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Small Planes Over Big Oceans (ETOPS Explained)

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Wendover Productions (2 years ago)
So apologies for the slightly shorter and perhaps less refined video than usual! In the last month there's been 5 days when I *haven't* been traveling which means less time to make videos. The good news is that a lot of that travel was to make videos. Also please be sure to check out the video's sponsor, Hover, with the link in the description! The sponsors truly make the videos happen (along with Patreon supporters) so be sure to show them some love.
Eli Wesley (13 days ago)
The a300 was actually the first ETOPS plane with a 75 minute ETOPS rating
LIL AUZZIE (27 days ago)
What you talking about wendover? That video was great
Roger Crombie (1 month ago)
7:12 Airbus has the A-340 also🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️
Nathan Swenson (2 months ago)
Wendover Productions I don't think you use enough cliches and hyperbolic language in the narration of this video lol
D B (3 months ago)
Its impossible that airlines make any money. A 747 burns 50,000 gallons of fuel a minute. No way the ticket prices can account for that. 400 passengers at $200 per ticket on average is only $80,000.
K S (2 days ago)
ETOPS has now changed to extended diversion time operations (EDTO). It no longer applies to twin engine aircraft as the 747-8 was the first aircraft to be granted 330 mins EDTO due to the cargo fire suppression system. It is about system redundancies and back ups on aircrafts and not just about how many engines anymore. Great video though, keep it coming :)
Aaron Lang (8 days ago)
The London City to New York flight from BA (BA001, I think) stops in Shannon first. It's a direct flight, but there is a stopover. You clear US customs in Shannon, though, so when you get off in NYC you can walk straight out.
The 787 isn’t very small
Dan (8 days ago)
I believe BA's LCY - JFK route is not direct. I seem to remember it changes in Shannon or Cork
EthanPlaysYT (7 days ago)
Dan It stops in Shannon to refuel
emmm (8 days ago)
$5 is kinda steep for something you get include elsewhere. For a forward!!
bk kedairy (8 days ago)
the 787 is a widebody how is it small
Nick Rogers (9 days ago)
I flew from boston to ireland on a dc 10 with full cargo felt like a gaw dang brick when we landed then a 130 to kuwait ... kill me.... the middle easterners could not!
Jorn van Bladel (10 days ago)
Should we not question why the FAA (an american organisation) can determine whether or not flights can happen between Australia and Chili? I mean I understand it partly, but why doesn't it make sense for either of those countries to say fuck it, if your planes are so much safer than the FAA thinks, and we want some piece of that global economy, just do it.
Ron leitch (10 days ago)
This video explains something that’s been puzzling me for a while - I recently saw a video showing a small BA twin engine plane landing at London City Airport, having apparently flown direct from the USA! I was puzzled for two reasons, firstly that a small plane could fly that length of journey and secondly, that it was now apparently permissible for a twin engined plane to cross the Atlantic. This video has answered my queries - thank you!
Saul Adan Garcia Martinez (11 days ago)
Buenos Aires, Argentina to Australia routes go over the Antartica
Stuffies SARI (11 days ago)
Airbus has 2 4 Engine jets 380 340
kritarth seth (12 days ago)
Great video. The only thing I didn't like was the portraying of regulatory body as villains. They took the decisions for public safety. We all know that public safety cannot be left in the hands of corporations. In the absence of regulators, both plane manufacturers and airlines will ignore safety in favour of profit. Case and point 737 max, where they exploited a loophole and got away with fewer regulatory checks, killing hundreds.
T Abel (13 days ago)
I wouldn't categorize the 787 as "small"
Wolf O'Donnell (2 days ago)
It's certainly not small, but it is smaller than a 747 or 777.
Charles Royal (15 days ago)
Thank you for this, very informative and clear.
R J (16 days ago)
Is the A340 not 4 engined?
shantanu jain (17 days ago)
what if both engine fails?
