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Small Planes Over Big Oceans (ETOPS Explained)

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Wendover Productions (2 years ago)
So apologies for the slightly shorter and perhaps less refined video than usual! In the last month there's been 5 days when I *haven't* been traveling which means less time to make videos. The good news is that a lot of that travel was to make videos. Also please be sure to check out the video's sponsor, Hover, with the link in the description! The sponsors truly make the videos happen (along with Patreon supporters) so be sure to show them some love.
Pocket Games (2 months ago)
Wendover Productions what is the flight # for the nyc-Lcy flight??
United 1 (3 months ago)
The A380 is not airbuses only Quad engine plane, the Airbus a340 also counts
Turtle boi (11 months ago)
Hey you forgot about the a340
Shaun (1 year ago)
Wendover . Preoductions
Shaun (1 year ago)
Wendover Productions r
Smug Megumin (3 days ago)
(Death of the best planes explained) FUCK YOU ETOPS, YOU TOOK AWAY THE 747
Christopher Escott (3 days ago)
Sad how we went from roomy quad jets to crammed and slower twins.
Pete Pepsodent (4 days ago)
Just imagine being on the flight that was discussed on the video. If you happened to have the map open right when the captain announced you would have to divert, Hawaii doesn't seem to be that far away either.. but instead of Hawaii, we'll divert to Cold Bay, Alaska!
FreeMan4096 (4 days ago)
so basically, because the chance is smaller they gave it green light
Elmar mc.fly Lecher (9 days ago)
unimaginable routes. London to New York. Hmhm?
The Potato Gamer 1213 (9 days ago)
DutchGamingBears (4 days ago)
It is not in production anymore
Tom S (12 days ago)
Great video. Did the ETOPS rule apply to private aircraft as well?
Smug Megumin (13 days ago)
Imagine single engine jets in the future having higher etops ratings than an a350
Smug Megumin (11 days ago)
A2DJP I bet a plane with no engine has infinite ETOPS
A2DJP (12 days ago)
You can't get an ETOPS rating in a single engine aircraft though (Assuming you didn't make that comment as a joke)
Carlos Sanchez (13 days ago)
Can wait to fly my Cessna over the pasific
insanitybiker (3 days ago)
happens more often than you'd think, ferry flying is a thing. you could fly a cessna to hawaii, you get a special bit of paper from the FAA that lets you be over maximum takeoff weight with extra fuel for the ~20hr non-stop flight to hawaii.. that sort of flight really is a case of the big propeller on the front of the plane being there to keep the pilot cool.. if it stops you can see the pilot start sweating..
Kacper Knopp (5 days ago)
If you can't spell Pacific, you ain't going anywhere soon. (I'm aware this is a joke, don't get triggered kids and don't link subreddits.)
Chwee Shan Yu, Henry (15 days ago)
Why the fuck does he use this outrageous sentence structuring
Flamer Gamer (15 days ago)
airbus a340
Flamer Gamer (15 days ago)
+747 and a380
Redwood Aviation Studios (16 days ago)
Shortest Trans-Atlantic flight: St.Johns - Shannon
sean o brien (17 days ago)
Well lads ye hear IT 2 trailer out Thursday u heard it first hear from plane@shannon.ie
Viktor Sanchez (17 days ago)
The a380 isent the only quad engine plans airbus is make they have he a340 sorry for being picky but it’s really annoying
Viktor Sanchez (11 days ago)
A2DJP thx for the information I found it out a day after rip
A2DJP (12 days ago)
Airbus stopped making the A340 years ago.
L R G (20 days ago)
I'll pay a little more to fly on a 747, thank you very much. Unlike ETOPS counterparts, when an engine is shut down on a 747, the aircraft is CERTIFIED to finish its scheduled mission on the remaining three. Screw extra meals, stops, heated hangar, etc., etc.
Dont use your real name On the internet (20 days ago)
Engines turn or passengers swim Engines: *stops turning* Passengers: *starts swimming*
Sam'sBuses (22 days ago)
The AA cold bay emergency was the only thing American did right that I know.
Cedric Ye (4 days ago)
Alfons Rasmus (22 days ago)
Airbus only 4 engine plane is the a380. What about the a340?
Trainspotter Dorsten (21 days ago)
+Alfons Rasmus No problem :D
Alfons Rasmus (21 days ago)
+Trainspotter Dorsten okay i didnt realize that he said that
Trainspotter Dorsten (21 days ago)
He said:"In production" :D
Nigel Chung (26 days ago)
1 happen if loose 1 of 2 engines? can still remain airborne?
