape." This is why you are not going to have a fucking job after it gets automated away
sabri husibi (1 year ago)
Amazing !! Great job and future will be much better
Michael Hartman (1 year ago)
Also if the new jobs building robots goes to China then it only makes it worse for the United States. We don't have our old jobs and we won't have the new jobs. Idiots will propose a basic income whose funds will appear out of air. The unemployed will be paid with the taxes on the unemployed minus government administrative cost (about 50%). Reduce the trade deficit pfff.
ThebigE31 (8 months ago)
You cant move a fulfillment center to china as a fulfillment center needs to be close to the consumer
Machiavelli2pc (1 year ago)
#yang2020 he proposes we tax those companies who benefit the most from automation and redistributes it as a UBI. Not from thin air.
J.F O.V (1 year ago)
Michael Hartman more deregulation? How about we exempt all corporations from paying any taxes? Will that help you?
J.F O.V (1 year ago)
Michael Hartman what's your solution "Einstein" ?
sabri husibi (1 year ago)
Michael Hartman ok so go back to the Cowboys
Zack Luther (1 year ago)
Fascinating. But fucking AWFUL sound effects! So cheesy.
stellar music (1 year ago)
Robot army This is amazing!!