Caliado (21 days ago)
the flight BA 001 from London City to JFK has a stop over at Shannon in Ireland due to them not being able to takeoff with fuel at London City
Ben (23 days ago)
7:08 Airbus makes the a340 which is also a 4 engine jet.
Mr.Bird1 (24 days ago)
How did squarespace didnt sponsort you😂
Jo Ubi (24 days ago)
"low demand like Melbourne-Santiago" - i've flow to Santiago numerous times and the Australia/NZ flights are ALWAYS full dude... they aren't 'low demand' routes by any stretch. Low demand would be bumfuck Alabama and marryurcousin Oklahoma that have to be flown on subsidized routes that cost $2 each and flow in Embraer 145s.....
finao o (17 days ago)
@Jo Ubi - I was curious how many flights go direct between Melbourne and Santiago, and I couldn't find any at all. Do you recall what airlines fly that route?
Jo Ubi (17 days ago)
@finao o i flew Dallas-santiago leg 3 times and to Santiago via Miami another couple times you can see the terminals full...
finao o (17 days ago)
Did you fly from Melbourne direct to Santiago?
DaNihsel (27 days ago)
The A340 has 4 engines as well.
Rick Cords (27 days ago)
Great video!
JP Labs (28 days ago)
omg those 319’s and 318’s are so cute
domino diamond (28 days ago)
Forgive me for my ignorance but could I fly a 4 engine jet long haul and just idle 2 of the engines to save fuel.
Zapan (28 days ago)
Tactical . That's a very good question, I wonder too
AHAMAD IRFAN (29 days ago)
ETOPS : Engine turns or passengers swim :-)
AviationFanClub 470 (28 days ago)
Twin engine jets cant fly 60 mins or more further away from a diversion airport Singapore airlines with an A350ULR flying 18 hours: *allow us to introduce ourselves*
Imperial Mexican -Mapping and Gaming (27 days ago)
AviationFanClub 470 it’s fine, we all make mistakes :)
AviationFanClub 470 (28 days ago)
Imperial Mexican -Mapping and Gaming my bad
Imperial Mexican -Mapping and Gaming (28 days ago)
AviationFanClub 470 *60
Ishan Kumar (1 month ago)
Wait doesn't Airbus also make the A340 which has 4 engines?
Ishan Kumar (27 days ago)
@Miguel Cardoso oh. Thanks
Miguel Cardoso (30 days ago)
It stopped being produced in 2011 due to low sales. Companies rather buy the A330 or its sucessor, the 2 engine A350
Dumb Comment (1 month ago)
Cold Bay has a nice view at least
Justjorge (1 month ago)
A340 also has 4 engines
Dan Rambaldi (24 days ago)
But it's not in production anymore.
Daniel Moolman (1 month ago)
It's interesting to see how older or poorer airlines still operate these old four engines planes. Take my home country's airline, South African Airways. Almost all of the long haul fleet are A340s, with the exception of a few newer A330s. Since the fares were always cheaper, the thought of using a twin-engined plane for anything but domestic flights seemed impossible to me.
TONY LANE (1 month ago)
Ronald Reagan was NOT the president of the United states in the 60s. What are you even talking about.
Knight Rider (1 month ago)
Well made video and super interesting. I always wondered what was needed to get ETOPS certified.
TCG StorM (1 month ago)
Engines Turn Otherwise Passengers Swim 😂😂😂😂
Ashley Wright (1 month ago)
Dear Narrator its Rou-te not Ra-ut, please correct your PRONUNCIATION, before making any misadventure.
The Snookman (1 month ago)
Very annoying background music!! It's the same sound my sex robot makes on 'low battery.';)
hoopsheavenpa (1 month ago)
Excellent explanation!
kacperkrakowski RBLX (1 month ago)
How is a 787 small? A CRJ200 really is small
ZK-APA (1 month ago)
kacperkrakowski RBLX its small for its segment (wide body airliner)
hayden3112 (1 month ago)
7:30 I’ve actually been on a British airways airbus A318 although it was only to Munich not trans Atlantic
Daniel Aviation Ireland (1 month ago)
BA fly an A318 from Shannon, Ireland to JFK, New Yokr
Bernie Sanders (1 month ago)
If there wasn’t this rule, there would be no md-11 or dc-10 most likely
martinishot (1 month ago)
There would absolutely have been a DC-10 and for that matter L1011 without this rule. They would have been twin engine planes like the Airbus a 300. And the last of the planes produced in the 80s would probably still be flying because they would not of been so inefficient.