Oblivious (23 days ago)
Nigel Chung planes can glide long distances
?????? (27 days ago)
Airbus also has the A340 that has 4 engines but it’s now not being produced anymore (sadly because I never flew on one of them) and also it was very fuel-consuming (sry for my spelling, I don’t know how to spell that word, maybe I spelt it right).
Danda Games (27 days ago)
Engine turns or passengers swim is the best shortcut explanation ever
Fredo Santana (1 month ago)
I’d love a video on how diplomatic conflicts have affected travel between countries and regions such as the middle east and usa and between china and turkey. How simply getting a stamp in certain countries can get you up to a 5 year “ban” from the country
Bernardo Garrido (1 month ago)
I hope that you don't think that Portugal is a small city... Portugal is a country and just for you to know, it has more history than you even imagine...
Maarten Weyns (1 month ago)
7:06 Small correction here: Airbus also has the a340 , which has 4 engines as well.
Chris Green (1 month ago)
I’m sure the video was possible without Hover
Chris Green (1 month ago)
Please pronounce Route properly
Alexander Tadhg (1 month ago)
What about the a340, last time I checked, that had 4 engines
SwetiePie_SimonPlaysRoblox Ur boiii (1 month ago)
british airways a318-100 flies from new york to london THUG LIKE :)
Tim Yang (1 month ago)
Boeing 727 *exist* Wendover Productions: there is no small plane that has more than 3 engines
A2DJP (1 month ago)
Tim Yang they made around 1800 727. But as of now less that 50 are on active service.that too as either charter cargo or vip configuration.
Tim Yang (1 month ago)
+A2DJP Why are there over 1000s 727s
A2DJP (1 month ago)
Tim Yang the 727 is hardly used as a passenger aircraft.
ERROR_Anything (1 month ago)
Elephants' Tusks On Poop Suck Enlarged Tubes Omit Polytetrafluoroethylene (teflon) Suberply Elapsed Time On Pennies Seven-Hundred
Ignasi Planas Villalba (1 month ago)
1:00 I'm not sure Portugal is a city. Did you mean Lisboa?
Saint John’s Spotter And aviation (1 month ago)
You said Newfoundland wrong. Newfoundland is pronounced new found land not newfinland
Saint John’s Spotter And aviation (1 month ago)
You said Newfoundland wrong. Newfoundland is pronounced new found land not newfinland
Tango_plays (1 month ago)
Ummm, 787 isn't exactly a small plane.....neither is 76, 77, or the A350, as they are heavies, but excuse my complaining, good video nonetheless! :)
A2DJP (1 month ago)
Tango_plays it’s a relative term. The 787 is the smallest wide body aircraft in Boeing’s arsenal (in production that is)
Shawn Koehler (1 month ago)
This was really interesting! Thx 👨‍🏫
Derpanzerkonig Gaming (1 month ago)
As a dispatcher ETOPS is so amazing. It's impressive how it forced the aircraft companies to push government regulations to not being relevant. Also the fuel breakdowns for flag flights are insane the amount of fuel they put in the plane. I hope one day I can be dispatching ETOPS flights. It would be something awesome to do.
big red (2 months ago)
Please do a video on the 737Max when enough information becomes available.
jcwils2009 (2 months ago)
Twinjets suck Twinjets suck Twinjets suck Twinjets suck Twinjets suck Twinjets suck
Tom Luke Mapako (2 months ago)
Great video
Phillip Maguire (2 months ago)
The duration of the flight between Auckland and Santiago de Chile is some 11 hours, and the route goes well south over cold waters, a latitude between the South Western Pacific Basin and the Pacific Antarctic Ridge. If a two engine aircraft was to suffer a critical incident with one engine failing on that leg, particularly in the middle of that leg, would an aircraft such as the Boeing 787 be able to fly 4 or 5 hours on one engine to either Auckland, or Santiago de Chile in a distressed state? Imagine the work load on the crew in that scenario..... not to mention the anxiety of the passengers, knowing that there is no airport anywhere close, and the fear of the plane having to be ditched in freezing cold turbulent oceanic waters... The only other airports in that remote region are Papeete (PPT) or Easter Island (IPC), and they are still a long distance away, very far north of the usual routes flown by commercial aviation between Australia or New Zealand and South America. It may be that there are some remote islands that have an emergency landing strip that I may not be aware of, but it is hard to imagine that any exist, as there are no land mass, except the Antarctic continent, which is also a significant distance for a plane to divert to, and one that would have severe weather conditions for any such landing. Any such remote airstrip would not have the serviceability that ETOPS require in any event.. If on the other hand, a 4 engine aircraft had a similar incident to one of it's engines, it would have 3 other engines in use, and one would think have far better odds in most emergency situations to make the distance in such a scenario.