QUEZY (1 month ago)
What are those planes in 1:06?
ZK-APA (1 month ago)
QUEZY BAC one eleven
Ben 20 (1 month ago)
Boeing 717 i think so
Leonardo de Albuquerque (1 month ago)
Goodbye comfort!
DerpyPenguin Official (1 month ago)
DerpyPenguin Official (1 month ago)
Parikshit Baugh (1 month ago)
Why are you wrongly pronoucing "Route" as rout....??
SergeiDab20 - Gaming (1 month ago)
7:10 The Airbus A340 also has 4 engines tho
Riley Breaux (1 month ago)
SergeiDab20 - Gaming he said the only planes currently in production. The a340 isn’t being produced anymore, and most airlines are retiring them.
U N I (1 month ago)
*Yes I know but...* *"What about the droid attack on the Wookies?"*
Samer Shawky (1 month ago)
Small planes on big oceans is turbulence from hell
oliver waters (1 month ago)
7:37 Ba 318 has to stop in Shannon to make the distance
ZK-APA (1 month ago)
oliver waters from NY-London it doesn’t stop at Shannon. It’s just from London to New York (as runway is too small for the A318 to take off with that much fuel, and Shannon has us immigration pre clearance
gnsgml11 (1 month ago)
Currently studying ATPL flight planning and couldn't grasp this by reading just text. Thanks for the video. Was a big help. Am I correct to say that for a 2 engine aircraft the entry point of etops don't begin until 60min away from an adequate aerodrome? not the assigned 120min 180min whatever. That is only after you leave the area of 60 mins right?
TheSimple Planes68 (2 months ago)
4:18 Is that Male' International airport?
neisco jackson (2 months ago)
Boeing simply acted the way any company would if they only had one other competitor and that competitor wasn't able to handle the extra volume... Capitalism at it's finest...
Hydro 13 (2 months ago)
More like basically that means that Boeing will get higher etops times because the faa are biased Yankee cunts and hate giving anything To way better manufacturers because then their kiss ass Yankee cunt Boeing would be sad
Steve Jobs (2 months ago)
7:09 A340: Am I a joke to you
Fernando Barajas (2 months ago)
Engines Turning Or Passengers Swimming!!
MileHigh Aviation (2 months ago)
Did he say “Small” 787? You can fit 300+ people
ZK-APA (1 month ago)
Geminijets 46 yes, but still 300 is relatively small for a wide body aircraft.
MM Aviation (2 months ago)
Geminijets 46 yes, but it typically doesn’t, some budget airlines can.
McCarran Aviator (2 months ago)
MM Aviation what? I’m suppourting 46
MM Aviation (2 months ago)
GeminiJetsNV thank you !
Danny Gamer (2 months ago)
Wendover: airbus and Boeing only have one four engine aircraft Airbus: nah, we don’t do that anymore
Scary (1 month ago)
And a340
Scary (1 month ago)
Rip a380
Gamal Sankara (2 months ago)
I enjoy your work, keep it up. 🇰🇪
Jacob Varghese (2 months ago)
Very well explained....thanks
Stephen Cannon (2 months ago)
Remember the certification might be for ETOPS 120/180. But in most cases the actual distance might not be that far. There is a point called equal time point. Point where the flight time and distance is equal to go back to let’s say back to Europe or press on to Canada side. Occasionally even a US coastal city can be used as ETOPS airport if the routing is right.
2 demons attached (2 months ago)
New subscriber.. Enjoyed this! Greets from Liverpool England 👏👏👏👏👏
MileHigh Aviation (2 months ago)
2 demons attached hello
RailfanReaper (2 months ago)
7:09 Actually, the A380's production will be canceled in 2021. Haha, sucks for you, Airbus! The 747's still in production!
RailfanReaper (2 months ago)
1:07 Hey, look, crappy British knockoffs of the MD-80!
The Black (1 month ago)
That bac 1-11 buit in 1970s md80 is 1980s
Saravanan (2 months ago)
Aviation is developing always..
will edwards (2 months ago)
New certification rule = profit before lives.
RJTech (2 months ago)
Don’t forget get about the a340 which also has 4 jets
Dan Rambaldi (24 days ago)
Airbus don't make them anymore. Haven't since 2011.
Rob Elliott (2 months ago)
This video also proves the earth is round. The Sydney to Santiago route would never be more than 60 minutes from a diversion airport if flat earth dummies theories had any value as the shortest distance on any flat earth model goes up To Japan and then down the Coast of North and South America. The Distance on a Flat Earth map of the shortest route on a globe is outside of the range of a 787. I would think that would be obvious to anyone watching this video or channel but just in case it ever comes up... Sydney to Santiago flights are full proof.
Moa Long (2 months ago)
However, I will not sit on a boeing 787 max even for a 10 min flights.
Moa Long (2 months ago)
@dertodestoaster Yea, well Incase if they ever build one. I am not gonna edit my original comment thou! 😄
dertodestoaster (2 months ago)
Literally nobody will. Because Boeing doesn't even sell a plane called "787 MAX".
Alpha Gametauri (2 months ago)
Twin jets might be able to start doing long haul water routes with Skillshare.
Derya Baygan-Robinett (2 months ago)
ı stıll thınk to thıs day that 3 engıned planes stıll have some purpouse ın thıs world! 3 jet planes ın betwenn the sıze of a 727 to a md 11 can have a change ın the market sınce they can have no threat to fly super long routes and super short routes. they can fly faster too! as the AA comercıal saıd about the dc 10: almost as large as a 747 yet able to fly at any comercıal aırport. plus the plane wıll have more seats to fıll up yet gettıng some space. thıs can also lower over bookıng! ı rest my case on 3 engıne aırcraft.
Jefferson Mason (2 months ago)
Kind of a shame that when you go to an airport nowadays you see only a handful of different airlines. I was born in 95 but remember as early as 2000 there still being 727, shit ton of 747s, and I remember seeing the Concorde at jfk one time too
Awful Falafel (2 months ago)
also 7:04 what about boeing's military craft
Awful Falafel (2 months ago)
5:24 I love alaska airlines
Randyster7 (2 months ago)
its a cold day in hell....
zhuoli xie (2 months ago)
R.I.P. American Airline’s flights to China from Chicago.
Muzaffar Mohamad (2 months ago)
ETOPS is about economics. In the days of 3 or 4 engines, flying was more dignified, you are served real meals and cabin crew were more attentive. These planes have space and plenty of that. With ETOPS now you have low cost or cheapskate airlines crossing the pond. You get crammed in narrower and slower planes. Cabin crew is there just to man the doors and service is non-existent. Of course, the fares are much cheaper, inflation adjusted. Sigh, I miss the old days
ZK-APA (2 months ago)
Derya Baygan-Robinett fair enough.
Derya Baygan-Robinett (2 months ago)
ok thıs ıs just gettıng annoyıng lets just stop here
ZK-APA (2 months ago)
Derya Baygan-Robinett if that’s his problem he would tell me. He has full freedom to counter me or just ignore because it’s not worth his time. You can’t be just assuming things for other people’s sake.
Derya Baygan-Robinett (2 months ago)
not my mood HIS mood
ZK-APA (2 months ago)
@Derya Baygan-Robinett if your mood is ruined by a youtube comment i have bad news for you. This is the internet, sure you may not agree with other people but everyone has their right to say in a public forum.
Buffalo Me (2 months ago)
The FAA has no jurisdiction in Canada.