wesley ross (2 months ago)
Administrator of the administration of administration to the raegan administration
K3rM1t D4t 301 (2 months ago)
what about the A 340? it has 4 engines also, just because an airplane has 2 engines, that doesn't mean its small. the a-350 is one of the longest planes in the world and can carry up to 400 passengers. thats not a small plane
Nicholas Boscaino (2 months ago)
ETOPS - Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim
Tom Davis (2 months ago)
I personally have no problem with more engines.
Bahar Din (2 months ago)
you don't but Airlines bosses do. they would not want a 4 engine plane if a 2 engine one can get the job done nicely
Jim Branca (2 months ago)
i would have to fly a widebody jet on any flight more than 4 hours
New Thought (2 months ago)
I thought it was very good, actually: well presented, informative and interesting. And relevant.
G Dunken (3 months ago)
7:30 That puppy plane A318 was so cute. Its wings are so tiny, but tail appeared slightly bigger relative to the size of the fuselage.
Ownage Zizou (3 months ago)
I would never fly international on a mini plane. They are more prone to crashes
Mo River (3 months ago)
If that same 787 had 5 hr. + ETOPS certification, then why divert and not continue to either Canada or west coast US? Back in the day, ETOPS meant Extended Twin OPerationS.
Paolo Ariedo (29 days ago)
It was probably the pilot and American's call to land in Alaska and not continue further for the safety of the passengers. The ETOPS time rating is more of a "worst case scenario" wherein the plane has to fly over ocean until it can get to an airport in a pinch.
Fulgencio Factor (3 months ago)
Civil airlines should be capable of air refuelling!
WinginWolf (3 months ago)
Wait, couldn't DC8s and 707s fly between LAX and Hawaii?
PikachuIce (3 months ago)
7:46 but we must fear the inadequate IFEs on tiny jets
Alex Cui (3 months ago)
Just heard that A380 has stopped production. I guess an era has ended.
Sgt. Hippie Cat (3 months ago)
JKerman511 (3 months ago)
"...made possible by Huver"
Bob Boberson (3 months ago)
Love these posts. But no, Hawaii didn't develop because of air restrictions. Ohau had an airport capable of handling 747's. Hawaii had no intention of building such airports on the other islands because of the well-established commuter services. And the manufacturers changed the policy, not the other way around.
DevilDigger XD (3 months ago)
you forgot the a340 is twin engined
sultan dahlawi (3 months ago)
Abdulaziz is a good place and a little
knightrider1545 (3 months ago)
I bet a twin engine aircraft with bugatti Chiron motors wont fail .
I dont Know (3 months ago)
See when you said the A380 and 747 where the only 4 engine planes the had you wrong there is the A340 and I know this isn’t a 4 engine but the 727 is a tri-jet
Fernando Dember Laguna (3 months ago)
He said currently in production. Airbus isn't making A340 anymore. And Boeing neither with the 727
Damjan K (3 months ago)
What if two engine fail ?
KnifeGuy375 (3 months ago)
:) How COOL is THAT!? :) Very interesting! Thank you! :)
casinodelonge (3 months ago)
As ever very informative.
Alexis Chen (3 months ago)
Hover? It saya "Powered by SquareSpace"
ItsJustMe (3 months ago)
Engines Turn Or Passenger Swim LOL
Airforce 5 (3 months ago)
Airbus aslo makes the A340, a 4 engine plane
Samuel Jennings (3 months ago)
The A340 isn't produced anymore, which is why he only said the A380 and B747.
Chase Ncube (4 months ago)
Rest In Peace Sala
Bow (4 months ago)
I would hate to be on a small plane such as A318 for more than 4 hours 😖
Ian McGreevy (4 months ago)
Aer Lingus used their own A330s to help Airbus achieve ETOPS for the type. In exchange, Airbus reduced the purchase price to Aer Lingus.
Lasagna Eliminator (4 months ago)
I barely made it on a flight from La to Brisbane, there were so many passengers. The A380 is really useful for that reason: popular/ long range flights.
Laura Z (4 months ago)
I was on a Northwest 747-400 flight from Tokyo to SFO back in 1996 or so. One of the engines went out a few hours into the flight. I guess it wasn’t an emergency because they diverted us to Honolulu instead of going back to Tokyo. There were a handful of people to process us because it was like 4 in the morning. I sure miss that plane especially because we got to fly business class for work.
garethonthetube (4 months ago)
A couple of other points to add to an excellent video. 1. The engines are much more efficient now so small twins have a far greater range than they used to. 2.If a second engine fails, it is statistically likely that it will be for the same reason as the first failure, so it could mean all 4 failing on a 747. There are a few instances of multi engine failures due to maintenance errors.
Jilla Tipp1 (4 months ago)
Dude, you make AWSOME videos! As an aviation enthusiast i just wanna let ya know i love what you do and thank you for it! Keep it up bro!
Flurpie X (4 months ago)
big planes over small oceans
August J Peters (4 months ago)
That was sweet of the Alaska 737.
Chenwen Chien (4 months ago)
Airbus A220 Gained ETOPS 180 Approval just days ago so now it can fly cross Atlantic from New York to London City Airport!!
Abhijit Mandal (4 months ago)
Looks like Boeing was involved ...
Brian Crawford (4 months ago)
A318 from NYC to London lol crazy
Legendary Roro (4 months ago)
7:08 What about A340 Family. They have four "hairdryer" engines.
Alan Gaming (4 months ago)
British Airways London to New york stops at Shannon as well
John Burns (4 months ago)
It is pronounced _root,_ not _rout._
Gaming WithAJ (4 months ago)
Actually a340 is 4 engines
Veev M (4 months ago)
Good video, but 787 "small", or A319 "tiny"??? I guess that would make a 380 medium sized huh?
Benjamin Nolan (4 months ago)
Le Tarm. xD
Rob Levesque (4 months ago)
Wasn’t ETOPS ever based on 90 mins diversions?
Flurpie X (4 months ago)
big planes over small oceans
Rhodium 10 (4 months ago)
In few years all people will fly in small twin engine aircraft without seats to reduce cost...
Chris M (4 months ago)
I think British Airways had to make their 318 flight all business class to make it economically viable.
Sky&Flight (4 months ago)
Gerry Owen (4 months ago)
The Regan era was generally a field day for corporate influence on government. Is there any research on who spoke to Helms in preparation for this policy? I am thinking of how much more aviation fuel was consumed as a result of this decision.
Taras Shevchenko (4 months ago)
The result of the decision to require at least 3 engines or the decision to allow twin engine planes to make cross-ocean trips?
Reece Arnold (4 months ago)
7:05 Airbus also has the A340
Brian Lau (4 months ago)
Why is there a random picture of a Chinese couple at 5:54 in this video? XD
[OCB] (4 months ago)
Ironically the DC-10 earned a name as the "Death Cruiser" 10
BladesBoyGaming !!! (4 months ago)
what about the a340
Roasted Fanta (4 months ago)
0:53 `inefficient three or four engine plane` 1:40 `that`s where trjets (three engine planes) came into play Make up your mind
Adipose Express (1 month ago)
Trijets were more efficient than 4 engine planes, but less efficient than 2 engine planes. Makes sense to me.
Christian Wiles (4 months ago)
I’d still shit my pants if one of those small ass planes rolled up to my gate at London City bound for New York
Captain Andrew Armstrong (4 months ago)
With twins, you got three hours if an engine goes out. The remaining engine would have to operate at 100% to keep the plane aloft. That is not good as even the most fuel-efficient engine in normal ranges is a fuel hog at 100%. No jet turbine is made for continuous 100% thrust operation. That puts the plane at risk for a water landing from losing the sole remaining engine. Four engines were the norm for reliability as losing one engine would not require a 100% load on the remaining three engines. You could actually maintain cruise altitude, but with less speed at a lower power setting. Captain with Pan Am 1950-1978. Happened twice to me on the Pacific routes. They all know this, yet look the other way.
computerjantje (4 months ago)
I almost gave this video a thumbs up but then the talk about 'hover' started and as this commercializing of every video must stop to make youtube bareble again, there will be no thumbs up from me.
Syed Ahmed Adeel (4 months ago)
What about Boeing 707