Kellington Link (2 months ago)
What an interesting topic. Thanks for the video.
Michelangelo Buonarroti (2 months ago)
5:00 787 Engine failure... where have I heard that before?......
Terry G (2 months ago)
robot 444 (3 months ago)
I live this channel
hannes torstensson (3 months ago)
aah yes, the famous city of portugal. 0:57
Wolf Man (3 months ago)
Couldn't they just convert those large 4 engine planes into cargo planes? Unlike passengers, there is always plenty of cargo to fill up any large jumbo jet.
ZK-APA (2 months ago)
Wolf Man quite a few of them do. But not everyone needs these many cargo planes yet. And the fact that you can buy purpose built twin engine cargo planes will be more economical in the longer run.
mercedbread (3 months ago)
RIP tri engine jets
Graham Clayton (3 months ago)
Fascinating and informative - I had never heard of ETOPS before.
Christoo Hunders (3 months ago)
Damn your aviation videos make so much sense and are very informative, thanks a dear lot.
D B (3 months ago)
Engines turn or passengers swim???? I think they mean, engines turn or passengers DIE
Sam Mencia (3 months ago)
Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim. ETOPS
Tony Lam (3 months ago)
I dislike ETOPS over the arctic, it is more risky if you are forced down over a jagged ice field than over the ocean. The water landing on the Hudson River was the best outcome.More chance of a fire and airframe break up, and it is minus 60 outside if you survive the impact and fire. The Canadian government already proven beyond doubt they have no rescue capability up north.They have recovery capability!So far, we have not lost any plane yet, who wants to be first??
Eric Laguna (3 months ago)
7:05 “boeing and airbuses largest jets, the 747 and the a380 are their only 4 engine planes in production a340: am i a joke to you?
Arish Isa (3 months ago)
Eric Laguna not in production now. Well the a380 isn’t too but was at the time of release of this video
El Pistolero (3 months ago)
Why not fly quad jets but only fire up two jets?
Tony Lam (3 months ago)
The military been doing that for decades to save fuel and engine time and to maximize loitering time on their patrol aircraft.
Smug Megumin (3 months ago)
(Death of the best planes explained) FUCK YOU ETOPS, YOU TOOK AWAY THE 747
Christopher Escott (3 months ago)
Sad how we went from roomy quad jets to crammed and slower twins.
Pete Pepsodent (3 months ago)
Just imagine being on the flight that was discussed on the video. If you happened to have the map open right when the captain announced you would have to divert, Hawaii doesn't seem to be that far away either.. but instead of Hawaii, we'll divert to Cold Bay, Alaska!
FreeMan4096 (4 months ago)
so basically, because the chance is smaller they gave it green light
Elmar mc.fly Lecher (4 months ago)
unimaginable routes. London to New York. Hmhm?
RomainBVI (4 months ago)
DutchGamingBears (4 months ago)
It is not in production anymore
Tom S (4 months ago)
Great video. Did the ETOPS rule apply to private aircraft as well?
ZK-APA (2 months ago)
Tom S yes. Private jets also get etops certification
Smug Megumin (4 months ago)
Imagine single engine jets in the future having higher etops ratings than an a350
Smug Megumin (4 months ago)
A2DJP I bet a plane with no engine has infinite ETOPS
ZK-APA (4 months ago)
You can't get an ETOPS rating in a single engine aircraft though (Assuming you didn't make that comment as a joke)
Carlos Sanchez (4 months ago)
Can wait to fly my Cessna over the pasific
Blastboys // Octave (2 months ago)
Kacper Knopp r/wOoOoSh yOu dIdnT geT tE j0kE duMbASs
insanitybiker (3 months ago)
happens more often than you'd think, ferry flying is a thing. you could fly a cessna to hawaii, you get a special bit of paper from the FAA that lets you be over maximum takeoff weight with extra fuel for the ~20hr non-stop flight to hawaii.. that sort of flight really is a case of the big propeller on the front of the plane being there to keep the pilot cool.. if it stops you can see the pilot start sweating..